Rock Cut State Park Concession
7223 West Lane Rd, Loves Park, IL 61111, United States

Review №1

Very crowded and no order at all. alot of young people working there not very friendly at all. Didnt ask us if we needed help or anything. we had to figure it all out on our own. The young girl helping with vests was very rude. Older lady nice and energetic ready to help. To bad we didnt get her. Other than that the park itself was awesome

Review №2

Really nice seating areas outside overlooking the lake. They also rent kayaks, canoes, rowboats, paddleboards and paddleboats. The food was good and decent prices. The park itself has lots of good trails for hiking and picnic areas as well as camping.

Review №3

Beautiful Park. Lots of fun trails. Rentals of pedal boats, canoes, kayaks, and even small fishing boats! Im sure theres even more you can rent. I havent camped here, but I bet it would be wonderful. My daughter loved all the chipmunks!Nice little concession area

Review №4

We visited a few times and always had a great experience. Last time we left our card after paying accidentally, both Kaden and Cody called (a few times) to try and catch us before we drove too far to give us the card. Great service! They went above and beyond! Give them a raise!

Review №5

We love Rock Cut State Park. Strolled into the rental area for the first time and discovered bait, tackle, pkgs. of ice cream, snacks galore, and even a few grocery items.....just like a camp store!We purchased 3 long metal hot dog cookers with wooden handles, for only $5.00 each.P.S. The ice cream in the restaurant is hand-scooped and it is awesome!

Review №6

Nice lake, just went canoeing but saw lots of fish breaking the surface, will bring a pole next time. Rented canoe, circled the whole lake in about 1.5 hours for only $22...great deal!

Review №7

Nice concession stand, Nathans hot dogs, good ice cream. Helpful staff, clean eating area. Good view of the lake.

Review №8

Very nice little concession shop. Friendly staff and fair prices. They rent kayaks and stuff and sell snacks so really thats all I can ask for.

Review №9

August 14 2020 - I have never had a worse experience. The children who are supposedly staff yelled at an actual child for not having a mask on. They were extremely rude and pathetic at any customer service. I saw them question a man, who had a disability, (this is against federal law) as to what his disability was that made him unable to wear a mask (this was outside not inside). The entire atmosphere was hostile, unfriendly and a lack of adult leadership was obvious. When you leave kids unsupervised and have them be in charge it fails and this place has failed.

Review №10

Best Chicago style hot dog Ive ever had in my life. Highly recommend.

Review №11

Clean, quiet with a nice lake and a concession building that had the best chocolate malts I may have ever had

Review №12

Freshly made food, really good and reasonably priced! Nice to sit on the deck and look out at all the boats and kayaks in the water

Review №13

Rock Cut State Park is the best. They redid the roads, bridge, tracks & walk ways. I visited it first time this year today. Amazed to see all the changes. Well done & thanks.

Review №14

Phenomenal experience! We hiked on a trail then went paddleboating as a family of 4, and had a wonderful time.

Review №15

Great place to spend the day. Boat rentals and decent fishing, the wildlife arent skittish, so youre bound to see something cool. Water has a lot of algae growing in it, so swimming is not the best passtime

Review №16

It was fair priced. Kayaking was fun. Make sure to bring your ID if you want to rent anything

Review №17

They were really busy but they kept the lines moving. Great place for family fun.

Review №18

Value for money cafeIt is very well pricedThe ice-creams are amazing and made from natural ingredientsThe restrooms are clean and maintained

Review №19

Closed for winter but open for hiking

Review №20

This place has average food at best, and I swear its ALWAYS closed. It has the potential to be such a great place, but falls way short. Has a lakeside view, very nice inside, outdoor seating, but the bankers hours totally suck, and the food is like whatever some college student can muster up in the 10 year old microwave. They should put some REAL good food in this place and run it from open until close of park hours, it would take off like tinder dates clothes. They gotta get with the program, seriously.

Review №21

Good one for quick snacks

Review №22

Great service and great experience! They need a tip jar for the employees!

Review №23

Multiple good hiking trails & options for boat rentals.

Review №24

One of the all time best state parks. Great staff!!

Review №25

We stopped in for a ice cream treat. There were several hard scoop flavors available. We made our choices and they were generous and delicious. We sat outside which is always great because its near the lake and beautiful. Some construction improvements going on. Itll be so nice once completed. Weve been there several times and know well be back.

Review №26

Beautiful place!

Review №27

Great food! Great service! Great fun!

Review №28

Good smoothie snack but restrooms littered and outside trash cans full, not a good statement

Review №29

Iiiiiiiiiiii love it

Review №30

Absolute great place to stop in while you are at the park. Phenomenal ice cream and other great food! The outdoor store also has many great items. Of course they have Bait and Tackle. I still think the gift card is a great idea for a graduation gift or anyone else who enjoys great food, swimming, kayaking,fishing. Every staff member that I have spoken to has been kind and polite and I like supporting businesses where the employees are very positive and polite.

Review №31

Excellent facilities, beautiful nature

Review №32

The staff are so nice and knowledgeable

Review №33

Some road work was being done, but otherwise it was a nice weekend for my husband and me.

Review №34

Cafe is just ok. Boat rental/bait shop is WAY overpriced. Service is slow.I always buy my bait at Anglers Edge on Auburn.For better service and boat rental prices I drive down to Shabbona Lake.

Review №35

Kayaking as a beginner here was a great experience!

Review №36

The concession is a mess, no order at all. We were told they were out of something...our cashier changed mid order.. offered to order the thing they were out of.... Ordered from the menu we saw in front of us and then as we walked to the other end we saw another menu we could have also ordered from and several people were ordering the supposed item they were out of while we waited for our order to be complete.

Review №37

Tons of rentable equipment and friendly staff to set you up!

Review №38

Beautiful view and great breakfast!!

Review №39

Some of the best food around and some of the best locally roasted coffee in the area. Friendly service and you cant beat the rental prices.

Review №40

Had to ware masks to go inside and we didnt have any on us

Review №41

Rock Cut State Park is a great place to visit. The concession food is the best and carries a good price. Definitely a safe and perfect spot on your summer activities.

Review №42

Nice snack shop! Good ice cream and fast food items. Friendly staff. Tackle shop next door also strong showing for a state park shop.

Review №43

I like to see smiles not masks

Review №44

A wonderful surprise tasty food at a nice price and great staff

Review №45

Ive ALWAYS loved Rockcut but who doesnt? Plenty to do n peaceful. My boyfriend n I just went yesterday (Sunday afternoon/evening). We rented a boat for the 1st time n the view was perfect n nice weather. Fall will be fun!

Review №46

Great place to hike, bike or kayak. We enjoy the concessions and ice cream. Also a great campground with wonderful views of the lake.

Review №47

Great experience. Take the family.

Review №48

Locally roasted coffee and some of the best food around!

Review №49

Usually have a great experience here. Have to take a point off for the relatively slow service even when not busy, and have received some items (namely the omelette) that I would never order again. I definitely recommend the scones.

Review №50

Very busy day at the park today. All services were adequately staffed. Lots of helpful and friendly workers.

Review №51

I love kayaking here and usually the people there are nice and organized. However, this afternoon I was cornered into a conversation about what my religious background was. After politely turning down serveral comments about what my beliefs were the women working there ( in the boat / kayaking renting section ) would not take a hint making for an awkward check out. I don’t think religions talks or beliefs should be part of me wanting to rent a kayaking.

Review №52

Would love to go back when this is open and renovations are complete.

Review №53

Deep inside the park by the lake. Good selection of basic items. They rent canoes, paddle boats and kayaks in the summer and cross country skis in the winter. Basic tackle gear and bait as well as IL state fishing license. Clean facilities. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Maps of the park available upon request.

Review №54

While this isnt a place you would drive out of your way to eat at, it serves those at the park with decent food at decent prices. The menu consists of your normal concession food: burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc.. The real treat here is the ice cream. Its good quality with a variety of flavors. I recommend the root beer floats!

Review №55

Grat place to stop on ur hike ..

Review №56

Wonderful State park. Come check it out.

Review №57

Nice place for a picnic, kayaking, and other water activities, especially in the summer; staff is helpful and friendly, affordable rentals, great place to hang out in the summer

Review №58

This has the potential to be a very nice park. There was not a swimming beach that is open. There is good kayaking and fishing. We camped and the power kept going out and we had very hot days. Talking to others that had been here during the week we found that it has been happening all week. This park is free to get into and you pay to camp. Great property it just needs some maintenance and upgrades.

Review №59

The food is between okay and very good but overall everything is very fairly priced. The service is good, everything is clean, the view of the lake is great, and there atmosphere is very cozy. I love to study here on weekends.

Review №60

Peaceful park with lots of activities. From hiking, biking, fishing and boating, there is something for everyone. In park restaurant has good food at reasonable able prices with outstanding views of the lake. Campground sites are nice size and well kept.

Review №61

The food was decently priced and, honestly, quite delicious. There is outdoor seating available and you can look out and over the lake and trees, which was a nice perk as well. My only upset is that they charge a full drink price for refills on soda.

Review №62

Its a place to grab something to eat, not too fast (it doesnt really have to be), the people that work there are generally friendly, the food is okay.

Review №63

A true gem of the Rockford Region. We always have a wonderful time, whether its hiking, biking, kayaking, or enjoying the picnic areas. Great park. The roads are always really rough, no matter how often they try to repair them.

Review №64

Very friendly staff theyve got everything you need pretty much and more.

Review №65

Good food for fair money, impressed with service

Review №66

Super fun!!

Review №67

Cute concession stand and very clean. Grab grilled foods, drinks or ice cream. Great views overlooking the water.

Review №68

I love the park and the lake. Just dont understand why they have to use all the dock space by the bait shop to tie up rental boats. This year alone 3 different times I have not been able to dock and buy bait. Guess I will have to get bait outside of the park after all the state of Illinois is in such great shape financially they obviously do not need the revenue. So many simple things they could do to make it a better experience for campers, boaters, and visitors but the state legislatures have there heads in the wrong place to see what is going on around in this once great state.

Review №69

The state park is great! Concession stand has friendly staff, boat rental and boat launch. My kids liked the slush puppies.

Review №70

Was great walleyes were great bitting slap.

Review №71

The view is spectacular and I love having concessions right at the park. Food is pretty good considering, but customer service is on the bottom side of awful. After a dozen visits, Ive never met a friendly staff person. And theyre very rigid about ordering off the menu. For example, they make bacon for certain selections, but if you want to add bacon to your order, they refused to do it. Doesnt really make sense. The view still makes the experience worthwhile, just dont expect much else.

Review №72

Good food

Review №73

Nice and clean

Review №74

Awesome camping. Great facility. Clean family friendly and pet friendly

Review №75

Lovely little concession overlooking the water. On a hot day grab ice cream!

Review №76

Well the boat ride was nice but the fishing sucked

Review №77


Review №78

Great food! Great service!

Review №79

The staff are super friendly! The food is great. The view is beautiful! Great day!

Review №80

Great place to go for kayak and boat rentals and amazing hiking trails that are easy to get lost on

Review №81

Bait, food, boats, tackle, vests, drinks are all available here.

Review №82

Amazingly beautiful place easy-to-navigate really good prices for their recreational activities. The staff here was very kind and helpful and my grandson and husband had a great time.

Review №83

Best live bait around! 10ish bucks for 2 dozen live minnows. Shiners or small and large flatheads.

Review №84

Beautiful park, tons of walking paths, beautiful scenery for photos, and year round activities

Review №85

Great place for exploring. You can get lost and forget where you park if you dont go there often

Review №86

The pedal boat ride was an amazing experience for me and my family!

Review №87

Great time with friends. Rented paddle boards and had a blast!

Review №88

Great place to go and relax

Review №89

Havent tried the food yet but they now have a grill and fryer

Review №90

Good for ice cream or a quick snack while at the park nothing fancy

Review №91

A little secret of rockcut a place where you can grab a bit to eat and drink.

Review №92

Its awesome as usual

Review №93

Pretty difficult to buy bait at the concession stand when theres no place to tie up a boat at the pier. Apparently everyone is supposed to enter from the parking lot.

Review №94

Friendly, clean, and good food.

Review №95

Very good place. Wonderfull my experience in this place. To get a good time with the family! !!!!!

Review №96

It was closing when we got there nice view tho might visit again

Review №97

Good food, nice view of the lake

Review №98

Great food considering it being a concession stand. They would not let us 4 adults rent boats because of a slight chance of rain, which I though was annoying.

Review №99

Best spot to use the bathroom

Review №100

Much better than you would expect from a camp concession.

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