Dr. Meada Pakour, MD
3671 W 6th St B, Los Angeles, CA 90020, United States

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Just moved to Los Angeles from Irvine and found my go-to doctor. Dr. Pakour and her team have hands down been one of the nicest and most professional people I have ever met. They made the process super convenient, painless and is now considered my go-to place.Thank you so much and appreciate everything yall do!

Review №2

I came to the Doctor office todayAnd like always Doctor PakourIs a really nice Doctor she takes her time to check my kids I’m whit her since my older daughter was 40 days born now she is 18 years old and I’m still with the Doctor..I like her service she acts right away on whatever medical condition you my take your kids..Also her clinic is really clean in general ..Iff there was more stars to give I’ll give more …I highly recommend Doctor Pakour…

Review №3

I always get the best care from Dr.Pakour.She’s very friendly and so are her staff. Very professional and caring.I highly recommend this Doctor for anyone looking for high quality care.

Review №4

I had a wonderful experience! I had all of my questions answered and everything was clear and helpful.

Review №5

Dr. Pakour is an incredible human and doctor.While she’s seeing you, you may be mesmerized by her beautiful voice as she’s diagnosing you. I felt like I was with family today and I’m grateful I found her. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for someone who genuinely cares about your health. It’s rare these days to find doctors who care anymore. Don’t forget to ask for the free chocolates 🍫 when your done with your appointment 👌

Review №6

I love coming to this clinic! Dr. Pakour is a good person and an amazing doctor. She always helps my family and me with whatever she can. I also really love the staff working at this clinic they’re the nicest nurses, always bringing positive energy.

Review №7

Dr. Pakour and her nurses were extremely helpful and friendly. Fast and efficient service as well. Im happy to be going to their clinic from now on, and Im sure anyone would feel the same way. They deserve all the praise in these reviews; very hard working and nice women!

Review №8

Dr. Parkour was really nice. She listened to all my concerns and she was very helpful. She and all the nurses working there have a very positive attitude. Such a lovely team!

Review №9

Today I Visited Dr. Meada Pakour, to do my PCR test for Covid 19, she was outstanding and done the test with me without i feeling it, the services and the staff are amazing and I strongly recommend it for everyone need any medical consultant or check up for kids and adults and her prices is the best in Market compared to others 👍

Review №10

Dr Meada Pakour always helps me with a smile. One of the nicest and most beautiful Doctors in LA... perhaps the world!! Her medical assistants are always very helpful and make me feel comfortable. So happy to call her my Primary Doctor!

Review №11

O my God she is the best n bestest Doctor in my whole life I never met like this beautiful woman this is a gift from God to me she is wonderful doctor n human being with beautiful heart n beautiful smile on her face I love her n pray for long life n happiness for her she be is great n greatest lady

Review №12

Dr parkour is very nice doctorShe is helping every patient also me ,I can see it during my visit to her officeShe is very patient and very professionalI highly recommend her to any oneShe is the best and very beautifulI brought all my family to be seen by her because I think she is the best doctor ever 😍😘❤️

Review №13

Dr.Pakour is the best thing happened to us.Our Whole family’s Personal Physician.She is a thorough professional understands the patient’s psych and diagnoses very well.Always welcomes with a deep smile here goes the patient’s half of illness.

Review №14

New to LA and needed a doctor. I am very nervous about seeing doctors in general but i knew i needed one. There is alot of options out here and decided to sign up and give Dr. Pakour a try. Very happy with my decision. Her staff is very friendly, efficient, and professional. Dr pakour was also very kind, patient, understanding, and listened to everything i told her. I would definitely recommend her if you need a doctor and will be going back for future visits.

Review №15

Dr. Pakour is magnificent physician; for a little over two years since my boy was 12 years old and Dr. Pakour has helping and providing us with adequate treatments. Its really hard now these days to find MD, doctor who has it all like nice friendly surrounding and sufficient treat with a great smile... Dr. Pakour I just want to say thanks from the heart. Gus Ayashi

Review №16

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had! I hadn’t been to the doctor in a long time so I was nervous but the nurses and doctor made me feel at ease. The nurse that took me in made me feel very comfortable and the nurse that drew my my blood made me relaxed and didn’t feel a thing!( I am scared of needles) so that was great! The doctor answered all my questions and I felt like all really care about there patients!!I highly highly recommended this office to everyone! Thank Dr. Pakour and nurses!

Review №17

Everyone there is so nice! After not having a Doctor for the longest time, I decided it was time to find a primary one. Dr. Pakour was so nice and attentive. She offered me advice on health issues I hadnt even relayed yet! And the two nurses at the office were so sweet and immediately made me feel welcomed.

Review №18

Dr. Pakour is the best pediatrician in the world. She shows empathy, care and always wants to help her patients. Every time I see her, she always spends a lot of time with me and makes sure I am satisfied with my care. I strongly recommend all families and their children to go to her clinic. She’s the best doctor and you will be very happy with her treatment and care. Thank you for all your help and kindness!!

Review №19

Dr Pakour is the best!!! Shes so nice and always takes care of me

Review №20

She is an amazing doctor and really good with my kids. She’s very compassionate, patient and committed to providing the best care for my family. She’s always very dedicated and kind to help my children grow up and be healthy adults. I hope to always go to Dr. Pakour because I can’t imagine going to another pediatrician. She is the best and we love her so so much ❤️

Review №21

Dr. Meada Pakour is a wonderful doctor. She is not only caring but makes sure all your concerns are taken care of. She is both my mom and Is doctor and we feel extremely blessed to have found her. Also, she has the most amazing and hard working receptionist, whom never got annoyed with me while I called everyday to check for cancellations!

Review №22

I love it here!! she is so nice and so caring and answers all your questions with patience. i recommend coming here 100%

Review №23

Dr Pakour Amazing, sweet, caring, kind, loving person she has been my kids Doctor since they were born just love her. Her nurse Stephanie is a very helpful and kind person. ❤️

Review №24

My whole family come to this doctor and she is amazing 😉 I’m happy with her I wouldn’t change itShe believed in me and my daughter . when my daughter Was very sick she did everything on her had to find the cure for her illness .The nurses are really good and friendly people I love that place I highly recommend it

Review №25

As a typical millennial that has no idea how to be a functioning adult, I had troubles finding a good doctor.My insurance’s website would give me doctors in their network and then I struggled to find one that worked for me.Until Dr. Pakour! The whole staff is sweet and kind, and Dr. Pakour made me feel so comfortable!I feel like a real adult now, making real doctor appointments with a doctor I genuinely enjoy :)

Review №26

Dr. Pakour is my children’s pediatrician. All three of my children see Dr. Pakour. My children absolutely adores her. She is extremely polite and caring doctor. She is amazing with my kids and she always knows whats going on with my kids. I have never had any issues getting my kids in when they need to see her and have always felt very confident in her care. She never rush, she listens to all our questions , So far I never met a doctor like her, whenever I call her for Emergency , She always offers a same-day appointment. She is the best. My family has had the pleasure of working with Dr. Pakour since our first visit in 2017. Wonderful staff and very friendly! Highly recommend as the best Pediatric office around. I wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else! Thanks for being an exceptionally awesome doctor.

Review №27

I had an amazing and effortless first visit! The receptionists, the nurse, and Dr. Pakour were all so personable and professional. The offices are decorated very cute since the doctor specializes in pediatrics and I felt very at home there even though I’m an adult 😊. I’m very excited that Dr. Pakour is my PCP!

Review №28

The nurse was very nice and answer in a polite maner my questions. Dr. Pakour check my son and prescribed the necessary vitamins that my newborn needed for his growth. She also gave me free milk while my breast milk show up. Thank you!

Review №29

Dr Pakour is the best Doctor ever seen 😍I have been seeing her for 10 yearsShe always takes care of me and she is very nice ,professional, caring doctorHer office very clean and beautiful .

Review №30

Dr.Pakour and her staff are dedicated and kind. Nice, clean office. Great experience!

Review №31

Excellent.medical treatment from Dr. Pakour and efficient staff: Maricruz, Stephanie and Esthela go excellent and beyond service to me as a patient needed to be treated carefully. I recommend to. them .

Review №32

Dr parkour has been my doctor for more then 5 years and i wouldn’t want to go anywhere else and stephanie is a nurse here and she is very sweet i always feel comfortable here they are all great people.

Review №33

She is wonderful. This is the best place I’ve ever been too!!

Review №34

I have been with the doctor for 10 years, she is very dedicated to her patients she is the best doctor I know she always helps her patients her new office is very clean very cool the nurses are very kind

Review №35

Hi dr pakour you are the best doctor ever you take care of me and my family

Review №36

Horrible physician overall. She rushed me as a patient during checkup and doesnt sincerely care about you. All i got were snake eyes from talking to her about my problems. All the good reviews were paid or fake. Think twice about choosing her as your doctor.

Review №37

Very pleasant office and staff. Doctor Parkour is really efficient 👍🏽 Nurse Mary is awesome!

Review №38

Fist time and I really feel very welcome. Thank God I found a lovely and professional Dr and staff for me and my baby. 🙏🙏🙏

Review №39

I brought my nephew to Dr. Pakour, and I was genuinely impressed by her kindness and care. Growing up he had a fear of needles and offices, however, he did not complain and felt comforted with her. My family and I are grateful for her care.

Review №40

My mother has been going to Dr. Meada for more than a year. She is the best doctor my mom has dealt with. Dr. Meada is very patient and efficient. She is always willing to spend time answering patients questions and addressing their concerns. The waiting time is a way shorter and better than I’ve seen at any other doctor’s office before. Feels like 5 ⭐️‘s is not even enough to rate this place..

Review №41

Dr. Pakour provided me excellent health care. She was kind, friendly but most importantly caring. Unlike some doctors,  she took what I had to say seriously and took the time to listen to my needs as a patient and as an individual. Dr. Pakours mix of professionalism and health care made my experience at the office pleasant.The staff and medical assistants at the office are excpetionally, friendly, curtious, and helpful. They were efficient and professional and made scheduling easy for me. I would recommend Dr. Pakour to anyone who wants excellent health care.

Review №42

An image of pure excellence.

Review №43

The whole staff there was very helpful, kind, polite, respectful and patience. Blessed to be there.

Review №44

I chose Dr. Pakour because of the multiple 5 star reviews, but my experience was not nearly as good. Shows up to the office an hour after my appointment starts, takes walk-ins first although I had been waiting for my scheduled appointment, forgets to fill prescriptions for weeks on end, although I call every day to remind them. Receptionists were nice when making my first appointment but became really rude after that. The worst part was Dr. Pakour’s complete dismissal of my mental health needs. She asked me why I needed therapy and when I explained that I was abused as a child she told me to “just get over it”. When I started literally crying out of pure discomfort she said okay but told me I needed a referral to see one, and I need to make a new appointment for that. So I did, 3 times, and never received that referral. She also switched my birth control type to a high-hormone saying it was the same thing, and when I informed her that it made my period last a full month, she said I must be pregnant (I wasn’t). It does seem that Dr. Pakour is very good with children but as a young adult I felt completely neglected.

Review №45

Most professional, most caring, best care and yet best looking!

Review №46

Very bad rude nurses they laugh in your face when you tell them your needsVery rude nurses even lie saying you’re rude to them and shoutIdk understand the appointment policy when it’s not respectedI’ve been waiting since 11:30 am today for my prescription

Review №47

Dr. Pakour is by far the best doctor out there. We love her so dearly! She always treats my kids as if she was treating her own. Simply, shes so kind, gentle, loving, accommodating, attentive and takes her time to treat my kids. Thank you for everything youve done for us

Review №48

Nice doctor 🥰🥰

Review №49

Amazing service and team!

Review №50

Dr. meada is the most wonderful Doctor i met since 4 years ago , she is very kind , patient and really helpful.The staff in the office all of them are super nice and smiling all time and helpful and good hardworking, i really like this clinic as i feel very comfortable when i to there .

Review №51

Dr. Pakour is one of the BEST pediatricians I know. Shes caring and dedicated to her patients. She has been my daughters Pediatrician for more than 2 years and no matter how far I move, I always come to her for my daughters care. Wouldnt change her for anyone else.

Review №52

Very helpful and kind!

Review №53

Doctor was very helpful, answered all my inquiries, and addressed all of my concerns swiftly.

Review №54

She is the best doctor 👩🏻‍⚕️ I have ever seen

Review №55

Thank u

Review №56

He is a good person, who takes good care of his patients.

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Review №58

A great doctor with a big heart.A great doctor with a big heart

Review №59

Excellent atention

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