Beverly Hills Urgent Care
822 S Robertson Blvd #350, Los Angeles, CA 90035, United States

Review №1

Wont answer the phone during business hours or they repeatedly answer and hang up. Explains all the bad reviews - what a nightmare they must be for existing patients. Wow !!!?

Review №2

Took my son here after he fell at daycare and got a pretty bad cut on his forehead. Waited for over an hour before seeing the doctor, who took one look at the cut and told us he couldnt stitch it and wed have to go to a plastic surgeon.We then didnt hear anything from them until we received an $300 bill. They waited until just prior to 90 days past our visit to send it out, and made sure to note in the letter that they would send us to collections if we hadnt paid within 90 days of the visit. They also called us the day after we received the bill to again threaten us with collections.Basically, they didnt provide any healthcare services at all, waited until the last possible moment to notify us of their charges, and used the threat of sending us to collections to extort us into paying quickly instead of contesting the charges in any way.This place is everything thats wrong with the American health care system. Lawyers bill more fairly than they do.

Review №3

Unfortunately the phone operator could not understand and explain their Covid-related practices (such as whether or not they separate patients with Covid symptoms from those without to reduce infection)If anyone has information on this could you include it in your review? This is valuable information for prospective patients. Unfortunately I will have to give my business somewhere else for now

Review №4

I went in for a covid test last week. There was no communication during the 3 hour wait and no medical history taken, zero questions asked about why I needed a covid test.The nurse walked in the room and didn’t wash her hands or explain or ask anything. Just asked me to tilt my head back and not move. She only swabbed up one side of my nose.Negative results were given 20 minutes later. Cost $175.Super unprofessional, not clean and poor experience. I don’t trust the test result either. I have classic covid symptoms.

Review №5

Be on time for your appointment and its a near prefect experience. Miss it by 15 min and prepare for an hour wait. The place is spotless. Drs and nurses are friendly. Its my go to clinic. Plus after my appointment I treat myself to Inn and Out which is right across the parking lot!!!

Review №6

Dr Safvati is a fantastic doctor with excellent bedside manner. He is thorough and many of my clients have treated with him and have always been very pleased with his services.

Review №7

UPDATE - After another conversation with my insurance company I have this information.The charges that were billed to my insurance company were, $350 for an Office Visit (new patient) $198 is allowed through the contract, and $800 for Treatment, $213 is allowed. As mentioned below the treatment consisted of a saline rinse and bandages.Officially their charge of $411.36 is within what is allowed by their contract. But does that make it right to charge that much for the type of services rendered?____________________________________________________________________My daughter cut her finger and we brought her in for possible stitches. The cut couldnt be stitched so it was cleaned and bandaged.Knowing full well what my insurance would and wouldnt cover, we were charged for the type of visit that wouldnt be covered. We paid $120 that day, and we are now responsible for $300+ for a saline rinse and some gauze because of the way the visit was coded. My INSURANCE company told me to have the doctor recode it and then resubmit. The doctors office is UNWILLING to do this and has threaten to send my account to collections after only having sent me a bill barely a month ago.After a phone call with me, they called my daughter and threaten to hurt her credit if this isnt taken care of immediately.Clearly we wont be going back there - are you willing to take a chance?????

Review №8

This urgent care was nice and clean, and the staff was amazing. They got me in and out of there in no time. The Dr Hetzabel Hernandez was great! She was very thorough with me, and sweet. I would definitely go here again, if needed emergency health care.

Review №9

DO NOT GO. They do not treat you, will just say you are fine and then collected money even when my insurance sent proof that I did not owe anything. I have called 10 times so far and each time they have made an excuse on why they can not refund me.

Review №10

Affordable, nice doctors, knowledgable, very quick and easy to make appointments, the most painless process Ive been through for making doctors visits. I dont have insurance so I was afraid theyd keep adding on charges but it was very reasonably priced and the google review discount was an added bonus at the end.

Review №11

This place was incredible! I came up for an exam and was seen very quickly by Eva and Dr. Plazman. They were both amazing and gave me needed medication on the spot. It is simply what healthcare should be like!

Review №12

This place is the best. I have had a few injuries over the last couple years and the staff and doctors are extremely professional. I highly recommend coming here before going anywhere else.

Review №13

Walked in today with extreme case of poison oak poisoning. The desk person was efficient and nice, Dr. Safvati was friendly, a listener, efficient, professional. This is the BEST urgent care experience Ive had by a mile. I will consider him for my personal MD.

Review №14

I thought this place was great! They saw me immediately and were very professional and efficient. The doctor gave me great tips! The next day I got a follow up call as to how I was feeling, shows they really cared.

Review №15

I had a visit back in June for a terrible headache. Dr. Safvati suggested I get blood work done and billed my insurance. A few months later I was billed a second time for my copayment. After calling the lab and the urgent care a couple times to explain that I had already paid my copayment, I was at a loss. The lady that works at the urgent care front desk just said that they were closed and that she had no access to system. I found the place and staff to be unprofessional.

Review №16

Absolutely dreadful service and lack of doctor professionalism! As stated in previous comments below all they are after is your money. They wont hesitate to make you pay continuously even though they are the ones diagnosing you wrong and treating you with the inefficient treatment (which I found out after flying all the way back to Europe to get treated). They are also not discreet. When you are in the waiting room speaking to the nurses/secretaries at the desk they will discuss your diagnosis loud enough for people in the room to hear. The doctor did not listen, and barely ever did any basic check ups upon visits. Instead all he would do is suggest to do plenty of tests all worth a fortune. I would not recommend this urgent care center to anyone. Spare yourself the rude welcome, doctor visit and money!

Review №17

Great service, short waiting time and really attention from attending physician. Really recommend this walk in clinic.

Review №18

Great service but was charged full price that was given on the phone with no mention of the google discount and then told the discount was given when I asked for it in the office.

Review №19

This is a great place for someone to go if youre worried about not having health insurance. The staff are professional and the interior is clean. This is as close as you can get, if not better, for medical care.

Review №20

Great staff and doctor! Always able to make an appointment and they get me in ASAP.Thank you!

Review №21

Keisha lance bottoms the American Dream team 👩🏾‍💻👩🏾‍💻

Review №22

Horrible, horrible, horrible place. They told us our insurance was accepted there only to be told later that it wasnt and now theyre trying to bill us almost a $1000 for a simple check-up. The staff is very unprofessional and rude. Theyre clearly a private provider with intentions to take peoples money. DO NOT VISIT THIS CLINIC. Im reporting them to the better business bureau.

Review №23

These guys are really good. Excellent physicians. Caring nurses. Dr. Mike saved my life when I got pneumonia.

Review №24

A doctor has to be pretty special for me to bother writing a review. Ive never had a better, more interested doctor work with me. Ive been coming here for about 5 years and have never had anything but excellent service and care.

Review №25

Went there today for the second time and Im very pleased with the fast service and kind treatment from The Dr.

Review №26

I couldn’t be more disappointed with this place. I came in with bronchitis and I sat in the waiting room for an hour. I had to pay for co-pay to just sit in the waiting room. Go anywhere else but here.

Review №27

I have been going to BHUC for over 5 years. Even if I walk-in I rarely have to wait more than 5-10 min. The staff is not just courteous but works to push your medication through the approval process with your insurance company. They are also happy to call in your prescription to local pharmacies so that your script can be ready when you arrive at the pharmacy moments later. Dr. Safvati looks at the larger picture of your health, dietary habits, lifestyle etc... to look at treating the larger picture rather than just the symptoms. I use him as my General Practintioner vs. just Urgent Care.

Review №28

I had call to talk to the statement department and got this ladie called LATONYA, that was really rude with me. Im wondering if this people pass to a training before they deal with people. specially the ones that may be is not feeling well, since this is a Urgent care! so disappointed!

Review №29

Great doctor and staff. Quick and friendly.

Review №30

I’ve been trying to get in touch to book an appointment and the doctors office is completely unresponsive. Has the doctor retired or closed his practice??

Review №31

The kindest, most wonderful doc and staff.

Review №32

It is 2015 put your hours online!

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