Angeles Medical Clinic
1333 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States

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I created a Google account just so I could leave a review for this business. It is hands down the best care I have ever received. I went for a general check up and couple of vaccines. The staff is extremely nice and helpful and so is the doctor! I can not recommend this place enough!! Their hours are pretty good - until 9pm and the waiting time very decent (leas than 1 hour for filling out forms and being seen). I will definitely go back and use this facility for my medical needs.

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I want to highly highly recommend this place! 👍 Dr. Mobasser is the best doctor in Downtown Los Angeles. Dr. Mobasser is down to earth, straight forward in recommending treatment for my face, and specially not expensive. I came to her for my lip filler, botox and my laser treatment. I am extremely happy with my results. My face looks so amazing thank you so much Dr. Mobasser I will be back soon for my touch up to keep up my results very natural. Love it!!! I will not go anywhere else!!

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My son was born here and while the facilities arent the most updated compared to other hospitals in the Bay Area, we felt very comfortable having been somewhere with such an incredible NICU. The nurses were SO amazing! And the view from our post partum room was all the way out to the water they also allow you to order delivery food, which is great because the cafeteria leaves something (or everything) to be desired.

Review №4

One day ago. This clinic is very horrible one . They lied at me , I asked them at the reception before I had an appointment if the doctor will allow me to refill my medicine and they told me it is not a big issue. Then I met the doctor or provider and explained to her and she agreed to let me refill my medicine and told me to wait outside and then she send me someone and told me I should do many lab tests at there clinic before she can let me refill my medicine and let me to refill it only for one month. So they lied at me twice . After that I talked to the receptionist and she told me again u call the manager and he will allow the provider to refill my medicine for 3 months but I called them again and again told me I should do lab tests first and they were very rude with me . I will not go there till the end of my life .

Review №5

Dr. Mobasser and her staff were quick to see me. The doctor was very knowledgeable and her staff was friendly and helpful.

Review №6

Where do I begin! When I first moved to LA three years ago I had to begin the dreaded process of finding a trustworthy physician, I had no one to recommend me to their fabulous doctor, so off to trusty Google I went. Thats where I stumbled upon Dr. Mobasser. I saw that she has several great reviews, she was a primary care physician and a Dermatologist. Wait what, did that mean I could knock out two birds with one stone!!! I am all about saving an extra trip to the Dr.s office, so I gave her a go!Upon first arriving to the clinic I was a bit confused and skeptical due to its unique location in the Fashion District of DTLA, but I will try anything once and gave it a go. Long story short, I was highly impressed with my first visit and every visit there after. The staff is always warm, friendly and inviting when I enter. Dr. Mobasser genuinely cares about the health and well being of her patients and always takes the time to hear all of my concerns. I absolutely love that about her, I never feel like I am being rushed out of my appointment, granted she is busy, what doctor do you know that is not? She will take the time out to hear you and treat you accordingly and with compassion might I add. Last year, I thought I was going to lose my figure after being mistreated and rushed out of an urgent care, I knew I had to go straight to Dr. Mobasser to fix it. She took the time out to listen to what happened, informed me I was given the wrong medication and to stop immediately, evaluated the finger accordingly and gave it the immediate attention it required, she saved my figure (and my stomach from a potential ulcer) and was kind, gentle, and understanding all while doing so despite my screaming and crying! The drive to DTLA to see Dr. Mobasser and her staff will always be worth it to me especially if I am given the proper care, treatment and attention. And YES, there is free parking down the block from the office in a Church parking lot, its not that difficult to find. And since I first started visiting this clinic they have renovated their office, so there are plenty of new clean rooms and equipment.

Review №7

Horrible experience, first of they are horrible in giving directions into where to park. Had to figure out myself. There is a Male nurse kinda bald with glasses has the worst attitude I seen through my whole life. He is very short tempered, I couldnt hear what he was saying sometimes and he would answer back very rudely bec I didnt hear him. This a medical place they should care about the patients first and not make them irritated. After seeing the provider she agreed on something with me inside her office, after I was waiting for my prescription, she sent her nurse to try to suck more money from my pocket with saying you have to do some tests so we can give you the prescriptions. I asked for my money back but she refused. Avoid this place will give you more stress.

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Honest people and great service.

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So let me start by saying I am one of those people that does not like going to the doctor😢. But I was feeling Ill for a while and since I am new to downtown I came here at the suggestion of a friend. I scheduled my appointment about a week out. The day before my appt I received a text informing me about my appt and FREE parking. FREE? nothing is free in LA. So I went into the clinic and it looked small but they were super nice and welcoming. Then they gave me a clip board and told me to go to the end of the hall and upstairs. So I took the elevator upstairs the door opened to reveal a REALLY LARGE and BEAUTIFUL office. It was busy upstairs but they took me back pretty quick. The doctor came in and she was AWESOME SAUCE! Very nice and explained everything to me in great detail. She E-scribed my meds, and I did my labs in the office and they printed out what I spoke about with the doctor. That was cool because I forget everything, and then I was on my way. By the time I got in my car I had received a text from CVS that my Rx was ready. The whole process took about an hour or so, which is great. Overall my experience was great. Dr Mobasser spent a lot of time with me explaining what I needed and what her opinion was on my condition, she gave orders to the nurse and the office looked to run really well and I got the care I needed. I sent my sister here too and she had a really good experience with a different provider too. Oh yea! My sister started Acupunture here and said the acupuncture is off da chain! What what! Oh I almost forgot to mention they called me the next day to make sure everything was ok. Also when my labs came in I did a video call with the doctor. I didn’t even have to get out of 🛏!

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Amazing and very caring doctor.

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