Her Smart Choice
2226 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033, United States

Review №1

Please please please do not go here. Go to planned parenthood. The staff and nurses were so cold and completely insensitive. One nurse was wearing a shirt that said “Kinda Care, Kinda Don’t” and didn’t have a mask on. Another had really long acrylic nails which is not hygienic. Nobody explained the process of what would happen. No one was available to answer questions until after a bunch of tests which I ended up paying for, and they said they couldn’t take my insurance. The doctor asked to see me in the STAFF BREAK ROOM. Totally unsanitary and unprofessional. This place is a dump and a total joke. Women deserve better.

Review №2

The staff were very kind and all were working very hard hard to address all the patients there. I was able to get a same day appointment. Cindy was doing so much to keep the patient flow moving. I really appreciate the care I received here. I wish they could get more funding to upgrade their facility a bit, but the office was definitely clean.

Review №3

After researching up so many clinics, I decided to go to Her Smart Choice. All the medical staff members and doctor himself were friendly and understanding. No one was judgemental and questioned my decision. They answered all and any questions I had. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience. You guys are amazing. Thank you!

Review №4

Cindy and The rest of the staff were amazing. I felt so comfortable and safe in their care. They treated me with 5 star care! Any woman who needs comfort and support going through any kind of health issues should definitely consider going here! God bless them!

Review №5

Cindy was the best, she made my visit feel so comfortable and she was able to help out with whatever was needed. 5 stars to her!

Review №6

Friendly staff, clean facility, not like other offices where you wait forever after your scheduled appointment. They were very prompt. Cindy was great! She helped me out with all my needs. I will be returning.

Review №7

I was a walk in and they worked with me and they find ways to help if you can’t financially afford treatment. They listened to me and my needs and were very sweet and attentive. I will be coming here over planned parenthood any day really loved the staff, the front desk the nurse practitioners everyone was so kind which makes experiences like family planning much more enjoyable. ——oh also wanted to add there is parking on Chicago street and it’s 50c an hour so it’s pretty convenient

Review №8

I came here a couple days ago and really did not expect anything due to location. When i first walked in, the place is super clean and they really try to sanitate waiting areas and have someone clean the tables and the reception areas. Second, the people are nice and accommodating. I spoke with Cindy and she was very nice about everything, she worked around my schedule. I told her I have school and need to go there earlier and which she allowed me to. Third, THEY ARE SUPER FAST. I used to go to another women’s clinic and it usually takes me 3-4 hours to be done with anything but her at HERSMARTCHOICE, they did what needs to be done in only an hour and 30 mins max, thats including the labs and everything. Highly recommend the place and the people.

Review №9

Kayla at the front desk was very rude, need better customer service to serve the women in our community

Review №10

Okay, honestly..this was hands down the best experience I have EVER had with gynecological services in my life. Cindy spoke to me on the phone, she was sweet and helpful. She scheduled me a next day appointment that fit my needs and told me to ask for her upon arrival. The paper work was clear and to the point, the facility was clean and inviting. My wait time was incredibly fair. The woman who took my blood pressure was reassuring about my nerves and didn’t freak me out about my blood pressure being being high when she first took it. Doctor Rodriguez is a literal saint. He was reassuring as thorough. I cannot praise this place and the people who make it special enough. I could not recommend a place more highly. Thank you to each and everyone of you for helping me to rewrite some terrible experiences with your kindness.

Review №11

They are nice, they worked with me far as pricing and medical. I was there a while but I did take care of a life changing matter. The lady thats sits at the desk alone is the best. Thanks for everything ladies!

Review №12

HORRIBLE experience. Came in for a pregnancy test which was positive. They performed an ultrasound which showed I was 9 weeks pregnant. The actual Dr wasnt there so they had me sit and wait at the lobby then Cindy called me up to get a form and fill out. As I sat down to read the form it stated that they went over with me the procedure of the abortion pill. 1st of all I went in there for a pregnancy test I NEVER once said I wanted to take the pill and they never discussed my options. Then when I refused to take the pill Cindy said I had to pay $150.00 because they didnt do anything and had me write on a paper that I refused to take the pill which I never asked for. I ended up paying because I really didnt want to argue with Cindy because there where patients in the lobby. When I paid she put down that the charge was for the ultrasound which she didnt mention. SMH not sure what kind of business they are running but I spoke to my insurance and they said I didnt have to pay anything. Also the Ultra sound reading was wrong I was 10 weeks and 3 days at the time and not able to take the abortion pill which they were trying to give me. They need to update their ultrasound machines because the date was also off it said 1/08/2010. I went to FPA womens health clinic which was the best experience and they actually went over everything with me and didnt charge me because my insurance covers it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND HER SMART CHOICE AT ALL!!! I expect a refund ASAP.

Review №13

I’m normally a patient of Planned Parenthood, however they didn’t have any appointments available when I desperately needed one quickly. Her Smart Choice was able to schedule me next day, which was awesome! Every single person that worked here made me feel more comfortable with everything procedure. They also explained every procedure to me so I knew exactly what was going on. Thank you for making a nerve racking experience that much better for me! Your hospitality is appreciated :)

Review №14

This place was great! Cynthia welcomed me with open arms and treated me like i was a family member. She made me feel very comfortable. I recommend this place.

Review №15

I recommend everyone in the area and near if your looking for a quick clean spot for all your needs with kind staff this is the place! Cindy was great and made me feel super comfortable and I’m grateful!

Review №16

Hi so my experience was great. The girl at the front desk was very polite and my appointment carried out with Cindy Rincon who was very prompt, professional, and juat like every one else here, she was very polite! Overall a great place for any of your needs that they take care of here.

Review №17

This is a great place if your looking for friendly and confidential services. From the moment I walked in I was greeted and received timely service. They were able to accommodate my schedule into services and made the visit and service as comfortable and as nonjudgmental as possible. Definitely recommend.

Review №18

Very clean clinic, with amazing female staff who are kind and caring for you health.It was a fast and smooth abortion and they provided me with all the Information i needed to know about the abortion.I recommend this place to everyone!Great staff and great place!

Review №19

It was my first time ever coming to this clinic. I’ve never heard about it, but once I got here I’m glad I made the right choice in coming. The service here is great, it’s a non-judgmental atmosphere. I’ve gone to places where the employees make indirect comments towards others and myself, but thankfully I didn’t get any of that here. I would really recommend anyone who needs any services to come to this place, it’s definitely worth it.

Review №20

Great service! They took care of me and helped me understand the whole process. I was a little nervous at first but their staff is great. Would recommend them to my friends and family.

Review №21

It was my first time here. Great service! The staff member Susie especially was very kind and helped me. Very happy I found this place.

Review №22

I went here and this place is wonderful, the Docters concern themselves and know what theyre talking about, the nurses are nice and polite but the thing i love best is its CLEAN wait plus better yet your visit is fast and efficient.- A DAUGHTER WITH A DIFFICULT CHOICE.

Review №23

Cindy made our visit great she explained the whole procedure and made sure to answer all of our questions. Everyone was very helpful I would recommend this place to anyone in any similar situation.

Review №24

I am so grateful that this clinic offered fast, friendly, and supportive services. I came in without any knowledge of this clinic and I got so lucky to have come in here and be welcomed by this friendly service. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends and family.

Review №25

First time here; all employees are very nice discreet and respectful. Very well informed and made me feel comfortable with any questions I had and Helped me with my insurance and kept me informed. I will be returning for further services .

Review №26

The service was great. Cindy really took care of me . I would recommend this clinic booking appointments and they had me in and out quick.

Review №27

Honestly the best experience I’ve ever had medically. Everyone was so kind and helpful. I am so grateful that I found them. Can’t thank them enough.

Review №28

Staff was nonjudgmental and friendly. Made my experience quick, safe and easy. Great stop for all women’s health issues and check-ups.

Review №29

The service is so good and fast. The staff is very kind and makes you feel very comfortable. Totally recommended

Review №30

The staff is extremely friendly and courteous to there clients. Id give this clinic an A plus for cleanliness.Thank You!

Review №31

It is not organized and horrible if you are pregnant since the doctor is NEVER EVER thereif you want the best care for your baby stay away from this place

Review №32

I dont know what i would have done without them! Staff was helpful and mainly friendly. They have options for people who may not have the financial means to get the services they need. Annddd the doctor is super sweet. Thank you so much!!!

Review №33

Came for the frist time, great service . The staff are so helpful and very nice. They helped me so much, thank u staff! i Recommend this place.

Review №34

Everyone was very friendly and made me feel comfortable considering the reason for being there. They were fast with their service as well.

Review №35

The service was great. All the staff have great customer service. The dr gave me his full attention.

Review №36

Everyone is very nice. Didnt wait too long for services either, about a 2 hour trip from walking in, getting treatment and leaving. Glad I went.

Review №37

Staff is great. Very quick and efficient. Cindy is an angel!

Review №38

The staff was very welcoming I appreciate everything they have done /Huntington park

Review №39

Clinic is clean, staff is organized and paper work is easy to understand. If you have any questions staff is there to help you and you don’t have to wait too long

Review №40

Amazing customer service, not a very long wait, appointments on the same day ! & everyone is so kind . Might consider coming here for all my ob visits ! 100% satisfied

Review №41

This clinic is not only dirty but staff is non compassionate at all! I cant believe this place is even open for business. Also be prepared to be there for hours. They are extremely slow! I was told Id only be there for an hour and half yet my wait was 4+. Never once did i see an actual Dr. while there either. Front end staff runs front and back! Also equipment is outdated.

Review №42

Amazing service..amazing people..Thank you so much for your warm and positive attitudes. Everyone here is sooo amazing...Best ever! Really mean that. Thanks yall

Review №43

My experience at this location was amazing everything went smooth and fast staff was so kind and friendly I would definitely recommend coming here for your needs!!

Review №44

Very informative when IT came to my casé . The staff is is very helpful n good customer service . They guided me to the proper method.

Review №45

Second time coming into the office ..staff was really sweet and answered my questions and very flexible with helping me fast

Review №46

Friendly staff. Felt very comfortable. Would definitely come back.

Review №47

They had Great customer service, all ladies where nice , explained all details before hand !made you feel very comfortable!

Review №48

I am a first time patient & I must say I did not expect the quality treatment I recieved. The nurses are super sweet and helpful & helped me acomodate to my personal needs. I was planning to go to planned parenthood but may I am I very happy I came here. It has been by far the best choice. Very greatful & will make this my clinic. Will recommend to whom ever needs it.

Review №49

The staff is very accommodating and professional. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new gynecologist.

Review №50

My experience was great everyone was friendly & welcoming, the consultantation was fast i didnt have to wait too long. The doctor was very helpful & answered every question I had I will definitely recommend this clinic to my friends and family.

Review №51

I was greeted soon as I walked in great customer service the wait wasnt long at all and very hopeful.

Review №52

Very very slow. Dont ever come here I been here 2 and half hours. I have another appointment at 3:00pm and they eat before they see patients! I have age since breakfast and Im not complaining. Get better staff and doctors!! Im going to walk in a minute!!!! Whats the use of making a appointment if you still here for dam near three hours.

Review №53

Amazing staff, very friendly and gives you much comfort in your reason being there , I would recommend any women to come here for check ups, your baby, your health or whatever medical concerns!

Review №54

I really enjoyed my experience at this particular clinic. The service was great and everyone was very nice and respectful. Everyone did what they needed to do for me to have a great experience and have me out down with everything I needed to do coming in. I enjoyed coming here and I will most likely come back for time in need.

Review №55

Front desk Receptionist was Awesome . Staff are very friendly . This place is legit and welcoming.

Review №56

Same day appointment was very convenient, clean sanitary location with nice staff

Review №57

Had a really good experience here, every single one of the staff is very friendly and welcoming which really made me feel more comfortable. They have a bit of a wait but it’s completly understand as it’s a small office and they have a lot of patients. Highly recommend this location.

Review №58

Great service. Confidential and compassionate. Willing to help if youre low-income. Fantastic staff!!! Dr. And nurses are very thorough and understanding. Highly recommended

Review №59

Highly recommended. The staff was great..

Review №60

Dr Kothandaraman is such a caring doctor. In the lab, Blanca is so great with the blood draws you dont feel it and she doesnt leave bruises. I recommend coming here

Review №61

Everyone here is very friendly, kind and patient I loved the energy in the atmosphere.

Review №62

Told me they took insurance. Found out at the end of my visit that it would cost me $550 dollars for my check up. Pretty annoyed because I chose them because of the financial viability. Long wait and some good staff, some rude. Would probably never go back.

Review №63

I highly don’t recommend this clinic!!! They basically don’t deserve a whole star. The receptionists are awful other nurses were practically doing they’re job so for the two receptionist in the front YOU ARE VERY INCOMPETENT And RUDE!!! You should go take a class and learn how to give better customer service & provide better information. The doctor was very hard to understand and seems like they didn’t know what they were doing or understanding the questions I was asking. Not organized and horrible service for a check up 2 hours wait and 20 minutes for the check up to leave.

Review №64

Came in for a few tests on a early Monday. Everyone was kind and helped me quickly. I feel comfortable enough to come back.

Review №65

Eveything was very comfortable an friendly i am very happy with the service i was provided .

Review №66

The staff is always so welcoming, make me feel very comfortable. The ultrasound technician Mirna is very helpfuI. I love coming here, highly recommended. :)

Review №67

Great Fast Service , would recommend to other women with specific needs

Review №68

Ive been here holding my piss for an hour and a half. People who got here 20 minutes ago already went back. Tried to tell the people working three times before they finally listened and realized they messed up and finally brought me back. People working have no communication skills or customer service skills at all. Its pitiful.

Review №69

I Highly recommend this clinic to women. Great costumer service, friendly staff. One important thing is that is always clean .

Review №70

Staff here is amazing. So kind and helpful. Answered all my questions and concerns.Had an early appointment and was in and out in a matter of a few hours.Very happy with there service

Review №71

A wonderful facility with compassionate & professional staff. Very quick and exellent with outstanding customer service. Definitely recommend Her Smart Choice, to anyone in need of the services they offer.

Review №72

Thanks for the great treatment and hospitality I thank Dr kyis so Hlaing and all his staff for the great work . Thanks so much I recommend this clinic to everyone .

Review №73

I loved this clinic they work fast make sure there patients are very well taken care of and make sure you feel comfortable.

Review №74

Great staff and service. My first experience at the clinic was good they seen me fast.

Review №75

I would recommend this place to women. Staff is friendly and I did not have to wait very long. I felt comfortable.

Review №76

Excellent service I recommend this place 100%

Review №77

Very kind staff with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Review №78

The staff here is friendly and made me feel comfortable and answered answered all my questions in a respectable manner. I recommend this place.

Review №79

Place is on a busy street so parking can be difficult. There is a parking lot about a block away and you have to pay. The wait time wasn’t bad. I waited about 40 minutes to be seen. The staff was friendly and they took care of my needs.

Review №80

I went in today not knowing what to expect. They were very kind and patient with me. They made me feel comfortable and Werent judgemental and were extremely professional and knowledgeable. I recommend going here 100.%

Review №81

The staff made me feel comfortable about my situation. They are very kind and respectable.

Review №82

Worst place u could go there lack of patient care is Horrible and what is the point of blocking somebody’s number when they need help with things just like this my baby mama just went into the office every person working there did not want to help her she was telling them she needs help for her baby her stomach was hurting and nobody wanted to help her and when she said she needed help they kicked her out the office and when I called the supervisor to get information I got threatened by her and she told me to come to the office to resolve it I don’t know what I mean but what I’m getting is that a threat and I need something to be done about this because of you I can’t help people in need they need to be helped what is your working for your office for if anybody from this company reads this and is not the supervisor of that office and if you is the superintendent of the supervisor I would like to hear from you personally because that is not right and that is not illegal and is cruel to kick a lady out when she’s having stomach pain for a baby at a clinic that specializes in babies Have a nice day and I hope to hear from youSincerely Emmanuel PS this is not a threat and is not intended as a threat I am going to go personally with my baby mama to handle this Problem in a peaceful and calm way without nobody being threatened just like I got threatened today by the supervisor on the phone when my baby momma was just there for help I want the right people to resolve this issue because issues like this cannot continue and will not be permitted with legal authority and under the constitution of the United States it is illegal to throw somebody out that needs help.

Review №83

On the website it said they help u with the medical and when I got there lady on the front desks ask me for my insurance info and I told her I don’t have any and I asked about the medical and she responded very rude they took my info I even fill up the medical paper work and after a hour they took me in took my weight blood the usual than after a while they told me there where gana do a ultrasound and I taugh since there doing all of this I probably do have medical so they did the ultrasound and told me how far along I was than said they couldn’t help me cuz I was more than 10 weeks for the pill after they said there where gana charge me for the ultrasound which is what they should said before they did it I called a freinds to lend me the money he came and pay than I went to the medical office to apply for it and they told me my medical is activated that the clinic should of know that since I have them my social to run it they trick me into paying when he medical would of cover the visits that day never go here find a different place

Review №84

They were helpful and understanding

Review №85

Very clean facility and polite staff.

Review №86

I appreciate the help you guys provided to me !!!

Review №87

Best clinic ever most defently I recommended nice service best nurses very clean

Review №88

This clinic is a great clinic to be apart of great service good nurses with a positive vibes and also make you feel very comfortable in this clinic

Review №89

This clinic was so helpful they were very nice, they explain to you everything very clearly and step by step , the nurses are very kind everything is confidential and I was very satisfied with my visits.

Review №90

Excellent service very friendly and clean!

Review №91

Good service and the nurses are great with the clients and they attend you quickly.

Review №92

I waited almost 2 hours to even get checked by the nurse didnt see the doctor i left almost 3 hours wasted. No privacy they will say things at the front desk that are personal. Made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

Review №93

Worst place ever they wouldnt help me unless i did a good review and ladies whp worl their they just talk abouy their personal issues and the girl who does ultrasound need to be more respectful

Review №94

The Receptionists were friendly and polite. I just had to wait longer than my scheduled time to see someone.

Review №95

Great place ,very clean friendly staff

Review №96

Nurse Cindy, is a great person and gave me great assistance. She made the whole process easier for me. :)

Review №97

They have rud customer service at the front desk and have young employees running the procedures. If asked by the patient for a second opinion the answer is simply No come back.

Review №98

I came to this clinic when i found out planned parenthood didnt have a appointment for weeks later on something i needed treated right away Her Smart Choice took me in the next day after calling . The doctor is very professional, the nurses are nice and very confidential. I recommend this place to anyone, i will be using this clinic again if i ever need these services. Thank you Dr Kothandaraman.

Review №99

Great experience. Had my ex-girlfriend come here. Great staff and great service.

Review №100

Always a great service,the nurse practitioner is very informative and the staff super kind.

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  • Address:2226 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 877-958-8066
  • Abortion clinic
  • Women's health clinic
Working hours
  • Monday:8am–6pm
  • Tuesday:8am–6pm
  • Wednesday:8am–6pm
  • Thursday:8am–6pm
  • Friday:8am–6pm
  • Saturday:9am–2pm
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
  • Transgender safe space:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
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