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Nicole and Byron are amazing and took very good care of my mother. While there will always be challenges with assisted living, especially during a pandemic, they were always quick to respond and worked with me to get issues resolved as soon as possible.

Review №2

We love Inspired Living of Lewisville. My parents moved into Inspired Living in the fall of 2020. It was a hard transition to go from living in a home for 50 years to being in an assisted living center, but the staff made the transition as easy as it could have been.The staff cares about the residents, and they help them in every way possible. Reagan made the process of moving in seamless. The director, Byron, has solved all the billing and service issues that existed before he took over, and Nicole, the staff nurse, makes sure all the residents are well cared for medically.We couldnt ask for a better place for our loved ones. Thank you for providing a place where we dont have to worry. I would recommend Inspired Living to anyone who wants the best for their parents in their golden years.

Review №3

I toured Inspired Living last week with the Executive Director, Byron Bounds. He was patient and listened carefully to my questions and concerns. I found him to be informed and willing to share his knowledge. In fact, I thought his combination of professionalism, committment, and knowledge was unique. My parent wont be moving to Inspired--not right now, at least--but we shall be considering it again in the future. On the basis of meeting Mr. Bounds, I expect that he leads by example and sets a high standard.

Review №4

Inspired Living is a place you can trust. From the beginning of our search for a respite facility for my husband while we were on vacation we knew this was the one. Ragan made everything so easy as well as the entire staff. We heard from them daily and even got photographs to show us how things were going. Communication was excellent and we couldn’t have asked for more.My husband was content and was always included in each activity. He made friends from the very beginning which made us comfortable that we had made the right choice. Byron, the director, called me personally, after the stay, to make sure that expectations were met. I would recommend Inspired Living to anyone who is searching for a home for their aging family members.Cynthia Mercer

Review №5

Both of my parents are at Inspired Living in Lewisville. My mom is in Memory Care and my dad is in Assisted Living. We could not be happier with their experiences. They moved to Inspired from another Assisted Living Center in the Flower Mound area during COVID. I wish they had been in Inspired Living from the beginning. The level of care, amount and quality of activities, and facilities, are so much better than where they had been. The staff is extremely helpful, friendly and caring.I cannot say enough about the Memory Care unit. It is very bright, attractive and has a homey feel to it. The staff is great with keeping activities that are well suited for my mothers abilities. They not only take care of my mother, but they also check on my father and make sure that he is not absorbed in my mothers care but is taking care of himself also.Nurse Nichole has been awesome! She not only keeps us informed about my mothers care and calls me with suggestions to her care that would also help my father, but she also has taken on battling the Long Term Care Insurance company for my father and us. Nichole is extremely professional but she is warm and friendly and always makes us feel like we are not bothering her but that she is happy to help us.It is a great comfort knowing that my parents are in a place where they are taken care of, have lots of social interaction with the many other residence and that my mother is being given great care as her health declines.

Review №6

Please don’t bring your love one to this facility especially the memory care side. They never have enough staff, they don’t feed the residents enough food, the staff is given 10 pairs of gloves as soon as the shift starts and have to go back and forth with the nurse on duty , the residents are being neglected because they don’t have enough staff and left soaked till they have time to change them, the laundry gets stacked up and takes days sometimes weeks to get done, the list goes on and on. The care partners aren’t treated fairly and med techs get paid so little for what they do and their work is never appreciated. As of right now they are at full capacity. These families that are bringing there loved ones are being promised the best care and best service, unfortunately these promises are not met.

Review №7

From the moment my dad arrived, I knew that Inspired Living Lewisville was the place for him. They literally rolled out the red carpet for him. Even though they had many move ins that particular day, his felt special. The entire leadership team was there to greet him and welcomed him home.My dad still has his cell phone which leads to a lot of calls to my brother and myself as his caretakers, but any time we are concerned, the staff there is more than willing to help.I’m active duty military and know that I will not be around the area forever. But I will be able to carry on knowing that he has everything he needs there and that help is right down the hall. When I visit him, he raves about how we they take care of him. I’m so glad he is at Inspired Living.

Review №8

Both of my parents have moved into Inspired Living in Lewisville. One in the memory care and the other in the assisted living side. They have both started into a steady decline with many issues involved. IL has done a great job with addressing and assisting with their issues as they arise. I especially have been thankful for their continued communication with our family.

Review №9

Inspired Living of Lewisville has treated my parents with respect, dignity and compassion. Thanks to the Caring Staff for bringing some peace of mind to our family in these difficult times by Creating an atmosphere that gives my Mom an opportunity to live comfortably and interact with the many friends she has made in a short period of time.Team Work really shows !!Thanks

Review №10

Love the new director, Byron and lead nurse, Nicole at Inspired Living Lewisville. They have really made a difference. My mom is happy and changes have been made. 2020 was a rough year so I’m glad 2021 is headed in the right direction. Thanks for your hard work!

Review №11

I highly recommend this community based on my years of experience with Nicole McCaughan, their nurse; she gives care that goes above and beyond to her residents and their families. She is keenly knowledgeable about seniors, related disease states, communicates, and is accessible, She has a heart to love your family member as her own. In addition, she is well versed in the available programs and resources for your loved ones care needs. I highly recommend Inspired Living. You will have peace of mind knowing your loved one will receive great care.

Review №12

My dad has lived at ILL since October 2020 and between COVID and some management changes, there were some challenges, like everywhere else. Since Byron (Exec Dir) has come on board, so many wonderful changes have happened and the facility is running like a finely-tuned machine. Earlier this year, families were able to participate in small-group meetings with Byron and the feedback is definitely starting to bear fruit. Byron stresses communication, both internally and with the residents family/caregivers. This has helped immensely, as we cant be there every day. The staff is friendly, the facility is always clean and the residents needs are always placed first. The medical director (Nichole) is wonderful to work with and she truly cares about each resident. I recently sent her an email on a Sunday and asked her to contact me Monday morning and my phone rang at 8:05 a.m. Overall, the facility has everything residents need and a staff that is always ready to help.

Review №13

I feel confident recommending Inspired Living. They have an outstanding team - Byron, Ragan and Nicole, who each go above and beyond to ensure that their residents are well cared for!

Review №14

I have worked at Inspired Living Lewisville for a year and a half now and I love every minute of it. I started working in the Assisted Living building for the first year. And the beginning of 2021 I was moved to the Memory Care building. I had Zero experience working in this industry before hand. In such a short amount of time I have learned so much about Dementia and Alzheimers and how they effect people differently. Im only a housekeeper right now, but I aspire to climb up the ladder at ILL.

Review №15

Since Nicole McCaughan came on board as the Health and Wellness Director there have been some significant improvements in caregiving and nursing staff. Bringing in Byron Bounds as the Executive Director recently has led to a lot of improvements. Both are very responsive and transparent.

Review №16

The new leadership team has made such a difference! Highly recommend! Its such a family now.

Review №17

I have a very hip, fashionable, up to date 92 year old mother in law. We kept her independent until a recent fall. It was now time to find an assisted living place to make sure she was safe and all her medical and personal needs were cared for. She was mourning the loss of her independence. I wanted to make sure I could meet as many needs as possible and still give her some independence.WOW! We found the perfect place for my mother-in-law. This place feels like you are walking into a hotel. The atmosphere is bright, clean and inviting. We have been at the property for a week and every interaction has been great.Our first impression started with Ragan Davis, Sales Director. She took her time to show us all the amenities, answered all our questions, and introduced us to key leaders. As we past other residents, Ragan addressed each by name and there was a sense of belonging. We researched several properties and knew this was the one. She was even able to help provide mover recommendations. Another burden lifted.Byron Bounds the Executive Director made the process easy. We used docu sign and was able to scan all the paper work. If you have been in our situation you know rehabilitation places give little notice and when a place can make the process quick and easy it takes a huge burden off your plate.Lets talk about what is so important to assisted living residents... FOOD. We knew the place was clean and did not have a sterile feeling. The dining room looks like a grille at the country club. They have a bistro throughout the day and an alacarte menu. Every meal she has raved about. The chef cooks with fresh ingredients and it shows. She willingly goes to the dining room to eat and socialize. When she is not feeling well they can bring her dinner to her!Finally you want your loved ones cared for medically. Nicole McCaughan, Health and Wellness Director, is in her perfect role. She truly cares about the residents and her team. I sent her a message today to let her know my mother in law had shots in her eyes and may need to be checked on, I already had dinner set up to be delivered. I received the sweetest text from Nicole, she went and visited her to make sure she was doing well and gave me a quick report.I highly recommend this place for senior living, assisted living and memory care.

Review №18

My mom has now transitioned into assisted living and really enjoys living at Inspired Living. She is involved in the events and has met many residents there. She always tells me that the food is really great and she appreciates the choices and variety.She loves having her independence yet having help close by if she needs it.The staff always keeps me updated and having to navigate thru moving her in during Covid has been a challenge, but they have really helped every step of the way to make sure that their residents are safe, but that each step during the move could be accomplished in a timely fashion.We all get regular updates from their manager which is really helpful during this time of social distancing.Thanks to everyone there taking care of our moms and dads. We appreciate you.

Review №19

Inspired Living Lewisville had some tough times the end of 2020, BUT, they have a new Executive Director (in charge of the entire facility) and a new Director of Health and Wellness. Both these individuals have made great strides to fix what needed to be fixed. Although there were problems within the community during 2020, most, if not all those problems have been resolved. Ild also like to add that their home office staff continues to visit the facility, ensuring that all protocol is being followed. Covid has not entered the facility since the beginning of 2021. which isa comfort. They take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and health of not only their residents, but their staff and visitors as well!Inspired Living in Lewisville Texas is a facility that would highly recommend. My Mother has resided in this facility since October 2020. She/l experienced some very tough times until the new Directors arrived. What a relief!!! Both directors are committed to the highest level of care for my Mom and all the residents. The staff are very attentive and caring...smiles on their faces and truly enjoy their jobs... a job that most of us would not attempt to have. Both the directors make themselves available 24/7 for any concerns that may arise. They have a nurse on staff (onsite) 24/7, which is rare in this area. The nursing staff/med distributors and care partners are on top of all the needs your loved one requires. They even come visit during the day just to say hello!would highly recommend Inspired Living Lewisville! Im quite certain that Byron Bounds, the Executive Director would welcome a phone call or scheduled visit to answer any questions you may have. Byron and have had many conversations about the care of my mother and has always followed through with any concerns had (not many). In getting to know Byron, have found out that he started as a caregiver, is also a nurse and has been taking care of seniors since he was 17 years old. If you want anyone to ensure the care and well-being of your loved one.....its Byron, and his team!!!

Review №20

In 2020, my dad suffered a fall resulting in a head injury. When it happened, he lived out of state. The difficult decision was made to move him to Texas. Thus began the search of a facility that would help with his care and daily needs. For anyone who has had to make this type of decision, you know how difficult the process can be. The final decision was made to move him in to Inspired Living Lewisville. The main reason for choosing ILL was that they have a nurse on staff 24/7. For the first few months, everything seemed disorganized, disconnected, impersonal and chaotic. That is when the ship began to list and the Exec Dir, head of Health/Wellness and many others were terminated. Clearly, our suspicions of blatant mismanagement had come to light. That is when the true professionals arrived! Byron Bounds and Nicole McCaughan made their entrance and got to work! They have restored my faith in the industry as a whole. Since their arrival, they have worked tirelessly to find out what processes work, which ones dont work and they created a plan to fix each and every area in the facility that was failing the residents AND their families. Mr Bounds rolled up his sleeves, literally, and jumped in to be of service in every area that needed attention. He and Ms. McCaughan have met the challenges head on by hosting meetings with all family members and residents to find out the truth about what works and what doesn’t. They have made themselves available 24/7 for families to voice their concerns or ask questions. In just a few short months of them being on site, they have turned this place into the type of place that many of us had been promised under the previous, defunct management. They both have a true passion for caring for moms and dads. They have had a daily struggle with ensuring caregivers all share their vision of how to compassionately care for the elderly. For those like-minded caregivers, they have stayed the course and have remained inside the facility. For those that were part of the problem, they were shown the door. As far as I am concerned, this is the best facility in Denton county. Byron Bounds and Nicole McCaughan have earned my respect and deserve recognition for the great strides they have made in just a few months. For the first time since my dad has lived there, I feel like he is safe, well cared for, happy and emotionally healthy.

Review №21

My in-laws love their 2 bedroom apartment at Inspired Living. The food is delicious, community is clean and care staff is helpful and engaging. It gives us such peace of mind knowing there is a nurse on the property 24/7! We appreciate the bi-weekly updates from the Executive Director during the pandemic.

Review №22

I only have positive things to say about Inspired Living. Everyone is wonderful and caring. Thank you so much for everything you all do everyday for my Mom. It is a relief knowing my Mom is being cared for by such wonderful caregivers. This positive attitude comes from the top down, starting with the awesome Administrator.

Review №23

My mom stayed at Inspired Living for 11 days recently as a respite living guest. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. The staff was extremely friendly and made my mom feel welcome from the start. The residents are just as lovely! She made lots of new friends. Sarah Harris is who we worked with to set up my mom staying with them. It’s a great place if you need respite care or long term living. Beautiful facility and the food is outstanding. We will definitely call them again should the need arise in the future.

Review №24

This is a wonderful place. The facilities are beautiful and well maintained. But it is really the people who run this place that make this place truly special. We are so grateful to entrust the care of my mother in law to Inspired Living. They keep us posted about her care and they also look out for my father in law who isnt even a resident there. When he was hospitalized unexpectedly, they visited him in the hospital to see how he was doing and to assure him that his wife was doing fine. I highly recommend this place.

Review №25

I highly recommend Inspired Living for your loved ones. I can tell you from experience that the caregivers are wonderful and the Memory Care Director Madeline and Health Wellness Director Christie are fantastic communicators. This assisted living goes above and beyond!

Review №26

The Inspired Living facility is one of kind and you can rest assured that your loved ones will be watched over by good hands. The staff and nurses are very hospitable and always willing to help. The buildings are kept clean and quality of living goes above and beyond most assisted living facilities. Truly one of the best in the area, take a tour and see for yourself.

Review №27

Inspired Living in Lewisville Texas is a great place for your family’s Assisted Living or Memory Care needs. They truly care about your loved one as they care for them. It starts with the Managing Director, Tommy Thomas and continues all the way through every staff member. The facilities has so much to offer from a swimming pool to arts and crafts.

Review №28

Awesome team, even better residents!

Review №29

The BEST PART of working here is the RESIDENTS!!!! 😍😍😍😍 LOVE EM TO PIECES!!!! Memory Care ROCKS! I encourage anyone looking to find a home for their love ones.... Highly recommend taking a tour. 👍 You wont be disappointed. Lots of activities and even going out on outings. Very family oriented

Review №30

Love this place. Such great associates and leadership. If you get to meet Tommy, he is a stand up guy. You are in good hands if you choose this community!

Review №31

One of the top communities in the DFW. Hands down. Ive worked with the Executive Director in the past. His compassion and attentiveness to the residents is second to none. Highly recommend.

Review №32

I worked at Inspired Living for about 7 months and it was bad. The residents in memory care are amazing but management is horrible. The management only care about profits and not the well being of the residents or staff. There were constant problems with scheduling and the schedule was NEVER out on time. There were various issues within this company from poor management to never having supplies. Most of the staff is amazing and work great together. I would not recommend this facility.

Review №33

Beautiful community. I felt welcomed from my contact with the staff. Appears well organized and the executive leadership is outstanding.

Review №34

My husband has been a resident at Inspired Living Lewisville for a year now. He is in memory care and am so thankful he has a safe and loving place to live. The caregivers and nurses are amazing to him. This journey is hard but having this team with you brings comfort.

Review №35

This place is wonderful. I know the management and have nothing but the best to say about them.

Review №36

My husband and I made the difficult decision a little over a month ago to place my father in law in memory care. Inspired Living of Lewisville was our second tour of the day and it was our last. We knew it was the place for him. The first place we visited was so depressing and everyone looked drugged sleeping on the couches and we walked out thinking wow that was depressing. Then we arrived at Inspired Living. I thought we had walked into a 5 star hotel. The entire atmosphere was entirely different. The facility is just beautiful and the people are amazing. I have been a nurse for 24 years and I felt completely comfortable having the staff there taking care of my beloved father in law. I am quite picky and my trust has to be earned. It didn’t take long. Gina, Whitney, and Rolly were amazing. They became part of my family. They are excellent nurses. I trusted they were taking excellent care of my loved one. I didn’t get to know the aides names but they knew me and always greeted me as did the house keeper and Reagan at the front desk. My father in law unfortunately recently passed away. He was very happy in his new home his last days and that gives my husband and I peace knowing we made the best decision. We appreciate everyone at Inspired Living for all of their compassion and care of our loved one. We know that he wasn’t just a number there, he was loved. Thanks so much to everyone. I highly recommend Inspired Living of Lewisville.

Review №37

Beautiful facility, clean and cheerful. Great staff and appears to be well managed.

Review №38

I went and did a tour of the new facility and was extremely pleased. My grandmother will be moving out of her home soon and I wanted to take a look at Inspired as an option for her. The ladies at the front desk were super sweet and I love getting to visit with Linda while I was there. I look forward to bringing my Grandma this week so she can take a look as well!

Review №39

Very amazing community! Caring and loving staff, great engaging activities and best of all delicious gourmet food! This community will only do what’s best for anyone’s loved ones, the staff is put thru varies of trainings so that they are taught the proper way to take care of your loved one. They have 3 meetings a day with each shift to discuss and keep every employee informed of anything going on in the community and with the residents.

Review №40

One of a kind. I’ve never seen a community that is so pretty with so many amenities. They thought of everything. Kelli did a fantastic job showing us the community. I wish I could move there.

Review №41

Beautiful facility. Caring and attentive staff. My parents are looking to move to this community in the next 3 months.

Review №42

A wonderful community! Residents are very happy and well taken care of! Caring staff!

Review №43

The Inspired Living facility is lovely and the Staff has been kind and keeping us up to date upon moving in time. They present themselves as if we were the only clients! A refreshing attribute!

Review №44

Love the community, and staff. As an employee it is very great to know that the work you are doing is making a positive impact on people’s lives!

Review №45

My Mom and Dad have been residents of Inspired Living Lewisville since late September 2018. The caregivers and nursing staff have always been top-notch, and they treat my parents with respect and dignity. They really do a great job of taking care of my Mom and Dad and the other residents there, and the staff are always friendly and inviting to me and my family when we come to visit. Inspired Living is a wonderful place, and I’m so glad my parent chose to move there. Tommy (Exec Dir) and Pamela (Health & Wellness Director) are offering some great guidance for the location, and they are both great to talk to and are very helpful with any questions. It gives me comfort to know that my Mom and Dad are happy there and any concerns are promptly addressed.I also got a chance to meet some from Inspired Living’s parent company (Validus) leadership team including Margaret (CPO), Zach (COO), Sharon (Regional Health & Wellness), and Nicole (Regional VP Sales & Ops), and they were all very friendly and open to help with any questions I had during my chat with them when they were visiting the Lewisville location. Not many leadership teams I’ve dealt with in the past are as open and welcoming as they are. It gives me more peace of mind to know that even the leadership team wants to build a relationship with the staff and residents. That means a lot to know that the leadership team hasn’t lost sight in the fact that each Mom and Dad their locations care for is the focus of their mission. Taking care of Moms and Dads is their goal, and I love that.

Review №46

The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and kind! They work as a team to take care of people.

Review №47

Very open with wide hallways and beautiful decor. Directors are knowledgeable and very friendly.

Review №48

Beautiful community very friendly and welcoming, It’s a great place to bring your loved ones.Its the best community I’ve seen by far if I could give 10 stars I would.

Review №49

Beautiful building and excellent program, managed by caring people. This makes all the difference to the residents.

Review №50

From the moment I entered the building I felt genuine hospitality. The people on the team at Inspired Living at Lewisville are true professionals and will make you feel right at home.

Review №51

Incredible staff and beautiful environment!

Review №52

Service is terrible. Must push help button 3 or 4 times before someone comes. Thank God it was not an emergency.

Review №53

Great community they have thought of every detail.

Review №54

Great community, food is restaurant quality and great food variety

Review №55

Beautiful community that cares about it’s residents!

Review №56

Professional kind providers.

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