Childrens Lighthouse Keller - Woodland Springs
11845 Alta Vista Rd, Keller, TX 76248, United States

Review №1

Childrens Lighthouse Keller - Woodland Springs was the third daycare for our son and we will never go anywhere else! The staff is very friendly and the place runs like a well oiled machine all the time. They also have a very detailed curriculum for all age groups and our son even said this morning I love going to day care!. We could not be happier. I would highly encourage you to consider them!

Review №2

Every educator demonstrates how much they care for all the children. Our son loves his teachers and his classmates.

Review №3

I have been bringing both my girls here since 6 weeks, so 3 years we have been going here. They treat my kids like their own!! My oldest comes home talking about the their teachers and how much fun she is have at School. I can tell they have great curriculum because a lot of what she learns is from her amazing teachers. If you are going to put your kids in daycare- take them to children’s lighthouse!! You can not go wrong!! Everyone is AMAZING! Even the front of house staff!!

Review №4

As everyone knows, daycare can be a trying topic. Trying to juggle life as it happens, while providing for your children while still making sure they are taken care of by good people can be very challenging indeed! I am happy to say that on that second front that I have found a good place in Children’s Lighthouse.I understand the difficulties of caring for multiple children a day, and that takes a special sort of person to handle all the stresses and responsibilities of helping raise 18 kids at one time! The teachers that my daughter has had are absolutely WONDERFUL! They truly have a heart for the children, and that is rare to find. They have the support of the daycare behind them, and they work so hard everyday to make sure everyone is cared for and looked after. I will gladly send my kids here til they age out!

Review №5

Weve been coming to CL for almost a year and we absolutely love it. My two kids love coming to school every day and its really reassuring to hear all of the teachers, not just their own, address them by name and watch them interact with our children. Both of our kids have learned so much in the last year, I cant wait to see what else is ahead of them! Also--Admin staff, wonderful ladies. Feels like youre chatting with longtime friends when dropping off and picking up the kids. Were so grateful for everyone here for loving on our kiddos while we work, the peace of mind we have about who is care for our kids is of the utmost importance and we feel so reassured here!

Review №6

I highly recommend Childrens Lighthouse at Woodland Springs to anyone looking for a secure, clean and friendly atmosphere for their children. They take classroom sanitation seriously and communicate very well to parents. I also love they partner with dance and soccer companies to offer on-site classes. They have an awesome summer calendar full of activities and field trips, my daughter is always excited when summer comes around!

Review №7

The new director that just started is amazing !! They have a mostly new front staff that are so sweet and helpful. Always welcoming everyone with smiles and knowing each child by name.Daughter loves her teachers and staff, nothing but good stories when she comes home.Love that there are two live feed cameras in each classroom, (up to two people can have access ) , the tadpoles app is great, gives us daily reports of what she did , ate, napped and how often she went potty lol.It saves all the info in the app so you can go back and see how they have grown . Also they have music class once a month , dance class , soccer toys!!The teachers are so great ! Love this school .

Review №8

I would recommend Childrens Lighthouse to anyone! We do not have any family in Texas, and when it was time for me to go back to work once Skye was three months old, I really worried about sending her to daycare. We toured numerous facilities, and both myself and my husband immediately got a good feeling when we stepped into Childrens Lighthouse - Woodland Springs. Despite other daycares being closer to our home, we felt right at home at the Woodland Springs location. We could tell right away that she was in amazing hands, as Skye lights up when she sees her caregivers. Every staff member I come across when dropping her off is beyond professional and caring. They have become our family away from home!

Review №9

Our daughter has been enrolled for 3 years at CL in Woodland Springs. She is excited to go to school everyday. The staff and teachers are so nice and caring and you can tell they really love what they do. It can be hard to leave your child in the care of others but we know our daughter is in good hands here.

Review №10

Literally, when I pick my 4 year old up in the evening, he runs to me and tells me that he had the best day ever and he loves his school! This school has been amazing, to say the least! The teachers and admin are all so welcoming every day! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Review №11

My kids started going to Children’s Lighthouse Woodland Springs two years ago. We love it so much!! You will not find a better place for you kids! The staff and teachers are always friendly and helpful. The holiday events are always so much fun. I could go on and on about how great a facility this is for your children!

Review №12

We love Childrens Lighthouse and the teachers!!   My child has been very happy there.

Review №13

Great facility, caring and friendly staff. We have been sending our two kids there for over a year now. The communication from staff and management is excellent. I would highly recommend you use this location for your childrens daycare needs.

Review №14

The children’s lighthouse is a very warm and welcoming environment for kids. The director and her staff go above and beyond to make sure that my kids feel as though this is their home away from home. It is a loving and nurturing environment, and we are so blessed that our son is going to school here!

Review №15

My son has been attending Childrens lighthouse since he was 3 months old and over the years they have been doing a great job. He still likes going there and enjoys the other kids and the staff as well. The staff has been good anytime I ask for anything. I would recommend.

Review №16

Our kiddo goes to daycare hear and the staff are friendly, they keep you informed. Our child is younger than a year old and we are able to check in on him through their video app periodically and when we sign him out we receive a complete report of what he did that day. The report includes diaper changes along with the times, amount they were fed and what they ate along with the times they ate and activities. It’s hard to find anything close to affordable and trustworthy for young childcare but this place is both! Thanks y’all!

Review №17

I was so worried about getting my kids into daycare, this being the first time I had to go back to a full-time job. But I couldn’t be happier with children’s lighthouse! My daughter is 2 and LOVES her teachers ( miss Hannah and miss Raquel) and going to “school”. Being able to access the cameras in the class rooms has brought me so much relief, seeing how happy the kiddos are in the class.

Review №18

My daughter has been attending Childrens Lighthouse for 2 years and we absolutely love it!! All of the staff are so inviting and personal. Brandy Woods is my daughters current morning teacher and she is amazing. She is a great teacher and always has the classroom peaceful and not chaotic. I love that she treats the children as toddlers and does not baby them. She is a great part of Childrens Lighthouse and we love her!!

Review №19

Educational services are well established, my daughter has been developing her speech, and learning good manners. Also she is getting better at potty training!Update! It has been a little over a year since my daughter has been here and it just keeps getting better, we are truly happy to be part of the Children’s lighthouse family, thank you for caring for my little one❤️

Review №20

I can say enough how much I appreciate everyone here at Children’s lighthouse. My family has been going there for 11years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They are the most caring people, and have taken care of my kids like they were their own. Who could ask for a better experience.

Review №21

I am really happy with Childrens Lighthouse on Alta Vista. We moved my four year old from another daycare because we felt she wasnt learning. Since her move she loves going to school and we can tell shes learning. The staff in the front are very sweet and always say to everyone plus Ms. Mag is an awesome teacher.

Review №22

We love Childrens Lighthouse! Our kids enjoy going to school there. It is amazing to see what they come home learning. The teachers and staff are friendly and welcoming. You know you have found the right place to leave your child when they come home talking about how much they love their teachers!

Review №23

We have had a wonderful experience with Childrens Lighthouse. My son has done very well there. One time he had a teacher I didnt much care for, but she was soon replaced and we LOVE his new teacher! My daughter eventually had to leave the school due to her special needs, but her teachers and the administrative staff and director tried everything they possibly could to help us and were wonderful & supportive.

Review №24

My son has been going here since July and i love how everyone takes the time to say hi and treat his as their own. He loves everyone there.

Review №25

By far the only place in the area I would allow to take of my children. They offer a challenging curriculum and treat my children like they would want someone to treat their own. The staff is amazing. The manager Alyse ensures that your children are not only taken care but she creates a safe and fun environment for your kids to grow and learn! Could not give a high recommendation for child care!!!!

Review №26

My family loves Childrens Lighthouse. The teachers are very caring, the curriculum is fantastic and the facility is very clean. My daughter loves her teachers and is happy to go to daycare everyday. My experience with her previous daycare was that she was getting sick at least once a month, at Childrens Lighthouse she went over a year without getting sick. I know this is due to the priority they put on hand washing and cleaning.

Review №27

We’ve been bringing our boys here for nearly 7 years and I am still happy with the experiences that they provide for our children.

Review №28

Our daughter has been going to Childrens Lighthouse since she was 6 weeks old....she is nearing 8 now. I rave about Lighthouse to all my friend, recommending them for anyone in search of child care. They helped to build a wonderful foundation for her as she prepared for Kindergarten and I think that has made all the difference to this point. Shes had so many great teachers over the years, including Ms. Jan, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Molly, and so many others. Shes loved them all, as have we. Thank you for all that you do!!

Review №29

Our family loves Lighthouse! Theyre always caring, attentive, and theres always an open line of communication. Our son has loved his first year at school, and he hasnt met a teacher he doesnt like. We are beyond impressed with attention our little guy gets along with all of his classmates, and the quality of learning theyre given. We will continue to attend with our growing family and promote Lighthouse Alta Vista to our friends and family.

Review №30

Both my son and daughter have been raised here at Childrens Lighthouse. We have been with them for over 6 years. The admin team of Ms. Shawna, Ms. Sarah, Ms. Alyse, and Ms. Jessie are fantastic. I know they really care about my babies and both my kids loved going here. While my daughter is too old to go any longer, Ms. Sarah is still her favorite teacher ever! We also especially have loved teachers Miss Emily and my sons teacher now- Miss Molly and Miss Kaitlyn. Just appreciate them and all they do!

Review №31

We have loved Childrens Lighthouse Alta Vista. I was nervous taking him to a corporate daycare, but it has been the absolute best. The staff are friendly and our son comes home learning something new everyday. I would definitely recommend this facility.

Review №32

My two kids, 7 and 1 attend Childrens Lighthouse on Alta Vista. Miss. Molley is my sons teacher and he really does enjoy being in her class after school. The daycare is always having fun events year round for the kids. Summer is filled with an activity throughout the week. All of the teachers are there for the kids and enjoy what they do. Kids love the food that is prepared for them. I feel that both of my kids are very safe being in this daycare and knowing that they are just a click away makes me feel better. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a daycare.

Review №33

My son Bennett has attended Childrens Lighthouse on Alta Vista for almost 2 years. He has learned so much and loves going to school. I love being able to check on him during the day via the web cam. His teacher Mrs. Brandy is amazing and truly cares for the children in her class. Highly recommend!

Review №34

My daughter absolutely loves it at Childrens Lighthouse. Ms. Brandy Woods and Ms. Jennifer are great with her and always take extra time if shes having a bad day. I love that I can check in on her any time I want. She really seems to be thriving there. My husband and I could not be happier with the entire staff and experience at CL.

Review №35

My daughter has attended for 2 years now and we love Childrens Lighthouse. The staff is amazing, friendly, and best of all my daughter WANTS to go to school just so she can come to day care after school😊

Review №36

Childrens Lighthouse is an awesome place for kids!! My son has been going since he was 10 weeks old and it has been an amazing journey to watch. He has learned and grown so much. The activities, technology, and extra curricular things offered add to the learning as well!

Review №37

Being in the child care industry I’ve seen heard and learned a lot of things and if you are not welcomed coming into the door RUN FOREST RUN. I had an interview at this place at 9 am and as with any place punctuality is always good. I arrived early enough845 to allow myself time to fill out any necessary paperwork. The director didn’t acknowledge that I was there and that she would be with me shortly NOTHING I sat there for 25 mins past 9 for a total of 40 mins before she decided to tell me she was waiting on me lol what a joke. Needless to say I left... PARENTS if visitors are treated with attention imagine how your children are treated🤔

Review №38

My son Luke is 2, this was his first time going to daycare, and I was so worried. But his teachers are so patient and amazing! He has learned so much, he comes home and he will sing songs and just amaze me. The front desk staff are so helpful and seem to recognize everyone! I definitely recommend this place for any first time moms who have to work, and everyone else. ALSO the live streaming video that you can view from your phone is such an awesome perk, that allows me to work stress free.

Review №39

Five years ago my husband and I toured a few daycares in the area but decided on Childrens Lighthouse Alta Vista and were so glad we did. Both our girls, ages 4 and 8, LOVE it! Theyve learned so much and have made so many friends. They have great teachers and fun learning activities. Summers are a blast! Our girls look forward to the field trips and activities every year. We are so happy to have found this daycare. It definitely has been a blessing to our family.

Review №40

My oldest daughter who is now 5 has been going to Childrens Lighthouse on Alta Vista since she was 3 months old and my youngest who is now 3 has been going since she was 4 months old. We have loved all the teachers and staff at the learning center. They really educate and do fun activities with the kids. They are also very supportive of the community. My oldest attends the after school activities now. My youngest is still there in Room 6 and really growing. We love her teachers Shardae and Stephanie. Ms. Stephanie is very good at drop off to take her and cuddle her. And I love that Ms. Shardae always lets me know at pick up time how my youngest daughters day was. I would highly recommend this center.

Review №41

We have loved Childrens Lighthouse for the past 3 years! My some loves going to school and has many friends.

Review №42

I took my son out of this daycare after he had been there a month in the toddler class. I witnessed one of the teachers yelling at the children to stay on their cots after they had woken up for their naps as well as hip check a toddler down because he was in her way. They also have these half round tables for eating and activities that the children cannot get out of. I counted on video a total of 4 hours a day these poor babies were forced to be sitting at these tables doing nothing or sleeping. By law daycares are supposed to provide another area and activity for children to do after they wake up from their naps, not yell and force them to stay on their cots. I also think they shove way too many kids in there to make more money. It was a little hell for my child. I reported them to the state.

Review №43

Childrens Lighthouse on Alta Vista is a fantastic place! They care for children in a safe, clean, friendly and loving enviroment. Stephanie and Shardae and Leslie take amazing care of my little one. Thank you for all you do to maintain a safe place for our little blessings in life!!

Review №44

Ive had both my children here for years. The staff is like family and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for child care!!!

Review №45

My son has attended Childrens Lighthouse since he was 8 weeks old. We initially interviewed several daycare centers, and were most impressed with Childrens Lighthouse. My son is now 2 1/2 and I am constantly amazed at how much he has already learned. I am also pleased with the additional programs Childrens Lighthouse makes available to the kids... such as PCKidz, Soccer Blast and gymnastics. They also bring in other special guests / treats for the kids. They are actively involved with the community as well. I have always felt comfortable knowing my son is under the best care at Childrens Lighthouse. The teachers have always been attentive and understanding. Thank you!!

Review №46

The curriculum is in line with the elementary schools. I truly believe that our son was ahead of other school age kids because of what he learned at Childrens Lighthouse before starting public school.

Review №47

We had to pull both our children out of this facility after both our children were mistreated by teaching staff. Our 4 year old was physically injured intentionally by a staff member. State authorities were contacted. My child even named the staff member but nothing was done and the facility tried to turn it around and claim my husband probably did it. We sent our children there for over 4 years. The quality of care has diminished tremendously the last couple of years since they did away with the Abeka program. Staff turnover and management turn over has become extremely high. We will NEVER recommend this Childrens Lighthouse to anyone!

Review №48

My 3 year old and 8 year old daughters have attended Childrens Lighthouse since this past March. They absolutely love the school and this makes me a very happy Mom. :) My 8 year old has always not liked attending after school care. She has always complained each and everyday Ive dropped her off at daycare until we started at Lighthouse. My 3 year old was very shy and timid at her old school, but Im glad to say that after a couple months she warmed right up to her teachers and new friends at Lighthouse. This school is very well managed and it shows within the office staff, teachers and the children. I would definitely recommend this school to friends and relatives.Shakina H. - Keller, TX

Review №49

I have worked for the state for many years in child welfare, I have seen the worst in daycares, hospitals, etc. I can assure you Childrens Lighthouse of Altavista was the best of all. Now that I have a son and needed for him to be in daycare the only daycare I could think of was Lighthouse of Altavista. I can monitor my baby all day, the teachers love my son, he learned to walk and talk in here.It gives me peace of mind knowing that every time I drop my son off he is happy to stay with them and when we pick him up he even wants to stay a little longer and play with his classmates.Highly recommend this place.

Review №50

Awesome place. My son learned a lot when he went here.

Review №51

Gamer this is epic it is very nice

Review №52

Very happy with the staff and the policies.

Review №53

Great leadership!

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