U Spas Foot Massage
12907 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077, United States

Review โ„–1

Been coming here for quite a while but they quit doing the foot reflexology massage๐Ÿฆถ๐Ÿฆถ that was my favorite thing cuz my feet are a lot of pain. Wish they would bring it back because I miss it. ๐Ÿ˜ž

Review โ„–2

Iโ€™m going to be completely honest the only good massage person here goes by the name of Cherry! She knows exactly how to make you feel through this massage. Throughout our experience we have been there many times. It has always been Cherry and Jennifer for us. But as of lately it looks like Jennifer no longer works there. So the only one that is still good there is Cherry. If you go by yourself make sure you choose CherryIโ€™m going to be completely honest the only good massage person here goes by the name of Cherry! She knows exactly how to make you feel through this massage. Throughout our experience we have been there many times. It has always been Cherry and Jennifer for us. But as of lately it looks like Jennifer no longer works there. So the only one that is still good there is Cherry. If you go by yourself make sure you choose CherryAnd if you like hard massages you should probably go with yo-yo. Everyone else is no good

Review โ„–3

Gotta go back... Feet love this place...

Review โ„–4

Even if you not enjoy the massage, the tip is requiring, and itโ€™s not clean by the way

Review โ„–5

Great massage at right price

Review โ„–6

I paid for a 90 minute massage. What I got was 75 minutes at best while the masseuse walked in and out as well as doing a table shower. I understand that the table shower is something they include in their package, but, if I am paying for a set time of a massage, I would hope that I would be massaged for that time period and not scrubbed with a warm towel.The massage itself was sub-par and felt more like aggressive rubbing almost to the point that I can equate it to trying to rub in thick sunscreen that just wont fully rub in. It was not very enjoyable.The best part was at the end being told I need to tip more. I thought tipping was earned based off of the quality of the service provided? She had the audacity to explain how much is expected to tip per service and told me my original tip was not acceptable.Will not be going back. I recommend you find another place.

Review โ„–7

Iโ€™ve been to so many massage places in my life. This is the best one Iโ€™ve ever had. Nice environment and reasonable prices. I definitely would recommend this place to friends and families.

Review โ„–8

Very good place, it is cheap and very good massage. I recommend this place. There are 2 or 3 old ladies who do not know how to do a massage.

Review โ„–9

I have been going to U Spa for several years and have always received first class service. Especially, Ada, who gives super deep Thai massage. Ada will give you same professional massage deep tissue massage I get in Bangkok here in Houston. She is the Best. Thank you U Spa.Regards,Bob

Review โ„–10

Creepy. Dirty. Super Rude Demaded tip after.. body massage was extremely uncomfortable..I felt violated after the whole thing.. NO AIR CONDITIONING !!! smells gross. Rip off. $50 with the 10 dollar tip that was not earned, but demanded!! She was very close to my privates. And kept exposing me by lifting the towel. Wish i got up and walked out.. never again!!! ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ

Review โ„–11

Great calm environment, the lady that massaged me was awsome and I feel 10 times better

Review โ„–12

Been 2 times, had ask who lady was saw first time she showed up along with 3 more I picked her out the group. Cherry was great but scared to touch the manhood. yes and I tipped her well see what happens next trip.

Review โ„–13

Best massage place Iโ€™ve ever been to. I canโ€™t recommend this place enough! Btw you HAVE to try the table shower at the end of the massage yes itโ€™s a bit awkward at first but you feel so good after.

Review โ„–14

Always a very professional atmosphere. I have been going here for about 5 years now and has never been let down

Review โ„–15

I was very disappointed with my massage. They never asked me if I had any medical problems, what areas I wanted massaged, what areas I didnt want massaged, etc. Essentially, you get the massage they want to give you and dont bother at all with what you want. In my case, I think the masseuse spent about 30 minutes (of a 60 minute massage) working on my arms and hands. It got to be so monotonous I requested that she stop working on my arms and start working on my legs. The masseuse told me that she would switch to my legs in a couple of minutes! So much for customer service.I also found the massage room to be stuffy and mentioned that I was too warm multiple times. Despite mentioning this, the massage therapist didnt try to turn the thermostat down or ease up on the excessive draping.In the massage room, they had a loud, ticking clock which I found very annoying. The only time I didnt notice the clock ticking was when I was distracted by the noise of people talking. About 45 minutes into the massage, I happened to see that the door to the massage room had been left slightly ajar. When I asked the masseuse to please shut the door, she refused saying she had to leave it open! Anyone could have easily pushed the door open and grabbed my wallet. Plus, it is not very relaxing to keep hearing people talking right outside the door.U Spa obviously doesnt care about its customers privacy or comfort. I think the masseuse even aggravated a wrist injury of mine. Oh, and she wanted a tip when it was all over!

Review โ„–16

Lady had an attitude when she saw me. Then quoted me $30 for a foot massage but another reviewer said they were charged $20.

Review โ„–17

Good place for real massage. Nice staff, very fair price for service.

Review โ„–18

This is a great place for a good massage! I have never been let down by the service, even after 20 or so visits.

Review โ„–19

This place is sick. A lot of perversion. My wife asked to keep on her underwear and the lady practically ripped them off of her.

Review โ„–20

I know the sta fe and they do well. Beds could be better. I never go for the shower and have a few extra minutes of massage instead

Review โ„–21

Best place to relax your muscle. The techs are nice. Love the service

Review โ„–22

Cheap massage and open late. What not to love right? Wrong. Used to get ok massages for the money after long day of work. But Lately, it has consistently been awful. Any decent providers that gave a hoot no longer work there. Last few times I was there: No enthusiasm, No knowledge of musculature, no consistent tempo or pressure even after asking, draping is terrible, no smile, and always complain and hassle for more tip though massage sucked and I tip well above average. In other words, dont expect anything more than half hearted, unpleasant Chinese women pretend to give a massage and fail. Never going there again

Review โ„–23

Good place to relax. Good price , clean , nice staff .

Review โ„–24

The women dont know how to massage and they try to massage you in awkward way and massage is not good and even 40$ is waste for their massage. Not going back and the management has changed they used to give happy ending and now they dont ..

Review โ„–25

Good price.... 19.99 foot massage

Review โ„–26

Tired of men trying to massage me...get away from me.

Review โ„–27

This is worst place to can go what waste of money an time I get 4 hand massage 60 mins they cheap me with clock also she didnt know what she was doing she was confuse both women were talking during section and the end I give her $10 she ask for $20 lol I learned my lesson never going back :(((((((((((((((

Review โ„–28

Great massage, especially for that price!

Review โ„–29

Great massage! Best

Review โ„–30

Clean, skilled priced well.

Review โ„–31

I got rip off they cheat me with my service... I could say more but I left this right here... will not recommend them to anyone

Review โ„–32

This place is no good... go see for your self... haha

Review โ„–33

Great massage!

Review โ„–34

Amazing service!!!

Review โ„–35

Always amazing

Review โ„–36

Fun park

Review โ„–37

They are a rip off their sign said 20 for a hour then when you get in its 40 then when you are done they dammed 20 more stay away if I could give it zero stars I would

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Review โ„–39

Ask for Maggie

Review โ„–40

No words ... what a great job you do here, thank you

Review โ„–41

Very good massage

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  • Address:12907 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077, United States
  • Phone:+1 832-781-8211
  • Massage therapist
  • Massage spa
Working hours
  • Monday:9amโ€“10pm
  • Tuesday:9amโ€“10pm
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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