New Thai Massage
803 S Texas 6 ste b, Houston, TX 77079, United States
Review №1

Me and my husband both went here for our birthdays he enjoyed a Thai massage and I enjoyed a Deep Tissue Massage and my Masseuse really got deep into every inch of my body from head to toe I was so relaxed & relieved after

Review №2

I typically get a Thai Massage once a month and Id been going to a great spa in River Oaks. Recently I moved to the West side and decided to try New Thai Massage as it was located less than 2 miles from my home.The experience was awesome. The therapist really took the time to listen to what I like and dont like during a massage. She also did a great job adjusting the pressure and checking with me periodically to make sure I was happy with the service. The price is very competitive for 60 minute session.Overall I was very happy and have nothing negative to share. Ill definitely be back next month!MLB

Review №3

Hands down one of the best massage places Ive gone too. I hate the stretching at other places but this place makes the stretches less painful for me and I feel great afterwards. massages are too good to be true as well, actually putting me to sleep lol. keep up the good work New Thai Massage

Review №4

I went to this place because the usual Thai place I go to was fully booked so decided to give this place a try because it had good reviews. I was very disappointed. The lady barely put any pressure at all and just kept putting oil on my body. I needed a good massage cuz my whole body was sore especially my shoulder but she didn’t even touch my shoulder. Not sure if I could even call this a massage as she put no pressure and barely even touched my skin. Will not be going back. Will stick to my usual place.

Review №5

Great first time Thai massage experience! Place was clean and service is great. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great massage. They stretch you well, which I definitely needed. Great way to release your stress held in your muscles. Would definitely visit here again. Thanks to my husband for this great gift of a Thai massage.

Review №6

Very nice place. But you have to call before else they won’t have staff to take care of you .

Review №7

Monday was my husband and I first time ever getting massages and we would highly recommend this place. The staff was super friendly and gentle..

Review №8

As always these ladies know how to get the knots out. I have am injured leg and they always manage to help with the scar tissue and release the tension in my hamstrings.

Review №9

First time experiencing a Thai Stretch and Ive noticed I am getting a lot more from my runs and exercises as a result. Its like I tapped into some parts of my muscle groups I didnt know existed.

Review №10

They know how to step on you :)))

Review №11

Great and friendly staff, great massage.

Review №12

Good massage. Having little problem when they are walking on me. Gets to painful. The place is clean and quiet.

Review №13

Iris do very good massage. Knowledge.

Review №14

If you are looking for a great massage, look no further than New Thai Massage. Clean and quiet but parking is a bit limited. Patty gave me my massage yesterday and she was fabulous. She paid special attention to my problem areas (shoulder and sciatic nerve) and stretched me like I have never been stretched before. I feel great today and I would go back everyday if I could. I hesitate giving a 5 star rating because that will only make it more difficult to schedule Patty. She is excellent.

Review №15

I felt like I was a cat scratcher, came out with scratches all over my arms after my massage

Review №16

I get massages all over the country. Some are awesome some are not. This was definitely one of the greatest massages Ive ever had. She found spots that needed massaging that I didnt even know I had. Thank you very much

Review №17

One of the best places i been too recomend sports massage i feel great already thank you real clean enviorment👍🏻

Review №18

This was one of the Most amazing Massages Ive ever had and Ive had alot of Expensive ones.From Walking on my back to Hot stones she took her time and even went pass the Time a little and it was worth EVERY PENNY AND SECOND.HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!

Review №19

Pure bliss. We are always amazed at how much better we feel after sessions here. Annie, Jennie (apologies if I got the names incorrect, but I think those are two ladies that we request), and the other therapists can work with whatever level of pressure youre looking for. No joke, they do work, and it is simply a perfect combination of intense and calm. We love it here, wonderful people who know their craft.

Review №20

Great ! Products smelled good and was worth every penny. I recommend that if you a smaller dnt get stepped on

Review №21

I had Lisa on 3/26/2016 for 90 min. She did a very good job. My body was very tight and tense before I saw her and she was able to get my whole body loose and relaxed. She applied the right amount of pressure on my muscles and tendons. She was very detailed applying foot pressure on my back and my legs. The foot massage was very good and it didnt even tickle. Also the hot towels and the stones she applied was just the right temperature she applied to the right areas. I highly recommend new Thai massage.

Review №22

Tried something new and it was such a great experience. Definitely have to mentally prepare yourself that its not going to be your typical massage. You will be stretched and pulled. But it was an amazing feeling when I was done.

Review №23

Just had my first massage at New Thai Massage, and I could not be happier with the quality. I’ve had some bad massages, and it’s so nice to find a strong, experienced masseuse. I highly recommend Jenny. Very skilled. Deliberately gentle and firm when necessary. I’ll be back!

Review №24

I got two really great Thai massages here. The ladies are very skilled and Thai massage involves stretches you dont get with other massage styles as well as walking on your back and the use of toes and heels. If youve never experienced that before, you really should and this place is really good.

Review №25

New Thai Massage is a rare find. It is clean, quiet, and more.Although I have only been there once, I found Iris to be a very good massage therapist.Her English is good and she knows how to listen. As a result, she is able to follow instructions and requests very well.So, she is not only a very good therapist, she is a pleasant person as well.I will be back.

Review №26

I love Thai massage but I was very disappointed today. Thought I would feel more relaxed but I actually feel more stressed after my massage. I had read such good reviews and was looking to a better service than I got. I dont like when the masseuse excuses themselves for 3-5 minutes and still end your massage in exactly an hour. What happen to my time when you left the room???

Review №27

I visited tom this place with back pains and neck pains I had a hour session and walked out the door feeling much much much better. She took her time with the massage and afterwards gave me a awesome body stretch now days I need to stretch more I found me a new place for massages.

Review №28

I had my first message there this weekend. I opted for a 2 hour message. The first hour was focus on deep tissue work. The second hour a different masseuse came in to focus on stretching me out. By far the best message I ever have had. I had shoulder pain walking in and within a day afterwards it feels great. I will definitely be making a monthly visit here.

Review №29

Amazing, just amazing. I went there because I had a lower back pain after a long trip that was just killing me. The level of experience and professionalism was refreshing. It has been a few hours only since the session and I am already feeling much better.

Review №30

Had one of the best Thai Combo massages here I ever had. Iris does a wonderful job, walks on the back, Deep Tissue massage with not too much oil and very good stretching. You do get the option for either massage oil or lotion, highly recommended, you will not be disappointed. A very professional massage!

Review №31

I went there for the fourth time and had Mae as a masseuse. She is very good as she checks what you need and customize the massage to your request. It is not too hard, not too soft, just right. I recommend it if you need a good relaxing moment.

Review №32

Amazing experience! Been coming since they open and haven’t been disappointed yet. Iris is my favorite very skilled and Nina is great as well!

Review №33

Lisa was wonderful. She was very attentive ans professional. She used hot stones and applied the right amount of pressure where needed. She worked on the knots and helped me feel less tension in my next/shoulders. Will definitely return!

Review №34

Iris is amazing. I came for a prenatal massage and it was very relaxing. I came for my post natal massage as well and she knew exactly how to treat all my aches and pains keeping in mind that I had a c-section as well. Hands down the best massage therapist ever!

Review №35

Massage was great and I would definitely recommend this place. My only complaint is that I booked online to an open spot and planned my night around the booked time only to be called and told that time didn’t work and I would have to come now if I wanted my massage. I had to leave work in a rush to make it. I guess you can’t trust the openings shown on the website.

Review №36

Really good experience at this place.Jenny was so helpful,she made a wonderful job. I recommend this place ,they doing a good job

Review №37

The massage quality is quite consistently high from one masseuse to the other. Their technique involves a lot of stretches which I like. They always have openings available on short notice. The price is mid-range and considering the service it is worth it.

Review №38

I highly recommend this place! Cathy was AMAZING!! Service is great they got me in right away no waiting. I live in Westchase and I will continue to drive out to Katy just for my Thai Massage!

Review №39

Great massage, nice clean and relaxing premises. A real treat very close to home. I always go for the combination, for a mix of Thai, Swedish and hit stones. Highly recommended.

Review №40

Great Thai massage

Review №41

I have been coming to New Thai Massage for the past 4 years I can say they give the best deep tissue massages. The staff is very professional and pleasant. You will enjoy your experience.

Review №42

Always a great experience. The ladies here are professional and work hard. Its near my home, so I will DEFINITELY return!

Review №43

Service is excellent, they took away all of my knots that Ive been getting from stress. This place is a must go when you need to relax and unwind. Best Thai message that Ive gotten so far.

Review №44

The deep tissue was great. She worked out the knots in my shoulder blades caused by pinch nerve. Ive tried other places for deep tissue, nothing compares.

Review №45

Been coming here for years and have never left unsatisfied. Great massages from everyone that works here. Favorite place by far!!

Review №46

Excellent visit at New Thai Massage, pinched nerve has my upper body very tight and achy, the massage was great! My entire body very relaxed, I recommend deep tissue at this location.Thank you, will be back!

Review №47

Writing from hubbys account: went in for a prenatal massage with iris on a friends recommendation and really loved it! She was professional, courteous and very thorough. Definitely going back to her.

Review №48

Excellent service. Good pressure. Very relaxing. They always do more than 1hr even though they charge just the hour.

Review №49

This was my first massage experience and it was the best!!! I will absolutely be back! I feel like Im floating on a cloud thanks to Una. Definitely recommend for anyone, the staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №50

Happen to be in the area; very happy they except walk-ins. Nina was great. Wish I lived closer.

Review №51

Message was great. Exactly what I needed. She did a great job hitting all pressure points. Very relaxing. I will definitely return.

Review №52

Amazing massage, it was quite soothing. My stiff neck and lower back pain has reduced significantly after my visit today!! I will definitely visit this place again

Review №53

This is the best massage therapy place around! The therapists do a great job and Emie is very professional, courteous, and makes sure that she addresses the problems area without ignoring less problematic areas during each visit. I highly recommend her if she is available.

Review №54

This is the worst place to go too. I asked specifically to please adress cetyian adress and Paty dif it her way. I told her I been every week yo a thai masage a d she still didny do what I asked and now Im gonna pay for 90mjn that this Payt completely wasted my money ..Please dont come see Paty .

Review №55

New Thai Massage is the best massage Ive had throughout all years of massage. Beautiful place, extremely comfortable and reasonable prices for terrific massage. May is great!

Review №56

Its best massage I ever had! Her name is Cathy, she gaved me the best massage in my life! Ill certainly come back again!Thank you Cathy!

Review №57

This place is amazing. My husband and I did the 60 minute massage. They worked on my stress knots very well. They are very attentative to body language and are great at determining what needed more work. I will definetly be coming back.

Review №58

Ive going to New Thai Massage for just over a year now. Great place always clean and on time. Nice people.

Review №59

Excellent service, I love it. I was looking for a massage place close where I live, this place is great. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for high pressure massage. Thank you, May.

Review №60

Very relaxing and very thorough massage. Just what you need if youre tense and hurting.

Review №61

I have been coming to new Tai message for months, i always book my appt with pati, she is amazing and professional . I do weight training 2-3 times a week , my body is always tight, she does a great job to make my body relaxed and recover. I have been to other places for deep tissue message and stretching, I think this is my best place to go. Highly recommend pati.

Review №62

This is actually the best massage I have gotten in Houston ever! I love the fact they stay open late as well. Jenny was awesome! Will most definitely go back again. I love love the deep tissue, I went in there with soooo many knots on my shoulders and back and for thefirst time in the many years I have being getting massages she worked to get rid of them, unlike others who would feel the knots and keep it moving. Love her! I felt so good when she was done!

Review №63

Best massage EVER... was here visiting from Dallas and just say I would travel monthly to come get a massage.

Review №64

I have been to some other places but this is the best. Going there regularly, my last visit was with Penny and this was her first day at this location but she was the best giving all the scratches

Review №65

I have been going here almost weekly for the past 6 months. Very professional atmosphere in which all of the Therapists are very attentive. If youre have a specific area of discomfort or chronic back pain I strongly recommend seeing Emi.

Review №66

Its very clean and beautiful here! Very relaxing and professional! Affordable too! My new place!

Review №67

My shoulder were in pain ... And it was my first time trying it the massage here with Iris. She was very good and experienced and the place was very clean. Strongly recommended.

Review №68

The only consistent deep tissue massage I have found in Houston, great staff, give them a try

Review №69

The entire staff is courteous. My masseuse has always been very professional and she’s asked where my pain or discomfort is and focused on those areas.

Review №70

Best Thai Massage EVER!! Ive been to many different different places, brand name and all, but New Thai Massage has been the only place to relieve my pain within just one session!

Review №71

Great thai combination massage. Simple but professional place.

Review №72

Very relaxing. If you want deep tissue I recommended the place.

Review №73

Very professional service. Excellent massage

Review №74

Iris is amazing! The stretches and working out the knots and tension was very beneficial!

Review №75

Very nice people and doing good warm massage awesome I will reference to my friends thanks

Review №76

I love the ambiance of this place. They are very thorough and know exactly how to get the pain out. Very good experience.

Review №77

This is an excellent place to get a massage. If you have tightness in you limbs, this is the place to be. Ask for Emie. She is wonderful and patience massagist.

Review №78

Very professional and strong

Review №79

Im not exactly sure why this place has so many 5 star reviews unless they just set me up with one of the worst massage therapists there. (kay)I do not recommend this place if you want a decent massage. For one, the rooms were cold and they dont even have decent sheets on the massage beds. They use a towel that covers only a small portion of your body so you struggle to get comfortable while being exposed. I decided to go for a combination massage because the hot stones sounded very therapeutic. At no point during this massage did I feel like I actually got a massage. For the first 15 min, she walked on me which was extremely painful and had to tell her to stop, for the next portion she stretched me, then lathered my body with lotion (yes lathered, not massaged) and then she drew on my body with a hot stone. (again no massage) I wasnt asked about the pressure I wished to receive, any areas of discomfort, nor did I feel like she was very professional at all. I will not be going back.

Review №80

Service is excellent, you will feel brand new when you walk out here.

Review №81

The therapist was wonderful! The deep tissue massage (Thai massage) was excellent!

Review №82

Great place for a Hot stone massage . Wonderful lobby with coffee and tea as well

Review №83

Very nice establishment. Friendly employees. Very good massage.

Review №84

Good massage. I would recommend for everyone

Review №85

It was good cathy. she was very good clean and nice place

Review №86

Great service, very professional. Inside is very relaxing, I recommend it!

Review №87

Great massage.

Review №88

Most fantastic and wonderful massage I have ever had. Felt likeA million bucks afterwards thanks to Kung

Review №89

Wonderful place...the service is really top notch!

Review №90

Very pleasant experience feel 100% bettet

Review №91

Awesome places. Will go again :)

Review №92

They are a very professional and attentive to focusing on problematic areas. Always a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Review №93

Great people, great hospitality , will come again.

Review №94

Average massage for an average price.

Review №95

Very goodTake their timeVery thorough

Review №96

Best massage ever!

Review №97

Excellent. Clean and therapeutic. Professional place.

Review №98

Wonderful massage. Will return.

Review №99

Nice and clean place, very professional. We have been coming this place for a very long time.

Review №100

Gave me life again !!!

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