Great Hands Massage
12345 Bellaire Blvd #11, Houston, TX 77072, United States
Great Hands Massage

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It was awesome…I tried many places..other places might look nice and decorated well…but this place has professional people that gave you a REAL REAL REAL message… 100% satisfaction

Review №2

I went because of all the raging reviews….The whole hr foot massage, I couldn’t relax because I was in so much pain from the masseuse…and the masseuse told me he knew I was in pain but he kept going as hard as he could even though I told him it was hurting me and he said it’ll get better my next visit. Who knows! Not a relaxing experience at all. Could be different for others! Ill recommend this place to others because of the reasonable prices. But i wont be going back.

Review №3

This place never lets me down with great prices. The therapists are always strong and ask about your comfort. Clean and comfortable environment. Been going for years now

Review №4

Got a good spa with very good pressure almost to the limits you can sustain. Enjoyed it. Will definitely recommend to visit if someone is interested for a good pressure massage

Review №5

Best Foot Massage in Houston. Cant beat the quality. Always consistently good.

Review №6

I had an amazing foot massage today. The technique was very good and the strength level was excellent.I highly recommend the 1 hour foot massage.I havent had a foot massage like this since I was in Thailand. Not only do they massage your feet but they do shoulders, arms and back as part of the service.Thank you! Thank you!

Review №7

Nice and rough, of course it doesnt have to be if you prefer softer. Unbelievable value.

Review №8

I like how to massage me even if the massuer only knows two English words....soft or!

Review №9

My family and I came here last night and we were extremely disappointed. We use to come here all the time a few years ago before we moved to Cypress. It was my birthday and my parents wanted to get a nice massage, so we went here due to prior experience of it being really good. I dont know why they changed the way the massage, but now its SO painful. We got the foot massage and it wasnt even a massage at all. They kept applying extreme pressure on the pressure points and it was TOO MUCH.. it was extremely uncomfortable. The masseuse kept asking if I was okay but he wasnt changing how he was massaging. I expected rubs but instead it felt like I was getting a painful acupuncture. We wanted to give a local place that we loved our business, but no more. They were nice and all but their technique is a NO for me.

Review №10

Good massage. All men’s do strong massage

Review №11

Highly recommended for this place! I been coming in here for few years . They are awesome!

Review №12

Came here for a massage 30/30 feet and body. Only to be charged for a full body for $40 because they didnt have the foot serviceAfter I said multiple times of what I wanted.. she told me I could add it for $10 extra. No thanks. After my massage I proceeded to leave out and since I had already paid, I felt confident to walk out of the door. NOOOOOPPPPEEE. I was chased down by the lady who gave the massage to be asked for a tip. I explained to her that they already received an extra $10 from me because of a foot massage they didnt have. I told her to split that extra $10. She acted as if she didnt understand me until she gave up and shooed me away. Beware.

Review №13

We have been going for years. Deep tissue massage and great value with ESL staff and receptionist. Call ahead for appointment during busy times. Nice and relaxing. Learn softer in Cantonese ;)

Review №14

They charge $30 now as of this review. $10 increased from 2020 precovid.

Review №15

The best place

Review №16

Great seafood. Great service.

Review №17

Let them know your pressure level and you should be fine. If this is your first foot massage then just make sure you are aware of that.

Review №18

Great place for massage, very friendly staff,professional clean place

Review №19

For the foot massage ($20) you get an entire body massage for 1 hour! The massage quality is more like a deep tissue massage rather than a swedish massage but its great! They seat you in a lazy boy recliner, soak your feet while working on your upper body, then perform reflexology on your feet. After that, they set the recliner back and give you a back and neck massage.

Review №20

Came here before covid and glad they’re still open. Great deal. Simple. Clean. Open. Should be called strong hands. Even though I’m not concerned, their COVID protocols seem more than adequate. Lots of hand washing. Lots of new towels. Workers spraying their pants, shoes and shirts after each client. Working from home has flared my shoulder and back pain, so need to come back weekly and will be coming back weekly.

Review №21

The best hands down and on!!!!

Review №22

Bad management currently.

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Review №24

The guys do good job. I like this place 👍

Review №25

Their website they have for this place says they have hot stone and also realize the name is totally different than what it is when you arrive there. The massage person does not know what light pressure means my massage is very rough the whole hour. I hate to keep telling someone light light the only benefit I got from the roughness was my back got popped. If you like deep tissue like massages then this is the place for you thats the only thing they offer do not be misled by the website

Review №26

The staff are pretty straightforward and quick with little interaction, so of you dont speak Mandarin, its ok. The massage professionals are all men and check in regularly with you if you are satisfied and comfortable with the level of pressure used. The massage was good. They offer a pretty standard Chinese style trigger point massage for feet and full body. I left feeling more relaxed. I also took my wife and mom; we all enjoyed our hour-long full body and foot massage.The smell of some kind of smoke is strong (whether it is cigarette our something else, Im not sure, but I wanted to let people who have smoke sensitivities be aware). The whole common room lighting was a bit bright. I would go back: $25 bucks isnt bad, but if I find a better place, I would say Im loyal to this one.

Review №27

Place was all right, but the massage was excellent! One hour full body massage for only $40. Good deal👍

Review №28

Great service and good price

Review №29

Amazing deep tissue reflexology from trained and knowledgeable therapists! Wished I had found this place sooner. Only $20 for 1 hour with other add-ons, or additional combo services for great prices! Very clean and spacious, mostly quiet - my new go-to for a Chinese Massage.

Review №30

This is an all male foot massage, no female masseuse. The massage is done on a lounge chair in a big room. If youre looking for a deep tissue massage, they are very good. The receptionist is in same room so its a bit noisy when she takes calls, etc.

Review №31

Very Clean and Personalize Service ♥️

Review №32

Like the massage

Review №33

Five stars for the value of their service. It is a lit, open space, with ~12 LazyBoy recliners. The practitioners are immigrant asian men. You enter into a Spartan waiting area to check in & sit down. Real simple layout. Brightly lit. No budget for Massage Envy-like atmosphere, here. But my athletic Asian friend insisted to look past the Spartan accommodations & give it a chance.They specialize in deep tissue reflexology chair massage. What does that mean? If you read Dara Torres autobiography, the Olympic swimmer who competed intentionally at age 41, she shares her extensive use of deep tissue massage. Im on a budget, this is my way to mimic pro athlete recovery.I have found most chair reflexology shops on Belliare Blvd shy away from aggressive deep tissue technique some people dislike slight pain & discomfort ( especially first timers! ) when aggressive pressure is used on the feet. The payoff of deep tissue technique is that warm euphoria that radiates from your body & feet for about an hour after you are finished. If you are an athlete or on your feet for work ( shout out to TMC nurses & CNAs ) this is worth the experience. Oh yeah, pick up a boba smoothie ( half sugar, please ! ) from any of the dozens of shops along Belliare Blvd.This place has been discovered, you need to call & make a reservation. Please tip, $10-20, for this valuable service. Wear a loose tank top & shorts for best experience. Peace.

Review №34

10 years+ still amazing place to go toGreat service and best pricing!

Review №35

You cant beat their prices or massages although not fancy, they do a great chair massage for the price. Most of their customers are regulars. Be sure to call for an appointment first

Review №36

Really good job at deep tissue massage.

Review №37

My mom and I visited this place on recommendation of a friend. My mom love deep tissue massage, massage with strong hands. we came on saturday morning, around 10:30am, and got seated right away, eventhough no appointment. We got foot massage for 1 hour, they started us by soak our feet in tea warm water. The guy started work on my head, then arm, and concentrade on foot, then flipped over and did a back massage. Very thorough and strong . my mom satisfied and Im happy. With $20 /hr cant beat That.

Review №38

I lost cash! I definitely walked in with $80 in cash and between the massage chair and the cashier, I lost the cash. Maybe I dropped it when I counted the tip in the chair or maybe it disappeared while I was face down in the chair. Either way, the manager said nothing to me, the masseuse walked away and pretended he didnt know me. The massage was good, and I gave a good tip, but I have a bitter taste having lost my money.

Review №39

$20 for an hour of full body massage is a pretty good deal.You are fully clothed so make sure to wear thin and comfortable clothing.

Review №40

Love this place! The best massage ever!

Review №41

I always come here, Ive tried all the other foot massages on bellaire, but this one by far is the best!! highly recommend!

Review №42

I love the feeling I have when I leave this place, and I dont know if its because I cheated someone by leaving feeling so good and all for $20/hr+tips. Amazing!

Review №43

Not fancy at all but they are very good

Review №44

This is that place you tend to overlook because you underestimated it. I was impressed by their work. A whole hour that was worth every single penny and I gave a hefty tip because I dont see how they do all that work for just 20 bucks and just maybe, its because they lack private rooms. Just one open room where people are sitted and majic happens.

Review №45

It smells a lil weird....But the best massage I ever had! Hands down! I bought giftcards for my s/o to go also.

Review №46

Awesome Recliner Massage for $

Review №47

Called asked them for a full body massage they said it was $20 when we got there she said $40. My husband went ahead and did it. We got to the private room and it smelled so bad. The Cigarette smell was so not relaxing. Massage was not worth it. She ripped us off never going back. Very bad experience the lady in the front was so rude!!! Left bruses on my husbands back he said it hurts more than what he came in for smh!!!

Review №48

Loved it definitely coming back! Chewp price and the relaxation you get! Aaaahhhh!

Review №49

For 20 bucks you get a foot massage and body,,ohh yea,,Im good with that all day

Review №50

Awesome massage. I recomend it.

Review №51

Amazing every time.

Review №52

Very bad place for massage very rude Chinese people .totally new staff .not even know how to speak English .totally dissatisfied .very disappointed

Review №53

I like it , for a $20 you get a full body massage in a room contains around 20 massage chairs , the massaseurs are professional

Review №54

Quiet, professional and excellent value.

Review №55

Fantastic place to just come and unwind.

Review №56

I Enjoy the hand massage it was good for the money

Review №57

Best massage in town for $20.

Review №58

I feel so relieved everyone.

Review №59

Great, but dont tell anyone..sssh

Review №60

Nice place and well organized.

Review №61

Best place for foot and body massage

Review №62

Best chinese massage in Houston.

Review №63

Excellent massage.

Review №64

Best Foot Massage in HOUSTON!!

Review №65

Cheap with better quality

Review №66

Great massage and very very reasonable.

Review №67

Been going there for years

Review №68

Dont recall

Review №69


Review №70

Good massages

Review №71

Very ruff

Review №72

Great place.

Review №73

Great massage

Review №74

Love it

Review №75

Great service

Review №76

When the lady is up at the front, the masseuse are focused. When it’s managed by a guy, they’re not focused.I went in to get a massage with the girl and the two masseuses were talking to each other which was unprofessional. The massage was more like a rub and it wasn’t a good experience

Review №77

Very good service, and incredible prices.

Review №78

Excellent I recommend them are the best

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:12345 Bellaire Blvd #11, Houston, TX 77072, United States
  • Phone:+1 281-561-7899
  • Massage therapist
  • Aromatherapy service
  • Reflexologist
  • Sports massage therapist
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–10pm
  • Tuesday:10am–10pm
  • Wednesday:10am–10pm
  • Thursday:10am–10pm
  • Friday:10am–10pm
  • Saturday:10am–10pm
  • Sunday:10am–10pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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