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2990 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098, United States
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I’d probably give Ernesto 6 stars. I’ve had the privilege to work with several gifted massage therapists over my years of competing at a high level in sports. Great body work is mandatory to remain functional and competitive—able to train consistently, persistently. Ernesto is in the gifted category, 110%. The results from Nationals in July, a week after my first (and urgent) visit to Ernesto (Deep Tissue Massage Houston). Highest recommendation.

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A lifetime of skiing, rock climbing, competitive equestrian sports, etc. have left me with bad shoulders and multiple joint replacements. Ernesto is a miracle worker. I’ve been booking regular sessions with him for many years and his expertise in massage therapy has kept me active, limber, and pain free. My sister has also had great therapeutic results and relief from sciatic nerve pain after treatment from Ernesto.

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Ive been getting massages from Ernesto for over 18yrs. He is a gifted healer. The level of expertise and skill he has mastered to target problem areas and bring about lasting relief and results is truly his gift. His deep tissue is his specialty, not a touchy-feely kind of massage, its a lot of work and he delivers healing to every ache and muscle knot you could possibly have. He is extremely intuitive and seems to always know exactly the spot that is traumatized and needs relief. 5 stars!!!

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Ernesto has been my massage therapist for over five years. Before meeting Ernesto’s healing hands I suffered major sciatica issues. It was to the point my Doctor was recommending other specialist. I am beyond thankful for listening to a friend for the recommendation. Will say his massages are very intuitive and working towards healing. I’m no longer in constant pain thanks to Ernesto!

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Ive been to Ernesto multiple times and Im never disappointed. If you enjoy a deep tissue massage with someone who knows what hes doing, call Ernesto. Hes AMAZING!!!

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Ernesto adds great pressure for those dealing with pain

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Justin Turner has a very unique talent in treating injuries ranging from vehicle wrecks to sports injuries as well as past injuries. He assesses his patients by asking a series of questions before the hands on assessment. His technique is extremely helpful and beneficial for each trigger point releasing pain and tension. I was in my 11th car accident and I am extremely thankful for randomly finding Mr. Turner on a Google review search. My range of motion in my neck was very limited. He was able to help relieve the pain and tension from the current wreck as well as the past wrecks. I would highly recommend this type of therapy to anyone who suffers from old injuries and especially whiplash. Justin has helped me tremendously with having a bit of relief where I can actually enjoy life activities 🙂. Thank you very much Mr. Turner!

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Very great for someone in pain

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Justin is very knowledgeable and does a fantastic job!

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