A Thai Massage
12015 Perry Rd, Houston, TX 77070, United States

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Came here because of neck and shoulder pain from working in front my computer. Excellent traditional Thai massage, got the kinks out. The environment is clean, tidy and harmonious. The staff is courteous and professional. I would recommend this place to my friends and others

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Really good therapists here. Good professional Thai massage. Anna is really good. If you have injuries or pain issues like me, this place will help a lot.

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It was our first time getting a Thai massage and they did amazing! We had Pam and Anna. We loved it! Will definitely be back

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Our long time go to for a great massage that never disappoints!

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Ive had a lot of massage but this one was incredibly good. At first she didnt give me a feeling that she knows what shes doing. However, her techniques were very good, very professional and knowledgeable. Poor English but no worries, good enough to communicate.Hidden gem in North Houston tbh, reasonable price, great service. 10/10

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My first massage and OMG!!! I literally felt years younger! 💯💪🏾

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Ive traveled all over the world, and I enjoy massages at every location that I arrive. I have the great pleasure to say, this place is the real deal!The establishment is clean, and the massage therapist is incredibly knowledgeable, and they take their time to work into your muscles.Its a blessing to have this establishment near my house, and they are taking your body temperature before entering.

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Nothing feels better after a deep tissue massage than a relaxing steam session.Been here a few times, and have always had a good experience. I like a massage with lots of pressure, and Mint does this, very well. She also adds stretching and bending for an overall relaxing experience. Once done, a robe and slippers are provided and you can sit in the steam sauna, as long as youd like.

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I had a horrible migraine and they helped me relax during the postdrome part. A sore finger that for over a year I couldnt bend correctly and has been in extreme pain. . . Its now fixed. Ive been to some wonderful doctors and chiropractors that havent been able to fix this thumb! Im so pleased. Remember always drinks lots of water after your massage and even consider a detox bath to help draw out all the toxins that are released after an intense massage.

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This was a great massage. Included walking on back, stretching, some hot get it all. Highly recommend!!

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Best people here love coming here least once month

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Very clean facilities and a very nice massage. The steam shower afterwards was something new and very nice. I had the oily feeling I’m usually left with after a massage.

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I have been suffering from tight ligaments, tendons and muscles for 5 years due to a period of being sedentary while I was in school, working full time and participating in a high performance program. I sat a lot! I’ve tried physical therapy, exercise and other massages. Once I started seeing Lena at A Thai Massage I started to get my flexibility back and feel less pain. It’s been a process and sometimes it’s painful but it’s a necessary evil to get to the other side. I’m very impressed with the skill of Lena and the other therapists. Their English is very broken but they are good at finding the troubled spots all on their own. The massage is a combination of therapeutic, deep tissue, stretching and decompression ending with an optional private steam shower. Which excellent for detoxing. Highly recommend.

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I go here all the time. You have never had a massage until you have had a Thai massage. I have had about 4 different people work on me and all of them are skilled. The prices are right and after your massage, you will get a private and complimentary steam room and shower. I highly recommend Thai massage. Enjoy!

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I just had the best body massage ever! Donna did it so well. Plus the sauna shower totally made me relax. Definitely gonna come back with my mom next time!

Review №16

Best place around. I would suggest asking for Nancy if youve been there and havent received a good massage, she can do no wrong. One reviewer said all they care about is money but that has not been my experience. The steam shower is awesome as well. I would pay daily just to use it.

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Very good massage at a reasonable price. Finished with a sauna and a shower. The lady does not speak alot of English but she knew how to make the knots and tension go away. Not a happy ending type of place. Will definitely be returning.

Review №19

Closest thing to getting a tune up from The Creator him/herself! The statement, I feel like a new man. is exactly how I feel.

Review №20

I definitely enjoyed my massage here. I showed up without an appointment and got a very good massage from Kim. It was deeper than I am used to, but effective.

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Very nice massage, Kimberly was very good and would adjust the pressure as I would request. Very clean place

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Wonderful establishment! Ive been coming here for years, to relax, to move better, and to feel better! Clean facility, polite and skilled massage therapists, relaxing environment.

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Very clean and professional place. Massage therapist was very well rounded and just the right amount of pressure. The free steam room and shower was also amazing!!!

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Clean professional accommodating. The Thai massage was simply amazing.

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This was my first time getting a Thai massage. This will be the only place I go to now. Walked out feeling great! Definitely recommend.

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This place was absolutely amazing. I came in from Dallas looking for a nice local massage place for my messed up back and I found a place that gave me the best massage Ive ever had thank you Miss Lena would definitely recommend.

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THE massage!!! I come here only for holidays, this will be a must visit every time I come back. Incredible massage standing on top of you... feels great!

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Good relaxing massage. Highly recommend

Review №29

Excellent Thai massage. You will enjoy the experience and results from the massage.Recommend Donna, she is very professional and able to target your sore areas with great success.

Review №30

If looking for deep tissue with great stretching then this is the best place and the steam shower is awesome! Been going here for two years and they do a great job if you are looking for this type massage.If looking for a foo foo massage then this place is probably not for you!

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Had one of the best massages Ive ever had here just now. Great prices and they know what theyre doing. Wonderful Steam shower

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Hands down, best massage ever. I was so relaxed afterwards. The steam shower was a perfect way to finish. Would give more stars if available. 10/10 for sure.

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Im a Construction Worker who has worked in most parts of this country, and I understand how difficult it is to find a place thats Clean, has a Friendly Atmosphere, with Knowledgeable and Professional Personnel. This Place has it ALL! And the “Always Free (and never seen before) Complimentary Steam Bath/Shower afterwards makes this place, “A Thai Massage The Very Best Ive been to!

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Omg! I love it! Best message, steem room and shower afterwards! 💯👏🏽🤝🏽😁

Review №35

Really professional and they have knowledge about the massage

Review №36

Lila did an excellent massage. I feel awesome.

Review №37

Ive had massages all my adult life and all over the world. This place is one of the best Ive ever had.

Review №38

Great place very experiencedGreat Steam spa with your services!!!!

Review №39

Very relaxing Americanized Thai massage -- part oily deep tissue followed by stretch/compression. Topped offed by a steam bath. Nice.

Review №40

This place is a ripped-off! I told the therapist about my sore shoulders and she did a deep tissue massage and I ended with a painful sore shoulders! I tried to get in touch with the manager or the owner. I left a message on their voice mail and I received a message from a woman who mentioned that she is the manager and did not gave her name. When I inquired about the managers name, nobody wants to provide the information! All these people care about is money and not providing good service!

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Like another reviewer said, Im so glad I found this place... I find thai yoga massage to be a much more holistic and healing approach than a typical Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. I have terrible pain in my low back, and this has been a God-send.Note that if its your first time, you need to tell them if you want them to walk on you. My first time they just pressed on me, and when I asked if she could walk on me the next time she said of course, I just didnt want to scare you the first time. So just be aware of that, if thats what youre hoping for.This probably isnt for everyone. But I recommend trying it to see if it works for you - personally I will never pay for a traditional massage again.

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This is an amazing place. We use the couples room all the time.

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The BEST massage ever!!!! Ask for Lena, you wont be disappointed.

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Very professional and thorough.

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Great place! They have sauna and shower. Very clean.

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If you are looking for a deep tissue massage - this is your place.

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1st time customer, my therapist was Mint- she was very concerned about my comfort and alleviating my pre-existing neck/shoulder pain. After a thorough session not only was I feeling great the lower back pain that I just learned to deal with was gone!!! Needless to say I this is my new go to spot....The only negative was I was quoted one price over the phone and charged a different one at checkout and no one advised me of the service price beforehand, kinda took me by surprise but I was satisfied with the service so no big deal ❤️

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9/21/2014. First time to get a Thai massage. I liked it, though there was a bit of a languag barrier. Its not your typical deep-tissue, Swedish style massage, so dont go in with that expectation. Expect to be walked on, twisted, stretched, and massaged. They only do one-hour appointments at this time, but were very accomodating to a walk-in appt. The lady who worked on me was Pad, and she did a great job.

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Hands the best Thai massage in Houston. All the therapists are from Thailand.

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My massage, complimentary stream and shower was life changing!

Review №52

Dident care for it or her

Review №53

Wonderful massage and steam

Review №54

Detalles massage and great service

Review №55

I am healed! Great service

Review №56

Im feeling like a drowsy puddy mess!

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I work outside a lot, these ladies give me a good deep & rough massage to take care of most my bodily injury pains :)

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Very good and professional

Review №59

Very good

Review №60

This was like going to the doctors office

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Great massage for the money

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Good massage

Review №63

Good place

Review №64

This was Exelent

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Very good attention you leave very well relaxed

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