Massage Envy
190 Meyerland Plaza, Houston, TX 77096, United States
Review №1

Very mediocre massage that’s why I gave it 3 stars. Wish I knew the exact masseuse name. She was very lazy in her practice. Basically she uses her forearm and lays on you and holds the position. That’s not massaging. Also each “lay hold” is like a minute in length so she’s literally killing the actual massage time. Massages should be active. Not just laying on an area.

Review №2

I had a great massage with Phoebe on August 10,2021. However, after my 6pm appointment there was miscommunication with the staff member while checking out. Instead of charging my gift card, my personal card was charged. The next day, August 11,2021 I went back to the store with my receipt and gift card to rectify this error. The manager, Julie was not present and when I finally did get her to call me she said that I was too late and needed to let them know the night of. This is unethical and very inconvenient that I have to go through unnecessary measures to have the correct form of payment for my service. The manager’s solution was to just spend more money the next time. This is not the solution. It was a for-profit suggestion and my issue is not resolved. Franchises need to be accountable for not operating in good faith.

Review №3

My previous spa visits have involved massages only. On this occasion, I decided to include a facial which turned out to be a great decision. Bree was an absolute professional and delicately went about the facial treatment. The result of which was apparent with the revived look and feel of my face. I also had a relaxing massage from another therapist there. I liked the convenience of the electronic sign-in process and the cleanliness of the facility.

Review №4

We were 5 minutes late. Victoria was on the phone when we arrived, never acknowledged us, kept us waiting another 5 minutes. Then said my daughter had to update paperwork BEFORE her massage, Victoria wouldn’t let her fill out after massage. She was curt, rude seem anti Semitic. We asked for manager, no one available. We walked out. We made appt at Silver Lake Pearland next day. No paperwork to fill out, very pleasant and friendly. Meyerland always seems to be negative and unpleasant!

Review №5

The manager Julie is RUDE, Disrespectful and has no idea how to resolve issues. I joined months ago, my experience has been hit n miss at 3 different locations with massages. That’s not so much the issue, what is an issue is being treated like I’m being punished and controlled by someone half my age that has no ability to manage situations in her line of business. Julie did not send me the cancellation email promised the week prior, I called and reminded her on 8/26, Julie was bothered by having to send the email, she wrote down the wrong email address even though it’s in there system, telling me to load up my disabled-Wheelchair bound sister and drive to Meyerland in the evening after I get off work to get the ppw she now refused to send via email because I brought it to her attention she made a mistake & just to correct it so we can move on. Nope, she refused, and told me if I was going to be a problem in the Meyerland location she would just call the police then hung up the phone. Meyerland what should have been simply done via email. Lol 10 minutes later finally sent the email correctly, after all that was so unnecessary and time I’ll never get back. Massage Envy being a franchise makes it difficult to ensure quality in all aspects, I’m afraid this is a location I would definitely steer clear unless of course your ok wasting your money. Also be aware they have you sign a 1 year contract if your not paying attention your responsibility is for a year unless you jump through a whole bunch of hoops like move out of state where there are no locations near you, having to provide proof of the move and a utility bill of some kind as verification you’ve reeaallly moved. So lesson learned for me. I will continue to go elsewhere for my massages and maybe give 1 time gifts until my membership runs out.

Review №6

This was my first time & I will say, it was great ! I made my appointment over the phone & everything was set up & ready when I walked in. The massage session was so relaxing. I will start coming more often.

Review №7

They charged my AmExp card for services rendered in December and shouldnt have! Still in process of being resolved!!!

Review №8

First time there, a little sore for couple of days I was tensed.

Review №9

I have been a member for years. Phoebe and Dennis are the absolute best therapist. If I cant get in to see them, I just wait until I can. They usually have great availability, so I dont have to wait long. All of the therapists are excellent, but these two therapists are my favorit . They listen to you and do the the same type of massage each time, unless your health needs change.

Review №10

I signed up at this location and have been a member for over 2 years. I have always gotten great service from helpful employees and their massages have always been excellent!I rarely write reviews online because I generally dont pay attention to them myself. In fact, most people only write reviews when they are unhappy. When we get good service, its what we expect. Take that into account when you read reviews online.

Review №11

I love going here not just for the massages I get but the facials as well. Both have helped me tremendously health wise.

Review №12

Barbara, Nora, and Betty (Hongxia) have been my go-to people based on what sort of a massage I need. Nora is great at the general massage, Betty does a wonderful job bringing in her knowledge to improve the massage, and Barbara is the best for deep muscle and other complicated massages.As a whole, Massage Envy was indispensable before and after my father passed away. Im really glad I was able to visit like I could, and I am very thankful for all the good service during such a hard time.

Review №13

My Father head a back and neck pain So I took him to a massage at this location, He told me that the massager did not massage in just pet him even that he told her were the pain is, The massage did not worked for him because of this horrible massager, today (a day after the massage) i checked my bank account and i saw a charge of 75$ even though they told me that the first time is 55$ when i schedule the appointment, my father didnt left a tip because he didnt feel that she deserved it, so i supposed to be charge for a 55$, but when i called today they told me that the first time is 65$ and the tip was 10$, i asked my father again if he left a tip and he told me that he didnt!!! someone thought that he is smart and he can add the tip and no one will see it!!! horrible place dont go there!!!!

Review №14

I had such a positive experience at massage envy. I would really love to see in the future the ability to control the music in the room.

Review №15

Cheryl! OMGoodness what a great massage! My home location is River Oaks but I needed a massage and the only time slot I could get for my schedule was in Meyerland with Cheryl. What a gem! Ive gotten regular massage for about 20 years (in different states) and Cheryls is among the best. Its truly as though she has healing hands. Im taking my husband to see her next! Thanks, Cheryl!

Review №16

These people are very very unprofessional I will not recommend this place to anyone. I wanted a facial done a few months ago.. I was in the area so I went in there to check it out. The young lady took my card information and set an appointment for the next day. On the day I call when I was on my way a young man told me that I dont have an appointment with them. since they already had my card information I decided to go over there still. the young lady with a smile on her face told me that they dont have an appointment for that name. check my card and see these people charge $55 on my card. I dont have an appoint but you charge my card. this is Robbery not business. please be aware of this place.if that s how you all intend to make business proper it will never work. god is watching

Review №17

This is a unprofessional business. Please do not support. They stole money off a gift card. Asked to check the amount and they took the money off the card. Bad business. Please do not support. Also this is the Message Evnvy with inappropriate behavior. Be aware!!!!!!!! You are not safe.The manger should be fired.

Review №18

Set an appt because I have multiple unused massages. Confirmed when I was making my appointment and I had a total of 8 saved. Came for my appointment, got the massage, and when checking out they were attempting to charge me $55 because my account was suspended. If there was an issue with my account why would you not mention it when I set the appointment or prior to my massage? Im clearly not gonna pay an additional $55 when I have $500+ worth of unused credits. I have been highly disappointed w/ massage envys business in general lately which I attempted to book at a different location but at this point I am hoping to quickly use up my remaining credits and close the account.

Review №19

Setup an appointment a couple weeks ago and it was wonderful. I decided to join the program, cant wait for the next visits. ❤️❤️❤️

Review №20

Love the newly remodeled location! So glad they are now doing facials! Roselyn did a great job and was very knowledgeable about products ! I highly recommend this place!

Review №21

Barbara is the BEST!! Helped eliminate my back ache. She asked all the right questions and got right to the problem. Walked out of there feeling Amazing!!!

Review №22

Dnise was amazing my back feels great but Im going back like next week😂😂 this will become a biweekly thing!!

Review №23

Best experience so far! I had Sheryl for two 1 hr sessions for cranial and reflexology. She was so professional and a damn good therapist. Ive had about 100 massages from professionals over my life and this is the first time I couldnt remeber my name or walk straight as I was leaving. LOL. Ill definitely go back for Sheryl!

Review №24

I have been going to Cheryl for years and she is an amazing, talented and very professional massage therapist!

Review №25

I was treated to massage envy for my birthday by my mother I am very sad to say it was the worst experience I have ever gotten, the tech seem to only rub cream on me I had to keep telling her to massage a little bit harder she said she didnt speak English. When my mother reached out to the manager Duke she got the run around his business must not be important enough to see how his workers do when he is not there she have called every day since I went with no call back I bet if the payment wouldnt have gone through she would have gotten a call back I am very disappointed because my mom was trying to surprise me and help me enjoy my day

Review №26

Izzy is a fantastic for deep tissue massage. I would rate him 5 stars. The front desk staff is not helpful & typically rude. They also rarely answer the phone. Terrible customer service, zero stars for them.

Review №27

Getting much better. BARBARA Always good

Review №28

A great place to get a massage therapist

Review №29

Great massage,and atmosphere. Serene and quiet, for relaxation. Alex was the best, therapist!

Review №30

Totally incompetent staff...dont go to this location if you want good experience. Find anywhere else to go. Dont waste your time!!!!!

Review №31

All of the women do an amazing job here! This is by far my favorite location.

Review №32

I bought gift cards for me and my sister in April. I asked for 2 one hour seeions and I also paid for for my sister to have hot stones with her massage. When I get there today the cashier charged me $5.00 more for the massages. She said the price went up in September. I tried to explain to her that I bought the card after the price change. The price change was last year. I bought the card this year. She was not trying to address my concern. I asked for the manager. She smiled with a smerk and said the she was the manager. He name was Danira . The Meyerland location. I paid because we wnted our massages. When I was done with the massage her only cocern was did I leave a gratuity. I noticed that the people that where leaving while I was filling out paper work were asked about how they enjoyed their service and what the therapist recommed for them in the future. My nor my sister was asked. Customer Service was HORRIBLE! I will never spend my money there EVER again!

Review №33

No its not as helpful as other places

Review №34

After doing some shopping, come on in & take a load off @ Massage Envy!

Review №35

Stayed on the phone for an hour waiting for someone to answer - in the middle of the work day. The automated voice message said that I was the first person in the queue.

Review №36

Terrible customer service. The manager of the location was very unhelpful.

Review №37

This is from a few years ago but I am still fuming the way I was treated in this place. I would never go back.

Review №38

Awesome every time I go!!

Review №39

It was a great massage ,it was a gift

Review №40

Great customer service

Review №41

Excellent massages.

Review №42

Not professional or consistent

Review №43

Poor service!

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:No
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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