Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa
5213 Kelvin Dr, Houston, TX 77005, United States

Review №1

This location does a great job! I’ve been a few times and always have the same high level of service. Highly recommend!

Review №2

I had a great experience here. I had a sports related injury and needed a deep tissue massage. The atmosphere was very relaxing and Liz did an excellent job. Really stretched my muscle out and I left feeling great. Thank You!

Review №3

When i got there the place super nice, smelled nice, and it felt really cozy. I felt very comfortable immediately. I was greeted by Arielle at the door is also very sweet and helped me out. My masseuse was Rebecca who did a spectacular job. Loved my session with her. Will be going again soon.

Review №4

Great experience the moment I walked in. The staff was very friendly and made the check in process very smooth. The atmosphere made me feel very comfortable while waiting for my appointment (I arrived early). Massage was great and I felt so much better afterward. Emery was very attentive and really made my back and shoulders feel great.

Review №5

Dermal infusion facial with Jamie was superbly executed, relaxing, and effective! She recommended a great product that I’m loving. My medium pressure massage with Emory was also very therapeutic. Would recommend both. I’ve been using Hand and Stone for about a year now and just switched to this location at Rice Village. I used to go to Webster with aesthetician Natalie and masseuse Daniel. They were both excellent too!

Review №6

Chrystal was great for a facial! My skin feels brand new!

Review №7

I love this place! I come to get a massage and facial monthly!

Review №8

I’ve been coming to this location for years. So personal & very pleasant. Clean, serene environment.

Review №9

Great service, Nick was Awesome left feeling relaxed and refreshed Highly recommend.

Review №10

Great experience overall; the actual facial almost put me to sleep, the tech (LaLa) was knowledgeable and professional and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Their products are effective and affordable. I would definitely recommend. ✨🖤

Review №11

I always have the best massages and facials here. Krystal and Liz are my go-to’s! Professional and kind.

Review №12

Had a wonderful experience at this location! The staff was friendly and informative. I received a facial and a massage and felt refreshed and relaxed after my services. Krystal was my esthetician and she left my face feeling soft and cleaner than I have ever felt my skin before. Liz was my massage therapist and the hot stone massage I received was divine. I can’t wait to go back for more services.

Review №13

Worst experience, i paid $110 for a full facial and light therapy but the lady only did my nose and made the rest of my face start breaking out, plus it was really painful. I went so i could get my face cleaned of white and black heads on my forehead nd beside my nose and eyebrows, and I came out really un satisfied and will never go there again. WASTE OF MONEY! $110AND NO IT DOES NOT PERTAIN TO ANOTHER SPA! CHECK YOUR RECORDS AGAIN, I WAS THERE SATURDAY AT 6 PM !!

Review №14

The check in process was easy. Everyone was friendly. The facility was clean and everyone was wearing masks. I was supposed to receive an elevation and asked what I would like. My therapist asked what elevation I wanted before he started. As we were ending the session I asked about the elevation where he replied I forgot. Ive definitely had better experiences here before. This one not so much.

Review №15

Evelyn was very welcoming and was very informative and helpful with the sign in process. She was very professional and friendly. Megan did a great job as well. I was very comfortable with her and had a great experience overall.

Review №16

Masseur: I tried three masseurs, deep tissue. Two gave me more of Swedish massage and one gave me the closest to deep tissue. They lather up sooo much oil! Overall, mediocre quality massage. Three times wasn’t the charm and I cancelled the membership. I do not believe they have a high standard for quality massage, definitely falls behind some other places I have been.Room: carpet floor. Gross. Room has fans, maybe they need to turn down the AC so that masseur and masseuse are more comfortable.Sheets: old and thin. They need to invest in quality linen, I thought I was in some third world country.Massage gratuity: perhaps post a pretty sign with some suggestions for how much to tip. I overheard one lady giving $7 tip. That’s unacceptable.Cost: they charge $10 extra for deep tissue. That was my first time ever being charged extra.Upon cancelling, manager called to confirm. When I shared my story about the quality, there was not much an apology but rather a denial. She advised to try a particular masseuse next time.I’m confused how this place has such a high ratings.

Review №17

Was expecting hot stones to be placed and left on my back for a period of time they no longer do that the massage therapist glides it around using her hand the therapist that gave me my massage did not seem to have very much experience

Review №18

The therapist cut One hour facial massage to 50 minutes .

Review №19

Everything was so clean and the staff was very helpful and professional! Everyone was wearing masks and taking all necessary precautions to make sure everyone was safe and comfortable. 10/10 for me . Absolutely a wonderful experience.

Review №20

The staff at the front desk were professional and helped me choose the perfect massage for my first time. The masseuse made me feel very comfortable as well. I’ve already recommended to a few friends and will be back again. Thank you Melayva again!!!!

Review №21

I had my facial with Natalya and she was amazing!! She knows what she is talking about when it comes to face products!! you can really tell she is passionate when it comes to her job, I explained to her my concerns and she was a big help!!! I highly recommend to book with Natalya!!

Review №22

Spent the day in Rice Village and its really growing on me. You have an amazing staff and services.

Review №23

My first visit was amazing and Liz was too. My 2nd visit not so much. I got a membership and booked a hour massage. I am a business professional and was running behind so I decided to make a call in. They said no problem. I arrive check in massage was good to go. After I noticed the time seemed early and that’s because it was. I was very confused. I proceeded to check out. I asked the receptionist what am I charged for today she explains I got the express massage so I said ok. Then I asked was that what I booked or is that apart of the membership. She says you booked an hour but you got the express it’s cheaper. I’m still confused like ok. i still give a tip but I had to ask. Is the express massage automatically go into effect if you are late. She says yes because they have other people. And trust me I hate being late and I know I was but I wish it was explained to me on the phone when I expressed I would be 10 mins behind. It wasn’t even explained when I did my check in. Communication was not clear. This really put a bad taste in my mouth about my membership especially because if I didn’t ask the receptionist anything, I probably would’ve been charged the hour massage fee for an express. Again why wasn’t I told this upfront. And lastly when I told the young lady there was no clear communication, there wasn’t even an attempt for an apology.

Review №24

I came in for a deep tissue massage and Corynn was wonderful. Everything was great and exactly what I needed. Definitely will be coming back!

Review №25

Office staff was friendly, clean, organized atmosphere... Massage consisted of nonstop elbowing on my back... it was more like an elbow rub-down... and it was painful after a while too... not interested in returning, not even for free.

Review №26

I highly recommend Jamie for your next facial. Their CBD massage is pretty great as well.

Review №27

Very peaceful massages. I almost fell asleep!

Review №28

Had an amazing experience here. Everyone was very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. If I could give this place more stars I would. 10/10 in my book

Review №29

I love this place, very clean and soothing. Front desk people are very informative and super polite, therapists and esthetician’s really knows there stuff, getting the membership was a must and I’m so glad I did it, would recommend their very rewarding membership program🧡🧡🧡🧡

Review №30

Highly recommend massages with Emory and facials with Lala.

Review №31

Had an amazing experience here. The young lady in the front desk Heidi was an excellent help and super friendly will be coming back!

Review №32

This facility is top notch and easy to get to. Very clean and professionally run facility. I highly recommend them, especially the massage therapist Tony, who is incredible.

Review №33

Helps out so much with pricing and explaining their specials to help you save as much as possible , such helpful staff and professionalism . Thank you again !

Review №34

The staff was nice and it was clean. I specifically came in before my service day. I wanted to assure my massage table was warm before my massage. Because I am cold natured.. Sadly, both me and my guest had cold tables. The room was cold as well. The same staff was there, I gave prior instructions. Massage therapist stated, he was unaware of my request and apologized . Also, it was too much oil used during massage. I will not be returning.

Review №35

Great massage experience and really liked the staff. They were very flexible with my packages during the lockdown.

Review №36

Great experience. The whole staff was incredibly friendly. They provided me a lot of information before so I felt comfortable coming even with COVID precautions. Shanna did a great job on my intro massage. I would definitely recommend.

Review №37

Previously left a very harsh review of H&S here. After speaking with the manager, I truly believe that the issue was simply poor communication. While I do believe that could have been handled better, I am here to say that I am extremely pleased at how the manager has handled and resolved my issues. Thank you, Emily. I hope to have this type of favorable interaction with your establishment going forward. I appreciate the time and attention.

Review №38

I wax my face more than once the last time the esthetician knowing that my skin was coming off, she continued until she finished and the put antiseptic on my face, now I have the dark scars on both side of my cheeks. My mistake to have given them a second opportunity changing the esthetician, she burnt with a peeling, didnt clean my face thoroughly and was burning when I got home just to realize it was burnt. They try to make it right according to them, but of course that doesnt last long. The staff is always changing they dont last in this places, the first year I saw a person regularly, after that they all quit. I left the Voss location and continue the membership at the Village location. Everything was ok so long i kept making the payments, COVID is here and I have family member who is no longer with us. I called the spa to get a solution, I have not used the membership for a year, times are hard and so I wanted to see if I could get products instead, they offered me 4 months tops or freeze the account for 3 but not a combination. I am highly allergic to chemicals sprayed in the air and they said they use that for safety. Well, I cannot visit places like that so, I opted out because CIVID is not leaving any time soon and in order to stay with them i was asking for a commitment from both parties. The solutions offered was in favor of the business> they kept 1 whole year of packages pus 3-5 of another membership, and they asked for 1 more month to cancel the contract. Clearly the manager doesnt care and Emily either. I called a few times to get answers, they had to ask the manager on what to say, but they will not return a phone call with answers, I had to call back to get the answers, obviously I am paying, and therefore the interested party in getting the answer. I called to ask them to email the form to cancel it was not emailed to me, instead Emily called back and left a message. Interesting that at that point I did get a phone call back! I still had to call back again to make them email me the form, which the form asks make one last payment to cancel.

Review №39

The best candle I ever smelled comes from here. Joy

Review №40

Everything was awesome I love it very nice everyone is really sweet

Review №41

I had a great experience at Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa. They made me feel safe and secure. I’ve already expressed to my family and friends the experience I had. I appreciate their business and will return for more services.

Review №42

Amazing staff! So many services to choose from!

Review №43

Very friendly and helpful staff, clean and professional service - Krystal is the Queen of all facial stuff. This place definitely will be the first spot when we come to Houston!

Review №44

Had an amazing experience, I would totally recommend !

Review №45

I really love this hand and stone location on Kelvin dr the staff is awesome , the place is clean . My esthetician is Ms Crichelle, she is amazing, she takes time to understand your skin and offer the right treatment, my last treatment was a a microdermafuse )not sure if it’s spelled correctly but this procedure is the best I’ve come across in a long time , it leaves your skin glowing and no down time like a peel . It’s amazing 🤩. I love ❤️ it ❤️❤️💕Asia lee

Review №46

The receptionist was very nice and was protective as well (especially in this time of COVID). The young lady who did my massage made me feel so comfortable and respected the quiet and peacefulness of the room. I will be returning soon!

Review №47

I had a great experience. I met with Lyn and was far overdue for a a massage and my back was very much reminding me! Lyn was able to work with me and release tension that was causing pain. She was extremely professional, the room was very clean and I felt that she really listened to me and paid attention to areas of my body that needed attention.

Review №48

Great service and overall it was a great experience!!

Review №49

The staff at Hand and stone in rice village were very knowledgeable. Kourtney explained the different types of massages and the different pressure levels to me very well. She did an excellent job at explaining the membership to me as well. My therapist was excellent at making sure I was comfortable and relaxed the entire session.

Review №50

Revising my original review. I had an issue earlier trying to redeem a promotional gift card. I left disappointed without the issue being resolved. However later this evening I received a call from the manager, Emily who offered to make things right. I appreciate them reaching out to me. They do have good customer service.

Review №51

I booked a massage today and was not impressed. I usually go to my spa joy but nothing was available same day. So I decide to try this new introduction deal. The massage was not the worst I’ve had, but definitely not the best. It was mainly just rubbing with a bit of massaging. I’m need pressure and kneading on my knots. I wasn’t asked if I needed to use the restroom before hand and was not the hour, AND at the end I wasn’t told to take my time getting up so I said it may take a minute. As I was putting my shoes on she knocks on the door and stands there watching while I finish. She did make small talk but it still didn’t justify the rushing me out. The place was nice but I doubt I’ll go back.

Review №52

Massage therapists are very skilled, and all of the staff are super sweet 🥰 Upgrades (I.e. hot stones, aromatherapy oils, etc.) are a tad pricey for the value, but I still recommend purchasing a membership here (especially if you get massages or facials regularly).

Review №53

Always a great time every time I come. The front desk is friendly and make you feel very welcomed, they make the experience very accommodating. Always asks how my day is going. Tried the Mini Cold Stone Face Massage along with the Himalayan Massage and it was the BEST. The environment is relaxing. The service is awesome! I am always impressed. Definitely worth the money!

Review №54

I was referred to this place by my cousin and was paired with Corrin. She did a phenomenal job. It’s rare to get massages that are consistently firm all the way through so I really appreciated her efforts. She also gave me tips on how to loosen up and stay hydrated so I’m not as tense in the shoulders or body.She is the reason I walked out with a monthly membership after one visit lol! I truly needed that experience with the stressors of work and all that’s happening in the world. Best massage I’ve had thus far. Thanks Corrin!

Review №55

I have been going to Liz for about 6 months now and she has completely changed my quality of life. I had come to her with cervical, thoracic and lumbar pain from an accident years ago. I had limited range of motion in my neck and constant pain and spasms between my shoulder blades. Working with her every 2 weeks, in addition to staying active, has been the key to living pain free. When I miss an appointment with her, I notice the difference it makes. She is professional, courteous and listens to your needs. Highly recommend.

Review №56

Wonderful location. Ask for Nick he’s awesome!

Review №57

Massage Therapist April is the best masseuse.

Review №58

I highly recommend coming to this location if your in need of a massage or facial. I always go with Liz for a massage and Jamie for facials. The monthly membership is one of the best offers in town.

Review №59

Great customer service and great massage. No complaints!

Review №60

I was coming out town to see but due to the traffic I was not going to make it in time for my appointment. When I was canceling, I was never told about about ca policy a 24 hr cancellation policy. So half of my payment went towards them but why should it if I didn’t even get a massage? I will never book again with them.

Review №61

Mike is always amazing! He always knows exactly what I need and uses a great amount of pressure. I highly recommend him for a relaxing and therapeutic massage!

Review №62

Amazing service!I am sad that I discovered this place 2 weeks before leaving Houston. Thank you!!

Review №63

Very clean and welcoming.

Review №64

Every session is beyond relaxing and catered to my every need. The staff is extremely friendly and courteous. I will always be a regular at this location!

Review №65

I went into the Spa to purchase a gift card for my husband for his birthday and inquired about the gift card options. I noticed that I could set up an appointment for him and an introductory offer for 59.95 but in order to put the massage on the gift card I would have to spend 99.95. When asked what the differences were between the introductory service and the gift card I was told there Das no difference. So I can walk in with him and pay $59.95 but if I want to purchase a gift for him for the same thing it cost me $99.95. What sense does that make??? Any business that doesnt see the flaw in this logic does not deserve my business.

Review №66

Convenient location and pleasing decor. Service quality for facials vary between estheticians, so if you can find one you like, book far in advance to keep the same person.Front desk staff turnaround is common resulting in a variable experience at check in/out.

Review №67

I love coming to this place. Mike gives great massages, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend.

Review №68

Theres a new therapist Alexander who everyones raving about. Was able to book a session with him , and I see why everyone loves em! Think hes from the islands or something. Cool vibes and spot on with my neck and shoulders, I just gave him all the cash In my wallet (you deserved it ). Ha.

Review №69

Took my grandma for a facial here, both of our first times getting one and we both loved it! I have sensitive skin and did have to pay $20 extra for sensitive products but it was worth it. It was so relaxing and our faces looked great!

Review №70

WILLIAM ROSS !! One of the best Therapist in the field! He never disappoints. If you want a Therapist that listens to your concerns and throughly works its out he is the one you need! Every time I receive a Massage from him there is INSTANT relief! Im a Massage Therapist myself so I am very picky when it comes to my Therapist because I know what can be done. And he DELIVERS effortlessly!

Review №71

Awesome location to get a massage and Fascial. The staff including the front desk ladies to the massage therapists/ Esthetician are all exceptional. There’s a new therapist and I cannot remember his name but he is spot to your needs and provides great service

Review №72

I went to Ashley at this location for a massage. I added a mini Stone to my package and it was well worth it. I feel relaxed and 100% better than when I walked in

Review №73

I am a member at Hand and Stone in rice village and scheduled an appointment for myself and my mother on May 13. My appointment was at 8 am. The appointment ended early due to my masseuse vomiting half way through the massage and having to leave. Fine. Certain things cannot be helped and he may have been sick. As i was checking out, i had issues with my payment because the girl at the front rang up my tip (Ya, i still left one) the wrong way. I finally asked her twice to make sure that my mothers massage was put on my card because i could see these people were not on top of things. I was told that they had the appointment and it would be put on my card. My mother ended up being hassled and sold on a membership. They ruined our mothers day weekend. Im pissed. These women are incompetent and unprofessional. There are better locations to go to and i wont be returning to this one.

Review №74

Mike was amazing. I highly recommend the Himalayan salt Stone with CBD oil. Im still in a daze.

Review №75

The lady who did my facial was nice, but it was 30 min versus 50. She did upsell me to do a dermal infusion, that did nothing for my skin and left my face worse than before. I did mention that my appointment only lasted 30 min and the lady at the front said sorry, but that’s about it. I received a call from the manager to schedule a second facial to give them another try. She was very helpful, sweet and kind and the facial was much better than my first time around. Im not 100% sure how I feel about getting extractions as it has taken my skin some time to recover and has caused some scarring, but I do have very sensitive skin. The experience my 2nd time around was much better.

Review №76

Don’t ever sign up for membership with these people. You can never get out of it. It is a pact for life. Your holders will continue paying it long after you are dead.3 months to get confirmation of cancellation and I still was charged. “This is your last payment.” is the response each Month.Don’t do business with this unprofessional bunch. $180 isn’t a lot of money unless it is on nothing. I’d rather not just give people my money. If that’s your thing than sign up.REPEAT: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.

Review №77

Best Hand and Stone in Houston. Manager and front desk were very courteous and enjoyable to talk to. Great service always keeps me coming back

Review №78

I set up an appointment for my sisters birthday to get a facial and hot stone massage. I told them it would be her first time for both, it was her birthday and she was only in town for the weekend as she was traveling from Louisiana. My sister shows up for her appointment in the afternoon and it was at that time they tell her the therapist was in an accident and would not be able to do it. We received no phone call or message in advance therefore it was too late for me to schedule anything else for her on no notice. I dont own a business but I know common courtesy is to inform all clients that appointments need to be cancelled. Very disappointed with the level of so called professional service no apology needed will not be returning do better for the next customer p.s they were so booked that noone else could fill in for my booked appointment in advance

Review №79

I’ve been going to Jamie for facials for the past few months and I will never go elsewhere! She’s the best!

Review №80

I loved it here! The staff was so friendly and welcoming and my massage and facial were great! I cant wait to come back next month and bring my friends!

Review №81

Not a place to go for facials. The esthetician literally spent the whole time rubbing and wiping off creams off my face. I specifically asked for extractions and she did the bare minimum for me on that part (the only reason why I ever get facials). Then push the expensive products on you I’ve never heard of without offering you a sample. Pass. The membership price they try to sell you on is ridiculous. It’s the cost of a facial plus a “convenience fee” every month. If the service was good enough, I’d consider a membership where I only pay the price of a facial every month. One of the girls in the front was visibly upset that I didn’t buy their expensive membership. There’s so many other places in Houston to get a facial for the same price.

Review №82

Very friendly staff and a very calm environment. If your therapist is out suddenly, they work quickly to get you with someone else that is able to provide the same service.

Review №83

Great location, facility is clean and very inviting, the moment i step in i feel relaxed. The staff are very pleasant and professional. I am happy i found this place.

Review №84

Had ashley and jocelyn.. they were both awesome! Highly recommend, super relaxing!

Review №85

Nice facility and staff. Website scheduling system has been down for weeks.

Review №86

Just depends on who you get but for the most part this place is very clean and professional. Prices seem reasonable and they always have a deal or sale going on.

Review №87

The massage was very good and the staff was friendly and accommodating. They even managed to fit me in, last minute, on a holiday. But their prices are just TOO high; I wont be going back.

Review №88

Very calm and quiet place. Always greeting with a bright smile, and everyone is always ready to help!

Review №89

First time at this place, very calming and beautiful place and a great massage!

Review №90

Do not waste your money. Horrible experience with facial. Incompetent aesthetician and unprofessional customer service.

Review №91

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! The staff is incompetent and I was charged when I shouldnt have been. They DO NOT CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENTS OR ACCOUNT when you call them and arrange for them to be. They do not refund expensive mistakes on their part. They are crooks and the service is horrible. I am considering calling an attorney just to get money refunded that I was charged when my account was supposed to be on hold as I was in my first trimester and could not get massages. All they ever say is WE WILL CALL YOU BACK and they never do!!!

Review №92

Great environment clean rooms amazing customer service perfect for body and facial

Review №93

Loveeee Tony! Always love coming to this location

Review №94

Highly recommend this location! Great experience all around. I especially enjoyed both my massage and facial, very relaxing.

Review №95

My wife used to go there for facials, which were always great. she once got a massage done and said it was terrible. not bad, but it didnt address any tense spots or anything. just meh.

Review №96

Worst massage ever. I asked for a deep tissue massage and got a half assed massage. The massage therapist seemed more interested in talking than finding my knots. I have chronic pain so I really need a good every now and then. Wont be going back

Review №97

I had Margarita as this location and she did an amazing job !

Review №98

Jamie did a great job on my facial!

Review №99

Great deep tissue messages. Very friendly staff. Offered water, tea, and coconut water during visit. Keep appt times.

Review №100

I went to get a Gift Card for a Massage and a Facial $49.95 Each according the website price, and they argue that those rates are not given for ppl who buy Gift Cards, i should have to pay the store rates around $200.It doesnt make sense to me why i have to pay more if Im pre-paying those services and also the website is very specific with the prices , ... or the staff is not trained or this is a big fraud publicity, simple.So disappointed i couldnt get the gift card.

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