San Benito Health Foundation
351 Felice Dr, Hollister, CA 95023, United States

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Honestly the worst clinic I’ve ever been at the wait time is horrible the lab department is unsanitary the girl did not wear gloves didn’t label my specimens and struggled so much getting my blood. When I asked her to please label my specimen because there was another urine in the box with no name she told me no because she knew which one was mine ?! How !?! I flat out told her no please label it now I don’t need a wrong result. The front desk is always charging you different numbers one will tell you $400 then when they call you back up they say an outrageous $600 when you ask why if the last person said $400 they say they don’t know that’s just what they are charging you. Worst clinic ever wouldn’t even waste my time here.Edit: they just charged me for a lab result visit just for them to tell me that they missed a few tests that needed to be done so therefore I need return pay again for another lab test and again for the new lab result visit honestly the most frustrating clinic ever

Review №2

Called to ask if my daughter could be seen today. Who ever answers the phone is lazy. Lazy voice and couldn’t even understand what she was saying because she was dragging her voice out. It’s so frustrating. This clinic has never been a choice of mine and I give it a chance but never fails to disappoint. I don’t know if they don’t pay enough or are strict enough with employees about customer service and great care and sympathy for the patients. Not to mention the waiting times, you will be in the clinic for more than two hours definitely.

Review №3

Horrible… absolutely horrible. Staff is rude, put me on hold for 2 hours and I just hung up. I would not recommend this place at all. I’m disappointed after all these bad reviews they still don’t do anything about it.

Review №4

Very poor customer service - I was not greeted by any of the receptionist, Dental Assistants, or the Dentist himself. I am a medicaid recipient and i believe that i did not get the highest quality of care because of my insurance.The staff doesnt even try to make you feel welcomed nor do they explain treatment/procedures so that the patient understands their treatment plan.I went in for a simple cleaning which i waited about an hour for and the dentist came by and didnt introduce himself and started to clean my teeth. The whole cleaning lasted about 2 mins and compared to cleanings ive had done at other locations, this was by far the worst experience ive had at the dentist.I also noticed the equipment being used was dirty and looked very unsanitary.I honestly feel as though the staff could use sensitivity training as well as implement a multi-cultural awareness training to address any barriers in the clinical setting so that people feel welcomed.

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My aunt was coming to this place and sometimes she forgets to bring her money. However, one day there was a noncompassionate front desk worker. My aunt only had 20 bucks on her that day. She asked if she could pay the rest when she came back. The front desk worker would not have it. She was rude to her and told her that if she didnt pay the 25 dollars that she was going to put her down as that she missed her appointment so that they would charge my aunt the late appointment fee. My aunt proceeded to tell the woman that the male had let her pay like that before. Then the front desk worker began to ignore my aunt, she was typing on her computer and writing things down. My aunt thought this was absolutely childish behavior. Very non professional to help work out solutions with loyal costumers. Like i get its low income but it is not an excuse to treat the customers like trash. Anyway my aunt got tired of being ignored so she pretty much said fine do whatever you want and walked out. When my aunt tried to schedule another appointment they had written a note in her file that she refused to pay. After that they did not allow my aunt to make any more appointments. We need compassionate healthcare workers at this site. Like isnt that why they went into the field? To help their community? Hopefully they change behavior around and hire professional personnel. TL;DR: front desk worker was rude to my aunt.

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Review №7

Absolutely terrible! Would give zero stars if I could. The people are not welcoming at all no experience I have tried getting my prescription filled for over a month now and they keep giving me the wrong information on the prescription. Wait time I’m waiting room is over an hour and wait time in the room is typically over an hour as well. Would highly recommend going anywhere else. I’m now out of my medicine and have no idea when it’ll be filled because of these people. I have never in my life experienced such uneducated “doctors” before. I should not have to reschedule my appointment to get my prescription four times! Absolutely disgusting.

Review №8

They over schedule people and have no time to care about any individual. They take way to long for everything..

Review №9

Covid vaccines are ONLY to be administered to individuals that are in their respective phases. Some of the staff in this clinic administered them to their own family members, therefore limiting the already limited amount of vaccines to the individuals in phase 1. Personally, I would not want my health in the hands of a healthcare worker who prioritizes their own selfishness over the health of their community as a whole. Having an average rating of less than 2 stars is not surprising.

Review №10

Who ever is at the front desk should be fired. Ive been forced to come here and appear to have ZERO options about it if I want mental help.My psychologist just quit on me because I asked him to be professional. Anyone gonna follow up? Hell no.

Review №11

The staff is very slow .....also if u miss ur appointment u have to pay $20 dollars cash which goes to their pocket....wouldnt recommend this place. ..

Review №12

EXPECT TO WAIT OVER AN HOUR!!!!!!!!I have an appointment at 3:00 and its already 4:15 I happen to come early to the appointment and they received me before 3:00.Yet I am still waiting here for the doc. Crazy thing is that I am the only person here! I have never in my life had to wait oh so long for them just to have a check up done its RIDICULOUS.Dont wast your time on seeing the doctor here. They honestly need to work on reaciving people faster.

Review №13

Would never go back here, they sent bills to the wrong address and then sent it to collections. Tell me its my fault as I must have confirmed the wrong address each time I visited. Really!!!!!

Review №14

Patient intake is horrible. There is no distinction between patients with or without appointments.A row of incoming patients, with only one receptionist. Despite confirmation of insurance coverage prior to the appointment, receptionist was clueless. Waited after intake for 1 hour and counting in the waiting room. Will probably not return, service is horrible. Still waiting.

Review №15

Unprofessional management, especially Vivian. If I could give 0 stars I would.

Review №16

I had a great experience with the opthamologist, Dr. Sharma. She listened to my concerns, told me how to get the testing I needed, and then did a great follow-up with me. Im thankful for the time Dr. Sharma gives to this clinic. She treated me with the same respect and dignity that she would have if I came in though her personal office.

Review №17

I went to this place a year ago to become a new patient and I havent heard from health provider sent what they needed and Im still waiting for the call... they are unprofessional, they dont know how to welcome new patients... at that time I was not feeling good and I needed a doctor but they didnt take me because they wanted my medical record.... They need to focus more on costumer attentiveness and welcoming.

Review №18

Every one at the Foundation is professional and courteous. Sometimes there is a wait because multiple services are being provided to the patients. It saves the patient several trips so to combine Medical, dental and EyeCare on the same day is actually of benefit to the patients.The place is cleaner than any other Clinic you will visit - private or Community Clinics. This is strictly enforced throughout the departmentsCase Management and Nutritional education is excellent, which has helped the physicians and specialists to better control chronic conditions like Diabetes and Hypertension.Patients are given an option of evening and weekend appointments and many come from as far away as Green Field and King City, Los Banos and Turlock.Don’t take my word for it- make an appointment and experience for yourself the services provided at the Health Foundation.All are welcome!

Review №19

Cheap. Wait times are long but the price makes for compromise. Request any dentist besides the Indian lady when you pay. Shes just there to make a buck, doesnt care to explain anything. Literally just came and started drilling in my mouth. I wasnt giving any sort of numbing cream or laughing gas, so I was pretty shocked she just went in there and starting drilling into my tooth. I literally pulled away believing they had missed a step in my cavity removal process. Im no punk but the pain caught me by surprise, she could have at least told me something. I would have given more stars but that lady pissed me off. I hear Dr. Phan is better mannered and overall a better dentist to be around, will request him on my next visit.

Review №20

The office management is bad, i saw the other day one patience has concern about the bill, one lady came from the back and threaten the person awful, she felt superior to the patience. she is not in the front always in the back bilingual. other in the fine but too long for see the doctor. 45 minutes inside the room waiting for the doctor who is see the patient 5 minutes oh less. theyre need to hire more doctors.

Review №21

The place takes long to attend some people and once they attend you, you have to wait some more like my mom and I went to a check up and we waited about and hour and then they called us up and they took us to a room and we waited another two hours for a nurse to come, we wouldve waited longer but my mom kept asking so that was good

Review №22

Enjoy the little to no time wait. Dentist is very smiley and some staff is welcoming. Drive from salinas here just for dentist. Would like to watch tv as i wait for my child but tv always off.

Review №23

Highly unorganized, unprefessional, discourteous, and inconsiderate staff. Appointments are invaild. Clinic has you waiting for hours with or without appointment. Staff seems lost, unaware of their own procedures. Staff also seems disgruntled with one another, are uncooperative and unwilling to help with any question you may have. New staff needs to be hired immediately and trained properly. Consider other clinics before coming to this one. I know San Jose is a drive from Hollister but if you can spare the drive, Clinics in San Jose are better.

Review №24

Stay away from this place. There is criminal activity going on. When you call they never inform you of anything concerning cancelations or standard procedures--there are financial crimes happening and it seems like no one is doing anything about it---please call any watchdog group to begin an investigation---I urge you to investigate since most people who go there that are being preyed upon are poor and sick who need the help---most probably have no way of defending themselves.

Review №25

Fast service I recieved, great assistant her name is Monica made me feel really comfortable had some laughs while waiting for the dentist . I liked my visit. 😉

Review №26

Terrible. Its not just terrible, but the people ... SO IGNORANT. The doctor...idk. I guess she wish she worked else where. Everything about this place... disturbing. They call you at least four times a month to try to get you to come in for something you dont need. They will bill you and penalize you when you dont even NEED the insurance. Then when you go and actually USE THE INSURANCE, You go to a hole in the wall that tells you to go to another hole in the wall ALL THE WAY in San Francisco, yet you have had that illness for over 13 years, and YOU LIVE IN HOLLISTER. I too had the Indian lady seen in that pic. Lord have mercy on her sole.

Review №27

Worst service i have ever received in my life. Just called with an urgent need (was reffered here by the ER over the weekend) and spoke with Karina who was SO rude, she told me i should have called sooner then hung up on me. When i called back to speak to management i heard the girls laughing in the background and they just put me on hold. Dont worry. I wont let this go.

Review №28

Unprofessional place!!📍NO doctors📍schedule is always full📍They wont give you a Rx refill, even though their appointment schedule is full.📍Theyll charge you $20, if you choose to leave, because youve been waiting for 2 hours and haft to go to work.📍staff will yell at you, and give you attitude, gaby is the worst.📍they will schedule you appointments, without your knowledge, then charge you $20📍youll always see new faces, new doc, MAs nobody last.📍CEO is rude, doesnt care about the pt, just the $.📍They are always hiring people with no expiriance, one day I saw a MA help me in the MA side. Then for my a dental appointment, she was assisting my doctor. in the dental side, then when I had my vision appointment the same girl, was taking my measurements in the vision side and assisting the vision doctor,📍but the reason I left, was because, one girl DREW MY BLOOD and couldnt find my VEIN! they stiked me 5 times, then anorher girl came to help and she couldnt find it eather. They ended up drawing blood on my hand, it left me with a HUGE BRUISE, both in my arms, and my hand! I was in so much pain, and felt a numness sensation.📍when I requested my medical records it took them 4 months, to give them to me, and they still had the nerve to charge me $25.

Review №29

Very uneducated doctors. I have seen 3 different doctors and each one misdiagnosed me and each visit was for a separate issue. Its unbelievable.

Review №30

Be prepared to have time and patience. Your appointment always runs approximately half hour to a hour late.

Review №31

Do not go there. Worst place in hollister. I have to give them one star because there is no zero star option.

Review №32

This is very important - if you can avoid this place please due. It is unsanitary, unfriendly, the wait is super long, and get this if you call to talk to billing there is no one to tal to you have to make an appointment to come in in person. It is really the absolute worst ive ever been to.I took my two kids to the dentist and was told they had several cavities. I decided to get a second opinion and was told my daughter only had one which didnt even need to be filled since the tooth was falling out soon and my son had none. NOT A ONE. This place is a scam.

Review №33

I have been here several times and it is horrible. I have had to wait over an hour to be seen three times. I had fillings done and at the site of one my gum got infected and I might need to have my tooth extracted because of it. I was there today for a cleaning and waited almost an hour while two people who came in after me were helped before me. I asked to speak to the manager and he was useless. He never introduced himself and was on the defensive the whole time. Four times I have called to find out about obtaining my dental records and never got a call back. They say I owe them $20 for a cancelled appointment even though I was there but left when it was 20 minutes past my appointment time because I could not wait any longer and there was two year old in the lobby having a tantrum. Not one staff member had the sense or the caring to ask one of the childs parents to take her outside while the other one dealt with reception.

Review №34

The absolute worst place you can go to. No real medical professional ever on staff and the accounting department is incompetent unprofessional and ignorant. My child was turned away with a high fever when we showed up for an urgent appointment due to an alleged outstanding balance and though we argued that it had to be a mistake because weve had coverage through my husbands employer they were completely inept and simply said we needed to take our child somewhere else. A few weeks after that horrible experience I contacted their accounting department requesting an account statement which was at that point corrected and adjusted proving it was a processing error. But after many attempts to reach someone in management regarding the incident I got nowhere and it is very clear that nobody else cared.If you are thinking about going here for any reason my recommendation is you keep looking for some place else. This place is a nightmare to deal with!

Review №35

I could not believe what poor customer service I received from most of the health clerks. I needed a referral and the staff were completely incapable. They referred me to a Doctor who didnt accept my insurance and when I brought it to their attention they referred me to another Doctor who also didnt take my insurance.They avoided my calls and when I went in to ask for the clerk who was helping me they all lied and said she wasnt in day after day. I finally had to call my Blue Cross provider myself to be referred. They never apologized. Also, my children and I have arrived for appts and weve been told,Sorry the Dr./Dentist wont be in today, and the few times I missed an appt. we were charged $20. Ive asked to speak to someone in charge repeatedly and some clerk, Irma tells me shes in charge and is completely rude and GHETTO!!!! I just found a new health care provider and dentist for my children and I.

Review №36

I had to wait almost an hour for the dentist and horrible service PLEASE PLEASE DONT GO!! I took 3-4 Hours on the dentist and they did HORRIBLE they cut my moms tongue so my mom told her that they cut her tongue and the doctor said Oh no its fine right now my moms anestesia has worn off and she is in pain.Please dont go here.

Review №37

Takes so long, OB Dr is rude, why make a appt if you have to wait two hours. This is stupid. Waisting time, ⏰⏰ tick tock people.

Review №38

The front desk is snotty and make you wait forever,, the dentist is the worst place ever dont recommend anyone to go their, i was suppost of gotten a cleaning and all the cleaned was one tooth the upper one and made it bleed alot called it good and was on my way the over book people all the time they are always in a hurry ,, all their staff is trainies i hate that place,, i was reffered their cuz it was supposed to be not to expensive ,, i guess that what i get for trying to find some place economic... medical is not that bad the doc. are really nice, and the wic departmarment is nice ,, but never never go for dental work..they suck!!!!

Review №39

At 1st everything looked very nice and the price seemed fair...but then Itbecame apperent that there is no real professionalism. The dentist seeing me said it was his last day, and they would have someone new in a a week or so... I need an extraction NOW. They said they had a perscription for me and NOTHING, I AM ON THE PHONE NOW FOR 22 MINUTES AND i NOT ABLE TO TALK TO ANYONE WITH A BRAIN....

Review №40

OMG!!!! I just called an they need to retrain on customer service.. rude as hell I couldnt believe it girl its your job sorry you choice to work in a place where you have to deal with people all day ! I had to ask if she was okay because I was taken back, Miss Lupe in the dental needs to relax total red flag I cant believe I wanted to fax over a resume .. NOT ANYMORE Hollister girls are rude !!!!!!!!!!!!Alexis Estrada !!!

Review №41

Horrible service, I call there often for work and I get hung up on frequently and transfered at least 3 times. know one seems to know what they are doing. When I ask for records they sayuuuu I dont know if I can do that...extremely incompetent staff ! would be litterally afraid to send anyone here.

Review №42

The worst experience I’ve had in a long while at a doctor’s office.

Review №43

BAD SERVICE !!! I had my appoinment @1:45 and its already 3:18 and they havent come to the room... 😠

Review №44

Appointment at 8am still results in a 3 hour wait. Bring snacks if you have kids.

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Review №46

I waited really long time over a hour horrible service

Review №47

Not good

Review №48

Good service....

Review №49

Terrible 😣 you have to wait for hours terrible service this has years and they do not improve at all 👎🏻 zero stars

Review №50

The personnel is very friendly. If they call early they are scheduled for the same day. Very good place

Review №51

Well, everything is already renovated and they serve you very quickly !!

Review №52

Horrible service, they quote you one hour and attend you two hours later or if they do not say that the system was gone and they do not have adequate control of the arrival of people. There are almost no people to take so long it is really desperate.

Review №53

Terrible service!!!! They believe they have the right to dispose of my time when they call you at 2 in the afternoon and spend 40 minutes without even appointing any person or doctor or dental ... I just go and they will charge me because I cancel the appointment when One shows up but they are the ones who do not feel like not attending to you ... I wonder why I quote many people if they are going to be in a lunch or doing I dont know what ... lousy attention ... hopefully the 20 Dollars that they charge serve them for more training or something

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