Holiday Hair
1155 Carlisle St #2, Hanover, PA 17331, United States

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I love holiday hair with ms kim she does a really good job cutting hair.

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Jamie is a personable and skilled hair stylist. She understands her patron’s needs and wants and provides a result that meets their expectations. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a pleasurable and satisfying experience.

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Take my grandson there. Kim who does his hair is very nice and super friendly. Listens to what he wants done. Great place

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I had a wonderful experience! Shout out to my stylist, Ruth!!❤ She was amazing! A skilled and personable stylist!! I would recommend her to anyone! I know Ill be back!

Review №5

Yet again Ruth did an amazing job! I will keep going back to her for my color and cuts!

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Very very friendly. My mother got her haircut and it looks absolutely beautiful.

Review №7

Always a great place to get your haircut. Ive probably sat in every chair in the place and have always come out satisfied. Of course I have a favorite stylist or two, but if theyre not available, someone is always there for you. Thanks Holiday Hair. You know Ill be back.

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Review №9

I do enjoy going here. Professional treatment of customers and a friendly atmosphere without being overbearing make it a good experience all around. Ive been getting my hair cut here for more than 2 decades - I keep coming back for a reason~

Review №10

Nice people an I got a great hair cut

Review №11

I had someone different than I normally go to. She really made a point of knowing exactly what I wanted done. She did a terrific job. I am very happy with the style.

Review №12

Im not much of a talker, so my stylist took the opportunity to try and sell me products I can not use in my thin hair. I think she was more focused on the one-sided conversation and didnt care to take the time to make sure my wants were met. I asked to have my hair blow dried, no style, and left with my hair stuck to my head.

Review №13

Ruth is amazing! She gives me a cut and color and it always turns out amazing!!

Review №14

Love what Lee did to my hair.Its amazing. Color was awesome.Thank you

Review №15

I love to go here for my hair, everyone is super nice and always have great service

Review №16

I’ve been a loyal patron of this Holiday Hair for nearly 8 years. Love, Love, Love everyone in the shop! And Kim is the Best!

Review №17

The Salon is doing a great job with keeping clean due to the Covid pandemic. My stylist Jamie was on time for my service, she listened to my needs and fulfilled them. I will definitely be back to have Jamie as a regular stylist. 🤗

Review №18

Do not go to this salon!!!! And definitely don’t allow your husband or boyfriend to go there!!! There is a hairdresser there whom took my husbands phone number from the company computer and then text him and asked how his day was going. I had to report her to her manager because she is more worried about finding a man & dating, than actually cutting hair. No one should ever use their company for personal gain. It’s wrong on many levels and it’s unprofessional!!!! But my husband told me right away about her behavior so I’m very lucky. Don’t let this happen to you!!!

Review №19

Loved the extra info needed to help maintain my hair. Questions were answered when I asked. Great team with positive attitudes.

Review №20

Jamie is awesome. The whole Salon was clean. Staff work as a Team to make sure clients are well served and cared for.

Review №21

The workers are fine and nice. i went to get my hair done and cut. i had the minimum of 100$ on me. they cut my hair first before they even gave me an estimate of how much. they said the dye would be $190+ which is very expensive. once i “never mind” i ask how much for a little bit done (2 strips) they said $87 which is still alot. they have ,not good prices. UPDATE: looked at hair once i got home, VERY UNEVEN. VERY DISAPPOINTED AND UNSATISFIED!! when they cut my hair they didnt have it parted the way i wear my hair and had it before i came. just for a little hair chopped off not even saying i wanted layered or styled and it cost 35! i did not say i wanted my hair “washed or shampooed” or “styled and treatment” but they did it anyways just to cost me extra. never going back to that place just to be disappointed again!

Review №22

It’s always a pleasure to go to the Holiday Hair in the N Hanover Mall. The ladies have always been friendly, professional and they do a great job! The only complaint I have is having to wear a mask! I truly don’t believe it is necessary for your health or mine. It is hard to understand people when they are talking and breath Fb is an issue when wearing one. I feel it is our right as an American to wear a mask or not wear a mask and it should be the same for your employees. Many folks are suffering from the loss of income and your mask mandates (which are not a law) for all stylist and all guests wear a mask is unconstitutional and taking our rights away which has been laid out in our constitution. Stand up for what’s right, not fall for the BS that’s been handed to you.

Review №23

Very good attention. very kind. Good prices. it will definitely be my only beauty salon from now on.

Review №24

Been awhile since my last hair cut but they did great

Review №25

Great experience of an email list that continues to email me even after I called ‘Holiday Hair’ to say I am an old guy in a different state and don’t need ‘holiday’ hair on what little is left. They were nice and said they would remove me from the. Emailing, but seem to have decided to continue the unsolicited, unwanted, repetitive and unusable ‘service’ to me. Great!!!

Review №26

Very nice employees who are pleasant to talk to and listen to your hair care needs. Most employees have been there a long time which shows it is a good salon.

Review №27

Love my hair stylist, Deanna Robinson! She always does an AWESOME job on my hair! Everyone their is very friendly!

Review №28

Cut and style by Deanna. Love the results, and she was very personable, great. What I didnt like was the tip. I used my credit card and said i want to add a 6.00 tip. My charge was for a cut, plus i bought some root product. My card was used in a 2nd machine, for the tip. Once i looked at my statement (didnt notice if it was on the receipt) the charge was for $6.69 at SQ*Tippy. Ok, whats .69 cents, nothing. It is the idea that if i was leaving a tip, i was actually being charged to do so, and I was not told.

Review №29

Excellent service and knowleable stylists! Would definitely reccomend.

Review №30

Stylist looked at the picture I brought and then adapted the cut to my hair type (fine). Very friendly but professional at the same time.

Review №31

Got sweet highlights in my hair!

Review №32

I had a great experience Jamie was awesome. Everyone was very nice and I absolutely love my hair. I will only see Jamie from now on.

Review №33

Jamie is amazing stylist. I would recommend her to everyone that goes there. She made me feel like a new woman. Thanks for all the confidence that you gave me. Your sweet, caring, understanding, and loving. Some of those other stylist need a reality check. Kim is awesome too. She was the last one who did my hair nine years ago a day before I had my son.

Review №34

Excellant Service and great work.

Review №35

They did what I wanted and told me they missed me. That is family friendly

Review №36

I tried to bleach my own hair and it turned out horrible! Amy did an amazing job fixing my mistake and explained everything to me and how to get to where I wanted. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and helped this momma look good! Thanx Amy!

Review №37

Deanna did a wonderful job with my hair and my beard. Totally satisfied with the service! She is so comical and positive that it makes a person feel comfortable and relaxed. Definitely a great person and stylist. Highly recommended to anyone. Give her a try and see for yourself!

Review №38

My favorite salon!

Review №39

As always I am very pleased with the outcome of my appointment. They are very professional, clean, on time.

Review №40

Jamie is a professional hairstylist who treats me like an important customer. She is very good about keeping her workstation sanitized and I felt great about my super haircut.

Review №41

Deanna is a God send! Not only is she extremely patient with an uncooperative 2 year old but she is sweet as can be and makes you feel at home at Holiday Hair. I reccomend her to all my friends!

Review №42

As soon as I walked in everyone was friendly and welcoming! I went in for a good amount of length taken off and it was exactly what I wanted! It was perfect! Sarah S. did an amazing job! Will definitely be returning .

Review №43

I feel that a 20% increase in price in the last 9 months is very unethical and I would consider gauging under the circumstances.

Review №44

Stephanie did my daughter Evas first hair cut and she loved it. Stephanie really takes pride in her work and it shows. They have a huge inventory of products. I’ll be back for sure.

Review №45

I have been going here for 18 years always pleased with my stylist. I also have been taking my boys here for year and they have received the same service they love going here

Review №46

They are always busy but manage to fit me in. Jamie is the best hairdresser in the world. She knows how to cut any style. I have seen her cut cut childrens hair and up to my age. 78. Everyone leaves there with a smile.

Review №47

Victoria did an awesome job! She took time to listen, and to discuss my face shape and skin tone. I love my hair cut and color. She was very knowledgeable about the hair care products, too. The atmosphere is very friendly. I highly recommend this salon.

Review №48

When in yesterday to have my hair cut... Im very disappointed with the service I received my hair is all chopped up and looks horrible in order for me to go somewhere else to get it fixed it would have to be cut even shorter which is not an option right now considering its really short I would not recommend anyone to have service done here.....

Review №49

Wonderful work and wonderful people. !!!!

Review №50

Attempted to try this place out for a quick cut. Gave my name and number twice and was told 20-25 minutes as they were slightly busy. I sat DIRECTLY in front of the desk before the same woman looks at me and says Youre getting done right? She then proceeds to tell me that she never even entered me in for the appointment. NEVER AGAIN

Review №51

In November of 2017 I wanted to have my head shaved into a mohawk. Ruth made the process very comfortable for a woman having her head shaved for the 1st time. She talked to me and asked lots of questions about the style I wanted. It turned out so well I see her once a month, she styles it up for me and she knows who I am when I walk through the door. I love this salon and will always come to see Ruth.

Review №52

Brooke cut & styled my hair today for pictures I had done. She did a great job, I loved the hairstyle she picked. Also, she mentioned a brush that would help with my hair since it gets tangled, I dont think Ive actually ever bought product at a salon before but I love this new brush. Will definitely go back!

Review №53

Sarah S. is amazing. If you want an awesome color job, shes the one! Shes very patient and listens to what you want. Shes very knowledgeable of colors and what will look good on you as well.

Review №54

Deanna Robinson gave me a new cut and style exactly the way I wanted it. In fact, better than I wanted. I love the new do and they had a great sale on the hair products I needed. I’ll go back again. I’m very happy with Holiday Hair.

Review №55

Been coming here for my whole life and never had a problem I’m always welcomed every time I come in to get a hair cut, they all just love my thick curly hair. And Kim does an amazing job like always 💕💕💕💕💕

Review №56

Good luck! The stylist just do what they want with your hair despite what you want. Holly cut my hair way to short then tried to layer it. By the time it was all set and done the front left side of my hair was probably a good 2 inches shorter than the rest of my hair. There was no fixing it. Looks very chopped and uneven. The manager couldnt even fix it. I will never return.

Review №57

I love this store!!! Everyone is so nice and they do a great job every time I came in. Thank you Mrs.Kim and crew and please keep up the great work. I won’t go anywhere else!

Review №58

Me and my son went to get a haircut a couple of days ago. I told them that I did not needed a shampoo or style since my hair was washed that morning. When it was time to pay I saw the receipt and was charged for 1 kids and 1 adult shampoo, cut and style. When I told them that I did not get a shampoo or style, I was informed that I was charged over $30 because my hair was too long....I only had a trim so isnt it a trim the same for everyone? It does not make any sense. So if I had shoulder length hair and I went to a very short style what would I be charged then? I could understand get charged more when shampooing and styling because longer hair need more product, but a cut is a freaking cut....very disappointed, definitely not going back.

Review №59

I come here often to get my hair done/eyebrows waxed. They do a consistently good job. They offered very good service to my elderly grandmother when I brought her in too.

Review №60

Been going there for 22 years and still have the same stylist ( Jamie L. )

Review №61

Always pleasant stylists and great overall experience. Been going here for many years and always greeted with a smile.

Review №62

My wife went here to get a simple hair style done for a wedding we are attending today. She only wanted/got her hair curled. I had called earlier to get an idea for pricing, and initially my wife had wanted a “poof” in the front of her hair, with the rest curled. Seems simple enough. $57.99 for the poof alone is what I was quoted. Are you kidding?!? I can’t stand going to ANY holiday hair salon bc they nickel and dime you to death! Extra for a “specialist” extra for straightening, extra for length (which today there was a debate on whether my wife’s hair was shoulder length!) but her hair turned out nice so 3 stars for today.

Review №63

Deanna will flirt with your husband the entire time hes trying to get his haircut. She will pry into his personal life. She will get into the business computer & take our personal private cell phone number. She will then text him about his personal life. She thinks people are not clients, she treats her job like a potential dating service & trys to cause problems with a happily married man! She made my husband so uncomfortable with her unprofessional stalking behavior that he refuses to ever return to this salon. Ladies DO NOT send your men to this want-a-be homewrecker. People like this are completely disgusting!!! Im just glad my husband came to me right away about this horrible female. Im blessed to have an honest loyal loving husband

Review №64

Nikki is the worst hairdresser ever. I took my daughter to get a haircut and Nikki ruined her hair. While cutting my daughters hair i asked her is that how short her hair is going to be she then stated very rudely i cannot glue what I already cut. She began to act very unprofessional cutting my daughters hair very rough and pulling her hair. Its sad to see someone who works with children and acts so rude and unprofessional. Props to Deanna who fixed my daughters hair after Nikki ruined it !! I didnt even have to ask her!

Review №65

Recommend using Deanna Robinsons services.

Review №66

I go here every time I need a haircut or color. I always ask for Deanna. Everyone is friendly and you might hear some funny stories!

Review №67

Nasty employees. They make you feel very uncomfortable with all of their gossip. Theyre more into their own conversation than they are making you feel comfortable.

Review №68

Fast and friendly service they do your hair the way you ask them to

Review №69

Friendly, attentive staff. Walk ins welcomed

Review №70

I am a very UNHAPPY mother of a senior daughter whom has Homecoming tonight and is going to the dance with a very lame hairstyle! I paid 60.00 for two braids from the front of her hair, one on each side, that go to the top of the back of her head meeting in the back and all the length curled in loose and very sloppy curls with hair bumps on top of her head and throughout the braids! My 13 year old daughter could have done her sisters hair in this style and it would have looked a million times better and saved me 60.00! To top matters off, this hair style WAS NOT EVEN THE STYLE IN WHICH MY DAUGHTER WAS WANTING AND SHE SHOWED THE SO CALLED STYLIST A PHOTO OF THE STYLE!!! So angry right now and will NEVER use Holiday Hair for ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!

Review №71

I went here for the first today (08/18), best place ever, the stylist Holly was super nice and was talking to me while she cuts my hair, she made my haircut look amazing it was exactly the way I wanted, i will be coming here for noe on. ASK FOR HOLLY!!!

Review №72

Grandson loved it

Review №73

Girls that work there are excellent

Review №74


Review №75

Ruth is phenomenal

Review №76

Always a good cut at a readonable price

Review №77

The stylist were friendly and helpful!

Review №78

My son wont let me get my granddaughters hair cut anymore because they didnt listen to my directions

Review №79

Great prices good quality

Review №80

Havent been there

Review №81

I had my haircut by Madison a while back and she did an awful job I had the worst haircut experience I will never be coming back

Review №82

The best

Review №83

Awesome stylists

Review №84


Review №85

Sucks! Avoid this place!

Review №86

This place have an amazing CUSTOMER SERVICE, they are professionals and friendly. It’s always clean and for sure will exceed your expectations

Review №87

Ruth helped tame my hair and Betsy was great, giving Logan some tips to keep his hair managed.

Review №88

Im soon

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