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The agents at this BBB use the who/whom method of adjudicating disputes. They completely ignore the facts of the case and simply decide whom they like better. Very woke of them, and this how society degenerates.

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Great Service For All BusinessLeroy Notary At Large, Signing Agent, Legal Council.

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I find so much VALUE in being an accredited member of the BBB Serving Central Virginia! Plus, the staff in RVA are the most knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming, and high-energy people I can think of!

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I had an issue come up when I was vacationing in Virginia and booked a hotel through cci and the hotel never honored my reservation.I was told nobody was going to resolve it for three years and it would be archived.That is not very professional and if I could report this place to a higher authority I would.You dont just let someone screw you out of money so you can not deal with it and keep quiet.

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Great organization for businesses doing the right thing and want customers to know that fact. We have been a member for a few years and enjoy the benefits of membership, which include networking events and the feedback regarding working with difficult customers. Holley is outstanding! Ask for her when you call. She understands business and customers.

Review №6

We filed a BBB complaint with a local business with bad practices. The business owner said they would go to mediation so the BBB complaint was closed. The business owner has refused to go to mediation, and the BBB still has given them an A+ rating. Every time I call the number I get an office is closed answer...

Review №7

My wife posted a review and the business owner flagged and removed it. Condescending replies only support these bad reviews posted by customers that used your services. This BBB is censoring legitimate reviews and allowing employees of accredited businesses to post fake ones to boost their ratings.

Review №8

Kudos to Alonzo and the entire Fox Pest Crew. They are always prompt, pleasant, and efficient. It is a relief to know that our home, pet, and family are so well protected.

Review №9

They hide many of their own negative reviews.

Review №10

Because they didnt do anything about the problem I was going through with the knights inn

Review №11

DMV Auto Financing in 3885 Jefferson Davis Highway Stafford , Va : The best service I have ever received at any dealership I have ever been to. The staff is genuine, hardworking and understanding of customers needs. They worked from the moment I arrived to do everything they could to have me drive off in a new car. I am very happy and grateful to have net them and will definitely recommend them to all friends and family who are in the market for a car.

Review №12

I absolutely LOVE the people at the Better Business Bureau. They have truly helped me expand my business and give me all of the exposure that I need. Because of you Shimmer Me Boutique is on the rise! Best decision ever for my business.

Review №13

Alonzo came out and did an excellent job. Definitely worth call if you are having issues.

Review №14

Update: My review has now been posted.I have been trying to get them to post a customer review on a business, and it hasnt happened. It states allow up to 3 to 10 business, and it has been way more then that. I have done follow up emails, and no one is responding. So I keep creating a new customer review to see if that will get their attention, and still nothing. At least Nashvilles BBB follows up. This BBB is awful!!!

Review №15

Green Dreams Landscaping - Had a sprinkler system installed last summer. Slow to respond after they recvd payment. When this spring came around and we were waiting for them to turn our system back on, they did not even have the courtesy to tell us they were no longer in that business and that we would get a call from another co to turn it back on. After we had the sprinkler system installed, we also contracted with them to thatch and seed our yard. Part of the deal, was that they would cone back this spring to reseed any spots that needed to be redone. Getting that accomplished was worse than getting teeth pulled. Finally, with the help of Jessica who was very attentive and helpful it was done today. Trevor, the owner did not even have the respect to contact me regarding this transaction as requested, which does not say much for his reputation. So the job will get done, but there is little or no customer service from the owner and it’s a very tiring and frustrating process. I would select another vendor for landscaping needs if i read a review like this

Review №16

Dont waste your money, there are no real benefits. Google reviews are so much more reliable. Business owners beware, dont give them a dime.

Review №17

I was accredited with the BBB for many years and felt it added that Trust Factor and Credibility. Now that Im a one man show I still stay in contact with my Rep. from the BBB and have always valued my relationship with the Central VA. BBB.

Review №18

Awesome place to work. Really love the people I work with and the company is amazing. We carry the best products and offer them at a great price to help our customers save on their investments. Nothing like the best with savings !!! All of my customers really appreciate that!!!

Review №19

I would advise all consumers to avoid entering into any contract which contains a clause that states “all claims and disputes will be resolved through mediation at the Better Business Bureau”. I hired a Better Business Bureau A+ accredited contractor to do a handful of remodeling items on my home. I signed his contract which included the statement “any disputes would be resolved through the Better Business Bureau.” At the end of the job, I had $10,000 worth of claims. As agreed to, I went to mediation at the Better Business Bureau to resolve the dispute. The mediator obtained by the Better Business Bureau was not a lawyer or judge and had no legal education. The mediator did NOT apply business law principles in his decision-making process and admitted as much. In fact, the mediator did NOT follow the procedures set forth by the Better Business Bureau. As a result, I lost $3500 in claims because the mediator did not apply basic business law principles and common sense to a portion of the contract which was ambiguous by his own admission. It was a no-brainer decision based on the law. The mediator stated he was familiar with the principle in law which should be applied to ambiguous contracts, but stated he disagreed with the law and was not going to apply the law in his decision on that particular item. Unbelievable! The mediator at the Better Business Bureau, by his own admission, did NOT apply the law in his decision. If you sign a contract requiring dispute resolution through the Better Business Bureau, be forewarned, you should have no expectation that general business law principles will be followed in any dispute resolution you may encounter. Despite the fact I was awarded $5315 in the dispute, it would have been significantly higher had I taken the dispute to a real court of law. But then again, the Better Business Bureau is funded by client businesses like the contractor I hired. Follow the money. I was foolish for agreeing to have disputes settled by the Better Business Bureau. I would stay away from any business who is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Review №20

*LET ME BE CLEAR for those who struggle with reading comprehension. This post was NOT addressing employment with the BBB* The response from the Central Virginia BBB is irrelevant to what I posted about. It seems like the owner did not read this original post from 05/10/19:The central Virginia BBB is an antiquated and unnecessary organization. There is no need for the BBB in this day and time because of all the information available to us online. Their grading system is inconsistent and joining the BBB is a waste of time and money. Invest that money into your business or maybe give a bonus to your employees, but do not waste it on such an outdated and privately owned company. Also, remember that the fees are annual. If youre running your company in the proper manner, there is absolutely no need for the BBB to be involved in your business, especially if youre already established.*The response below from the BBB has NOTHING to do with my post from 05/10/19*

Review №21

Trinity Renovations in Mechanicsville completed a bathroom renovation for us in June. This is a superior company! They were on time, on budget, always professional and hire excellent workers. They have an outstanding communication system in place which puts the client/homeowner at ease. We are delighted with our renovation and highly recommend them.

Review №22

Thank you so much Donny Acors for coming out late, at short notice, on the coldest night of the year to fix my furnace. Very professional, very knowledgeable and excellent customer service. I highly recommend your company. Thank you again!

Review №23

I am so thankful for the Better Business Bureau, The company I had a problem with would not work with me but as soon as BBB step in everything was fix right away. Thank you again!

Review №24

New Kent Humane Society - I wish there was an option for no stars. Poorly run organization, is willing to let animals be just adopted out to the first few who make contact, won’t take other applications to see what experience they have. Assume things of other people and post things about interested applicants that are lies. Then when they are called out on it. They block you from their site. Very inprofessional and doesn’t have the pet’s best interest at heart as they would listen to people who have experience with a particular breed in rescue. Others who expressed the same concerns were also blocked, so very mature. I feel terrible for the poor babies that come into their care.

Review №25

If you are a member of the BBB, you can shoot down any review or complaint that you want. If you pay enough, theyll give you an A+ rating.So, the BBB allows corrupt businesses to disguise themselves as legit. You are just permitting wolves in sheeps clothing to take advantage of consumers. The BBB should be ashamed of itself.I guess that the entity known as the BBB doesnt mean anything anymore. Every-time that consumers see the slogan member of the BBB, they should run. Any business that needs to prove that they advocate for consumers is, probably, trying to do the exact opposite.As the old saying goes, tell me what you brag about, and Ill tell you what you lack.

Review №26

I have called on the BBB numerous times to resolve issues with businesses and have always gotten good results. I no longer argue with business. I call the BBB!

Review №27

Over many years Ive dealt with many BBB chapters nationwide. Every experience has been useful and productive, with one notable exception: The Richmond office is the only one which has been totally devoid of any sense of justice or morality. Olivia Smiths judgments are completely capricious and irrational, ignoring any and all facts as it suits her. Unfortunately, the net result is that the Richmond / Central Virginia BBB is completely useless for consumers.

Review №28

This BBB has always been a courteous and helpful resource that has helped me find companies I can trust. I try to check BBB first before making any purchase online.

Review №29

Im a business owner. The BBB calls my office and says We need to speak with the business owner regarding an issue in your file. Oh- a Complaint from a consumer, right? NO- they just want me to pay the $xxx to JOIN the BBB. Got and EMAIL from them today- a COMPLAINT....Click on the link. Ok- Im not clicking on a link from an unsolicited email (As per the BBB website: ALERT: Phishing Scam Looks Like BBB Email…But It’s Not.) I call them in the middle of the morning three times.. Our offices are currently closed.. Go to our website. I go to the website. Under our Status it says 1 complaint in the last 30 days. So where to do go to SEE the complaint? There is nowhere to look. Should I click the link in the email? Not gonna happen. BBB is a scam- the pretend to be a Community Organization and they are NOT - not for the businesses, not for consumers. They are a money making sales organization. Might as well be selling commemorative plates.

Review №30

The BBB is not, in fact, what it portrays itself as -a legitimate, unbiased consumer advocacy organization. Instead it is a FOR PROFIT business. The BBBs business model is basically one of extortion- pay big bucks annually to achieve and maintain the bogus but official- sounding Accreditation or risk looking like your business is not legitimate or recommended (compared to the others that have paid for this status). The fact that a business is not Accredited by the BBB ONLY means they havent PAID the BBB. IGNORE Accredited status on the BBB website- it has nothing whatsoever to do with the trustworthiness of a given organization.Edited to add- the business I work for is not accredited- and we have had numerous positive reviews submitted about our company to the BBB. The BBB will not publish a single positive review on our business page- ONLY the one NEGATIVE review we have from years back is published. The BBB is now encouraging us to seek accreditation (ie: pay them a thousand dollars) so we can manage our reviews....really.

Review №31

Just had best experience with Erwin Frankes World of Rugs. Came to my home and helped me with open space area. Knew what I wanted and I listened to his expert opinion and space is now warm and lovely.

Review №32

What a joke. I filed a complaint with BBB and their response was that the contractor had reached out to me,While your experience will not be processed as a formal complaint, it will assist us in evaluating the companys overall business performance history. We have placed a copy of your complaint in the companys file.Have them submit any records of them reaching out to me, I called their office 3 times for an estimate and their manager finally called me back with some unintelligible excuse why they couldnt do the job. I was only up to the point of needing an estimate. Like I stated in my complaint that company is a waste of my time, two trips and lost time for me from work twice and no estimate. BBB is a huge waste of my time too.

Review №33

Poor oversight and disappointing assistance. The BBB basically holds one hostage to online complaints even if those complaints are clearly made up or wrong. There is no due diligence when publicly posting consumer complaints on their site, and then there is virtually no assistance to the businesses being accused in clearing their name. Not a good situation. It lacks fairness and professionalism and makes one wonder what service they are really performing.

Review №34

BBB gave our company a F rating for failing to provide them with information. We are not a member, nor do we have any desires to pay this organization. The notion that a private company can demand you snap to and provide them with private information or risk having your business reputation damaged is quite astonishing.

Review №35

Worthless - dont waste your time. You can submit all the documentation you have on a fraudulent company and it does no good.

Review №36

I needed a moving company so I found one with an A+ rating on the Central Virginia BBB website. On the day of the move the movers did not show up! This caused myself and others involved a lot of inconvenience.I entered a negative review for the business with a A+ rating on the BBB website and they did not post the review! This proves to me that they are selective in their postings and cant be trusted.

Review №37

Longstanding dues paying member of BBB, we put in a request for them to mediate a dispute with another business or at least some advise on how to handle this dispute. BBB of Central Virginia was disinterested and unwilling to help at all. We are no longer associated with BBB of Central Virginia and would not recommend them to anyone.

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Amazing facilities and outstanding staff.

Review №39

Clean place

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I filed a complaint against the Jiffy Lube in Short Pump for allowing me to drive off without oil. I recieved a response back from the company via BBB and I rejected their response. They just immediately closed my case after my rejection and the whole thing was a huge waste of time.

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How are your offices closed according to your automated system when you call, but your open 🤦

Review №42

EDIT: Some from the Richmond office called me finally and got this taken care of. It took awhile to finally get through to them but they solved the issue. Thank you.

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What a fake, why arent the BBB folks at least trying to make the changes these complaints address instead of cannedly replying to every one?

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Interesting how BBB has great businesses listed as F but there google review is terribleBBB is fake news

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I contacted the bbb for help with tires I purchased in July 15. they have less than 7000 miles on them and 2 of them have had the sidewall blow out. the retailer will not help nor did the bbb. Thanks, I thought you were there for the customer but I guess I was wrong

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Very thorough at checking out a complaint

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Prompt in assisting customers.

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Nonprofit JOKE really don’t wast you’re time or money they do nothing to support a business .

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I filed a complaint on Saturday still nothing nobody replied it been 4 weeks

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When you write a review, is it for the company you are complaining about or the BBB?

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Good service

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Updating Professional Services with current information

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Great place to work

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