Shady Grove Family YMCA
11255 Nuckols Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059, United States

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Beautiful facility, very friendly staff. Look forward to going up there more frequently!

Review №2

Love all the programs and services offered for children and adults alike. Also appreciate the enthusiastic welcome from the staff whenever visiting. I feel like I am a part of something good.

Review №3

The (Shady Grove) YMCA is awesome!I love how the Y is family friendly and has something for EVERYONE !It is a great place to socialize your child and introduce them to different sports and activities!People are always willing to help, so ask if you have a question!

Review №4

Great care in equipment cleanliness and access to hand sanitizers.Great thoughtful and caring staff.

Review №5

We love our local YMCA! Shady Grove is so nice, new and clean. Everyone is very polite and friendly. We are new to the area, and through the YMCA our children made their very first friends! Our son looks forward to the after school program every day!! Our teenager is learning about community involvement from joining the leaders club! We are so grateful to Ms.Margina and Mr. Ryan for welcoming our children with open arms. God bless the YMCA!!!

Review №6

Love the friendliness of the staff and great instruction - Women on Weights!

Review №7

I have been a longtime member of the YMCA, since 1998! I love the variety of group exercise classes, the options for both indoor vs outdoor, the Xommunity aspect, and the fact that they offer activities to all generations from younger children to older active adults. The staff is always friendly and helpful!

Review №8

Friendly staff and I love the lap lane reservation system!

Review №9

Great equipment and the staff is super friendly!

Review №10

The YMCA is very thoughtful about how they support the needs of their members and the families around the community. Their programs and activities are very diverse and are for all ages. I cant say enough about the staff at the Y and how they have gone out of their way to make my family feel safe and secure from their sporting activities, gym and Success Center for virtual school. Thank you YMCA for all that you are doing for the community.

Review №11

Tried multiple times to call and setup swimming lessons with no return communication whatsoever after a month.

Review №12

Gotta give big 2 thumbs up to the staff. Autumn handling aquatics and Marion with great customer service skills. They are so friendly, professional, and caring. Fast problem solvers and attentive to special needs guest. You rock! Thanks!

Review №13

There’s got be a direct way to connect to the branch to cancel our reservation instead of call one number that has 20 calls ahead of me and I have to wait 45 minutes to talk to someone !!!!

Review №14

Wonderful experience and great staff

Review №15

I don’t recommend itThey’re not professional at all The worst Gym everytime in family pool they come with new rule and there’s no sign no guide no nothing for their rules I’ve being in a lot of Gym but never had a problem like in this one me and my daughter wasn’t comfortable at all you could not breath we feel like you cannot do nothing everything is forbiddenPS: One thing I liked is the daycare girls who work there .

Review №16

Charde and Mike at the front desk always do a wonderful job! On an early morning or at the end of a hard day. I appreciate their smiling eyes ( through a mask at all) These two team members really make me feel a part of the ymca family by just being kind.

Review №17

Clean shower and locker room, perfect for a swimmer.

Review №18

Great gym! Its not too crowded if you go early in the morning. Its pretty convenient to get to if you live in the west end. They also have plenty of class options if thats your thing. The locker room and the facility is generally pretty clean. The equipment is in good shape and the treadmills are a little bit newer as well. A great place to go if youre looking to get in shape!

Review №19

The staff was soooooooooo nice and answered every question I had. I am a new member and I already feel like Im at home. 💙💙💙

Review №20

Love this place, its so clean and an awesome staff, kid care is awesome, great setup for families. Highly recommended.

Review №21

Very clean, safe and great variety of equipment.

Review №22

Always something I am interested in and friendly

Review №23

Very clean and well run facility

Review №24

Great basketball program

Review №25

The Shady Grove Y is amazing!! It was well thought out when it was being designed. It is always clean and there is always something to keep your kiddos engaged. The staff makes it inviting and I love that my children are always happy to visit with their friends.

Review №26

Fun family place

Review №27

Visited from out of town and Im really thankful for the Nationwide Membership. This facility has a lot going on. There are two workout rooms and an adjacent functional area. I really enjoyed one of the many the AM spin classes too. Ill certainly be back there next time Im in town.

Review №28

The employees in the child watch rooms are amazing and the reason I keep my membership. They are truly an amazing bunch that go out of their way to keep me and my children happy. They keep the kids entertained and give me a honest report of how my kids behaved while I was working out. (They do change diapers too, thankfully.) This YMCA is great all around but the child watch employees are outstanding! So friendly and caring!

Review №29

Member for over 2 decades ... great staff and awesome community. Love , Love , Love the saunas ( steam and dry).. Love reading on the treadmill and the spin bike.

Review №30

The staff are very friendly, professional and cooperative! Plus the area is very clean and motivates us to go there everyday. Child watch is awesome!May the Almighty God bless you guys more and more!!

Review №31

The staff is great here! Arnica has been excellent with all the information and help that she provided us with! We went on a Saturday morning. The Facility was very clean and the water chlorine level was much lower than other swimming pools! We had a lane to ourselves for an entire hour. Highly recommend this location.

Review №32

Ive been a member for two and a half years and use the Y for the fitness facilities and group fitness classes. The space and equipment is adequate and kept in good working order. Other members are courteous. But most importantly, the staff are consistently friendly and helpful, and the instructors are _incredible_, both in the quality of instruction and in being welcoming, friendly, and encouraging. I have no qualms about spending $30/month here - especially when it includes free access to any Y in the nation.

Review №33

This is where I BE!! Besides one of the front counter females being the laziest person in existence, and them being some of the most selfish, rude members(sitting on the equipment texting while youre waiting for it) my needs are met.

Review №34

Family pool review... Would give lower rating if possible. The rules are absolutely ridiculous! No holding your breath under water? Are you kidding me? Being someone that has worked as a lifeguard for 5 years, I was appalled at how ornery and unpleasant the lifeguards were. Not to mention that they were doing swim checks with specific kids instead of being on watch. Just a terrible experience.

Review №35

The YMCA is an amazing community center and I have been a member for over 11 years. There are multiple facilities, you can workout in the gym or at the machines. There are also swimming pools and lessons offered on activities like swimming,piano, drums, and sports as well.Lastly, the YMCA is involved in the community and gives the chance for kids and adults to volunteer.

Review №36

The staff is friendly, helpful and caring. Love all the different types of programs. The instructors are great!

Review №37

Nice gym and swimming pool! But seems like family bathroom was so messed.... wasnt cleaned regularly

Review №38

The YMCA is an amazing community center and I have been a member for over 11 years. There are multiple facilities, you can workout in the gym or at the machines. There are also swimming pools and lessons offered on activities like swimming,piano, drums, and sports as well.Lastly, the YMCA is involved in the community and gives the chance for kids and adults to volunteer.

Review №39

I am so disgusted with this gym. First of all, my daughter was swimming with her step brother and even though we have a family membership, she was asked to leave. Her step brother is Indian and the women said “he is clearly not your brother”. She was drilling her in our family dynamics. Really? She was kicked out because they said he needed to be taught to swim by their coaches. Isn’t that up to us?Secondly, the members at the gym do not wear deodorant and it smells so bad in there. I am not sure why they can’t enforce this but the smell is so bad that I had to leave on multiple occasions. The equipment is also not wiped down enough and has sweat drippings from prior use.Swim Staff is rude and disrespectful. They don’t believe Indian and white people can be married? I have had enough with the staff, smelly members and the cleanliness of the Shady Grove YMCA. For that? One star.

Review №40

Nice facility with multiple equipments. Staff is friendly and very helpful.

Review №41

All of the staff are great! Love all the lunch time classes!

Review №42

Wide variety of programs for adults and children. So many fun family events and programs as well.

Review №43

It has a great gym. 2 pools 1 a lane pool, another with a 2 slides and a basket ball net. The also have great fields. Also excellent staff. They also have bible verses to read.

Review №44

Its a disappointment after being with Y for over 6 years. I had membership with Y while my two kids went to preschool and I paid thousands of dollars to the end. Recently I enrolled my son for Taekwondo for 3 months with a membership rate of $95 ($160 for others). I discontinued my membership for last month and I have been asked to pay $65. I offered to pay prorated but the management was adamant about the the process and talks about terms and conditions. If theyre leaving behind my honor with Y then why should I care to go thereafter.

Review №45

Family friendly, clean, and offer a variety of programs for children and adults.

Review №46

Great programs and personal trainer availability. The child care is the best thing, it allows me to workout.

Review №47

The place and people are pretty good, but the basketball courts have become a joke. They use it for other activities during the weekend such as swim meets, karate tournaments and much more. Many people are subjected to play outside in the hot sun while the courts are being used for irrelevant purposes.

Review №48

Popular classes gets filled up during season time. Still this is our place to go for fitness

Review №49

My daughter went to preschool and after school here and i feel my daughter is in good hands

Review №50

Amazing bathrooms!!! It was clean amd smelled nice. The toilet paper was soft and the toilet was hight up so I didnt have to squat down. All in all I give it a 10 out of 10 would poop again.

Review №51

I like child care, the gym , the swimming pool and the great rates .

Review №52

Great place for family and friends. Really nice facility and really nice staff. You should go to this YMCA!

Review №53

Awesome Staff and Programs ! Thank each of you for your Spirit of Giving and Awesomeness.In-Kindness,Debita Life Coach, LLC

Review №54

Great gym, Great service, all the equipment you need at a great rate and more. Only way this could be a better gym is if they had an Ice machine

Review №55

My husband and I were using this gym as our home gym for 2.5 years while we were relocated in the area. It was our first time having a YMCA membership and now all future gym memberships are ruined for us because of Shady Grove.Youll read reviews about crowds or cleanliness and I would advise you to take it with a grain of salt: all gyms will be crowded during high traffic times (ex: after work, Saturday morning, etc). Ive never had a problem with the cleanliess of the gym. There are people who dont put away their weights (like in every gym), but I see the staff constantly cleaning and putting away the weights.Our tendency was to go the gym 1.5 hours before closing and weve never had a problem with crowds then.But back to the staff: theyre all kind and really friendly. The trainers are all approachable and willing to help and give advice if needed. Some even walk around and say hi to those working out (if the person working out is a regular and/or approachable). Weve never felt uncomfortable with the staff and theyve never been rude.The facility itself is loaded with stuff. Its not a top of the line Equinox club, but this is pretty damn close. They put in a functional fitness zone with turf in the weight room area and thats my favorite part of the gym. They have a heavy battle rope, boxes for box jumps, and weighted balls you can throw (not just medicine balls, the ones they use in crossfit-like work outs) as well as other equipment. Their weights area is split into 2 large areas and has more than enough equipment. They have 2 large studio rooms for classes (included in the membership) It also has a pretty decent pool for laps (5 or 6 lanes) and another pool in the back that is more geared towards kids, but even thats more than one could ask for: 2 slides, overhanging flower showers, play seats, etc. I am not ashamed to say Ive used the pool slides. They have a huge gymnasium where people typically play basketball with an indoor track on top encircling the gym. My husband loves playing basketball and has plenty of room do practice shooting on his own, but more often than not, he joins a pick up game with other people that are playing at the time.Honestly, the membership price is SO MUCH MORE than you can bargain for (there is financial assistance if you need it and they are very accomodating). Not only so you get this amazing facility to use, but its also a NATIONAL membership, so you can use ANY YMCA in the countey. That being said, it leads me into commenting on their membership services. Signing up was easy and no fuss with no extra fees (honestly how many gyms can do that?). There is an annual fee per an account (individual account, family account, etc), but its completely reasonable. And now heres the amazing part: canceling is a BREEZE. They ask for a minimum 2 weeks notice in person and thats it. No extra month you need to pay, no canceling fee, no written notice, no give us a full month before the day we will bill nonsense. When we found out we were relocating again, we came in just shy of 2 weeks (like 12 days instead of 14) and were prepared to pay an extra month. But the lady told us we were fine and that was it! I even checked my statement the next month just to be sure and yup, no extra charge.We loved Shady Grove YMCA with all our hearts and it definitely left an impression on us for future gym memberships. No one believes us when we say that this YMCA is the nicest gym weve ever been a part of, but its 100% true. A huge thing we felt with this YMCA is theyre not just a gym, theyre a family, so you dont get the money-hungry attitude here like you would at other gyms.If it was up to us, we wouldve stayed and used this gym over and over again. But until then, we wish Shady Grove all the best and we say thank you to them.

Review №56

Upon signing up we were told that what we paid would be till the next month. Immediatley the day after we were charged for a full month membership which we had no clue about. As well as when we signed up, we were given no details on what the membership included along with benefits and class discounts. Of course, when I called the following the day everyone was to busy to help me out. I gave up on that because I wasnt going to chase the issue being that I was going to have to pay anyways. Then of the 3 times Ive come here, each time Ive had to deal with attitude from the younger staff, specifically the life guards. I come to the gym to both get my workout in and also play with my 4 year old daughter in the pool. I cant take this place seriously no more and I will no longer come here. Im going to attempt another jab at a different location but if its all the same as this location then I will quit my YMCA membership.

Review №57

Way too overcrowded in the cardio/strength training rooms -- the basketball courts, swimming pools, and studios are always in use and not open to the public at random times. additionally, a particular staff member was very rude when I brought in a guest but this is the only gym nearby so im kind of stuck here lol

Review №58

Shady Grove is such a wonderful place to workout. Clean, well organized, with a very friendly staff. I miss it terribly! I do wish they could have found a way to keep the Silver Sneakers Program. Even if they had worked with AARP insurance and ask participants pay a portion, that would have been better than just shutting it down completely. Many YMCAs in other areas still offer the SS Program, just not in Richmond. The Jewish Community Center supports the program and ask the Senior Citizens to pay a portion of the fee if they use the pool or gym facilities. Come on Shady Grove, work with us.

Review №59

Nice enough but the speed bumps outside will destroy your car.

Review №60

It has come to my attention that you are forcing your employees to be vaccinated and to provide private information. You have lost my respect and will no longer be doing business with you. Medical information is private.

Review №61

Excellent sanitation and staff is very friendly.

Review №62

Very good service.

Review №63

This is a great place to work out!

Review №64

Fun, family friendly with special needs. Thank you.

Review №65

I can sum up why I dont give this otherwise nice facility and camp provider five stars: Pool Nazis. Im a middle aged dad who likes to frolic with his kids in the pool. Yes, I can appreciate how the Y needs to keep things safe etc, but the lifeguards are just out of control. For starters, I can wear swim goggles and those obnoxious nose plugs when I want to play tag underwater with my boys, but I was asked to remove my dive mask. Today I was asked to stop gently flopping a water noodle toy at my boy as he surfaced, and tried to evade it as a game, like whack-a-mole. Youd think I was trying to whip him or something, and that I as a dad would know how to play with my own child. Another dad today was asked not to use flotation dumbells to play with his daughter. Also, in chatting with other dads in the locker room, Im not the only dad who feels this way. God I miss the community HOA pool we enjoyed before we moved to Richmond. Now we have to try find what fun the Fun Police allow at the Y.

Review №66

I have been a member for 3 years and had no problem with anything.

Review №67

I go every day, excellent place to work out! 5 stars

Review №68

A great place to be.

Review №69

I have been going there for years, and, although I would like to see better accommodation of lap swimmers, I think that it is a great place.

Review №70

Even though it is about 15 miles away from home, it would almost be worth coming out here if not for two very annoying facts: One, the basketball courts are often shut down early weekends for ridiculous pickleball. Often it is not listed on the events calendar. Two, and more prevalent and annoying than pickleball ever could be, is the ever-increasing numbers of specific individuals(groups) who seem to think human body odor is both attractive and desired to others outside of their culture. Most of the West End is like this these days. I used to come to use the indoor running track, but each time I am hit with odors that nearly make me vomit. I can deal with typical snobby, self-entitled, rude people by ignoring them, but putrid air I cannot. Maybe one of those altitude mask will purify my breathing air....

Review №71

Only gym around that offers a variety of lunch time group fitness classes.

Review №72

Review for Shady Grove YMCA Preschool:Both of my children went to the YMCA preschool and they both love it there so much! My daughter went there and now my son goes there. I cant praise this school enough! The teachers there are top-notch, very caring, personable, compassionate, and actually love the kids and call them by name, and make them feel welcomed, loved, and cared for. You can tell that the teachers there actually enjoy their job. They are very welcoming to the children with a smile on their faces every day. They definitely make the children feel at ease.I can mention few names of some wonderful teachers there: Ms Christy, Ms Sara, Ms Virginia, Ms Bella, Ms Balleri, and seriously many more but I cant remember all the names. Such a great group of teachers!!I also have to mention that Ms Margina Grow is an absolutely amazing preschool director! Very personable, helpful, cheerful, and loving with the children; with a big smile, she greets and welcomes each child in the morning.It is truly an incredible experience for my children, and Im very thankful for such a wonderful well-rounded school that gives my children a good first experience about school.Also did you know that they have such a nice service (at no additional cost) that you can pull your car by the preschool door, and the director (Ms Margina) and other teachers take your child from your car and bring them inside the school and into their classroom in the morning. And when you come to pick up your child in the afternoon, they bring your child back to your car! How awesome is this?! I havent seen any other school that does that. I wish I can tell everyone about this preschool, truly I am having such a great experience there! Great job everyone!!!

Review №73

Very spacious with great family pool

Review №74

My best placeAll are nice

Review №75

Great gym and everything else is good, but they always have to gym closed for all these other activities, they have money to make a super nice pool, but not to make another multi-purpose room for karate, pickleball, etc.

Review №76

It was great I might go again today 😁

Review №77

Awesome facility..great staff...great multicultural environment where all can enjoy

Review №78

This is a really nice gym with lots of options to get your workout. I usually focus on the free weights and cardio equipment. What I really like is that they have 2 separate areas for free weights so people arent crowded in one spot. For the weight lifters they have good amount of benches and two regular squat racks (also 1 assisted squat rack). I usually dont come during peak hours, but Ive never really had an issue finding open equipment to use. The few times I have come after work it was packed, but thats almost every gym.Ive been coming here for years and the staff has always been friendly and helpful. They even sign you up for free contests where you can win prizes like headphones, TVs, ipads, etc. I won a free one hour massage during the holidays last year just for maintaining my weight within 2lbs during Nov-Dec.I pay around 55$ a month in membership fees, but I believe it can vary based on income, number of family members etc. I think its great they work with everyone to get access to gym equipment.I dont take advantage of everything the Y has to offer such as daycare, youth camps, pool, soccer fields, classes, etc. However, the location is perfect for me and I still feel like I get a great value with my membership. I would recommend this gym to anyone, but especially if you have a family with kids.

Review №79

Me and my kids love the indoor pools

Review №80

Amazing ,

Review №81

Great gym, mainly focused on family. Lots of younger people

Review №82

Never put a penny in the vending machines. I put a five dollar bill in and it got stuck and let me get a snack. I reported it and had to wait a week to get my money back. Guess what they wouldnt give me my money back.

Review №83

Nice facility that has everything for everyone in the family

Review №84

Great place to get in shape with your family !!

Review №85

Great gym for the whole family!

Review №86

Its an old YMCA facility compared to the ones Ive been too. So far the staff and daycare staff have been friendly to us.

Review №87

Excellent organization of kids for Camp Thunderbird!!

Review №88

The administration is great.

Review №89

They have nice coffee

Review №90

It’s small compared to other gyms and kind of unorganized but the people are friendly

Review №91

I love the people at the Shady Grove YMCA

Review №92

Thats good gym

Review №93


Review №94

Enjoyed the facility but has terrible administration

Review №95

Excellent services

Review №96

Thank you !!!

Review №97

Very good!!

Review №98


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