Cherrelyn Animal Hospital
4690 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113, United States
Review №1

I cant say enough good things about the doctors and staff and Cherrelyn. I recently said goodbye to my littlest best friend, Oliver. We went to Cherrelyn for nearly 9 years (I continue to take my other dog, Franny). They will take such great care of your animals and truly treat them as part of your family as well as a member of their own. They are so responsive, helpful, and every person there is so friendly and kind. Their care is so personal and I always know our dogs are in the best of hands when we go there. And I cant speak enough to the compassion they showed me after the loss of my sweet baby. I believe it takes a special person to take care of animals and see them through the hardest times. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for them and continue to trust them with the care of our animals.We love you Dr. Koster, Dr. Waznik, and everyone at Cherrelyn! Thank you for giving me the extra time I was able to have with my Oliver! Words can never express my gratitude. - Donielle

Review №2

I love it my sister and I brought our Chihuahuas in last week and they were awesome Dr Jerry is great and so is his whole team if I could give them more than five stars I would!!

Review №3

We take our dogs there for checkups and shots. The staff is very friendly and the doctor very knowledgeable.

Review №4

They took good care of my puppy excellent customer service would highly recommendIf your looking for a reliable vet.

Review №5

The staff from the doctors, to the receptionist to the clinic director are very caring. I have used this vet for both of my dogs and will continue too. Very satisfied.

Review №6

They have been wonderful! They were willing to see my guinea pigs and help me take care of them, not all clinics do that. Friendly, caring staff!!

Review №7

My first visit here was when I had to put down my best friend of eleven years. Their care and compassion made me a client for the rest of my time in the area. They have been great with my other pets since then, and when I boarded animals with them, they were always well cared for. I cannot recommend them enough.

Review №8

I always receive great service and quality care for my pet. Doctors and staff genuinely care about your experience and your pet. Highly recommend.

Review №9

One of the most unprofessional veterinarians I’ve ever visited. I took my animal to this veterinarian because of a issue I noticed with her legs. After not being able to run any blood work on my pet, they returned her to me with a bloody nose and claimed that “ The cat was freaking out and that it could have scratched itself.” Fast forward to the end of the visit. My animal was misdiagnosed and prescribed medication that didn’t help the condition at all. I called in after the Holiday weekend to tell them about the medicine not working. The response I got was “oh okay, Well are you ready to pay for the medication?” After not getting a resolution with the tech I was transferred to a supervisor who proceeded to accuse me of different things during my first visit to back up why the medication didn’t work. After he proceeded to accuse me of lies and stated that “he felt disrespected that I asked him if he thought it was a misdiagnosis” he said the conversation was over and hung up in my face. Do yourself a favor and go to a real veterinarian clinic or animal hospital. This was the most ghetto/dramatic experience I ever had at a Animal Hospital/Veterinarian and they didn’t even resolve the issue.

Review №10

Called to ask for advice on over the counter medicine I could give my pup for occasional coughing. The personnel didnt want to give me any recommendations over the phone. They wanted me to make an appointment, waste my time and money, just to give me a recommendation on an expensive in house medication. Call me crazy but I dont see a need to have a specialist look at my dog to tell me she has a light cough. And on top of it they decided to schedule an appointment on their own when I clearly told them I didnt need one. I will be taking my pup to another vet.

Review №11

Cherrelyn is always responsive to our needs for a quick appointment. Great customer service and all of our pets love to come in!

Review №12

Taking many a different species of animal here and they have received the best care. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Drs. will spend the time needed to address your pets needs.

Review №13

We had to put 2 of our dogs down 7 weeks apart. We were devastated. They were so caring. And left us with our pet till we were ready. It was a very sad time. That meant the world to us.

Review №14

I LOVE Cherrelyn! I originally started going there because I was following Dr. Jones. :) Dr. Jerry is just as awesome. He truly loves what he does and it shows in the care he gives to your pets. I also never have a problem with scheduling. Dillon and the team always find a spot for me. They feel like family and I would definitely recommend!!!

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Review №16

Uncaring with my puppy. Unprofessional and Ill never take my dog there again. She got sick while in their care

Review №17

My family took my Australian Shepherd Marley camping. A drunk camper was speeding in his car through the campground. He hit Marley. Marleys leg was caught under the tire. He pulled his leg out causing a degloving accident. It was a brutal injury. We thought we were going to have to amputate his leg . It required daily trips to cherrelyn Animal Hospital. We went from May to October. Jerry the vet would drive from his Ranch Tio met us there everyday including Sundays , Fourth of July , Labor Day , Memorial Day. It required daily dressing changes. And numerous interventions including laser treatments surgeries and most of all pure compassion. We ended up saving Marleys leg and are so appreciative of the wonderful care we received from Jerry and cherrelyn Animal Hospital.

Review №18

Let me and our family say thank you to Jerry and Laurie for meeting us last nigh at there office after hours . Our little 16 lb Pomeranian got attacked by a 100 lb dog that bit her in her neck . It took two adult men to get our little dog out of the attacking dogs mouth. We knew immediately we were in trouble with our dogs wound. As we called around all veterinarians in Parker they were all at capacity with emergencies. My Jason who is owner of cherry lynn animal hospital is a customer of my husbands and he called him when we ran out of options. Jason Said immediately that he would call a surgeon and tech to meet us at his office in 20 minutes off of Bellevue and Broadway. As we drove from Parker to Bellevue in Broadway our puppy was screaming and bleeding excessively . They met us at the back door And started working on our little dog. After assessing the damage it was quite severe our little dog was asleep and they were starting to suture her up . As we stood there in a closed veterinarian hospital watching these two professional surgeon and tech save our dog we could’ve not of been more blessed to know that they cared so much. All we can say is thank you so much to Jason , Jerry and Laurie .for their quick actions to save our dog

Review №19

The staff treat my dog as if she was their own, they are very good to get her seen in the same day if she needs to. I have been taking her there since she was a rescue puppy, thats been nine years.

Review №20

Hands down best vet weve been to!! They took in our stray pomeranian on a very short notice. Staff is so welcoming and friendly, especially Ashley and Destiny! The Doctor is very informative and also quite funny, definitely made our visit go by smoothly. Zoe is now happy and healthy thanks to them! Will now start bringing our 2nd dog to this place! Highly recommend.

Review №21

I love this vet! Obviously since Ive been coming here for 30 years. They had taken good care of our Pug A.J. for 16 years, then Bella our lab/pit and Capone our Pitty and now our newest member CJ the pug. You get what you pay for and theyre pricing is reasonable for a knowledgeable doggy doc you can trust. Great team!!!! Keep up the good work.

Review №22

We are new to the Denver area and just started coming to Cherrelyn Animal Hospital last month. We have brought our rabbit and new puppy to see this vet multiple times already. Really great customer service! You can tell they really care about your animals and they have had tons of great advice for taking care of our new pup. They have even provided multiple free samples of puppy food to help us get started with the best quality food. We adopted our puppy and hes been sick a couple times so we have been very grateful for the great care weve received here.

Review №23

I have been to this vet twice now for my sick guinea pig. They have been very helpful! :) You can tell that everyone that works there is so passionate about animals and their well being. Everything nice and clean and the staff are so friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable and informed on your pets needs. I would definitely recommend bringing your pets here💗

Review №24

Cat dental was so bad they took only the top half of the teeth as a cure for stomatitis. Had to spend for dental again elsewhere. Also two dogs for annual vaccinations was $400 because they require exam and sold me products the dogs would not eat.

Review №25

Wonderful experience! As a new pet owner, I was picky with which vet to choose for my kitten. Dr. Waznik was the perfect choice! He was professional and kind (even my kitten, JuJu, seemed pleased). I highly recommend Cherrelyn!

Review №26

Always, always helpful, compassionate, and professional. Definitely recommend.

Review №27

Okay experience. Feel like my previous vets have been better.

Review №28

I can’t even express enough how thankful I am for this Vet office. Yesterday my fiancé actually had to take my 15 year old dog Marbles in because I had to work. I was so upset and nervous but so thankful a clinic could get us in yesterday. Marbles stopped walking and using his back legs a couple days ago. Every vet I had talked to that morning had quoted me outrageous prices to even be seen which was discouraging to me to even take him in, but Cherrelyn animal hospital was not only unbelievably affordable but they got right down to the issue and my dog is feeling wonderful already. Nothing else made me feel more confident with this office than hearing my dog did amazing with all staff! Usually when taking him to the vet he’s very uncomfortable and sorta mean so this makes me confident this staff is so loving and wonderful with animals. Thank you Cherrelyn Animal hospital for quality service and care.

Review №29

I love this place and the amount of attention they show my animals. I have never, ever felt like it was just a business to them.

Review №30

These folks are so thorough, considerate and compassionate. I very much recommend Cherrelyn Animal Hospital!! 💖

Review №31

Took my cat in to get fixed we thought it was a female. They checked her in went to surgery opened her up and did not find female parts so opened her up more did exploratory surgery just before he closes her up he noticed male parts. Then did a second surgery to fix him. Staples I had to return to have removed. Incompetence at it finest. Never take an animal there

Review №32

I had to sue Dr Koster for malpractice and I won. I then reported the case to the Colorado State Veterinary Medical Board and they revoked his license for 6 months because of what he did.What did he do?He said he did orthopedic surgery on my dog and actually didnt.Look him up though the Department of Regulatory Agencies before trusting your pet to his care.

Review №33

This place has been a blessing for my dog and I. I struggled with a handful of past vets, getting different opinions that ranged from a patella sprain to even cancer. Dr. Koster was upfront with her acl tear and explained the surgery very well. I highly recommend!

Review №34

Brought my puppy here back in August to receive her first round of shots. Waited 30 minutes after my appointment was suppose to begin before being called back. September for her 2nd appointment, we waited another 30 minutes. I brought my gf for my last appointment in October to have another person witness, waited 45 minutes this time. If you value your time, I highly suggest another Vet.

Review №35

Ive been coming here 4 years already since my pet was 8 weeks old theyve been there always with open arms. Even after covid hit they trim her nails on last min notice Ive never had a problem with them!

Review №36

I was early for my appointment but waited an hour to see the doctor.

Review №37

OMG!!!! Hands down the most amazing and compassionate vet and staff we have ever met, but more importantly the most great human beings. Our dog needed an emergency c-section. They got us in late in the day right away. The surgery was quick, and the prices were extremely reasonable. The entire staff is dedicated to your animal and we felt like they were family. We will never go anywhere else for our dogs needs. Thank you so much for helping out our little Bambi!!!!

Review №38

This animal hospital is the most amazing place ever! They treated my dog for a cut paw and helped me with the cost! They treated my ferret after he was stolen and recovered at no charge!! I cant recommend this place enough for the amazing staff and doctors. Ill never take my animals anywhere else!!

Review №39

This is a great to take your rat. I’ve had a lot of issues with other places not being very knowledgeable about small rodents but the vet here definitely has a lot of experience with rats and I’ve never had problems with any treatments. Plus they’re always available the same day I call which is amazing because normally everywhere else you need to make an appointment days away when you’re little cutie might need help right away.

Review №40

We’ve been bringing our bulldog here since the day after we brought him home as a sick puppy. He’s a difficult dog with plenty of issues, and being my first dog, I tend to panic and think they are all emergencies. The staff here is great and they always squeeze us in or talk me through the issue over the phone. We started here because it was close by, and have since moved about 40 minutes away, but we keep our dog with this vet because it’s clear they love our dog almost as much as we do. They know him by name, always have plenty of treats for him (if his condition allows that day), and they are the only ones I trust with our dog.

Review №41

They take great care of my pups

Review №42

I had an appointment for my 11 month old puppy here this morning and I have found my new vet clinic! Dr. Gerry, Dylan and the two vet techs whose names I didnt get are all so friendly and welcoming! They took great care of my baby girl, she has a corneal ulcer but they gave us meds and eye drops and she is already on the mend, back to being her goofy playful self and Im so relieved. Dr Gerry was very personable, friendly and very thorough in answering all my questions. The techs gave her lots of cookies and love whole they did the exam and gave her eye drops and basically just made sure she was as comfortable as possible for all of it which I really appreciated and so did she! Thanks yall, you rock! See you again soon!

Review №43

Very compassionate staff

Review №44

Everybody at Cherrelyn have gone above and beyond to assist us with our dog this last couple of weeks. I called on a Monday morning because our dog was bleeding and they gave me an appointment on the spot (= no bureaucracy to get attention!). She went into surgery right then and there (even less bureaucracy!), then another appointment to remove stitches and for yearly vaccinations; Dr. Gerald and the team (sorry I dont know your names) were incredible, everybody listened to all my concerns and respectfully gave excellent recommendations. I also really appreciate the spectacular interest and dedication at the reception, Ashley and Dylan are amazing, thank you!.Overall we are really proud that this is our local and neighbor pet hospital. WE RECOMMEND THEM 100%. Support this 50+ years old local business – neither Amazon nor Google will sponsor your kids soccer team this year!! (hahaha read that somewhere).

Review №45

Our longtime vet moved and started working at this animal hospital, and it is certainly worth the drive! I bring my two fur babies here and trust Dr. Jones immensely to care for them. Dr. Jones knows that I am a student and that I pay for my dogs services, and does not ever try to take unnecessary money from me. He has always been honest with me and my family, and has never been wrong in diagnosing our dogs when they are feeling under the weather. My dogs are so comfortable here and love the staff so much! I couldnt imagine taking them anywhere else.

Review №46

Our experience with Cherrelyn was the best! They treated me and our dog Boo with kindness, respect and took the time to help me understand what he needed and why. Boo was very comfortable with everyone who handled him which is unusual for him. He had to stay for a treatment and they were very fair with their pricing. The facility was clean and inviting. I would recommend Cherrelyn to anyone!

Review №47

I came here in an Emergency situation with my 7 year old dog and although we were unable to save my sweet boy... this was the most incredible vet I have ever been too, the most incredible practice with the most amazing compassionate people I have ever met! Your staff was truly amazing and gave me an experience I will never forget. The second I walked in the door with Him they made Us feel so loved and welcomed... thanks to you and your staff for giving us an amazing last day together💜 and for stopping at nothing to try and save him.

Review №48

By far the best animal hospital I have ever been to in any state! They truly care about your animal and will do whatever it takes to help both you and your pet!! I am visiting from Miami and have a very sick dog. I came to the animal hospital very stressed and worried. They took care of my fur baby like she was their own and they even took care of me too! They explain everything as many times as needed, they are patient and very thorough. I trust them implicitly and I know both my pet and I are in the best most caring hands!!!!!!!! I was truly touched by how much they understand and care about the difficulties of having an old sick dog! I am forever grateful for them!!!! They know what they are doing better than any other vet I’ve been to!

Review №49

Very helpful! Took care of my daughter and her guinea pig, didnt charge an arm & a leg!

Review №50

Horrible and unprofessional witness my poor friend being treated unethical. Stay away!

Review №51

They test my fur baby so very well. And they are all super nice. Thanks for taking care of my pupper so well!!

Review №52

I was very impress with Dr Jerry, his staff, and the what did to Zanes teeth

Review №53

This animal hospital is amazing and goes above and beyond all the time! Ive been taking my dogs Didi and Coco there for quite a while, and they have always been treated really well by friendly staff, including at the front desk, by the vet technicians and the vets. Both of my dogs are currently treated at the hospital and every time I go there, all staff members have always been extremely approachable, offering me drinks and making me feel welcomed. My husband and I are truly impressed by the work done here! Thank you!

Review №54

The team at Cherrelyn is really great. Their vet techs are well educated and friendly, and your pets health is absolutely their number one priority. You could not ask for a group of people more dedicated to animal health and care. The cozy size of the hospital means that it is easy for you and your pet to quickly build a familiar relationship with everyone there.

Review №55

They treated my puppy with respect and compassion.

Review №56

I read one of their reviews which said Cherrelyn felt like going to a country doctor. I absolutely agree. These people are amazing at what they do and are very nice while they do it!

Review №57

This is the absolute best vet I have ever been too. My and my roommates have 4 ferrets and we will not take them to any other vet. The whole staff is incredibly nice and caring. The moment we walk in the door you can feel the family atmosphere. All the vets are extremely knowledgeable and informative. They will answer any and all questions and treat both you and your pets with the utmost respect. Me and my little Furlock want to thank them all from the bottom of our hearts!

Review №58

They saved my dogs life, truly angels. Their pricing is fair and reasonable and I say that after having to hospitalize my dog for 72 hours. I would absolutely recommend to others and will bring all my fur babies back here (hopefully never for emergency services again).

Review №59

Great staff,, did awesome job with my fur baby.

Review №60

I am so happy that I discovered Cherrelyn Animal Hospital last year, and now that 1 of my cats is ill, I am even more grateful that we have our place to come back to. Dr. Koster, all the technicians and staff are welcoming, thorough and knowledgeable. I know I am getting the best possible care, for a fair price, and that my questions arent getting eye-rolls behind the scenes. Its too bad that I cant give this TEN stars the service is that great.

Review №61

I really appreciate the staff at Cherrelyn Animal Hospital. Every time I walk in I just get a good feeling that I will be taken care of. The prices are very competitive and they charge for what is needed and I trust that with them. If my bill is higher than Id expected its because thats the medicine my pet needed and I respect and trust their judgement; if the cost was under what I was quoted I dont have to worry about them missing something it just means they were able to work the case in a more financially effective manner. I feel confident that they practice excellent medicine and have great rates; the staff, above all, are the crowning reason I come back. Id pay a fortune to work with caring professionals like these and yet I dont have to. I have read many reviews from multiple sites and it is consistent across the board, people love it here. The rare negative reviews I have read are easy to tell they wanted something for nothing and seem to have a very one sided, misleading, and unfair opinion. Everyone I know and talk to just love these people and love coming to this practice. Customer for life; I highly recommend.

Review №62

Just had the best experience at Cherrelyn! The staff was amazing and took the time to answer any questions I had and really educated me on my pet. We will definitely come here from now on. Very reasonably priced and they were able to get us in immediately.

Review №63

They are wonderful people loving and caring for your pets great service

Review №64

This bet is a joke! They are incompetent and deceptive! Do not take your pets here.

Review №65

I just didnt care for their customer service. Ive brought my pets to Cherrelyn for years.

Review №66

They have always been so nice, friendly, and reasonably priced. Absolutely love how they answer any of my questions quickly and efficiently. They will automatically love your animal as soon as you walk through the door. Definitely keeps me coming back:)

Review №67

Ive been coming to Cherrelyn Animal Hospital for a little over a year now, the staff is very friendly and professional! Best staff Ive even witnessed at a vet! Today I went in because my dog had a cracked dew paw, the staff worked with me so I could have an affordable bill! Just wanted to say thank you for the staff and this clinic id recommend them to anyone, thank you for working with me! Best experience Ive recieved at a vet yet! And Turbos happy and healthy!Thank you again!

Review №68

This place is absolutely amazing! Ive been taking my dog Pepper here for years and she has always gotten amazing care! The technicians are great, they are so knowledgeable its hard to believe they arent the ones running the show! The doctors are very thorough and have saved my pups life numerous times. The front desk is always friendly and welcoming, offering me drinks when I come in and they even get a water bowl for my little Pepper! Healthcare for my pet does add up because of all her health issues but after all the hours or even days I have spent researching pricing all around the area, this place is by far the best! I recommend this clinic to everyone, they will take such good care of you and your furry little friend!

Review №69

Everyone here was very attentive and kind. They have been super helpful in trying to figure out what is wrong with my kitty! I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good homey vet to go to!

Review №70

Cherilyn takes very good care of your pets, they treat them like their own pets. The prices are very reasonable. You can usually get in the same day for an appointment or a very short wait. The owner works almost every day and is an excellent vet, all the doctors who work there are very good.

Review №71

Always helpful to get the meds for our dog.and always kind !!

Review №72

Dr Jerry & Dr Jones have provided excellent care for my old hound dog who suffers from pancreatitis. Front desk staff Dillon & Ashley are always patient and helpful. And their vet techs, Laurie & Bethany and all the others, have always shown gentle care w/my pup. If youre looking for a small, neighborhood, non-corporate vet - Cherrelyn Animal Hospital is it.

Review №73

Took good care of my pup!

Review №74

I am so glad I have found a different vet to take me dog to! There were pros and cons to them for sure, but for me the cons far outweighed the pros.Pros: location was close to me, the technicians (especially Lisa) and front desk staff are considerate, willing to listen, and very knowledgeable!Cons: outdated facility, smells bad, and is just old and small, Dr. Jerry is the main con. He refused to listen to my perspective and input at our first visit to this vet with our new dog, gave our dog all her vaccinations even though we had just adopted her and I was certain that she was current on everything (AND charged us for them all). So I requested to never have him as our vet again. The 3rd and LAST time we were there he overheard a conversation I was having with the front desk staff and came marching out to tell me how I was wrong about everything. He told me that I couldnt make decisions for my dog based on how I live my life, which seems silly since my dog cant exactly make decisions about her medical care herself! He would not let me say no to some expensive, and unnecessary medication and his attitude was so unbelievably condescending it was awful. I felt bad calling and complaining about him because I know hes the owner but it was a terrible experience and he caused me to find another place to take my dog from now on!If you must use this clinic, avoid him at all costs!

Review №75

Excellent doctors and caring staff. My cat got all his shots and medical check ups done here.Recommended for quick visits and for appointment.A bit pricey as the shot series went on but otherwise perfect.

Review №76

Im pretty sure I forgot to leave a review but where to start? I brought my rats Mocha, Bean, and Espresso in a while back and they were so sweet and gentle with them. It can be incredibly difficult and frustrating to find a vet office that will see rats and also not charge too much! My rats were young and nervous, so they were extra kind to them and so compassionate. At the time I had only had my rats for a few weeks and they almost got pneumonia (probably happened in the breeding facility unfortunately) but it cleared up so quick with the meds and the shots! Ive had my beautiful, healthy girls for much longer now and they havent gotten sick since. I am so appreciative of this place and the genuine care my girls received. One of the front desk ladies got super excited about their cute names, too! I even still had backup meds just in case they fell ill again which made me feel so much better. I also feel like my female rats trusted me quicker than my other rats after the whole thing!

Review №77

Excellent service! They care about my Luna and her cousin Sierra. All the staff is excellent always making sure i understand what are they doing or how I need to take care of Luna at home. Super happy with them!

Review №78

I am switching to this animal hospital immediately. This practice offers a wide variety of treatment and medicine and I have never been taken care of so well. The prices are highly competitive and I am very impressed by the staff. My pets are in great care here. Thank you!

Review №79

My 14-year-old childhood pet, a Yorkshire Terrier, received wonderful medical treatment at Cherrelyn throughout the course of his life. It was in the last years of his life, however, that I really came to have a deep appreciation of this animal hospital.He developed a benign mass on his spleen around last Thanksgiving. They did not compel me to do surgery because of his age, but they supported me with my decision after I had chosen to do it. The splenectomy was successful. However, lymphoma attacked his liver at an aggressive rate just 2 months later. That, unfortunately, would spell the end of my sweet little dog.Jeff was such a huge help throughout the horrible but unavoidable process. He is very kind and empathetic and will care for your animal because you care for it. He will not thrust procedures or treatments upon you for your pet. Indeed, I was the one begging for the treatments because I didnt want to let my dog go, but he always gently but firmly gave me the truth about the circumstances and what he thought the best course of action was. He and the rest of the staff are very trustworthy.I work in Golden, but I always took my dog to Cherrelyn despite any inconvenience of time and distance because of what a great animal hospital it is. Your beloved pets are in good hands if you take them here, and I would recommend that you do so.

Review №80

We take our four pets here primarily because of Dr. Koster and his wonderful staff. Making our experience more enjoyable is the fact that Cherrelyn is a full service Veterinary Hospital. The staff are like family to us and our critters, and this warmth, hospitality and A+ service make us loyal and happy customers!

Review №81

These guys are awesome. Watch thr dog while we went out of town. She super scared of anything and got hurt. We worned them she Will hurt herself. After she finally did they moved her into a tighter kennel

Review №82

The owners are fantastic and really care about the animals. Our dog got bitten by another dog and it caused an infection. They took care of him quickly and were very accommodating.

Review №83

You’ll feel right at home here. This place is like family and it’s a place you can put your trust and confidence. Highly recommended!

Review №84

I always ALWAYS have trouble finding a good rabbit vet. But Dr. Jeff is a great guy and really knows his buns. Hes been helping me with my little 10 year old girl, who has some manner of neurological problem. He was conscious of cost, and made sure I fully understood the results, the treatments, and the possible outcomes. The staff is friendly, and the prices are pretty reasonable (exotics are gonna be expensive no matter where you go, unfortunately). Id definitely recommend it, especially if youre looking for a good bun vet.

Review №85

Cherrelyn offers exceptional services and knowledgeable staff. My husband and I have been a customer of Cherrelyn for 3 years for the care of our elderly cat. In the last year she has developed diabetes. This has been a difficult transition for us to learn how to manage her diabetes and other secondary symptoms that have derived from this disease. Cherrelyn Staff have been very involved and have gone above and beyond to help us determine the right foods and medications that fit our budget, dietary customs for our cat, and our busy lives.

Review №86

I have been going to this vet for 20+ years. They have seen 6 of my dogs, 3 cats and even my leopard gecko. While I would love to say that I feel great about this establishment and their wide array of skills for animal species they can care for, that would not really make sense with this single star review. At one point in time, this facility was one of the better establishments to choose from. Over time, as management has changed and some of the doctors are perceived as overworked and beyond the need for retirement, the service has absolutely gone down hill. The compassion and genuine care and understanding for the animals and the owners that intrust their care to these people has greatly declined. During a recent visit and under unexpected circumstances if I might add, I had taken my dog there. After a follow up to a minor non-critical procedure, I expressed my concerns about an issue I had noticed. After review, the Doctor gave me a reasonable pre-diagnosis with two options. The first option was more invasive and expensive and followed by many additional treatments and the second although less likely to be successful would still basically determine the outcome in one way or the other. I chose the less invasive option making sure by asking multiple questions of clarification that I understood the regimen in which to follow as we determined that time would surely tell all. When the less invasive plan didn’t work and we were discussing the topic of putting down my dog of 11 years ( who was still very much a pup in heart and overall good health prior) at follow up, the vet did not re-check/touch my dog, or even speak to my dog but wanted us to commit to the invasive option followed by a year or so of chemo. He did not even talk to my dog. Compassion was gone and all he did was “ask” us to open our wallets. After multiple statements from him that were inaccurate about the prior appointment, I finally spoke up to explain that I was not told the things he was saying to myself and my husband. He began arguing with me about how we can watch the videotape to determine who is right and wrong in the middle of talking about putting my dog down. What I can tell you is this, my recent experience with this facility has ceased all future client/vet encounters. Jerry is no longer understanding, compassionate or doing veterinary work for the appropriate reasons. He is unprofessional, inappropriate and lacks the ability to refrain from outbursts in patient settings. I will NEVER take another animal to that business. I was so appalled with the entirety of the situation, that I would not even let him put my dog down. As a result, I made a call to VRCC to perform the procedure the following day.

Review №87

When I walked in with 8 newborn pups I had no idea what I was doing. The staff at cherylynn did not judge me they were understanding and very supportive. They gave us food for the mama and gave us a lot of knowledge. This was a difficult situation that they made easier for us. Scarlett and the pups thank you.

Review №88

Smaller place but theres a reason theyve been around for sixty plus years. Because theyre great.

Review №89

This is the best vet office/animal hospital I have ever been to! They have been there since my puppy was 8 weeks old, now she is a year and a half, they treat her like she is their own. Very clean, sanitary, and professional!

Review №90

Very nice business Im very caring staff. This is a great place to bring your pets with a doctor who you can trust.

Review №91

The care that my Cat got from Dr. Walker was excellent. This is an excellent veterinary clinic theyre very kind thoughtful and tender with the animals they are entrusted with. Thank you for taking the extra time and to explain in detail the procedures you were going to do. This is an excellent care facility and reasonably cost.

Review №92

CHOP SHOP. This is the worst vet in Denver. All they care about is money. They told my parents to offer up my moms edding ring as collateral to put down theyre dog. PLEASE DONT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE.

Review №93

Dr. Rodrigo is probably the best vet I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. He has dealt with all three of my dogs over the past year or so, and I wont go anywhere else in town. I took in my newest addition, my tiny pup Broccoli, for his first checkup today. The staff were SO helpful, caring, sweet and informative about how to raise my newest family member. I have already recommended every pet owner I know to this establishment and I know I will be a lifelong client. Thank you so much to everyone at Cherrelyn Hospital - you really do make me feel welcome and at home and I will forever be your biggest fan!

Review №94

They took great care of our pets while we were away, and took care of a surgery too. Very recommended!

Review №95

The entire staff, from the techs to the doctors, were amazing. I had my lab at two other clinics with no success to her skin problems. After one visit to Cherrelyn animal hospital, my lab now has a beautiful coat and is full of energy. The follow up phone calls made me feel like they really cared for my labs well being. Without a doubt the best experience Ive had at a Veterinarians clinic. Thank you !!

Review №96

Been going here for over 10 years. They wanted to charge me $1500.00 to remove bladder stones from our 🐕. I have not been happy going there here lately. I always felt over charged . The only caring person is Ashley that works the front desk. I finally had enough and I found Rocky monster Vetcare . They are very caring and affordable. Only charged me $460.00 including X- rays and after care medications. When I had them send medical file to our new vet they didnt ask why or care. I learned a hard and very expensive lesson for over 10 years. The estimate sheet they gave on the surgery was identical as Rocky Monster Vet. That is where Ill recommend everyone from now on.Cherrelyn took advantage of me.

Review №97

I have a Schnauzer that needed his teeth cleaned and a couple of teeth extracted as well. I received a quote from another local vet office that I felt was a pretty excessive. Cherrelyn Animal Hospital was a pleasure to work with; they scheduled an appointment to include a quick exam and cleaning in the same day. They were also very honest and clear with their pricing. I will definitely bring my 2nd Schnauzer in for a cleaning as well and visit them for any other veterinarian needs.

Review №98

Cherrelyn takes care of my dog and my wifes cat. The first time I took Mr. Cat there, they did a great job with his long-neglected teeth and his then-matted fur. Mr. Cat doesnt like strangers, and they were good to him and to me.My parents take Ms. Dog (about 80 lbs of energy) there as well, and they were able to clip Ms. Dogs nails without incident - a feat (no pun intended) which we cannot accomplish at home.They have my confidence, and I appreciate their reasonable prices.

Review №99

We used to live in Englewood, but we live in North Denver now and still travel down here for our dog. Theyve been with us through or first dog passing at the beginning of summer and theyve seen our little dog a few times too. Always very nice, funny with us but also serious when needs to be. Pricing for some procedures are much more reasonable than some places.

Review №100

Most caring staff for my dog. The dr is awesome and knowledgeable. If your pet is family. Than give them the best vet.

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