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My 2-hour Thai Yoga Therapy session was a wonderful experience. I would (and will) recommend Arielle to anybody. She is a compassionate and intuitive practitioner. Her studio is clean, cozy, and serene. The massage itself was relaxing and it loosened me up. My favorite part of the session was what transpired afterwards. Arielle sat down with me and talked with me about the meridian lines of the body and the meridian blocks that she found during my session. This was fascinating and eye-opening. She didnt rush through it; she was totally present. I was amazed at how she intuitively was able to pick up on some blockages, and when we discussed factors that could be contributing to the blockages, it was right on point and incredibly insightful. This has been a memorable experience for me, and I will definitely be back again!

Review №2

I highly recommend Arielle Schmidt and her Thai Yoga Therapy at Tranquility Rising. I heard about her through a holistic health group and signed up for a session. What an amazing experience to have her push stuck energy from stress, trauma and everyday life from my body. I signed up for her 7 session package and still go back several times a year. In fact, I have an appointment scheduled for next week. Such a gift to myself! A must try!

Review №3

I am 77 years of age and I have arthritis in my knees (diagnosed at Beacon Orthopedics in 2012) and I had back surgery in 1995. Suffice it to say that i used to hurt most of the time. I have been going to Tranquility Rising for about 8 months now and I cannot overstate what a blessing this is. One of the best decisions I have made in life. Arielle relieves the pain and gives you simple stretches to do at home to help even more. Arielle cares about her clients and wants to make you healthy and whole. Book an appointment and see what feeling well feels like.

Review №4

I was experiencing back pain and tightness. She was able to loosen and relieve the entire body. Very relaxing environment. She helped relieve stress in the body that I did not even realize i was experiencing.

Review №5

I had the pleasure of meeting Arielle a few months back. I decided to treat myself to a Thai massage and the rest is history. Instantly after my first session I signed up for a 7 session intensive course and it has helped me so much. I have a lot of big life changes happening and this practice has truly helped me so much! Do yourself a favor and see Arielle once and you will NEVER go anywhere else. I truly believe she has a gift of a true healer and walks the path she preaches. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Review №6

Arielle is fantastic! Her depth of understanding in her practice and continued desire to learn and grow and bring the best to her clients makes her a must on my self care team! Beyond her knowledge she is a woman of integrity and strength of character that I personally want keep in my life!

Review №7

Arielle is incredible at what she does. Anyone with shoulder or back issues I highly recommend you see her.

Review №8

I had been searching for a holistic provider to not only be a great match with the holistic service I offer but to become part of my own wellness team. When I found Tranquility Rising I knew it would be a great match for all!! My first session was amazing and I can’t wait for the next. I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed!!! Would recommend this for all ages!!

Review №9

Amazing and effective bodywork like no other by Arielle Schmidt of Tranquility Rising. Unexpected and needed emotional releases go with this bodywork. Arielle is wise beyond her years, professional, truly guides you into a healing process for your body and mind. She is a special lady and practitioner. Will call you out on what needs to be worked on. Can sense it if you’re not being honest or a good partner in this process. Work with Arielle and you will evolve. Love her and what she does. ❤️🌅. Gratitude always for crossing paths with her.

Review №10

A friend of mine treated me to a 120 minute Thai Yoga Massage Therapy session with Arielle at Tranquility Rising. I loved it so much I signed up for the 7 day protocol. Its different and the whole experience was incredible. Arielle surprised me every session with new stretches and bodywork techniques that made me laugh with happiness because they felt so good. I highly recommend Arielle and the Thai Yoga Therapy Program at Tranquility Rising.

Review №11

I was curious about Thai Yoga Therapy and Arielle offered me the opportunity to try it out with a Thai Yoga Facial. Less than a regular full session, this still gave me a taste of what the practice is all about. I’ll be honest - some of it felt great and some of it hurt. The discomfort wasn’t for long, Arielle is clearly a skilled practitioner and does a great job of talking through what she is doing and what she is learning as she works with you.After the session I felt lighter. I was able to move in my Zumba class that evening with much more ease than usual, and I remain curious about what a full practice could do for me . . .

Review №12

Tranquility Rising is a great place for beginners and veterans practicing their yoga. Arielle is knowledgeable, professional, and incredibly warm. My wife and I have been practicing yoga with her now for several months and we love it. We were both beginners and Arielle has taught us so much. She adapts our practice weekly to fit our needs, our skill level, and our pains/weaknesses. Beyond providing excellent value for the dollar in private yoga, Arielle also offers Thai Yoga Therapy. If youve not experienced this before, I highly suggest you try it. It combines the best parts of massage and acupressure with yoga and even meditation. It is simply divine. I cannot rate this business highly enough and recommend you try it!

Review №13

A Thai yoga therapy session with Arielle is a real treat. Arielle describes her bodywork practice as if stretching of yoga, chiropractic adjustment and massage had a baby. AMAZING. She has a gentle, grounded nature and is so knowledgeable. She has an amazing chart that she’s created to help clients understand the interconnectedness of what’s possibly going on in the emotional/spiritual body and thus manifesting in the physical body as tension, pain, and imbalance. I don’t see how I could just go a get a regular massage ever again. You are a radiant light, Arielle!

Review №14

I had a an amazing Thai Yoga Session at Tranquility Rising. I appreciated that I could fill out paperwork online, so that when I came in, we could go right into bodywork. The office was cozy and comfortable. The Thai mat was even heated! Arielle eased me into the session and slowly but firmly worked the tension from my body using lots of beautiful stretches and compression. I was able to relax into the session and Arielle was very attentive. With her knowledge, she expertly adjusted things to suit where my body was that day. She gave me tools for home that I can use everyday. I will be back for many more! These sessions are an integral part of my continued wellness. Thank you, Arielle!

Review №15

Arielle does amazing work. Ive dealt with back pain and knee issues after surgeries and a session with her definitely leaves me feeling better. Thai Yoga feels amazing and leaves you feeling great long after you leave. Ive went through PT and had deep tissue massage but Thai Yoga is definitely the best treatment Ive experienced.I would suggest trying one of the programs. Im in the middle of the 7 session program and its really made a difference. Book a session with her and you wont regret it!

Review №16

What a great experience I had with Arielle! She thought me so much and helped me understand my problem rather than just giving a massage and telling me I’m “tight”. She is extremely knowledgeable and great at her craft.

Review №17

Thai Yoga Therapy was an amazing experience with Arielle Schmidt. I felt so open after each of my sessions and it lasted for days. Tranquil and a great workout for your body in the most peaceful setting. Highly recommend. I did the 7 day protocol and it was worth every penny spent!

Review №18

At Stretch Physical Therapy with Arielle just finished my first session of Yoga assisted stretching and acupressure! This is such a great addition to Physical Therapy! To help with stress and improve relaxation. Looking forward to my next session! Thank you Arielle!

Review №19

Great experience. Arielle did a wonderful job of helping me to relax and working the knots out of my muscles. Stretching combined with pressure activation relieved my tight muscles. The session was geared towards areas that needed to it. Sign up for sessions is easy online.

Review №20

You. Will. Not. Be. Disappointed. Arielle has such an intuitive touch that helps you relax and accept the treatment. I’m a larger lady and she was completely capable! Go see her!

Review №21

I did seven sessions with Arielle from Tranquility Rising and was so impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. She is everything you would want from a healing arts therapist - centered, focused and skilled at what she does. I highly recommend doing a series of body work and she will get to the root of your physical healing.

Review №22

What set Arielle apart from other Thai Bodyworkers that I have had treatments from is her whole approach to wellness. She is an excellent body worker, has an intuitive touch and is committed to helping her clients recieve the full benefits of wellness with a treatment plan that helps restore balance within the body.After the initial massage she not only communicated what she felt she also showed a visual of how it translated into my well-being. It was comprehensive and resonant with with emotions I had been struggling with. She was able to effectively put into words what my body was asking to be helped with.I highly recommend her for anyone - especially those who want a superb treatment and also have an interest in applying those treatments toward affecting a positive change in their overall health and wellness.

Review №23

I am so grateful to have found AJ and am in love with her Thai Body work sessions. She was so in tune with what my body needed and taught me a lot along the way which was great. I’m obsessed with this work and plan to make working with AJ a regular part of my self-care regime.

Review №24

Amazing! I had never tried Thai massage, but I’m so happy I did! I work at a computer and on my feet on weekends - she was able to pinpoint the areas I needed work on and I’ve never felt better after any other massage session! Thank you Arielle!

Review №25

Such an amazing experience and hands down the best combination of massage/yoga I have had to date. I will be continueing my healing journey through Thai yoga and so looking forward to my next session. Phenomenal!!!

Review №26

This is like nothing else I have experienced before. As my time as a college athlete I have had any techniques performed from acupuncture, deep tissue massage, electronic stimulation, active release, chiropractic work, and your regular salon massage. The Thai massage she performed is by far the best technique I have every had. I felt so relaxed and in bliss after my session with her. I have gone there once and will never go to any other service again. I suggest anyone try this out you will be amazed and want to book another session emidately!

Review №27

I have had a few Thai Yoga Massages in my life and I will have to say without a doubt this was the best experience I have had to date. She was so mindful and knowledgeable. I cannot wait to go to her again for another session.

Review №28

So much better than any other type of massage! Think physical therapy done in a yoga format while being massaged 😍😍I used to go to a massagist therapist for a gymnastics injury but never really got much lasting relief! This style of massage and Osteopathic manipulative medicine are the only types of physical medicine I put my faith in anymore!Thanks again Arielle for an awesome massage!

Review №29

My lower back pain is gone and not stiff! What a relaxing, peaceful and spiritual experience. This is a must! I was able to let go and talk and let my body fully experience the session with AJ.

Review №30

Received my 1st thai massage with tranquility rising. The experience was was truly amazing and unforgettable.

Review №31

Amazing results. I felt great after the session. Highly recommend.

Review №32

I work in a coffee shop and a restaurant and stand all day. I’m right handed so use that side of my body the most for carrying and holding myself up at times.With that said I got to bed late and wake up pretty stiff. I’m sure age is adding to this a little but the repeated use of my body in the same position has left me needing some help.I met Arielle at the grand opening of a friend’s yoga location. She gave a 5 min demo and I was ready for the the full 90 min session immediately. I of course waited like we all do. Life and distractions get in the way. A stiff neck and shoulder one morning was enough of a reminder to book my appt.Thai yoga is done fully clothed, just my workout shorts and a T-shirt, and is more about breathing, stretching and pushing on some pressure points.I was surprised what was awakened, it’s the best word to describe it. The pain and other tight muscles that were hidden because I was so locked up from the other stuff.The first session is a new client price which I think is very affordable and very worth for 90 MIN! That’s a lot of quiet time and the stretching felt so good.I sat up and felt more in my body but I liked that because it was letting me know there is lot more to work on and the the spots that needed it the most are feeling so much better.If you think massage or bodywork isn’t for you go do this. You will thank me Arielle is a skilled provider of this type of work and I will be back for more sessions.

Review №33

Wow- my experience at Tranquility Rising was awesome. Truly transformative! Thank you Arielle

Review №34

Ive only had one session of thai yoga but it was amazing I could tell a difference immediately I couldnt sign up for the 10-week program fast enough everyone should at least try this once it will make you a True Believer

Review №35

I appreciate the care in instruction since I am new. Very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Review №36

My experience was simply divine! Thanks

Review №37

Great experience!

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