Harding Kristen L MD
7657 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236, United States
Review №1

I have really enjoyed working with Dr. Harding. I came to her with extreme fatigue after the loss of several close family members along with overwhelming stress at my place of employment. She has been so helpful, kind and patient. It took a little time and some effort on my part to stay focused on health and wellness, but with her assistance I am feeling so much better physically. It has been a great experience.

Review №2

Finally, a physician that actually listens to your concerns/questions about your health! Dr.Harding takes time to listen and examine you, and doesnt brush off your concerns as youre of that age. I would strongly recommend her for help with thyroid and gut health; she has helped me feel healthier, less brain fog, and able to sleep without use of chemicals. It is a work in progress, but I realize its worth the time and effort and is easier when you have a physician in your corner.

Review №3

I had been suffering from hormone, endocrine, and stress issues for over 2 years but did not want to be put on synthetic medicines. I searched all over for a holistic practitioner in the area and found Dr. Harding. I have been going to Dr. Harding for almost 2 years now and have been very happy with my progress. I like that Dr. Harding backs my health progress with facts, statistics, and data that she documents in our visit summaries. She is also very supportive, listening to my ideas and research, as we collectively work together as a team to determine next steps. Through consistent lifestyle management and active treatment (herbal therapies and bioidentical hormones), I am getting my health back on track in a steady and natural way. I have even referred my sister to Dr. Harding. She, too, has been very pleased with her progress. Thank you, Whole Medicine.

Review №4

I had a disrupted gut microbiome, adrenal issues, trouble sleeping and more. Dr. Harding spent an hour and a half just talking to me in my first visit, ordered appropriate tests, and put me on a treatment plan that ACTUALLY helped to fix my troubles naturally. I recommend her hands down and I am very grateful to her for getting me back on track.

Review №5

Dr. Harding is so great! She is very easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable about functional medicine. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in the area.

Review №6

Working with Dr. Harding has been nothing short of life changing. Shes been able to identify the core issues to my complicated health issues and continues to find solutions despite the fact that I did not have and still dont have typical symptoms, so pinpointing the core issues was a challenge. But the proof is in the pudding: Since my first visit with Dr. Harding, I am taking 2/3rds less pharmaceuticals, my vital statistics are normal and low normal with one holdout. Im really close to being off all drugs and the hold out vital statistic is nearly normal. By contrast, had I continued with traditional medicine, I would be on a glucose pump, on high blood pressure and cholesterol meds with no hope of recovery and a very short and dismal life span. I couldnt ask for a better outcome!

Review №7

Dr Harding has helped address root causes of my health issues. Highly recommended.

  • Address:7657 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236, United States
  • Phone:+1 513-549-0494
  • Holistic medicine practitioner
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