Verdant Dispensary
5149 Kennedy Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45213, United States

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I love this dispensary. Even when they’re busy it’s smooth. Every associate is kind, professional and sweet. I’ve never had any problems with my orders and the selections are quite good. It’s always clean and the weekly discount menu is posted everywhere. Also they’re open 7 days a week which is awesome.

Review №2

Ive visited this location multiple times and have been impressed with the quality of service Ive received every time.- Affordable prices- Competitive discounts-Very friendly staff- Clean and convenient locationIt can get busy during peak traffic times but the staff is fast and friendly from my experience. As long as the prices continue to remain competitive I will be coming back.

Review №3

Great prices, honored my indigent discount and was higher discount than most places. Saved a lot of money. Very friendly staff that is very respectful about enforcing policies that Customers may or may not be aware of. Professional, courteous, Highly Recommended! Great job all. Todd

Review №4

Best dispensary in the area! Super friendly staff, great sales, and products are amazing. Prices are about the same as other dispensaries in the area. They have daily sales that are different, for example Monday is 15 percent off everything. Everyday is different. You can do online ordering and pick it up quickly.

Review №5

Showed up, no line, walked right on in with my mask on, the ladies at the desk were very organized and friendly, set up an order with one of the Dispensary Tecks in the ordering in house room, just full of helpful knowledge, placed an order then walked right to the line to check out.Was informed that my order was reduced by 20% for all Flower and select Vap Carts,Mannnn , talk about a Great Day!I would highly Recommend Sunnyside/CINCINNATI, Kennedy Ave, to all old/NewCard holders, honestly you should go there first, because of their Professionalism,Courteousism , and Knowledge toward all products and man Ole man, their runningDEALS!!!!! And the security guards keep every thing flowing, #Great Job People!

Review №6

I was reluctant to go because of all the reviews saying that you had to wait for hours. I put in my order the night before picked it up at 10:15 was in the store for 9 minutes. Will definitely be coming back great experience.

Review №7

Great prices great products some of the people could be a little better but most of them are very nice and polite

Review №8

Now Sunnyside is probably my favorite place to go 😉. They have 20% off of different items on different days. For instance Sunday and Wednesday its 20% off all flower and if you are on disability you get 30% off everything all the time. Awesome budtenders great prices and the best flower. Happy smoking 😤

Review №9

Customer service here is amazing. They go above and beyond to help each and every customer. They also have great sales. I will continue to recommend!

Review №10

My absolute fav place! All the staff is knowledgeable and professional. They get you in and out if you order online. Very easy breezy!!! Wish selection on RSO was better!!!! Get the FECO from CoKoh

Review №11

First time coming here since I avoided them previously before their rebranding to Sunnyside.I don’t have any complaints about the service or how long it took for me to get my stuff, i didn’t go on a busy day(Monday).The lady who helped me was nice.Only complaint about this place is lack of product selection

Review №12

Back to five stars for me! Seems whatever quirks they had on the switchover have been pretty well worked out. Best prices in town and (generally) pretty smooth now. Highly recommend you order online, they do seem to slightly prioritize that now.Third visit edit 6/7:After two not great experiences, I decided I was going to give Sunnyside one final shot. Its a week out from the changeover, it should be a slow day, lets see how it goes.And it went wonderfully. There was no wait and the items I ordered online were, in fact, what I received and were not given away before I could get there as happened in the past.I have them at 3/5 now versus 1/5 because I can feel they are trying to improve and really the majority of the staff is awesome. I hope to be able to revisit this edit with more stars in the future.

Review №13

The only place i shop. Updated menu for online orders, great prices, and helpful staff. Can be busy at times but it because they are the best in town. Other disp. better fall in line or Sunnyside will have all the business

Review №14

It was my first time today the staff helped me an made it nice an easy

Review №15

Very nice employees. Explain everything to you.

Review №16

Best place around. Best deals and a good selection that changes often. Sometimes there is a small line but it goes quick.

Review №17

Really enjoy going here again very fast and decent people. I had stopped going when it was formally known as verdant at that time they had no organizational skills. I have to say really enjoy who took over this place so much better.

Review №18

My Mom had been on fentynyl then oxytocin for years. I finally got her off the opiates and got her a medical Marijuana card..she now only takes 1 or 2 5mg vicodin a day and a gummy a day..sometimes a 1/4 of a piece of the wonderful thc chocolate bar. We just came here for the first time in June 2021. We walked in the 2 girls behind the counter were very friendly and attentive. My Mom went in and was greated by a gentleman that wanted to know a little about her conditions ect and meds ect so that he could help gauge what she would need . Shes actually about to get a knee replacement July 12th so she wanted a few higher end products.The staff was very helpful and friendly. We had being going to a different dispensery but we ll be back here as the selection was good and the staff was so helpful..Thank youFred Tolodziecki& Judy Freedman

Review №19

The staff here are great, friendly, knowledgeable and discounts are good.

Review №20

Superb! It was my first time being there and the staff is very nice and helpful..... great experience happy customer!

Review №21

The staff is very friendly and they appears have good prices (especially for veterans). They are efficient. Other reviews complaining about timing do not realize the amount of red tape this facility has to go through. I’ve never had a negative interaction. I highly recommend…lol

Review №22

My wife has a medical condition that requires her to visit. From my understanding the people are absolutely amazing. They couldnt be any more friendly. Plus they are very knowledgeable on all products.

Review №23

Luv the every day Vet 30% discount. Great info on products also

Review №24

Will let you in all the way up till about 10min from close. Online orders make the whole process smooth. Great staff

Review №25

Best prices in Cincy. Best Sales.Have Luster Pods. :)

Review №26

At the time of this review, Sunnyside is the best dispensary in the area. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, the variety is robust, and the sales are incredible.

Review №27

This is a great place to get medical weed at great prices.

Review №28

Ive had good luck and bad luck here. Ive ordered online at like 1 in the morning. Making sure I get what I want. Go there after work to be told it doesnt matter what time you put your order in. Its first come first serve. So really dont get the idea of online ordering. So if you really want something get there early because it mite sell out. Now on the other hand they do have some great deals all the time an the cheapest dispensary around Cincinnati!

Review №29

Great little shop, knowledgeable staff. Decent prices but still way behind Michigan on specials, vendors promotions,etc.

Review №30

Great deals. Great service, but NO handicap parking. Cant give 5 stars until they put in handicap parking. 🙏

Review №31

Very easy to order online and pickup. Great prices and quality of products

Review №32

Hands down Sunny side got the best deals if theres another dispensary out here with better deals in Ohio I dont know about it

Review №33

First visit here only waited 15 mins was in and out , nice staff , clean.

Review №34

I havent had the best experiences here. Its hit or miss. Everytime I go, there is a line wrapped around the door. They dont answer the phone when you call or call you back when you leave a message. They leave products up on their site that arent available and once you place your order they cancel it. I did a consult and the guy was so grumpy and didnt seem like he wanted to help me or even be there.

Review №35

I won’t front at all I love this place! They have kind and helpful bud tenders who know what they’re talking about, A very good selection, the best prices in the city and a homestyle feel and hopefully they’ll work out the speed “issue” because that is truly the worst. I would recommend otherwise though.

Review №36

It was better with the old owners. Took out all the comfortable seats. Takes way way to long. Not even sure how they could be any slower than the old store but it is. How do you call yourself a medical company and have people with disabilities standing around for 20 min to an hour with no place to sit. Wow this place is bad

Review №37

Do you have to see q doctor are have a card are something Im just wondering I really need and want wat do I have to do Im fr Kentucky plz helpe dont judge lol frfr help me out

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Review №39

Omg , Im forever now TEAM Simmons/Golden-Sunnyside. Along this what feels like forever long battle of a terminal illness I have meet some angles, now recognizable (hindsight huh?). However l meet my ....I guess Ill just call him my current angel last Saturday the 26th . His name is Jake. This was my very first ever experience at a dispensary. Along with medical marijuana in general. I left and it is currently Tuesday. I can say the last four days have been the greatest days of my life so Sunnyside Medical Team(# forever Jake team) THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HAPPY HEART. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I WAS IN AND OUT IN LESS THAN 30 ,FIRST TIME EVER! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

Review №40

I been coming to Verdant for over a year and my experience has been pleasant and informative. I hope the new company continues to have great service. Sales are welcomed😀

Review №41

Everyone is super nice. And the prices are freaking amazing!!

Review №42

I preferred the more laid back atmosphere much more and really liked the employees… I saved money and was more relaxed, thanks!

Review №43

A bit slow yes but in my one visit experience they are very friendly and knowledgeable. Im thinking they are slower BC they have a smaller staff. Its a smaller space than other dispensaries. But you wait in your car. Its not like u gotta stand around. They come get you. And you gotta understand customers have questions about the medicines theyre interested in so that slows the process for a smaller staff. People talk about prices but they are all so comparable to one another. Its more so about what it is youre looking for. And they offer daily sales on different medicine so theres options. Glad I checked them out. I will go back. Just dont be pressed for time.

Review №44

I wasnt pleased about paying a fee of 3.50 to use my debit card I feel that you should be informed of this on the website when ordering

Review №45

Friendly service great website ordering for pick up 😊.

Review №46

The staff is always super friendly. The dispensary is clean and organized. Its my favorite place to go

Review №47

Why have I been double charged and not received my refund yet? It has been almost a full week. Is the incompetence coming from Sunnyside where when the last one was in there I didnt have this issue. Service took forever. All new people. Tons in training. 2nd in line and it still took 25 mins

Review №48

I am a veteran and a medical marijuana patient. I loveVerdant creations Knowledgeable, friendly employees and amazing discounts! However what I do not love is having to wait 90 minutes plus outside of my order window. The system of ordering online, or ordering period Is broken.If I order online, an hour ahead of time with a one hour pick up window I shouldn’t have to continue to wait 90 minutes outside of that pick up window. Medical patients shouldn’t have to wait over 90 minutes outside in their car. I’ve seen the back room with just one employee filling prescriptions.It cannot get more Mickey Mouse then that. Who is managing this place and what can you do to fix it immediately? That parking lot is packed every night, that means you’re doing something right! Now let’s get better! Hire more employees, use the system that is given to you. Technology is not being used and it’s 2021! It’s almost like the state is making it hard for us, bingo!Disgruntled Army veteran

Review №49

Great customer service,great products,good pricing and special deals!

Review №50

Good place but I only go here when the deal they have going on caters to what Im looking to buy which about maybe less than 50 percent of the time. Thief prices are a bit on the high side so I tend to go out of the city to monroe or Lebanon for better deals and pricing.Service wise Ive always been treated great here. Staff is friendly and they have a great system in place due to Covid of checking people in their cars in the parking lot before coming in to buy.But as mentioned above their prices are a bit higher than what I like to spend and for that reason I tend to go elsewhere.

Review №51

Great clean store. Outside security. Really liked that they cared enough to have multiple air purifiers in each room. Downside is the staff were sort of rude and abrupt, even though I was paying sale prices at their store it was still around same price as regular at other dispensaries, also the worker treated me like an idiot for asking about the 10% discount for first online order that advertises for them that apperantly does not exist.

Review №52

So, customer service 12/10. There was a mishap on my purchase inside and I was charged for more than I was given. I came back and they offered a full refund for the item or to just give me the item. Fully recommend going here for price AND customer service. Thank you Sunnyside ♡

Review №53

Very friendly and helpful. It was the first time using my card and I got just what I was looking for.

Review №54

While verdant has good deals, they just dont have enough staff. On 4/20 of all days, the young girl out front didnt even check me in. So I sat in my car from 115 to 225pm. When my PICK UP order was ready all along. It wasnt.

Review №55

Cant get in touch with them if you have any questions unless you go there. Will rudely ignore calls and leave you on hold until it hangs up on you

Review №56

I live right next to this place and with only a couple options for medical options are limited. Prices are best in cincinnati but expect hour + wait every day from 4 to 7 AFTER you place your order online. Same with answering phones, call at a busy time likely no response. I dont like to feel like a burden on a business or employees, but Feels like more people could really help this location.

Review №57

I’m here to be constructive as a usually pleased customer. I expected to be there for at least 2-3 hours because of the sales but ended up spending 5 hours in the parking lot today.Please figure out a better way to navigate the balance of online order pick up vs just regular shopping on super sale days.Why didn’t I just place an online order? Good question. I like seeing the paper menu because the online menu does not list as much information. As I am on a budget, I really have to get the most bang for my buck.Again, not here to bash y’all. Just a perspective from the other side.

Review №58

The longest wait out of all the dispensaries in Cincinnati. You can literally drive to the other two and wait in line , and drive back in under the amount of time it takes to get inside this dispensary. Their prices seem lower but their quantities are different. Way more half grams than full gram or .8 on extracts and carts. Flower is just as expensive as it is at the other two dispensaries. They do a customer appreciation day but I don’t want to image how long that wait would be probably 2+ hours sitting in your car in the parking lot . I value my time more than my money wish they could speed up their customers won’t be going back even if they gave out freebies I’d rather avoid that wait and just go buy it elsewhere

Review №59

Get service. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Pricing seems fair

Review №60

Great service and attention to me as a customer. Could not have been better

Review №61

Incredibly informative and well run.

Review №62

Great selection and good prices. Very helpful staff, and friendly.

Review №63

Very discreet and professional. The product is top notch!

Review №64

I loved this place! They have curb side pick up which was great for me due to my disability. They have security and that made me feel safe. And the prices were great. Overall a great experience next time Ill go inside.

Review №65

Close to I75 and two other dispensaries. When you get here you put yourself on a list and wait in your car until called on. People get here before it opens and pack the parking lot just so you know. 😉 The e-menu does not indicate tier level on flower; that is on the printed menu in the dispensing room. Good luck. 😊

Review №66

I love Verdant. Great prices. Great menu. Always make me feel at home.

Review №67

Just changed hands and the new people have new stuff and the products that I got was awesome and the discount helped out on getting another product thanks will keep coming back 😀

Review №68

Best deals in Cincinnati. Staff is friendly and helpful. Since management has changed (around two months ago) it has ran much smoother.

Review №69

Cheap prices but plan on waiting over 2+ hours. Need a better system or management on running this place. They could be making so much more money if they were efficient.

Review №70

I was over whelmed but the employees were kind and calm. Patrick was very helpful and patient. I had no wait and was in and out in 25 min tops. Will be returning probably tomorrow.

Review №71

Awesome employees, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Never had issue always friendly and welcoming

Review №72

This is the worst dispensary in city. The wait is obnoxiously long. Most people order online and they still have you sit in your car for over a hour. They do however have cheaper prices but at the same time their quantities seem less. I have gone and I have left multiple times because the wait. I have drove to the other one in the same neighborhood as verdant , and been taken care of right away. Remember when it was illegal and people would say “on the way” and they never left their house? This is the legal equivalent. It doesn’t make sense to why they are so slow.

Review №73

Very professional and clean very nice

Review №74

Amazing deals as well as a clean, classy establishment. I also give a thumbs up to the budtenders! Great service and patience with new patients! Thank you🎉🎁😆

Review №75

The best staffThe best THCFirelands

Review №76

This was my favorite dispensary mostly because the curbside pickup. Once they transferred over to Sunnyside I no longer see an option for curbside pickup which is very disappointing since I have young children and I almost never have time to go inside since it can be 30-45 min wait. Please bring back curbside pickup!

Review №77

Super cheap deals great place to shop

Review №78

Very quick and efficient even for a first time patient. And the deals are beyond compare

Review №79

Kindest place Ive been too and if they dont have what you want they will personally find something similar.if not betterThank you

Review №80

Where my husband and I will begin going for our medical marijuana

Review №81

Verdant currently has the largest selection in Cincinnati. Website has really improved 03/30/21. Service is very slow. RARELY answer the phone & NEVER respond to a message.

Review №82

Slow, slow , slow. No urgency. Rude agents. Small cramped parking lot. High prices. Go the pure ohio wellness if you can make make it to Dayton. Verdant is just a distributor, Pure Ohio has its own grow. This place needs training in customer service.

Review №83

Nice and knowledgeable staff. Very safe

Review №84

It sucked. I have 2 wks left on my card and they wouldnt honor it!

Review №85

There sales and prices are way better than verilife.

Review №86

Sometimes a bit of a wait, but very knowledgeable, friendly staff. I hope the prices drop, but some very good products! Some of the flower is overrated- My doctor and I recommend the THC oil cartridges or pods (vaping).

Review №87

Their ALWAYS short staffed they say. Today I decided to place an online pickup order. The guard outside came to my car and went, idk man youre waiting at least an hour and a half. I responded even with a pickup order? He said it doesnt matter. Headed to have a heart. Better service, better flower, better dispensary.

Review №88

Quick and friendly service at the real happiest place on Earth

Review №89

Slowest place you can go. Expect to be here for 45 minutes plus, happily visit any other store for a better opportunity.

Review №90

Staff is friendly and facility is clean. Checkout process can be slow, but they have to follow the states rules.

Review №91

The lady who is the guard you have to check in with at the door is extremely rude and disrespectful, I understand you aren’t taking orders after a certain point but to treat a customer coming to spend literally hundreds of dollars the way she treated me was absolutely uncalled for and I will never be back to spend a dime in this place. I don’t like to leave bad reviews but this place deserves one and if I could give 0 stars I would save your time and money and go to Verilife around the corner where you can be in and out in less than 10 minutes without even placing a phone order and verilife has tremendous customer service go there don’t waste your time here.

Review №92

Great selection of product and reasonable prices

Review №93

Price variances from online orders...knowledgeable staff have yet to be disappointed when they make a suggestion just dont stock enough high end products or bigger bulk products and since I dont have a dispensary in my county Id rather buy bulk flower and more 1 gm vapes

Review №94

Get great deals here

Review №95

Always a great experience!

Review №96

Top notch professional customer service here and excellent prices! They really care about the customers experience here.Cash or debit card accepted. They are patient and kind too.

Review №97

Hi yall. Dave again. And it gotta say you guys & girls are doing even better. 5 thumbs up to Brandon, for the improvements. New personal , Avery, informative & polite. Best pharmacy ever. Keep up the great work.RespectfullyDave C

Review №98

The staff seem helpful and knowledgeable. However that’s where the pleasantness ends. The entire system is messed up. Ordering online does NOTHING to expedite the process. Call in orders. Yea right! No one answers the phone. Inventory is always changing and always sold out. To ask customers for cash when they can’t enter the store is a HUGE liability! I’m not sure who manages this but it’s in dire need of an overhaul. The process takes an hour if you are lucky. There is another dispensary a mile away if that and they are efficient and helpful.

Review №99

This place makes for happy times

Review №100

I have never had it so easy as I had it here.

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  • Cannabis store
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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