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5887 Cornell Rd #4, Cincinnati, OH 45241, United States

Review №1

Absolutely amazing. First time experiencing acupuncture, I was stunned with how quickly I noticed positive results. If you are hesitant rest assured the results are very real from this practice. I wish I had decided to try this sooner. Thank you!

Review №2

I saw Dr. Yang last summer/fall to help enhance fertility treatments. I did get pregnant. I was also doing fertility meds, so I can’t say how it happened. But doing acupuncture made me feel empowered like I was actively doing something to make it happen. And then it worked.

Review №3

Exceptional care and treatment. Dr. Yangs expertise and skill helps me with specific issues, like arthritis, and overall general health, such as improving my sleep, and reducing stress. Investing in my health is a long term ongoing goal, and I am grateful to have found Dr. Yang who helps me achieve better quality of life.

Review №4

I felt like Superman when I left. Dr is very nice. Very affordable

Review №5

Dr Yang is very skilled and knowledgeable while being very kind and helpful. He has helped me throughout the years with various issuesI recommend Dr Yang to anyone who wants an alternative to western medicine and a more holistic approach

Review №6

He is the best. Just after one session I got relief from my migraine. Thanks you so much doctor.

Review №7

I presented with piriformis syndrome, had it for 2 years, cupping, rollers, guns, massage therapy helped, but it has lingered long enough and was affecting my sleep. Dr Yang was able to give me significant relief in 3 visits, not quite absent of all flare-ups but it is remarkable what has been accomplished. Dont wait like I did is recommendation.

Review №8

My teen son was experiencing excruciating migraines for 7 months. On a friend’s suggestion we tried Dr. Yang’s location in Blue Ash. Always welcoming and the atmosphere was tranquil. It gave him the best sleep. He had not rested well during those months. He was fatigued from the migraines. Each session was relief. We were able to lengthen the duration from each visit to the next. After 6 sessions, he was migraine free! It has been two solid years now! We are eternally grateful. Dr. Yang is a phenomenal doctor. Much respect to him and to Eastern Medicine.

Review №9

My experience with Dr. Yang has been phenomenal! If I were given a list of top acupuncturists to choose from, Dr. Yang would be my first pick! His prices are reasonable! Just about any symptom you could think of, he could fix it! The electrical stimulation makes healing go so much faster! My father went in for pain, and within one visit his pain was 80% better! By the 2nd or 3rd visit, his pain was completely gone! I have been going for a couple years, and I dont think I could have coped with my health without him! The heated lamp is perfect for bad circulation and muscle cramping! And its definitely amazing when it gets super cold outside!!! The music... where do I even begin! The music is so peaceful and beautiful, and relaxing! When I listen to the music I go into a relaxed state of mind and drift off into a land of well being, happiness, and relaxation! After the session is over, I feel peaceful, relaxed, energized and refreshed! It makes me feel like an entirely new person! If anybody is reading this! Please consider when I say, Out of all acupuncturists Ive seen, Dr. Yang is one of the best! On my scale hes 10 out of 10! If you have a problem, please go see him! Waiting to find someone awesome is over! You dont have to wait any longer! Because Dr. Yang is the best!!!!!

Review №10

I found Dr. Yang through a friend and Im so grateful I did. I am comforted by his many years of extensive experience and knowledge for the holistic treatment of my condition, which is affordable, and I never have trouble getting in to see him. Dr. Yang has been so kind, patient, and helpful throughout my journey for healing; I will always think of Dr. Yang for my familys wellness and recommend him any chance I get. You will be in good hands.

Review №11

I received 11 treatments from Dr. Yangs wife, Xiaofei, for my ischial bursitis. Very relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Interestingly, the acupunture treatment improved my sleep from the very first treatment, helping my body heal itself. Highly recommended.

Review №12

Dr. Yang is a most kind, compassionate and competent acupuncturist. It is very easy to schedule an appointment and the acupuncture has significantly decreased the severity and intensity of my chronic migraines, and cured my other minor health ailments. He truly has a gift. I have recommended several of my friends and family to visit him.

Review №13

I have been visiting Dr. Yang for acupuncture for 3 years now. Even though I live 2 hours away, I drive to his office because he is the most effective acupuncturist I have seen.He and his staff are friendly and courteous, the office is clean and well maintained, and Dr. Yang quickly drills down into the root cause of any ailment. I recommend him to all my friends and family, and he has helped everyone that I have referred with excellent results. He works well with children and the elderly.When I first started seeing Dr. Yang three years ago, I had such a good experience that I asked my 70 year old Mother to start seeing him as well. She had never had acupuncture, and didnt know how it worked. In fact, the only thing she was certain about before her visit to Dr. Yang is that it *would not* help her condition -- which was fluctuating blood pressure (sometimes high, sometimes low). She had been on many medications, which were ineffective, and often with terrible side effects. So, I finally insisted that we visit Dr. Yang, despite her skepticism.After only 3 visits over the course of a few months, her blood pressure was regulated without medication. She became a believer very quickly in Dr. Yang, and in acupuncture.Different people respond differently to any course of treatment, whether it be prescribed medication, homeopathic medicine, herbs, or acupuncture, so do what works best for you. Just dont accept feeling terrible as a way of life -- give Dr. Yang a try.

Review №14

I spent over a year spending thousands of dollars going to countless doctors all the way from urologist to sleep clinics trying to figure out why I had such bad insomnia. I honestly went to acupuncture as a last resort. I was skeptical at first but after my second treatment of acupuncture here, I was sleeping through the night! It was really a miracle and brought me out of depression from lack of sleep. I will continue going and telling everyone I know about the wonders of acupuncture from Dr. Yang.

Review №15

Dr. Yang has helped me immensely with his treatment. He is genuine, caring and professional in helping me with my issue. I was told that I had to have surgery on my back after several months of trying different types of treatment. The first visit I was able to feel my foot and toes with no numbness, it was amazing. I have gone 5 times and feel like a new person with little to no pain in my back or leg.

Review №16

I brought my mom to Dr Yangs office. He was very professional and kind. Her arms felt much better after 6 sessions. Dr Yang also gave her some good advices for helping her to relief the pain when she at home. That was really helpful. For acupuncture practice we only trust Dr Yang in Cincinnati. Really worth to try and highly recommended!

Review №17

I’ve been a patron of the Yangs’ for many years, personally, as well as professionally, as I’ve recommended their services to my clients.Acupuncture alone has amazing qualities, but when coupled with the medical background and the unique expertise of the Yangs’, it’s truly a treasure!

Review №18

Dr. Yang is the best. He is kind, thoughtful, and very good at what he does. He turned me into a believer of what acupuncture can do for your health. I highly recommend him!

Review №19

Dr. Yang is a very professional and passionate doctor. I visited Dr. Yang in summer for a neck pain problem which is mainly due to the nature of my work. I use computers quite a lot and sitting in front of computer for a long time each day is part of my work. I went to see Dr. Yang for about 8 times and the problem went away. I really appreciate Dr. Yangs treatment. In addition, I can see he is a really caring doctor through my treatment. Yesterday I had another visit to Dr. Yang for another problem and today I already see the improvement. I highly recommend Dr. Yang.

Review №20

Dr. Yang helped our 11 year old son with irregular migraine pain in his head. He was compassionate and professional. Our son is afraid of needles and Dr. Yang took the time to explain and show him what he was doing and made sure he was comfortable throughout the sessions. My son is now pain free and back to all his activities. I would highly recommend Dr. Yang.

Review №21

Dr. Yang cured me of my migraines. I had a five month stretch of non-stop migraines. First I tried aromatherapy and over-the-counter medicines. Then I saw both my family physician and an ear, nose and throat physician, I had a brain CT scan, and I tried prescription drugs. Nothing removed the migraine for longer than 4-6 hours. I had a referral to Dr. Yang from my massage therapist and within four, nearly back to back visits, my headaches were gone! Why isnt this covered by insurance???!!! I still see Dr. Yang for what I think of as maintenance visits and this has replaced my massage therapy visits. Migraines are not the only thing he has helped me remedy. My neck pain from sitting at a desk and acid reflux have both lessened since seeing him. I cant say enough great things about Dr. Yang.

Review №22

Dr. Yang has been taking excellent care of me for 6 years now. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional, but also caring. He truly wants to help his clients!

Review №23

Dr. Yang is a wizard, saved my fiances life & I cannot express my gratitude with words because Im speechless, thank you so much💖

Review №24

Ive seen Dr. Yang for many years and he has helped me. He is a great doctor and well respected in the acupuncture community. I highly recommend him.

Review №25

I found Dr. Yang on Google, and decided to visit him for my chronic pain. I asked him during the first meeting if he is able to help me with my issues, and he said yes. He suggested that I do acupuncture for 4 sessions, and I will likely to see the positive results. However, on the 4th session he told me that I will need to continue going for a few more sessions. I trusted him and did so. After about 10 sessions, I did not see any improvement at all. This was in contrast with what I had been told. I spent lots of money being still in school, but did not see any improvement at all. I do not recommend.

Review №26

I suffered was migraines and was introduced to acupuncture fifteen years ago. I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and called Dr Yang for treatment. After two treatments my shoulder feels so much better. He also treated a migraine.He is a very compassionate acupuncturist with great skill.

Review №27

Dr. Yang is a highly respected and very skilled. I am pleased with both my treatment and the results. I recommend him to everyone!

Review №28

Ive known Dr Yang for 9 years and he has been so effective at treating my migraines, GI issues and my sinuses have never been better. Hes people oriented and well skilled. A gifted professional.

Review №29

Dr. Yang really knows his stuff. I went to Dr. Yang for help with decades long digestive problems. I stopped taking my prescription meds almost immediately and was completely off of all OTC and herbal remedies in 2 months time. He even cured my cold. I highly recommend Dr. Yang.

Review №30

Doctor Yang has a lot experience, that makes a real difference with acupuncture practice. Both myself and my daughter have seen noticeable improvements. His office is well managed, we get treatment right after we walk in. He also has very reasonable expectations with patients.

Review №31

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Yangs for 3 years so my review is overdue. We agree is an awesome Doctor. My luekopenia is very much improved with my acupuncture treatments. I also get consistent relief with sinus issues and migraine headaches. Currently I am having acupuncture with some electrical stimulation to break up scar tissue in my knee that is affecting my range of motion and causing me discomfort and I am improved with three sessions but feel a few more are needed. Dr. Yang has relieved my husband of sciatica, his sinus issues and he is presently getting acupuncture for high blood pressure. We are grateful to Dr. Yang for his guidance and care as we seek a more holistic approach to health care.

Review №32

I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Dr. Guanhu Yang. Ive been seeing him for seven years and hes helped me through numerous health problems. Hes helped me with my lung problems, including asthma, (which I rarely suffer from now) as well as sinus infections (Ive gone from 4-5 per year to maybe 1) and allergies. Hes seen me through everything from major surgery to knee replacement. He even helped me with anxiety after the death of my mother. I really cant say enough about him and his abilities. If youre thinking about acupuncture please go to see him. He is kind, compassionate and caring. Thanks for everything, Dr. Yang!!!Sincerely,Loretta Dover

Review №33

My first experience at Dr. Yangs office was for pain on the outside of my knee. I was training for the Goofy Marathon and a Half at Disney World. It is a race where I would run 13.1 miles on Saturday then 26.2 miles on Sunday. It was a month before the race and I was overtraining and could barely run 3 miles without severe pain in my knee. Being a Massage Therapist I have knowledge about the mechanics of the body, so I tried everything I could think of to manage this pain. Nothing was helping. It didnt even occur to me to not run the thing....Anyway, one of my clients had been telling me about Acupuncture and how effective it was for many of his problems. I thought What do I have to loose? I was desperate. I made the appointment, went in got it done. I took the rest of the week off from running, went in the next week twice, Tuesday and Thursday. On Friday I ran 10 miles and on Saturday I ran 20 with NO pain whatsoever! As you can imagine I was astounded! I was telling everyone about it.Since then Dr. Yang has also helped me with severe tendinitis in my arm and continues to help me manage pain due to my job. I recommend him to all of my clients. He has already helped many of them with physical and mental issues from plantar fasciitis, severe back, neck and shoulder pain, depression, sinus issues, weight loss, and the list goes on and on. Dr. Yang is truly an amazing person! He knows his stuff and the price is right. Other places charge more than double! It is outrageous! If you are on the fence I am here to tell you it IS totally worth it. Dont wait for your pain to get worse. Chances are he could save you from surgery.

Review №34

Dr. Yang is a miracle worker. I cant recommend going to see him enough. Dr. Yang was able to fully reverse the nerve pain I was experiencing after a bad bout of shingles.

Review №35

Dr. Yang is very knowledgable about his profession. I suffer from neuropathy pain and medication did not help it. A friend recommended Dr. Yang and after the first visit I was surprised the pain was gone. The needles do not hurt and the benefits are more than pain relief. I also have more energy. Dr. Yang has a very pleasant bedside manner and is willing and kind in answering any questions I have asked him. The office is very pleasant and clean and I highly recommend Dr. Yang.

Review №36

Amazing and informative doctor that helped me when no one else could. Did not know I had two herniated disks but Dr. Yang assisted me.

Review №37

Ive been seeing Dr. Yang for several years. His treatments have helped me where drug based treatments have failed or had too many side effects. I heartily recommend his services.

Review №38

I could not have asked for a better outcome from treatment by this acupuncturist. I had suffered from a traumatic nerve injury with a grim prognosis so I did some research to find that electro-acupuncture had aided in nerve re-innervation in animal models and decided to give it a try. While a corrective surgery (nerve graft) and time were also valid explanations for my recovery there is no doubt in my mind that the electro-acupuncture helped based on the strong reactions of disbelief from surgeons and physical therapist who were familiar with my case. Gaunhu is also a very compassionate person with an excellent bedside manner. He is confidant in his skills and I will continue going to him for any ailment I may have.

Review №39

Dr Yang helped me immensely - can’t thank him enough!

Review №40

Great establishmen

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