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101 Market St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, United States
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Danshel works wonders on my back. She really gets in the grooves, and works out the tightness and stress - you get a true feeling that she can sense where the problem areas are. I always feel relieved and rejuvenated after a session. Plus, she is a lovely person. I highly recommend her!

Review №2

Danshel is incredible!! She is kind, welcoming, and professional, and has such a calming energy about her. After the massage, she even gave me tips about how to regularly care for the areas where I had the most muscle tightness (and spent extra time on those areas during the massage). Wholeheartedly recommend!

Review №3

Susan Linn is caring and a very competent massage therapist. This is my first time going to Chapel Hill Massage Therapy and I am super impressed. She listened to my issue regarding my stiff shoulder and she seemed to know just how to tackle it -- massaging places I never would have known could be tense, like my armpit :-o I feel relieved to have met her; I can see a path out of the tension Ive unconsciously been carrying around during this pandemic. Thank you, Susan!!

Review №4

Susan is by far the best massage therapist I’ve ever been too. She takes her time, and hits spots that no one ever touched. Five Starr’s from start to finish!

Review №5

Ms. Danshel offers an exquisite, professional and very dedicated service. She is very knowlegable, kind, and listens to your needs so your body can relax, improve amd heal. We strongly recommend it, plus it is super conveniently located

Review №6

Am doing regular work with Ben Pagano, both massages and stretching regimens as I am aging and not getting much physical activity due to prolonged desk work. He is the best massage therapist Ive ever had, and Ive had a number over the last twenty years. I love that we work on existing muscle tension and ALSO on prevention methods. I would recommend him highly! Very professional and caring.

Review №7

Massage therapy is one of the only things I have found that reliably reduces the pain levels in my body. And as such, I have been worked on by quite a few therapists. Without a doubt, Susan is the most intuitive and empathetic therapist I have come across. I am amazed every time. She really knows her stuff and insists on the highest ethical standards. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Review №8

I recommend Ben highly. His presence is peaceful, he listens carefully, he finds the muscles and trigger points that need work, and he applies just as much pressure as is needed to release the tension. I am an aging athlete, and without massage my life becomes limited. Ben keeps me hiking, jogging and dancing. And sleeping soundly!

Review №9

Bradley at Chapel Hill Massage is an experienced, intuitive therapist. His years of experience working with a wide range of clients equip him to effectively address a range of issues. At the same time, his humility and curiosity provide just the type of collaborative tone that allows clients to be true participants in their own care. Bradley has helped me to address and recover from a range of running injuries and to feel better in general. I highly recommend him for massages with a purpose, whether it be relaxation or recovery - or both.

Review №10

I had an excellent massage with Susan! She released tension, aches and muscle tightness that was held in my body. Ive been sleeping better and deeper. Without a doubt, Susan is my go to, for my massages....and referrals! So grateful♡ Highly recommended♡

Review №11

My experience at Chapel Hill Massage was beyond compare. Bradley is an exceptional therapist. He is very professional, he discusses any issues I am having before the massage. He does a wonderful deep tissue massage, but he doesn’t assume that you always need deeper pressure. He adjusts accordingly. Bradley is definitely one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to!

Review №12

I highly recommend Ben! He has brought my body back from the brink of true disaster many times. He is very knowledgeable and intuitive and what individual bodies need to heal and relax. He can do any and all levels of pressure. I feel very comfortable as a female seeing him as he is very professional and I feel safe in his hands. He also really responds to what you specifically want to work on and makes sure that in each session you get whatever kind of relief you need accomplished whether due to pain or stress or if you are just in need of some TLC!

Review №13

Ive never had a massage before I went to Bradley. I felt comfortable the whole time, like I was in control of the whole experience. He was extremely skilled and knowledgeable, addressing a few problems I didnt even know I had, and gave me some exercises for after to help keep my back in condition. Its been a week since my massage and I have already noticed a lack of pain and better posture.I will be going back.

Review №14

I have seen Ben multiple times and he has helped tremoundously with my sciatica. He is professional, attentive, and a good listener. Chapel Hill Massage is clean, comfortable and has a great vibe. I highly recommend Ben and CHM to anyone looking for effective and therapeutic massage. I am a full time restaurant manager, I deal with a lot of daily stress and work long hours on my feet. Theres nothing better then a good, stress relieving massage after a long work week.

Review №15

I have been a client of Ben Paganos for a few years now. I highly recommend him and Chapel Hill Massage. Ben is extremely professional, respectful, and attentive to your requests. He is knowledgeable and asks questions to make sure he is dealing with any specific pain you might have or muscles soreness. Highly recommend his services.

Review №16

I have been going to Danshel for years and highly recommend her! She provides such a calm and relaxing experience and really knows her stuff. I leave feeling rejuvenated and her massages are one of my favorite me time activities! Check her out!

Review №17

I have been to many massage therapists from several different countries.  While its true that I have never been dissatisfied…because who doesn’t like a massage?  Its also true that I have never experienced the healing benefits of a massage.  Until I went to Susan Linn.  I have had fairly serious back issues for most of my adult life.  Susan’s understanding of human anatomy, her skilled hands, and her ability to listen carefully to her client’s health history, all combined in an extraordinary healing experience for me.  For the first time in a long time, I was pain free.  She is a modest, but truly amazing healing massage therapist.  I can’t possibly say enough of how great she is.

Review №18

Im a really picky massage client and Susan is one of the best listeners and communicators I have had the pleasure of working with. She really knows her stuff and can work with what I need worked on. This is not your generic chain store whatever massage. She can focus on trouble spots, knows how to approach them and uses the amount of of pressure that I want and need.

Review №19

Ben is fantastic! Ive only had wonderful massages at Chapel Hill Massage. I recommend giving them a try!

Review №20

Had a fabulous massage with Bradley at Chapel Hill Massage - would recommend him highly. Very experienced and knowledgeable.

Review №21

Amazing! I’m usually picky about who works on me. Brad has great pressure, energy and receives feedback well in the moment to make the massage experience the most positive experience it can be!

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