Carver Smiles
300 Tremont St, Carver, MA 02330, United States

Review №1

Dr Bleak is the most amazing dentist I have ever met. I spent years being talked down to and having my fears minimized by community health dentists, but Dr Bleak has changed all of that for me. He is caring, patient, understanding and kind, and made me feel 100% comfortable and heard during each visit. I had severe dental anxiety, so I neglected my teeth leading to my teeth needing some serious work, but no painkillers worked for me. Dr Bleak used IV sedation, explained the entire process, and now my teeth are fixed and I don’t remember a thing! The only downside is that he is always booked a little far out, but that is simply because of how amazing he is, everyone wants to see him! I would recommend him 100 times over.

Review №2

Shelly did an amazing job taking care of me on my last visit to Caver Smiles. The teeth cleaning was painless and very well done,. She was kind, gentle, and professional. Dr. Bleak checked in at the end of the procedure, and as always he made me feel valued. I highly recommend Shelly, Dr. Bleak and Carver Smiles.

Review №3

I had an appointment for September 27th at 10:45 AM I showed up for my appointment on time. The receptionist told me that my appointment was for October 27th and told the staff that I was confused and mixed up the dates.I was seen by Dr. Bleak and was treated very poorly. He had an attitude with me and treated me like he had to free up time out of his busy schedule to see me. I was in pain and he didnt solve my issue regarding a hole in my tooth where a filling had fallen out. All he did was tell me to come back in three months, after I had to wait two months for this appointment. I asked him what kind of filling he would reccomend in his professional opinion. He gave me a very unprofessional response back. He told me that he didnt care what kind of filling I went with and went on to say that my insurance would pay him either way, regardless of what type of filling I would choose to go with.Needless to say I didnt reschedule an appointment back with him to have my filling replaced. There was no way I was letting him work in my mouth after the way he had just treated me.After I left the office I drove back home and got the business card where my appointment was stamped on the back. I drove back to Carver Smiles and showed the receptionist that my appointment was for September 27th and that the confusion was on their end. I didnt receive an apology.

Review №4

I love this dentist so much I actually look forward to going and have kept them despite moving out of town. Everyone is so friendly and attentive. I got my wisdom teeth out there too and had a positive experience.

Review №5

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Top notch staff. Wonderful dentist. Let’s you know what’s going to happen so there are no surprises. So happy I found Carver Smiles❤️

Review №6

Dr Bleak was recommended to me by another dentist. I am an extremely nervous dental patient and hadnt been to the dentist in years. (President Reagans 1st term). The doctor and his staff made me extremely comfortable and explained all of my options. Believe it or not Im actually looking forward to having my teeth fully repaired. Thank you Carver Smiles!!

Review №7

My experience at Carver Smiles is always a great one. The staff is very pleasant and make you feel comfortable. Dr. Bleak is one of the best dentist that has ever treated my dental problems. He is also very pleasant and knowledgeable. I recommend him to everyone.

Review №8

Friendly , personable, and professional. The trifecta for a great visit. We are very lucky to have found Dr. Bleak and his staff...

Review №9

Dr. Bleak is excellent. He makes me forget I use to be afraid of going to a dentist. His staff is friendly and professional.The whole experience at this office is great. If I had met him when I was a lot younger, I wouldnt have the problem teeth I have today.GREAT PLACE!!!

Review №10

Excellent Covid precautions in place! Dr. Bleak is kind and listened well without rushing me. He discussed several options in my treatment and informed me without any judgmental tone. He also called in a hygienist to get my teeth cleaned that very afternoon!

Review №11

Very professional and very caring crew. Would recommend to anyone looking for good loyal dentistry. Dr. Bleak is a great guy and gets the job done right!

Review №12

I hated the dentist before I started coming to carver smiles this place is by far the best dentist I have ever been to now my whole family comes here the Front desk staff is so happy and peaceful and they make you feel like family and Always accommodate my schedule. His hygienists are awesome and so gentle! Dr Bleak is The man!!! he knows his stuff, he is exceptionally awesome 😎! Also very accommodating to my anxiety in the chair they play music and have happy reassuring and positive attitudes and make me feel totally comfortable when doing fillings. I would recommend him and his team to anyone . They are the best !!! If I could rate 100 ⭐️ stars ⭐️ I would !!!

Review №13

Dr. Bleak is amazing. He visually shows me whats going on with my teeth and thoroughly explains his plan of action. He also always makes sure I am comfortable. Great, positive experience always. Even during a root canal.😆 All the staff is friendly and genuinely takes the time to get to know you.

Review №14

Dr. Bleak is the definition of a good dentist and an even greater human. His patience, empathy& warmth combined with his mastery of the dentist craft will make u never want another dentist. The entire office is comfortable & state of the art. & staffed by wonderful ppl. I.e. last 2 cleanings &x rays I had Sherry who is an amazing tech is special enough to make me forget that my teeth are being cleaned. Highly recommend

Review №15

I have spent most my life fearful of going to the dentist. Carver smiles is the first and only place I have ever gone to that care about my fears.....and work with me to make me feel less anxiety. There are not enough words to explain how great this dentist is. Going here was life changing for me and I wish I had gone sooner. I highly recommend for anyone but especially for those that also have fear and anxiety over going to a dentist.

Review №16

First time here and I was very happy. Their entire staff was kind and welcoming. Best cleaning Ive had in years. I recommended my sister to check them out. Theyre thoughtful kinda and answered all my questions. I definitely recommend!

Review №17

I love Dr. Bleak, Jen and all their stuff! My family of 6 has been going to Carver smiles for over 5 years now. The thing I like the most about going to the office is that they make you feel like family not a chart. Dr Bleak will always take the time to talk with you no matter how busy the office is. I highly recommend this practice and doctor for all your oral needs!!!

Review №18

I have been a patient of Dr Bleaks for many years now and would not consider going anywhere else! The staff is awesome, and the doc is a great guy who loves what he does! Don’t hesitate to give them a try! You will not regret your decision!

Review №19

Dr Bleake is the kindest dentist have had the pleasure of knowing. The staff is warm and friendly. I highly recommend himWayne frost

Review №20

The single most amazing experience I’ve ever had with a dentist. The staff is friendly and Dr. Bleak was phenomenal. My whole family will be going there from now on.

Review №21

I love this place. Always have a great experience. Everyone is super nice!

Review №22

Love this place. I was afraid of the dentist for many years until I started working with Dr. Bleak and Heather, his dental hygienist. They are both wonderful people.

Review №23

Great place, close to where we live our life. Look forward to going there for years to come.

Review №24

These Professional, courteous, and caring associates treated me amazingly and helped me out with exactly what I needed. Amazing service!

Review №25

Dr Bleak is a very good dentist. He also is a very nice person. He has cared for my teeth for about 9 years now and I am impressed how nice my smile is. He cares for my entire family’s dental including my mom living in a nursing home. His staff of dental hygienist are the best. They offer a gentle cleaning and share good stories at the same time. His office staff are great at keeping you informed about appointments and getting your next appointment. This is such a friendly place I enjoy my visits. I would highly recommend this dentist to all.”

Review №26

Great Doctors at Carver Smiles. They make you very comfortable like family, willing to work on your concerns. They take all precautions they can during this trying time to keep you safe and healthy.

Review №27

First time going to Carver Smiles family Dentistry and was very happy with my visit.Everyone was very friendly, professional and welcoming.Dr. Bleak was very informative about my needs and I happy to have him as my dentist.

Review №28

Going to the dentist is probably my least favorite thing to do! I started visiting Dr. Bleak almost two years ago! He is absolutely wonderful! I have had all positive experiences going to his practice. All of his staff are awesome! I have since the beginning highly recommended Dr. Bleak to my friends and family!💕

Review №29

I have had Dr. Bleak as my dentist for several years and have always been impressed with him and his team. No one likes to go to the dentist, but Dr Bleak’s relaxed approach, along with his gentle style, makes an anxiety producing situation almost enjoyable!

Review №30

My dad really liked his experience at Carver Smiles. The staff are very nice and welcoming.

Review №31

For many people, myself included, a trip to the dentist can cause stress and anxiety. I have never felt more comfortable at any other dentist as I do with Dr. Bleak and his entire staff. I cant recommend Carver Smiles enough. Thank you all so much!

Review №32

Every visit at Dr Bleak’s office is a pleasant one. The entire staff interact more like they’re family than co-workers. They’re still 100% professional, but the way they interact with one another is fantastic! It creates a really comfortable and welcoming environment. Which is great because I have anxiety about going to the dentist, but since finding Dr Bleak, I actually go regularly. My only regret is not going there sooner.

Review №33

Dr. Bleak is great very professional and personable. Had root canal and crown done looks and feels great .

Review №34

I would definitely recommend this office, I had a great experience and am normally afraid of the dentist. Both Dentist and Staff are very friendly

Review №35

Hands down the best dentist I have ever found in my whole life I have extreme fear of the dentist and he works with me and my fears. He also specializes in sleep dentistry where you are out under general anesthesia for procedures and that was a life saver for me. I would not have been able to get done what I needed to get done dentistry wise if it was for Dr. Bleak!

Review №36

Dr. Bleak and his staff are professional and courteous. The office is beautiful and relaxing. Dr. Bleak has a very calming and caring attitude and puts you at ease.

Review №37

Dr Bleak and his staff couldn’t be kinder or more professional. Dr Bleak went out of his way to ensure my crown fitting was perfect! He did not cut any corners and made me feel totally at easeI would give the practice an excellent rating!

Review №38

Carver Smiles is the absolute best dental experience. Gentle, thorough, consultative and flexible.

Review №39

Absolutely love Dr. Bleak! He’s gentle, personable, nice, and will work with you for whatever you dental needs may be. 😊 His staff is absolutely wonderful also. I recommend everyone to see him if they need a great dentist!

Review №40

Dr Bleak is absolutely the best there is. He’s thorough and makes going to the dentist an actual comfortable experience. He has the greatest staff who answers all questions with expertise. Thank you Carver Smiles 😊

Review №41

Carver Smiles is excellent! I had to change dentists and I wish I’d done so many years ago as the staff is wonderful and puts you at ease.

Review №42

Dr. Bleak is a great guy and awesome dentist. Hes the dentist that brought me back to the dentist. I have always had anxiety pertaining to dentists since early childhood trauma. Dr. and Mrs.Bleak, his office manager, got me through my first appt. (Jenn actually sat next to me while I was in the exam chair and held my hand throughout the check up) and now Im going back every six months. Youll love the office staff as well. Helpful, knowledgeable and just plain nice. If youre looking for a dentist, look no further, Dr. Bleak is wonderful!

Review №43

Best Dentist I have had in years. Makes you feel comfortable during whole process.

Review №44

Carver Smiles is the best. Super friendly and they always go above and beyond for their patients.

Review №45

Came in for a difficult extraction of a broken wisdom tooth. I can not recall a time when I felt more welcomed and truly taken care of by a doctor and their staff. Extremely grateful to everyone there

Review №46

Great all around attitude both out front and with Dr Bleak. No compromise in his dedication to do the best even during this trying time ( that will end if I everyone would pay attention to caution as everyone does at CARVER SMILES with a smile).

Review №47

I was very impressed with Dr Bleak and his staff and would highly recommend them to everybody.

Review №48

I felt very welcomed there and felt I was in great hands!

Review №49

Dr. Bleak and the whole staff are the best! So patient and warm. Great for people with anxiety.

Review №50

Carver Smiles is an excellent place for all your dentistry needs. I began bringing my son there a few years ago and decided, after going to several bad offices with terrible experiences, that I would make the switch myself. After a few years of dental self neglect I was afraid of what I might get into but Dr. Bleak and his staff were very understanding and accommodating. They were very thorough and took the time to explain what was needed. There was no pressure and I was also given an appropriate time line of what to expect and what could wait! Others have recommended them to me and I recommend their office as well!

Review №51

Great dental care by experienced professionals!

Review №52

Dr Bleak denied my repair of cavity when he found out I was an RN. After explaining I have no Covid symptoms Said he would check his protocol after then call me back. He never called back.

Review №53

Ive always been apprehensive when it comes to anything dental,this office change my perspective, from the moment you call the office, the staff is extremely warm, professional, friendly, very supportive, Meeting Dr.Bleak had change my life, from the moment I step in,he was very informative, reassuring, gentle,he explained every procedure to me in great detail,and presented me with all my options,he alleviated any fear,or concerns I have.,because of his patience,I managed to remain calm which was never a word I associated before in a dental visit.I highly recommend Dr. Bleak and his staff, your smile and your life will definitely improve. 5+ Stars!

Review №54

Hands down one of the kindest and knowledgeable dentists I have gone to. Made me feel like I was actually being heard. I highly recommend.

Review №55

Best dental experience I have had. Efficient, modern, reasonable rates, very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Confidently recommend.

Review №56

As always the best dentist experiance

Review №57

We love Dr. Bleak and the whole stuff! They always do a wonderful job!

Review №58

A very nice and warm welcoming staff and atmosphere. I had a good dental cleaning, xrays, and oral exam. Cheryl was my dental hygienist and I felt very comfortable with her and Dr. Bleak was very pleasant and took the time to answer my questions about future dental care and concerns.I highly recommend Carver Smiles!Patricia Kelleher

Review №59

What a great experience! My hygienist was very friendly and gentle as she meticulously cleaned my teeth. Dr. Bleak was nice and made me feel at ease. So glad I came here!

Review №60

I love going to Carver smiles. I have never had a bad experience in 5+ years.

Review №61

Dr. Bleak and staff are great and this is coming from a pretty dental phobic person. They always make you feel comfortable and explain procedures every step of the way.

Review №62

Dr Bleak and staff are some of the nicest people around, since I been going to them you make an appointment and it always seems to be on time,and they always talk to you like a person not a number and they do great work,I have been letting people know about them when I hear stories about people being unhappy with there own dentist to give him a try,you won’t be disappointed

Review №63

Dr. Bleak and his staff are top Notch!!Always well taken care of. Got my whole family going here now!

Review №64

Great team Caring people. Professional care.

Review №65

The absolute best Dentist and office!

Review №66

Always anxious when going to see the Dentist, but staff are genuine and easy to talk to

Review №67

All good, they made some good suggestions and will need future visits.

Review №68

Excellent staff, great experience!

Review №69

The best!

Review №70

Very skilled professionals!

Review №71

Dr. Bleak, and his staff are wonderful, they were able to see me in my time of need, even during a pandemic! Emergency root canal, I was in and out in an hours time👍

Review №72

Always a great experience with wonderful and competent staff!

Review №73

The best!

Review №74

Dr Bleak and his staff are incredibly friendly, kind, and helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Review №75

Everyone here is amazing!

Review №76

Great people and great work

Review №77

Heather is simply AWESOME

Review №78

Excellent as always

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Health and safety
  • Appointment required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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