Camp Clear
40 Wareham St, Carver, MA 02330, United States
Camp Clear

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Camp Clear is the hole-in-the-wall camp around here. Once upon a time the lake was thriving, the church was young, and this kids camp was the place to be! Now, the church is retired, the camp is tired, but it is still a well working machine. There is a huge bunk house - top floor is boys equipped with 2 bathrooms each with multiple toilets and sinks, first floor is girls also with 2 bathrooms with multiple toilets and sinks, and ground level has a couple of showers, bathrooms, and a lounge with fireplace. The bunks are small twin size beds - remember think kids camp, but very clean! No bugs, mold, or weird smells. Very few outlets in bathroom or otherwise. There is a smaller building next door that has more individual rooms with home style bathroom and shower. Upstairs has a couple of craft rooms - complete with art on the walls and doors. The kitchen and dining area are huge and well equipped. There is also a boat room, and an upstairs with well maintained home style bedrooms and bathrooms. Final building on the camp is a very small old style chapel. A few outlets available, but not equipped for modern day concerts/productions - keep it simple here. The lake does still have a dock, no real sand, but soft ground and grass. The water is clean, but dont drink it - obviously. The camp does also have a working volleyball court, fire pit, outdoor grill, and lots of open lawn space. Our church does a great job using it for its womens retreat. The camp is a comfortable stay that is definitely a step up from camping, but no 5 star hotel.

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I spent many days there,both as a camper as well as a visitor. Lessons learned,friendships to cherish, the sauna. I accepted CHRIST as my Savior there.Memories made.Memories kept.

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I had an awesome time there as a kid..

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