Ian Rivera-Colon, MD
68 N Main St, Carver, MA 02330, United States

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He is very arrogant, messed up someone life.. this person cannot walk and is in constant pain due to his negligence. Treated that person like a piece of trash. I wouldnt recommend him at all. Not thorough doesnt explain the risks.

Review №2

I love Dr Rivera! He has helped me more than any other doctor Ive seen with my chronic back pain. I have been living outside of MA for 5 years and Im moving back next month. I cant wait to make an appointment with him to get back to him treating me. Maybe Ill get some relief again!

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Dr. Rivera was so professional, it kind of scared me as I new nothing about cannabis medical treatments. But new I had to get off of my serious opiates, as well as coping with my night sweats from my PTSD, as well as my eating disorders, After speaking to Dr. Rivera, he patiently & seriously listened to my every question. What was real comforting is that as I talked to the Dr. he was, or at least seemed like he was verifying my every statement, as to weather it was fact or not. I loved this! That’s what I want from my Dr. is Open and honest Communication, professional and his attention to Detail. From illnesses, to chronic pain that caused me to take 180mg minimal daily, of OxyContin. For 21knee surgeries, 4 herniated lumbar disk.with static’s I am so, so great full that Dr. Rivera has helped me so very much. Since approximately 5 months on medical cannabis, I have gone from a minimal180mg contin daily! Thanks to Dr. believing in me, I am now on only 60mg AT most daily, all this despite having a serious fall Aug. 4, requiring me to have a total left hip replacement, a severely fractured left femor, a fractured left elbo rotator?Thank You Dr. Rivera, for truly Caring, since being on edibles for past 5 months, I have been able to come100% off all my opiates, even after my serious injury on Aug 4. I only wish there wahave EvenMy only downfall is that when I cook cannabis, (ISING THEARDENT FX)I’m losing like 3gtsmsfrom every ounce. And because of my past history of super strengthDr.Rivera Thank You For Your Awesome work.The problem I’m now running into is that I am coming up 1oz sort every month because I believe my 300+pounds, or inappropriately measuring.THE GREATEST HELP FOR ME TO STAY OFF MY OPIATES IF I HAD 11OZ monthly allotmanyTy

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It was so refreshing to find a doctor who doesn’t jump on opiates to find you relief. DT Rivera genuinely cares about his patients enough to wants what’s best for their long term health. Trying to find the root of the problem and treating with less addictive substances first rather than jumping into the endless cycle of painkiller prescriptions

Review №5

I just recently started working with Dr. Rivera. I wasnt impressed at first but now that I am getting to know him, he isnt a bad guy. He is honest about prescribing painkillers, you mess up and he is not going to prescribe to you anymore.

Review №6

Updated at bottom.Hes too busy to even care about people in pain. He even admitted he was busy. Take care of peoples pain is your it. Otherwise find another profession. Its ridiculous that I have to go to the hospital ER to get pain meds , after seeing him. Even they recognise pain. He also doesnt care about mental health that goes along with chronic pain. Read your patience files.Update:My daughter is still seeing Dr. Rivera, in the hopes he was having a bad day. I did come in the office a little aggressive but when your daughter is in constant pain and no one seems to know why , you can get a little aggressive.Dr. Rivera did find a problem and hoping this will help. I do believe hes a good doctor. In my experience the great doctors have poor bedside manner.Just my opinion. Im upping the stars. We all have bad days.

Review №7

Was arrogant about pain medicine and told me that he has nerve pain and goes to work everday..and the only patient that warants pain meds r cancer patients..i respectfully disagreed to which i got silence

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One of my favorite doctors ever.

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Good Dr.

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  • Phone:+1 508-747-7246
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Pain management physician
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