Super Smiles Dental
54 Middlesex Turnpike #104, Burlington, MA 01803, United States

Review №1

Went here first time and I was told I had no cavities. I was also taught how to floss. Also was informed how to improve my brushing technique. When I was late to my appointment they also allowed me have the exam and reschedule the cleaning portion.Last dentist I had told me I had four cavities. I am glad I didn’t get them fixed because they didn’t find any at this office. Generally don’t trust dentists. However taking the time to talk about preventive care and not finding any cavities the first visit are good signs to me.

Review №2

Dr. Emily has been in charge of my dental care for the last 3 years. She has done a wonderful job of proactively advising me on routine or equipment changes that have resulted in easier cleanings and visits. She has a great way of challenging vs punishing my brushing flaws... she truly is an excellent doctor. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Review №3

My family and I have been going to this place for past 3 years. I am happy with the my oral health improvement after following Dr. Millers treatment plan. I would highly recommend this place.

Review №4

Ive been going to Super Smiles for around 5 years now. I have horrible teeth from a history of poor dental hygine. Theyve done an amazing job at helping me recover and maintain a much healthier dental routine. Dr. Miller is an amazing professional and their staff is top notch. I cant recommend them enough especially if you hate the dentist.

Review №5

Dr. Miller, the hygienist, and the girls at the desk were all super welcoming and made me feel very comfortable in the office. I was quite nervous for the appointment but I was quickly at ease because of everyones friendliness and reassurance. Im looking forward to continuing my dental health journey with the practice!

Review №6

Dr Miller and all the staff at Super Smiles has to be the best dental experience I have ever had! From Dr Miller to Mare, to front desk to billing Christine, all are professional, friendly, but do not hesitate to explain everything to you every step of the way. The office is so bright and cheery and very attentive to antisepsis. I cant say enough how impressed I was and the entire staff are so caring and listen to you. I am so glad to have found a dental home!! I will recommend to the rest of my family!

Review №7

We love Super Smiles in Burlington! Our whole family goes and couldnt be happier with the care we receive. The staff is very welcoming and helpful. Dr. Miller is great and provides top quality care! (we also love that she can speak french with us) Definitely recommend them for any dental needs!

Review №8

My family & I have been patients of Super Smiles for years now and we are always happy with their services. The staff is friendly, the dentists and hygienists are excellent and the facility is extremely clean! I would highly recommend them for all of your dental needs!

Review №9

Super smiles dental in Burlington has completely transformed my life! Dr. Miller and her entire staff have been so kind, patient and caring and have treated me incredible! My whole life I’ve suffered from severe dental anxiety and was unable to get dental treatment until I was an adult because of this. This is the ONLY dental office where I have ever felt safe and comfortable! They go above and beyond to treat their patients with care and respect and I will never go anywhere else! I HIGHLY recommend them!! ❤️ Thank you Dr. Miller and the entire staff for all you have done for me❤️

Review №10

Just got off the phone w this place spoke w an absolute DOLL , MADISON def WENT THAT EXTRA MILE making me feel like its okay to not have perfect teeth i have been putting off the dentist for WAyyyyy to long and because of her kindness and lack of judgement im FINALLY feeling okay to go in!! she was so patient, informative, KIND, and we chatted as if we are gal pals havent even had the appt yet but def give my over the phone appt making 5stars due to MADISON

Review №11

My family and I have been going to Dr Miller for years now and I have to say she is a very gentle, caring dentist. Her employees and colleagues are always very courteous and professional. I would recommend her practice to anyone.

Review №12

I am not only proud to work here but get my dental treatment here as well. Dr Miller takes care and her time with every treatment given. She explains everything before adding it to your treatment plan and discusses any questions or concerns, in addition to pricing so you leave happy and with the best smile possible.

Review №13

Dr. Miller and her staff are awesome! They are talented, kind and make you feel like you are part of the family. I would highly recommend them!

Review №14

Doctor Miller and her staff are professional, courteous, and very friendly. Highly recommended!

Review №15

Do you dread coming to the dentist? YOU WONT IF YOU COME HERE!! BEST DENTIST OFFICE I HAVE BEEN TO! everyone is so patient, kind, and honest. They really take their time to explain things, answer questions, and make each appointment as easy as possible!Check out Dr Miller and her team. YOU WONT REGRET IT!! 😀

Review №16

I absolutely love Dr Miller and her team! They are thorough and gentle! They truly do care about their patients!If youre looking for a new dentist, make sure you give them a shot. YOU WONT REGRET IT!

Review №17

I love how organized and clean this office is! Dr was very gentle, and patiently explained the procedure for my consent. All done in a timely manner. Thank You!!!

Review №18

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience with Dr. Miller and the entire staff of Super Smiles these last several years. Its a very welcoming environment, theyre always punctual and theyre highly communicative. Dr. Miller takes the time to explain what shes doing and why and she takes time outside of working hours to follow up and check on her patients after procedures. My appointments are quick, efficient, informative and most importantly painless! I cant recommend Super Smiles highly enough.

Review №19

Amazing service. Best professional dental team.The service is amazing from Front desk, Dental assistant, hygienist, and Dentist.Super smiles Dental doesnt only take care of your teeth. They educate you on how to keep up with a great hygiene. I have the confident smile after getting my teeth cleaned by the best hygienist Kanchan, and great advice form Dr. Miller. I had work done at other dental clinics, but with Super Smiles Dental I can now say that My teeth are healthy and my hygiene is next level.Thanks to Super smiles Dental for my super smile

Review №20

Everything you wish for in a dentist: comfortable, transparent with treatments and rational, friendly, respectful of your time, and they do fantastic work on teeth. I nearly fall asleep in my chair every visit.Been using them for four years. Scheduled an emergency appointment after a hockey incident. Theyve been flawless ever since.Prior to them, I went to a big name dentist chain and they told me I had 7 spots that needed a filling--dead wrong! Havent needed one of those spots repaired since.

Review №21

Let me begin to say that the atmosphere at this dental office is very warm and inviting. Dr. Miller is an exceptional dentist. Her experience, demeanor and professionalism have won me over the first day I met her. Ever since she redid my filling, it was so smooth, painless, and I was in and out less than an hour later. Anne-Marie was extremely helpful in reminding me of my next appointment and they actually articulated thoroughly what I would need for the subsequent visits. The office is a little bit difficult to find since it is hidden behind FedEx. However, its not a problem since Ive been at this office for a while now. Overall, I highly recommend this dental practice to anyone who is looking for quality care. I promise you wont be disappointed.

Review №22

I just finished receiving my last filling here today. Best service anyone could ask for! The staff and my Dentist there is very friendly, helpful and thoughtful! I used to be terrified of dentist, she’s calmed me down so much I almost fall asleep in the chair when she’s working on my teeth! I would highly recommend to anyone!

Review №23

Ive been seeing Dr Miller and her team for almost 2 years now. She is very kind and patient with all of my questions! She and her staff are gentle and thorough. They will answer any questions and walk you through all procedures if you need them to.Ive always been hesitant to come to the dentist, but I honestly get excited when I know I have an upcoming appointment here!Do yourself the favor and give them a try!!

Review №24

Professional and experienced people work here. It was so nice to go in on a super dreary rainy day and the dentist office was warm and sunny! (the office is hard to find - park in the back behind FedEx) Dr. Miller was very experienced and knowledgeable. I asked her about cosmetic bonding for my front teeth and she reassured me she could do it easily. Im very happy with the outcome!!! The staff is friendly and nice!

Review №25

I’ve been going to Super Smiles for 3+ years now and love it there! I go for regular cleanings but also went through an invisible aligner treatment to correct some teeth that had moved since I had braces years ago. Dr. Miller and her team are not only professional, but they are friendly and welcoming. Even my husband loves going there and he used to be afraid of dentists! Highly recommend!

Review №26

Honestly the best dental experience I have ever had in 55 years! The office is spotless, the staff is very friendly and professional. All the equipment is state of the art also. A special thank-you to Dr. Miller: You helped me when other dentists would not and I am very grateful. Thanks to Cora and Ann-Marie too for getting me this much needed appointment.

Review №27

Super friendly crew and Dr. Miller is honestly one of the best dentists around. I am very impressed by her attention to details and can highly recommend her work!

Review №28

Dr. Miller at super smiles is amazing! Everyone who works here is so kind and welcoming. Dr. Miller is accommodating and truly cares about her patients. She makes you feel at ease and comfortable. I have never had such a pleasant experience at the dentist, but Super Smiles is truly in a league of their own. Their compassion really puts them high above the rest. She even came in on a weekend during her vacation time to accommodate me.Thank you Dr. Miller!

Review №29

Office very clean and new equipment. Staff/Dr very accommodating and friendly. I am extremely satisfied over the last few years with the numerous procedures I have had done.

Review №30

Love Love Love Everyone there is amazing!

Review №31

People out here are the amazing... Dr. Miller, staff and need less to say the work & affordability.The staff is very helpful on scheduling the appointment even on a last minute. Before going to this place, I was literally scared of dentist but Dr. Miller makes you comfortable from the start and she provides you with all the information of the root cause of the issue. Then multiple options to take care of the situation and the staff helps you work around the options. All this without feeling any pain for their patients which is awesome.

Review №32

Great Dentist office. Been a patient over two years.Front desk handles my picky scheduling very well. And remembers me, nice conversations. Checks my insurance status for annual limits if I need. The hygienists are great at handling me nicely, explaining everything, listening to my stories, and providing great cleanings. But they also have tried the extra services and explain their personal experience very well. Like bleaching teeth, bonding imperfections.I tried the new bleaching system/kit they have. Works very well, and you can do maintenance treatments on your own.Dentist is great. It is the second time I have had such a great one. Dr. Miller explains very well whats the situation, the options, steps me through procedures as she does them, checks on my comfort. Ive had cavities filled, past work repaired, crowns added, bleaching, and bonding a chip. I will be keep going to her forever.

Review №33

Dr. Miller is one of the best. I have seen dentists do needless work to make money but Dr.Miller is very conscious in doing the right thing for her patients. Her office is top of the line. Her front desk staff are also very helpful in setting appointments and going through the estimates so that it is all straightforward.Before doing anything, Dr.Miller will examine you thoroughly and explain all the available options starting with the best case scenario. During the procedure, Dr. Miller will make sure that you will have a painless experience.If Dr.Miller is a member of your dental plan, do not think twice to get yourself registered as her new client. I highly recommend her as I landed in her office after 3 different dentists experience. I also did cleaning with her hygienist and she was awesome as well. I would recommend anyone to start with the cleaning where Dr.Miller will examine at the end and provide a game plan on what is needed to be done.

Review №34

I cant imagine who would be upset about visiting this Office. It is by far the BEST dentistry i have ever been to. From the minute you step inside the office you are greeted by the front desk staff who are so kind and helpful, they take the time to sit down with you and explain in detail policies, procedures etc. Unlike other places that just hand you a clip board of vague paper work for you to sign. The office is very clean and well kept, also a plus is the music playing while you are there ( you get to pick the pandora station you want playing through your appointment).Dr. Miller was very sweet, honest, and most importantly gentle also very understanding. Coming from a horrible experience somewhere else, she answered all my questions and made it her goal to get everything done without causing me discomfort. No stress! No problems! Overall a very enjoyable experience!Shout out to Alyssa Murphy for the best cleaning ever! Thank you for helping me stay calm and making the process quick, thorough and painless.

Review №35

Super Smiles is great dental clinic in my area. The staff is pleasant and friendly. Dr.Miller is very kind, patient , gentle and wonderful with patients. I had fillings and deep scaling done at this place and the treatment was very pleasant . I have other dental fixtures needed and i feel confident getting them done at this place without a single thought. I would rate 5 stars and recommend this clinic to others .

Review №36

Had my first appointment as a new client and I loved it! The place and equipment are clean and new and the staff are very nice. I got a general cleaning and xrays done to check bone and teeth health. I really enjoyed being able to see the results instantaneously with Dr. Miller and having her walk me through everything. Other things I liked were the little care package that was sent home with me and the fact that the office was paperless. All in all, I will definitely be coming back!

Review №37

Went for my first visit. Cleaning was thorough, x-rays went smoothly. Dr Miller and her staff was kind and friendly. The office was well kept and pleasing. Would recommend to others!

Review №38

I recently switched to Super Smiles because the dentist I had been going to for years was no longer convenient for me. I had put off making a change for a long time as I had been happy with my prior dentist, but Super Smiles has made the transition very easy. They are friendly, professional, and have great customer service. I am so impressed with the dental equipment and advice. Dr. Miller has technology that I had never experienced before, including a small camera which lets you see exactly what she is seeing on a large screen. When I needed to have some dental work done, she gave me different options along with the pros/cons, and didnt pressure me at all. I would definitely recommend Super Smiles if you are in the market for a dentist!

Review №39

Best dentist office I’ve ever been to! Everybody is very nice and they take great care of you. I never leave with any pain or soreness, they are very gentle and make sure you are comfortable at all times.

Review №40

I really love this place. The staff are friendly and professional. Dr. Miller is informative and efficient. She makes sure you understand your options, and doesnt rush you into decisions or push for expensive services. Digital x-rays allow you to see what Dr. Miller sees, which is neat. My prior dentist office was part of a large chain of dental offices. Super Smiles feels a lot more welcoming, with a more personal touch. Im really glad I made the switch.

Review №41

Very kind staff. High-tec equipment. Dr. Miller has excellent bedside manner. I recommend coming here for your dental appointments.

Review №42

The place is best. Dr. MILLER is very relatable and so professional. Special shout out to all her assistants that are so kind and nice.They also know how to handle your teeth with minimal pain as possible.

Review №43

Dr. Miller is an amazing doctor . She is thorough, kind, intelligent and frankly, downright talented. I went into her office with caries, leaky fillings and crowns with poor margins. She prioritized my restorations so that I could take care of the most desperate issues first and go from there, very helpful on the wallet!In the time since I started going to her office, I have started Dental Hygiene school. Today my classmate couldn’t find any of my composite fillings and had a hard time distinguishing the zirconia crowns from my natural teeth. She had to call over some of the professors, all are veteran Dental Hygienists of 25+ years, who were BLOWN AWAY by how perfect my restorations all were. They insisted on getting her information so they could refer people to her when asked. I am so happy that I am no longer embarrassed about my teeth, and not only that, they have become a source of pride because of Dr. Miller’s incredible work!Go to Super Smiles, you will not be disappointed!

Review №44

Amazing dentist! Very meticulous with her work:) office is very clean and everyone is friendly!

Review №45

I cat skip writing a review about Super Smile Dental. I like everything about this place - professional and gentle doctor Miller and her friendly team.All details are very well thought out. They are using advanced equipment, so patient can see scaled x-rays and be in the loop :) Doctors assistant even ask about music preferences, so you can relax during your visit. I never had such an exceptional experience of visiting dental office before.

Review №46

Dont do braces or crown with them! Dr. Miller is a general dentist and she might try to do braces for you, but her skill is really limited and she can mess up your teeth. I would highly recommend you go to an orthodontics office. Otherwise, you will probably end up with messed up teeth and have to go to a real orthodontics office to fix them.I would say, if you are just doing simple filling or tooth cleaning, thats fine. Otherwise, go to a specialist!

Review №47

I had my first visit today as a new patient. Loved the staff and the place.Everyone there was friendly and patient. I could see the x-rays on the big screen on the wall in front of me instantly as they were taken. I even got to pick the type of music I like while being treated.Dr. Miller is great. She was succinct, to the detail, and made extra efforts to make a filled tooth look nicer. I used extra because I didnt receive the same treatment in my previous experiences in other places.

Review №48

Awesome dentist. Always feel refreshed after my cleanings.

Review №49

This place is stellar. The staff is friendly and thorough, and the equipment is modern and high-tech - including digital xrays and a tiny camera on a probe so you can see your own teeth on a big display screen. Dr. Miller is patient and calm, always tells you what is going on so you arent left wondering what shes doing, and makes sure you understand all your treatment options for any issues she finds.

Review №50

I was Dr.Millers first client for braces.(6 month smile) Paid 2500 for the entire treatment. (Top and bottom) Lets just say you get what you pay for. Fast forward till now, my teeth moved back even with the permanent retainer and my teeth are extremely sensitive. I cant have ice cream or even eat anything sweet. I went back for another consultation and she quoted me 2500 just to fix the bottom only. I went to an orthodontic dentist and he is doing my braces. He said everything she did was flat out wrong!! She messed up my teeth big time. The reason I senstive teeth was because she kept shaving my teeth instead of letting them move. She shaved my teeth each session and that caused the enamel to be lost. I am lucky I even have teeth. DO NoT do the 6 months smiles here. Go to an orthodontist. I am happy that she didnt take me the second time and I actually found a specialist.

Review №51

Super Smiles is the best dental office Ive ever been to in all my 56 years. Dr. Miller is very trustworthy and informative, her staff is experienced and genuine and I find myself looking forward to my appointments. Ive recommended my family and friends and anyone else looking for a great dental experience.

Review №52

Very helpful kind and patient. Clean and patient with my nerves! All staff and doctor are awesome. Saw them on short notice due a dental situation that occures while visiting from WA state. Wish i could take them home with me . Thanks

Review №53

Both my wife and I have gone here from day one of them opening and we are still patients today. One of the first dentists I feel isnt out to get your money, very clean and professional!

Review №54

I have been a patient since the very beginning and cant say enough good things about Dr. Miller. I have recommended Super Smiles to several of my friends and family and not one has had a bad experience. The staff is very efficient and friendly . I have had some major work done crowns and even an extraction and after each procedure someone from the office checked on me by phone and Dr. Miller has personally texted me to make sure that I was doing OK I have never had this type follow up and I must admit it is awesome.I was not very comfortable with Dentist until I met Dr Miller she makes sure that I do not feel any pain and she had a great ( bedside manner ) I dont know what the word is for Dentists but she cares very much and I will continue to recommend her to all my friends

Review №55

Dr. Miller Is Terrific!! Knowledgeable, gentle, calm & talented.The staff is wonderful! Always accommodating, Informative, Compassionate, and fun! The Office is well run, and the Operatories are Top notch, and clean.. Music is always available to distract you if needed.. ;-) Im so glad I found them! I highly recommend them!Thank you, Super smile Gals!!

Review №56

Super Smiles’ entire staff is wonderful!! The receptionists are so pleasant and helpful. The hygentist is so sweet with my girls and great at her job. And Dr. Miller is extremely knowledgeable!My girls (ages 4 and 9), never loved the dentist, and we came from a practice that made you feel awful when you forgot to floss once and awhile. Super Smiles is a breath of fresh air, and I can’t say enough good things about them!! My kids are now asking when their next dentist appt is! 😊Thank you Super Smiles!!

Review №57

Extremely rude customer service. I called here to get pricing information as we are a pay out of pocket family with two young sons. This location was a little bit of a drive for us, so I wanted to make sure it was worth it. I had previously been given pricing info from other offices in the area and they varied by $100 or more. The office coordinator was extreme rude when I kindly explained I was looking for pricing for regular visits with cleaning/fluoride and then also per tooth sealant costs and X-rays. After trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and her doubting whether the surrounding offices were different, I told her I was no longer interested. If you can’t even be kind and helpful to potential customers/patients, I certainly don’t want you working on my kids mouth.

Review №58

Everyone here is very friendly and comforting 😊...I cant thank them enough for putting up with me ... highly recommend to anyone thats afraid of the dentist..she is awesome..thanks so much ❤️

Review №59

Another great visit! The whole crew is excellent and recommend that doctor for anyone

Review №60

I have never had such a wonderful & helpful experience with ANY front desk secertary as I have with The secertary Cora Taylor. She went above & beyond to make my appointments fit into my busy schedule. She is such a delight when calling to remind me of my upcoming appointment.

Review №61

Update: The hallway is nice and clean now. Looks way better, so adding the star I took off.These guys are brand new. The office is in an older building, the same as FedEx across the street from Trader Joes, in the back but their space is newly built-out. Plenty of parking (nice). All their equipment is state-of-the-art. Everything from their chairs (super comfy), their computers, instruments, to their big 46 inch displays for your x-rays and the intra-oral camera. The Dr. actually shows you what is wrong in your mouth during the exam with that camera. So you get a before and after shot so you can actually see what was fixed. That was way Cool! Everything is digital. No forms to fill out. They actually take your information in person in a private office. I had gum issues, staining (coffee), tartar -- I saw it all on camera. Great, experienced, doctor. Very gentle and professional. Actually, everybody was so nice and old-school-professional -- they called me sir. It felt nice to be respected. Anyway, I gave them 4 stars because Im just hard to please. The hallway leading to the office is dingy, clean - but dark (its not their space, but...). They say the building owner is getting that fixed soon, so something to check in six months (next checkup). Googles office hours are wrong. Theyre open until 8 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, which is convenient since I work late (Tech). Their website is current, though. They also should call themselves Orange Dental. The office is absolutely beautiful, but youll see what I mean.

Review №62

Supersmiles is a great place. Dr Miller is the best dentist I ever had. I have gone there for regular cleanings and 2 fillings. Been going there for 2 years.The staff is friendly and very helpful. Alyssa is a great hygenist too. I highly reccomend the practice for dental care.

Review №63

Amazing service and very welcoming environment!

Review №64

Dr. Miller is great! She is honest and knowledgeable. A+++++

Review №65

Been coming here for two years now... Pleasant experience each time.

Review №66

I hate this place..I was dropped as a patient because I miss a appointment because I was have emergency surgery on my appendix.... not cool!

Review №67

Friendly people great service

Review №68

Professional dental office who accepts many insurance carriers including state funded insurance.

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