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Review №1

Im pretty particular when it comes to finding a dentist. I hadnt been in awhile because of being new to the area and I wasnt crazy about the one place I actually had been to in Mt. Vernon. Anyway, I asked my friend about Hilde since she went there and Im super glad I did! This place is super clean, the staff is really friendly and the overall teeth cleaning experience was great! I am really glad I found a place I feel comfortable going to again!!

Review №2

The only honest dentistry I’ve been to! They are out of network with my insurance but I decide to come here because it saves me money with their honest assessment of what I actually NEED. They are always very nice and the place seems well ran. They are super flexible and I’ve had nothing but great experiences.

Review №3

Kourtney my dental hygienist is always amazing. She remembers who I am, and take the time to talk. She treats everyone like a person and not a number. She is proficient in her job- quick, exact, but also gentle. Dental assistants and receptionists are always personable. Office runs on time.

Review №4

Hilde is the best! Dr Tse was fabulous, very thorough, and put me at ease. Fabian, the dental assistant is fabulous! I have no complaints about anyone. Friendly staff! They especially work with anyone that has a disability and is not able to do things normally.I highly recommend Hilde Family Dentistry!

Review №5

Outstanding service, very quick, friendly and professional. How often do you feel so relaxed at the dentist that you could almost fall asleep? This happens to me all the time here! I’ve asked Hilde Family Dentistry to repair poorly done dental work elsewhere, and for the first three years at least, have been extremely pleased with the results.

Review №6

Ive been going to Hilde Family Dentistry for 4 years. My experience was always good, the hygienist that cleaned my teeth twice a year was the primary reason I stayed. I dont recall ever seeing the same dentist twice at Hilde, which is unusual. In 2020 I went in for my semi-annual cleaning and saw yet another new dentist. She recommended that I have a crown replaced, and happened to have time to do it immediately. I consented. When I returned the following week to have the crown put on it was the wrong color (labs fault, not the dentist). When I returned again to have to next crown put on the dentist (yet another one) commented this wasnt his crown, at which point I learned the dentist that recommended the replacement was in a working interview. I found out this is legal, but I feel they should have told me this was not a dentist that had been hired by Hilde. In fact, she was NOT hired. I feel duped and ripped off. When I returned for my cleaning in 2021 I commented that the crown did not feel right, I couldnt chew the skin of an apple anymore, the dentist of the day glanced at it and said it looks fine to me. That was the last straw. Im not returning to Hilde. Also, when I called to inquire about the charges related to the crown because the statement showed charges that didnt make sense to me (note this was 6 months after the crown had been done) I found out Hilde owed me $187. They never would have disclosed this if I had not inquired. I have no confidence in Hilde and I believe their practices are questionable.

Review №7

I am new to Hilde Family Dentistry as well as my family. I appreciate their kindness without judgemental comments as I need some work done.. They have so far done amazing work on us. I definitely recommend.

Review №8

Great dental clinic with top notch dentists and dental hygienists. Hilde Dentistry is in a new office with all modern and updated equipment. Been with this clinic for years and they always strives to be and do their best.

Review №9

Everyone in the office is friendly and very professional. The atmosphere is pleasant and calm. Each person involved in my care treated me as though my dental health and comfort was important to them. I especially appreciate the dentist for being very thorough.

Review №10

I was looking for a dentist on a weekend, and found Hilde dentistry open & available, they saw me the same day.Staff are very friendly, they helped relieve any anxieties I had by listening, reassuring and explaining everything.The business office manager Merilee was amazing & I am so grateful for a positive experience! Thank you!

Review №11

My family has been going to Hilde Family Dentistry for a few years now. I originally selected them because of their scheduling availability with appointments 7 days a week and evenings. The staff and the high level of care we have received has been amazing.

Review №12

Definitely the most accommodating and friendly dentist office Ive been to in a long time. I have dental anxiety when it comes to fillings or like dental work. They were very understanding and did an amazing job making me as comfortable as they could. Highly recommend!

Review №13

I have been here twice. Their main shortfall is how they charge patients. At first I read the reviews about their strange payment methods, and I figured it would be ok to deal with, if the dentists were good. I had the worst cleaning ever, and the dentist was good, but obviously young and inexperienced. I left happy with the filling. Then came the issues with the payment. They overcharged by by 300%. They are taking their sweet time refunding me. I called them 5 weeks after treatment once my insurance notified me of how much less I should have actually paid. i would never have known I overpaid if I had not been notified by my insurance. I called Hilde Dentistry, and they looked up the info, and said Oh, we will start a refund for you, it might take some time. If I had not pushed them, I dont think they would bother to refund the money. It is crazy. This is a major issue, and paying up front is way worse than I had imagined. Stay away from this company. Hilde is a bad place for dentistry, and they are the worst place to trust with your money. Go somewhere else.

Review №14

Switched to Hilde dental from smiles dental because smiles dental was awful. Hilde dental was clean, professional, thorough, and very welcoming. I didn’t feel like they were pressuring me into getting a bunch of expensive dental work that I didn’t need! Highly recommend.

Review №15

Im very satisfied with the care I received at Hilde Family Dentistry. Dr. Tse and Dr. Draper and the entire staff are caring and skilled professionals, and I highly recommend them. Pleasant experience every time.

Review №16

Always great service. I feel our needs are met and hours are flexible which is a great help to our busy schedule.

Review №17

Words cant express just how I feel about my great experience @Hilde Family Dentistry. Embarrassing, but I have not been to a dentist in quite some time, so needless to say, I was very anxious for my initial appt. I was never made to feel bad about my situation, in fact, quite the opposite. The Dr. was very explanatory and allowed me to speak about my concerns as well and we came up with a treatment plan that I am very pleased with and will start immediately. My payment options were laid out to me and is not overwhelming at all. Oh, let me not forget to mention that there was barely even a wait time. Thank you to the Dentist and Staff of Hilde Family Dentistry.

Review №18

I have never had anything but cleanings so get 2 fillings made me nervous. Hilde made me completely comfortable checking with me constantly. I am very pleased with my experience. I look forward to a very long relationship with them. Great service, great people,

Review №19

My name is Leticia Espinoza and it was my first time going to Hilde Family Dentistry and I loved the staff and assistants and Dr they were very nice and they take care of you I had 3 filling done they were great 👍😊❤️ I would recommend this place 💯

Review №20

Fantastic staff and service. I moved from out of state and was fortunate to have this Denistry practice. Excellent, pain free, caring service! Five star rating! I highly recommend this Denistry!

Review №21

Am very pleased with state of the art tech, professional caregivers, the new facility, parking, convenience and every other aspect of my new patient visit. Will talk to others about it.

Review №22

Not very happy with this place. They did not do their part to make sure the work that was being done was fully covered under insurance, so once everything was said and done they stuck us with a $1,500.00 bill. Their job is to make sure everything is covered and to let us know BEFORE hand and they failed to do so. Then after we paid the bill we were not aware of a balance of $189.00 they never once reached out to collect payment and I didn’t find out until it went to collection. Poor poor management and they absolutely did not look out for the best interest of their patients. Would not recommend this place what so ever. They screwed up on their end and stuck us with an unnecessary bill. Had I know it wasn’t covered the dental work would have been pushed out until it was covered on our insurance. We had amazing insurance that covered 100% and 80% of the work that was completed.....Very unhappy with this place. I only clicked a 1 star because I have too. But honestly I would give them zero stars.

Review №23

Dr Tse did an awesome job with my filling procedure today on 7/21/21. He and his assistant were very kind and answered all questions. The quality of work performed was top notch and I highly recommend Dr Tse. He is very good.

Review №24

New patient and a tad nervous; they are pros. They do their job smoothly so I felt safe and comfortable

Review №25

Dr Tse and assistant did a great job on my fillings and they look great! Would definitely use him again!

Review №26

All the staff is awesome! They very efficient and make sure to explain any billing questions. I highly recommend to anyone who wants great care!

Review №27

This is Kara my experience with hild family dentistry has always been great. There kind friendly and take the time to listen.

Review №28

These guys were amazing! Nice facility and very friendly!

Review №29

Worst experience! Wont ever go back. They need to retrain their dental assistants... Would give them negative,but have to chose one star as the lowest

Review №30

I love the team at Hilde Family Denistry. I have received excellent care from the dentists and staff. Not only do they care about providing the best affordable dental care, but they genuinely care about their patients.

Review №31

I find the staff very professional. The check in and scheduling are simple and consistent. The professional staff are competent and caring. It continues to be a pleasant experience.

Review №32

The Dentist is fine as are the Dental Hygienists, but overall the office has a used car dealership vibe. They try to make you pay for procedures before they let you make an appointment. They also have a very high staff turnover rate. Ive used them for a few years now and I never see the same staff members more than once. I do NOT recommend Hilde family dentistry. I will not be using them again.

Review №33

What a great practice! New location is beautiful, very clean and COVID protocols are clear and navigable. Staff are excellent and my dentist has been delightful. Thank you for keeping me grinning!

Review №34

Went in to set up treatment left with temporary cap best service ever polite efficient and caring most highly recommend Hilde Family Dentistry. Ive found the dentist ive wantedKen H a happy patient

Review №35

Thank you for a very comfortable first visit.

Review №36

Friendly, quick service, open 7 days a week!!!

Review №37

Everyone here is amazing from front desk to everyone working in the back, assistants and doctors. Had an extraction and they did an amazing job making me feel comfortable. Great team!

Review №38

Was attracted to the Dental Office due to its widely available hours and friendly employees so I decided to go for a few routine appointments. I had no issue with the care i recieved while at Hilde. The issues for me arose from the billing/insurance process that they conduct. The billing staff were not very helpful. Most times when i would call about issues i had, they would tell me something to the effect of “the lady that does our billing isnt in today” making the process slow and frustrating. I would also say that the prices of their care seemed a bit higher than other dental offfices even with the great insurance that i have.

Review №39

Ive been a member of the annual plan for a few years since I dont have regular insurance. Its a fantastic deal and they dont try to shove suggested work on you each visit like my last dentist did. Recently I had a crown done and not only did they have the best price in the area, the process was pain free start to finish. Nobody likes going to the dentist but they made it a pretty good experience. The new office is snazzy, and the staff take the safety situation very seriously. Wont even let you in the building without taking your temperature. Shout out to Dr. Tse who did my work.

Review №40

Latest equipment, sparkling clean surgery, covid precautions, great people, and (drum roll) they work weekends so I dont need to take timeoff - very happy with my treatment!

Review №41

Dr. Hilde and his team are wonderful. They are so very professional, competent, kind, and skilled. My daughter and I were in a week ago to the new building and had the best experience. Clients should feel very safe at this clinic even during the covid19 because the cleaning regimen and protection of staff/clients is second to none. 5/5 stars to this dental practice ever since I started going here in 2012.

Review №42

I was very pleased with their dentistry, but their billing process is incredibly suspicious. I had to pre pay for my services (which is odd) and when I questioned about it I was told because they have had a lot of no shows and it cost to have the Dr. come in. I pre paid to have an extraction done and when I went in for my appt. he dentist said my blood pressure was too high and didnt feel comfortable preforming the extraction. At that time, I agree that my blood pressure was very high and that was in August. After getting my BP regulated its now December and I call to set up an appt. to get that extraction done. I get quoted a price over $300. I told the person on the phone that I already paid for my wouldnt do it...blah blah blah and she puts me on hold. She comes back and says my insurance would pay a portion of it and thats why its over $300. I said that doesnt make sense because I was about to have the procedure done and when I met with the billing lady she broke down my out of pocket portion, that I already paid. I requested a refund and Im finding a new Dentist.

Review №43

Ive been going here for years now. Very good service and competitive pricing.

Review №44

I would like to thank this team for taking care of me yesterday. I came in for a tooth extraction after being in so much pain. Everyone at the front desk was super friendly and my dentist and his assistants explained everything very well. The place is very clean and very professional. The extraction took place without a hitch which proved their skills.I left their very satisfied and am looking forward to my future teeth cleanings. Very easy location in Burlington and amazing hours too.

Review №45

I concur with the other reviews. We have been going here for about a year now. The dental staff was awesome! However, switching to a new insurance in January, A cleaning in February was not paid and we found out in June when we showed up for an appointment that supposedly was canceled. They offered no options for rectifying the situation and getting looked at today. The insurance paid, I have the website printout saying it was. Billing is not good here. Changing dentists over this.

Review №46

Ive loved the care Ive gotten here; from cleanings, to emergency visits, to braces. The office is clean, the staff are professional, personable and courteous, if you dont have insurance their in house dental policy is reasonably priced, and they will work with you on payments if you cant pay in full for procedures, and best of all they are open 7 days a week!

Review №47

I was dreading going back into a dentist to get work done because the previous one I visited pushed 4 root canals on me I chose not to do. I go into Hilde Family and he fixes me up professionally and quickly without the 5,000 price tag for something I never needed. Dr. Kalvish is incredible and the only man I want in my mouth. His staff is above board , the office is actually luxurious. It makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. The entire experience made me feel happy I got the work done.

Review №48

Sorry I have my calendar posted to incorrect date (s/b 21st) staff were able to do today (general cleaning).

Review №49

WOW!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! I was out of town and my permanent retainer broke. They fit me into their busy schedule and took care of me. From Sarah at reception to Amanda and Dr. Page, I have never met a nicer, more professional bunch of people. If I lived here this would definitely be my dentist’s office. Thank you for being wonderful and kind and for taking care of my retainer.

Review №50

I recently started going here. My experience with the Dentist and hygienist was amazing. They were so nice and accommodating. The facility is extremely clean.I just want to pre warn people that there billing and payment is messed up. I dont know if this was just a one time error or what but I went there knowing i had insurance but when they went to look it up they told me that i did not. Trying not to make a fuss and prolong the process I just told them that I would pay for it and I would look into it, thinking there was an error on my end. Well I called my insurance asked and they said nope everything seems fine they should have been able to bill it to us.I have spent almost two months now trying to get it billed through insurance and get my refund and Im still calling them to ask for the status and to remind them. So I just want to warn people, please be cautious.

Review №51

I am very very unhappy with the way Hilde dentistry handles payment with their dental savings plan. My family and I dont have dental insurance, so we thought it was a great idea to pay out of our pocket for dental cleaning. Now, in order to take advantage of the savings, you need to pay ahead of the service.I keep the receipt that I get from the receptionist and I keep track of how many cleanings I have left.My daughter goes in today for a cleaning and this is a regular cleaning that I lready had pay for. It was scheduled a year ago when I renewed the dental savings plan. Once I pay I schedule the cleanings that are paid. Then, my daughter texts me saying: the receptionist asked me if I wanted to renew the dental plan so, I did and they just charged me $199.And I know is not Olivias fault that I got charge once more for a cleaning that has been paid prior to the appointment.Theres not much proof to show that I already had pay. Because what they give me as a receipt is a tiny little hand written invoice (which you will see in the photos) that only says: dental savings plan. Where does it say for cleaning one, cleaning 2, etc?Then when Olivia looked at our records, she said that it shows I havent paid for the cleaning. Well, I pay cash every visit. Why isnt in the records?Today, because I asked them for a printed receipt so I dont get swindled again, they sent my daughter home with a printed receipt and the date that her cleaning is scheduled and paid for. Now, at least theres some proof. Why it hasnt been that way from day one?Dr. Smith is good at his work.Kaitlyn the hygienist is one of the best.Billing not good. Always hidden surprises.And one rude receptionist.

Review №52

I have had to have extensive dental work after an accident. I love the staff and Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith and Kathy made having all my bottom teeth extracted, I cant say pleasurable but tolerable. It took over 6-8 months to get most of the work done and every time I went in everyone was so kind and helpful. Thank you all very much. Yvonne

Review №53

Dissatisfied! Constant new staff and my last teeth cleaning was horrible. Didnt even feel like they had been cleaned. High pressure t

Review №54

Still Painful Root Canal after three years. My experience getting a root canal here was awful. Dr. Smith made a mistake in sizing the crown, the was no space between the adjoining tooth. He had to grind down the back of my tooth while it was in place. He used a sling with abrasive on it. It was torture, and it is still painful after three years. I should have reviewed sooner.

Review №55

I highly recommend Hilde Dentistry. We have used them for several years and they have always been great. The experience is wonderful from the front desk to the dentist chair. I would recommend Dr Hilde and his team for the entire family.

Review №56

After having a check up and cleaning yesterday, I was in the chair thinking how sad it is that I have been coming here so long and never did anything more than like on Facebook. In the years I have been coming here, I have received the best of treatment from the nicest, professional caring people. They have always made it possible for me to get the care I need by offering the most helpful plans and prices. Seriously, it is like paying for economy class and yet getting to be placed in the first class section. I am grateful to Dr. Hilde and staff for all the years of great care and compassion. P.S, the new hygienist is amazing. They always were great, but now we are in the next level of amazing. If you experienced what my wife and I have, you would always be coming here with appreciation and peace of mind. I am just annoyed at myself for not expressing my heart sooner.

Review №57

I have been treated with the utmost care here. I have recommended them to my coworkers and friends. Their pricing is competitive but not free. To those who complain about the fees all i can say is 2 things...Do you not understand the concept of overhead?Could you/would you do it yourself?

Review №58

The doctor I saw was literally the most condescending human being Ive ever met. Completely disregarded every word I said to him regarding my previous *9 hour oral surgery* and ignored everything I said to him. If you have any dental anxiety or past trauma, RUN!!! The reception and nursing staff were great. Specifically the young and arrogant doctor is why I left immediately after speaking with him.

Review №59

They have their employees working 12 hr shifts with days of no lunch breaks

Review №60

They did a wonderful job. Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and the care was done quickly. The office is clean and relaxed.

Review №61

I have been a customer of this place for 5yrs & yesterday I was refused service because I didn’t have my renewed insurance card with me. I was there for my teeth cleaning that I receive 4xs a year & I have to take meds for my hip replacement prior to cleaning. The front staff was not helpful or professional! I found my new insurance card & called another dentist to have my files transferred.. Terrible service !

Review №62

Nothing but promblems they ask for your checking account number. Then they take out more than the bill. Then say oh Im sorry we will send you a check in the mail. Still waiting for check. They cant be trusted they are thieves

Review №63

I was able to get a cleaning within 24 hours. Everyone was very nice and accommodating for my many questions I had. Thank you!

Review №64

I have had horrible experiences with dentists in the past that have led to dental anxiety as an adult. After not going to the dentist for five years I had my first visit to Hilde Family Dentistry. I researched multiple dentists in the area and was looking for a place that had good reviews, gentle dental practices, and reasonable pricing or accommodations with and without insurance.I have had two visits with them in the past year and was more than pleased with both my visits. The first cleaning and appointment I had while I still had Delta Dental insurance. Due to my lapse in dental care the cleaning took a bit longer than usual, which I expected. I had some minor gum recession and tooth sensitivity which they were very careful with during my cleaning and exam. Their suggestion was to get a Sonicare (which I ended up buying from Costco and has been a great tool that only cost me $140 with a coupon). I am so lucky I had only one small cavity which the dentist examined and said the location and size of it was not something he was concerned with but would examine on my next visit.My second visit with them was last week. I no longer had Delta Dental but upon calling their practice, found out they have a dental savings plan. I paid $199 toward that cleaning and my other cleaning that I would have in six months. Very reasonable and affordable. This cleaning was much quicker as I had kept up on it this time. The cavity was no longer present and the hygienist and dentist were very attentive and kind.I would be happy to recommend them to anyone in the area. Their receptionists are always helpful and everyone in their practice tries to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Review №65

Everyone from the front desk staff to the doctor is amazing! Always smiling and letting you know whats going on. I will not go anywhere else!!

Review №66

Professional, friendly staff!!

Review №67

I normally hate going to the dentist... But not anymore... This place is exactly like a real life bay watch!! Heck dock Smith is no Hassel hoff but he dose a dam good rendition of DU and hey get into my car.. heck once when getting a cleaning I choked a little and every looked like they were ready to dive into the ocean to save me.. also they all pretended not to notice when I passed gas (which was often) and didnt mind me talking through oral procedures.. the only thing that would have made this place better is if everyone wore red swimming suits or of doc drove a black smack talking ta...Also they are all really nice and professional people who do amazing work.

Review №68

Im not biased

Review №69

Have always had good experiences here. Dr Hilde and staff are always friendly and helpful.

Review №70

Hygienist was very nice and through. The Doctor was great!

Review №71

A very, very nice staff but their business practices need a major tune up. I was out of town and needed to have a crown re-cemented onto my tooth. It was a Saturday and I was happy to find anyone open. These were their regular hours so not an emergency call out, which I would not have done for something this minor. The fees sure are not minor. In fact, youd think I walked in with two broken legs. I was charged for an oral exam ($84.00 for just a look to see where the tooth was), an x-ray ($38.00 fair enough), cementing the crown ($205.00, crazy expensive) and adjusting the bite ($192.00 again crazy, it took him a few passes of the drill, about 5 minutes) for a grand total of $519.00 for this simple service. Before leaving the office, I paid $192.00 for the bite adjustment as they told me insurance does not cover this. I volunteered to do this, they did not require it. When I got the EOB from insurance, I was floored. The insurance did pay them an additional $171.00 which means they have been paid, thus far, $363.00. Way, way good enough I think. I had another crown pop off last year and my regular dentist charged $90.00 total which included an x-ray and to be fair, no bite adjustment. Judge for yourself folks.........needless to say, I wont be seeing the Hilde group again any time soon. Wish I could post the EOB but way too much personal info. It is what it is. Buyer beware!!

Review №72

Very friendly and professional

Review №73

Love this place!!! They are extremely friendly and accommodating!!!

Review №74

My mother and I are both patients at Hilde. We have both received efficient and kind care.I had a broken tooth on a weekend and was able to be seen quickly. Ive since gotten the permanent crown on that tooth. I am happy with my care and the final product.My mother isnt an easy patient. They were great with her and allowed me to assist while she was receiving care.The office staff are friendly and seem efficient. I appreciate that they explain each step.

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