Dental Bright of Burlington
11 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA 01803, United States

Review №1

I have been a happy patient of Dental Bright for over 10 years. From regular cleanings to more complex dental work (gum recession, emergency tooth trauma repair) they have always delivered professional and painless results. Their investment into the newest technologies such as a full CT scan machine to properly diagnose and narrow down the best treatment for the patient are just one example of going above and beyond the normal dental experience. I am so proud to see Dental Bright gaining the reputation as one of the best dental facilities in the Boston area (Best of Boston Magazine) from their humble beginnings 10 years ago. I highly recommend Dental Bright to anyone in search of a modern dental facility that is clean, efficient and welcoming to everyone.

Review №2

Cleaning and x-rays might be good here but implants or anything else hard to do you better go to somewhere else. my wife had 2 done here and they were falling out cause she needed bone graph but they said she didnt need it. Now she has to go somewhere else to get them fixed. 10k in the hole.

Review №3

I switched my dentist practice to Dental Bright about 1-2 years ago. The level of professionalism, kindness, expertise is amazing at Dental Bright! Every person here is fantastic and the results are incredible with state of the art equipment and highly skilled people. The building/equipment is clean and the whole experience is top notch.

Review №4

I’ve had a lot of Dentistry prior to Dental Bright, I have to say Quyen was the best Hygienist in my experience, not only her work but she carefully explained everything about my situation. Next I needed three extractions and I still can’t believe how smooth and easy that went so I have to give them my highest recommendation.

Review №5

My local dentist told me I needed an extraction and implant. I searched to find a provider in my network. I am so happy I found Dental Bright. I can only rave about the staff and Dr. Gonzalez. I had to call them back three times about appointment details and they were so patient and accommodating. Dr. G was personable and professional, ensuring a painless procedure and answering all my endless questions. I will be returning for my implant and looking forward to it. They have a great practice there and I highly recommend it.

Review №6

I just want to express how happy I’m with the service I got at Dental Bright of Burlington. I was lucky enough to be treated by Dr. Rivera, the prosthodontist, for a reconstructive mouth procedure. I came from Italy to get the best dental care at Dental Bright. As soon as you enter the office you are welcomed by the front desk personal that makes you feel very comfortable offering you a water or coffee while waiting to be called in. They were very polite and kind. Soon after I met Dr Rivera . I felt at easy and less nervous about the long procedure I was going to have. I knew I was in good hands. He was able to change my smile and words couldn’t express my joy at the end. I was beyond pleased of his work and how my teeth looked . He gave me my smile back. Thank u Dr. Rivera.

Review №7

I’ve only been here once but my experience has been wonderful. The staff is very professional. They take very good care of you.

Review №8

State of the art facility with a caring group of Drs. and staff. Highly recommend.

Review №9

Amazing staff and dentists! Since the entrance to the exit everything and everyone very professional ,clean and with a optimum customer service. Front Desk girls are awesome! Have your dental work accomplished by experienced people who care about the patients health as well as their smile.

Review №10

A team of professionals that care for their patients. I have used them for few yrs now and my experience has been great every time. They are consistent, knowledgeable, caring and understanding. I highly recommend Dental Bright.

Review №11

Great staff...Up to date with the latest technologyDefinitely recommend

Review №12

New to the area, saw the positive reviews, and I completely agree! Very friendly staff, clean office space, and some pretty cool technology to help visualize the structure of your teeth. Would recommend for anyone looking for a cleaning and/or a permanent dentist in Burlington.

Review №13

I want to start by saying, that I’m happy to be a patient here. I had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Gonzalez and he was amazing he explained the procedure step by step he took the time with me to calm my nervousness and anxiety. He did an amazing job, I didn’t get any swelling and everything healed amazingly. Let me not forget about Dr. Kacewicz is my daughter’s orthodontist he is also amazing. Dr. Kacewicz always makes my daughter feel comfortable and at ease. He is making sure my daughters smile is beautiful! The staff is very friendly and welcoming.

Review №14

My family member had his wisdom teeth extracted yesterday by Dr.Parisa who made him feel incredibly uncomfortable and maintained an unprofessional attitude throughout the entirety of the appointment. Today he contacted the office regarding pain and discomfort that has impacted his sleep schedule and daily routine asking for something to aid in the swelling and discomfort and was instructed to take over the counter MOTRIN for pain from the surgical removal of 4 wisdom teeth and refused to see him in office or offer any type of prescription medication for relief. Coming from someone who has worked in the medical field I can’t express enough how disappointing this is. Patient comfort should be priority in all well established offices. If I could leave less than one star I would. Please DO NOT go to this establishment.

Review №15

The building is very new and cozy inside. It was my first time there but the staff was amazing and welcoming. The front desk Ladies were so sweet especially Yasmin! She helped me fill in my forms that I was having trouble with! The dentist that worked on me worked very proficiently and it was over before I knew it. The end result of my cleaning was amazing and can’t wait to go back again! 12/10 :)

Review №16

I received confirmation texts a day or two in advance. While en route I received a call 8 minutes before my appointment informing me that my insurance was no longer accepted - not a day in advance, 8 minutes. When I called back to speak to a manager she was incredibly condescending, repeatedly called me ma’am even when I asked her to call me by name, and even cursed in Spanish at me. I informed her that though my insurance would be changing, I will not be returning to dental bright. She told me that another office takes my insurance in another town, but that didn’t change the disrespect and the poor customer service. I’m honestly shocked.

Review №17

I had them when I did my braces. They did a wonderful job. I had a regular dentist at the time. As soon I switched my dental insurance, I switched and I am going here. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Wonderful desk task. My appointments are always painless.

Review №18

I went to Dental Bright to have some previous dental work fixed. The team was amazing! So friendly and helpful. They worked hard to fit me in and accommodate my schedule. During the visit, they were thorough and did everything they could to ensure I would walk out feeling great. Will definitely be going back and would recommend them to friend and family.

Review №19

The office is absolutely beautiful. The best experience I have ever had in a dental office.. The staff is very helpful and extremely nice.I recently got a ZOOM whitening treatment and I am super happy with the results that I got. They are having a special for the ZOOM whitening I highly recommended for everyone. U cant beat it.Great service.

Review №20

Did such a job on my teeth. I had two a veneer done on my front teeth. love them it looks totally natural and people never now that they have been replaced

Review №21

This office sparkles just like my teeth! One of the best facilities I have ever been to office wise! Yas is one of the main women who works at the front desk and she is such a pleasure and will do her best to work around even the most hectic of schedules to get you an appointment. All the Doctors are incredibly friendly and make you feel comfortable no matter what you are having done procedure wise! I would highly recommend them to any and all! Oh... and they have BIRTHDAY CAKE teeth cleaning paste! Its so good I cant wait until my next appointment!

Review №22

Dental bright, is the best dental office in the area. The staff is not only professional and friendly, they make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Review №23

I have been a client of Dental Bright since they opened, but most recently they did a total of 12 veneers and crowns (6 on the top and 6 on the bottom). Dr. Sharifi is a perfectionist and did an amazing job and it has made a dramatic difference in my smile. I was always self conscious about my smile, but NOT ANYMORE! The pricing was fair and the work was excellent. I highly recommend Dental Bright, whether it is for a cleaning or major cosmetic work, they have a great staff and do excellent work.

Review №24

Its not always fun going to the dentist but when you have friendly nice helpful staff it truly makes a difference. The positive friendly vibe starts at the front desk and continues to the hygienist cleaning my teeth. A dental office I would recommend.

Review №25

The people in this dental office are great, super nice. I dont regret coming here at all. Doctor kacewicz its awesome he has been very supportive of the journey of my kids braces. Im very happy🤩!I moved half hour away and there is no way Ill change this place, staff or doctor.

Review №26

Extremely modern with newest equipment and the staff is very friendly. Very accommodating schedule-wise and it seems there is always availability. The building’s parking is a little tight, just a note. Would recommend to anyone!

Review №27

They used to have a good honest dentist on staff. Last time I was there they had new dentists who were extremely aggressive about drilling. I ignored them and got a 2nd opinion from another dentist who said she would never recommend drilling the area unless I wasn’t planning on going to the dentist for the next 5 years. Stay away unless you like getting drilled for no reason.

Review №28

Incredible place! Admin were super helpful and sweet, dentist was really nice and thorough and the hygienist was also great and extra detailed. Highly recommend.

Review №29

Dental Bright of Burlington. was wonderful. I was referred to them by a friend. Great location and a beautiful, clean office. I went for a cleaning and whitening experience and they were perfect. Support staff was professional and pleasant. The dentist was kind and efficient, too. My dental hygienist, Carla, was wonderful and knowledgable. She made me feel very comfortable during the procedure. This will be my place for all dental care from now on!

Review №30

My first time in Dental Bright for a cleaning I had great experience while going to see Carla, Her team was great and she did a great job explaining everything that she was doing and listening to what I had to say, I will continue to go there and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Review №31

Easy experience, doctor was nice and ultimately the doctor gave me some great options. I work in the area and they accommodated me during my lunch hour. The appointment went a little over because I had a pretty deep filing that needed attention. The place was pretty and high tech.

Review №32

I highly recommend this practice. Its modern, clean and the staff is beyond amazing. My daughter who wouldnt even open her mouth looks forward to seeing Dr Mike and Katia. Wonderful experience for the whole family!

Review №33

There are many dental offices in Worcester where i live but I choose to drive an hour away because Dental Bright and its staff are totally worth it! They make you feel at ease through out the entire process. I also love the fact that I never have to wait more than 5 minutes to be called in, they are quick and professional which is a major plus for me as a mom. Excellent service and great staff. I highly recommend.

Review №34

Nice office. Varied types of dentists, so I don’t need to go to other clinics for different things. Have office hours on Sat. Can find available slot in coming week.

Review №35

I am new to the area and have been looking for a good dental office in the area. I visited a group practice in Woburn first and I was very disappointed with the environment and the way I was treated. I left before I had my teeth cleaned. I decided to give this office on a recommendation from a coworker. At first glance this place is state of the art. The front office staff were very accommodating with scheduling me during my lunch break. My insurance was checked before I came into my appointment and I was taken back within seconds of signing in. The hygienist was very gentle and through with my cleaning. I was given an examination by the doctor and then a young blond girl from the front went over the work that I needed to have done. She was very knowledgeable an explained exactly what my insurance would cover. I was very impressed with the whole staff and the doctor.I will definitely be going back and would recommend to coworkers.

Review №36

By far, the best Dental Place I trust to work on my teeth. I am very afraid of dentists in general and I am a germaphobe so this place gave me the peace of mind that I will be very well taken care off. The doctors are all so nice and knowledgeable, and all the staff are friendly and all smiles. I recommend this place to anyone who is looking for quality dental work. My favorite doctors are Dr. Mittleman, Dr.G, Dr. Rivera, Dr. Agolli, Dr.Kacewicz, and my Favorite hygienist are Carmen and Gina but believe me they are all nice, even the office coordinators like Berenice, Stephanie, to name a few and all dental assistants like Iraiza, Gabriela, Caroline, and all. I bring all my family here and we are all very happy with the way we get treated.

Review №37

Dr. Agolli had done my root canal last week, the procedure was so quick and I was comfortable the whole time. I would highly recommend anyone to her if they need a root canal!

Review №38

Amazingly caring doctors and extremely helpful staff. My parents now have a new outlook in life after the whole mouth reconstruction Dr. Sharifi, Dr. Gonzales and Dr. Rivera designed, planned and astutely implemented as a team on these toothless and challenged parents of mine. Their treatments included extractions, implants, crowns and one of them needed implant supported dentures since he was completely toothless and had a real hard time eating. I recommend this place warmly, as they connect with their patients and are very accommodating for everyone. They are now doing the periodic cleanings at Dental Bright as well, even though it is not that close to home. Carmen is really thorough and friendly and it is well worth it!

Review №39

I really believe that everything related to your health starts with taking care of your mind, body and especially your teeth. Dental bright of Burlington has exceeded my expectations after having a comprehensive exam and treatment done.I had a root canal, crown and know I am in INVISALIGN. SUPER HAPPY AND I SEND ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY THERE. The Burlington Office is beautiful and the staff is delightful

Review №40

Amazing service from beginning to end. My teeth have never been whiter and the compliments are plentiful. What an amazing staff and so accommodating too.

Review №41

The dentists are wonderful. The hygienist is the best. Unfortunately, the front desk is the worst. Theyre supposed to be opened at 8am and when you call in at that time, you can never get someone. Its either theyre late, or just unprofessional. I am pretty sure theres many other dentist in the area that would appreciate their clients.Since you think by being illiterate and defensive will make you feel better behind a screen, I guess to each its own.Maybe if I was specific in my post and said what day I called, you wouldnt have been so quick to respond to an online review instead of making it to work on time.For one, I did NOT call today (02-01-19). I called on 1/28, 1,29, and 1/30 since you so insist to point fingers over there. If your hours said you suppose to open at 8am, or 9am, you should be opened. On many occasions I have called ten or fifteen minutes after opening and the phones are still off.What is not fair, is that I spent my hard earned money on a business that is inconsiderate and dont care anything about the people that puts food in their mouths.Lastly, please dont attempt to have anyone reach out to me as I have taken my business elsewhere.

Review №42

New modern office with up to date equipment and friendly staff. This office focuses on comprehensive care with incredible customer experience. Highly recommend!

Review №43

I have been getting my teeth cleaned at Dental Bright Burlington for the past year and a half. The location is extremely clean and modern, while the staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and honest. Carla is my dental hygienist and she is fantastic.

Review №44

Going to the dentist is not exactly what I look forward to, but these guys really make an uneasy thing pleasant. I never have to wait past my appointment time, they are always friendly and professional, and their services are really incomparable. The clean and new environment and devices doesnt hurt either.If you end up reading this, Dr Tarshi, you are amazing, thank you for everything! :)

Review №45

My wife and children have been patients at the Lawrence office for years, Its great that they opened in Burlington. closer to my house and I just brought my grandmother there for a partial. happy with the service and they take good care of me with offering payment plans the implants I got

Review №46

A clean facility, bright environment, and an efficient and professional staff. From the beginning to the end, the front desk staff were accommodating on the scheduling and informative on certain procedures. The dental hygienist and doctor were better than I expected. They noticed how nervous I was during both the cleaning process and dental procedure, but they made it very relaxing the entire time. If you tell them what makes you uncomfortable, especially during the cleaning process, they find ways to alleviate the discomfort. The chairs and equipment are kept very clean, which is something I always look for in any medical office. I will definitely be back!

Review №47

I have been a patient of Dental Bright for years. Today we went in for a consultation for possible braces for my daughter who is going to be 9 soon. Dr. Kaceowicz did a phenomenal job explaining the X-ray and his action plan to monitor her teeth during the next few years. He made the experience very pleasant and described analogies that she could understand! He didnt jump right in to business, which I can appreciate as a mom...he took his time to create rapport and trust with her. I highly recommend this office!

Review №48

A fantastic group of people! My son got braces from Dr K, and we could not be happier with the results and experience. State of the art, super clean, super friendly!

Review №49

Amazing facility. State of the art! Came in for a crown. They have a machine that did it the same day. I would not go anywhere else. I drove all the way from Brookline. Totally worth the drive. Thank you to the amazing staff at Dental Bright and thank you Dr. Pardis Koleini! You are the best!

Review №50

I had a deep cleaning session at Dental Bright Burlington. Carla did a wonderful delicate job without pain. I look forward to my next appointments!

Review №51

The office is brand new and beautifully done. The staff is professional, friendly, and competent. I would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Review №52

Went to see Dr K for an Invisalign consult for a third opinion, on the invisalign website it said he was a diamond provider so figured it was worth a shot. What an optimistic, always positive, attention to detail orthodontist. I have to say not only am I extremely happy with the outcome of my Invisalign (5 1/2 months!!!) but the experience was fantastic. Always on time, very professional, and with my crazy schedule would do everything they could to squeeze me in. Dr K..... YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Thank you again for everything! If you couldnt tell I couldnt recommend Dr K and then whole team at Dental Bright enough! If you are thinking about Invisalign at all, go see Dr K, I promise you will be happy you did!

Review №53

I never write reviews, but Dental Bright is just an amazing office. Super modern and the best staff Ive ever encountered. Dr. Koleini discovered that I needed a root canal (thanks for nothing previous dentist!). So I had the root canal done by Dr. Agolli (zero pain, super fast) and a crown by Dr. Koleini (She even showed me how it gets made), ALL IN LESS THAN 3 HOURS! And it was perfect, the Xray looked ridiculously good. Im getting everything done by them now, I dont care how far I have to drive.

Review №54

They Rock! i am a patient at both of their practices, since i moved closer to boston i transfered from their lawrence office to the burlington locationsame great care.. thank you

Review №55

Love this practice. Everyone is incredibly friendly, professional, and supportive. Dr. Michael Kacewicz is an amazing orthodontist...and extremely experienced, humorous, and welcoming. Great!

Review №56

Great Experience, Great Staff, one of the most beautiful offices Ive ever seen, very warm and friendly. Would definitely recommend to family and friends!

Review №57

Moved to Boston from CT and have been looking for a new dental office. A good friend referred me to Dental Bright and I had my first cleaning today which was awesome! The office is very modern, everyone was so professional and my hygienist was fantastic and very thorough! She was very knowledgable and was able to answer all my questions around Invisalign which I scheduled a follow up appointment for. Very happy with my first visit at Dental Bright.

Review №58

Doctor Jahnsen is amazing awesome staff wish I came in years ago dentist Ive been to

Review №59

Cant say enough about this place! First I drove 50min away to get there and i would have driven even further, just because they are worth it! Dr Agolli saved my tooth. After getting diff opinions from two diff endondontist that basically gave no hope for my tooth, she took over and made a very difficult procedure and made it very easy. Painless, i was very comfortable and could not thank her enough! Thank you Dental Bright! Please open one in Worcester!

Review №60

Such a great place.. I took my niece here and she is super happy with all of the dentists and she had a root canal done with Dr. Agolli and braces with Dr. Kacewicz

Review №61

Awesome experience, wonderful staff, and a great smile, thank you so much1

Review №62

For a mother with four children under 9, dentist/orthodontist office visits are not fun! Anxious children combined with long waits are a recipe for disaster!Not at Dental Bright of Burlington! My kids didnt want to leave the waiting room, there was so much for them to do! They were actually disappointed when their names were called because the wait wasnt long enough! The staff was excellent with my children... put them right at ease, distracted them when necessary, and got them in and out in a timely manner. I highly recommend.

Review №63

I want to say that the level of care and professionalism at Dental Bright is over the top . I been patient for 4 years and i always look forward to my dental check ups. CARMEN GRADINARIU, RDH my dental Hygienist is the best, I love the way she cleans my teeth, DR. ADELA AGOLLI TARSHI and DR. OZAIR BANDAY both worked and did a great job on my root canal. I highly recommend this dentist office.

Review №64

The Doctors are always great and the office personnel are always hospitable. THUMBS UP!!!

Review №65

I had a great experience at my visit. Very clean and friendly environment. I am usely nerves to go to dentist but this changed my whole outlook on going, never be nerves again. The staff was professional and gental. My husband also had a great experience here as well. We would highly recommend this office to anyone for all their dental services. Thank you again Karen Gagne

Review №66

Doctors are good, but their staff is inefficient, they overcharged me and even they dont have a record of what I paid, until I showed them my credit card statement. I am not going back.

Review №67

I recently moved from out-of-state and sought a new dentist so I turned to Dental Bright. Maybe my expectations are high, my previous dentist was phenomenal. But I didn’t feel comfortable at Dental Bright and they do not have what I’m looking for in a dentist.I want a dentist who takes the time to talk to me, one who explains what it is they are checking for along the way. Dental Bright didn’t do this. They went ahead poking and prodding and I was left tasting blood and filling in the blanks as to what was happening. This made me extremely uncomfortable.They did not ask me for my dental history so they had no baseline for comparison to see how my overall oral health is trending.The technology seemed limited. They only took some bitewing x-rays. No panoramic x-ray was taken, but a pan x-ray is important for providing a comprehensive view of the maxilla and mandible bones. Furthermore, they did not fully explain the x-rays that were taken. They didn’t take any digital photos of my teeth (my previous dentist did). Digital photos are helpful in assessing and tracking things such as bite, pre-existing shade, texture, smile, etc. X-rays alone do not offer a complete picture.I rarely bleed after I brush/floss at home but was bleeding excessively after the cleaning. Maybe the hygienist was too aggressive or it could be that the bleeding was due to the nature of a thorough cleaning below the gum line.I felt like a piece of furniture with the hygienist and dentist in the room. They talked at length in technical-speak to each other while I idly sat there. Finally, the dentist tells me a whole host of issues with my teeth/gums. No real solutions were offered besides coming back in four months and using waxed floss. She suggested no causes or possible causes or prevention tips. I felt like a lot was being left unsaid and this made me extremely uncomfortable. Afterward, I learned more on my own when I googled for information and cleaning tips.Also, the dentist went ahead and forcibly wiggled my lower front teeth without my consent. I was really disturbed by this. My teeth never wiggle on their own. Then she claimed that my top front teeth touch my lower front teeth when I bite, that could cause the gums to wear down, I could eventually lose my lower teeth, etc. But there is a visible space there so I’m not sure what she is referring to.If you’re looking for a dentist who will respect you and talk to you and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, who is equipped with the latest technology to properly assess your teeth and oral health, then Dental Bright is not for you. Otherwise, by all means.

Review №68

Worst ever. They only care about squizing money rather than patient benefit. Plus, thete are a whole bunch of rookies who just damage your oral health

Review №69

I am a patient of the lawrence office, but I had an emergency and lawrence was really booked so they sent me to burlington. WOW very nice office, and it was only 20 minutes from the other location. Dr. Agolli did an emergency root canal for me. root canals are never fun! but I was out of pain within an hour and back to work!

Review №70

Dental Bright is a fairly new dental practice in Burlington, MA with the original office in Lawrence.(It is not a franchise, just have 2 offices). I needed gum grafting surgery on both sides of the bottom of my mouth. I have had it before at a different place years ago & said I would never have it again. I have been reading reviews on line about other peoples experiences with all different Periodontists. Everyone has said how horrific the surgery is, which had originally confirmed my fears. (Was most painful surgery I had ever had before, too). Now Im 58 yrs old and need the surgery in several areas, because of receding gums, eventual loss of teeth & sensitivity. Like everybody else, I was leery about trying a new dentist, but wasnt satisfied with my last one & found DENTAL BRIGHT through 1-800-dentist). Well, not only does this dental office have every kind of dentist & specialist (for convenience & knowledge) available, but all of the staff is fantastic & caring & extremely patient with you. (Klara, the office manager, is so welcoming, knowledgeable, caring & patient, as well as Katia, most loving & caring dentist/assistant, who is an Orthodontist as well as assistant to the surgeon. This office has all the latest equipment & techniques available & is beautiful & SPOTLESS. After having a cleaning, crown & filling done so well, I went to DR GONZALEZ, the Periodontist who did my gum surgery. I had been stressed out & petrified for months, but he was so calming, caring and kind. I had the surgery (grafting on top left side of palate & I chose to do 2 (instead of one) sections at the same time. I was totally shocked. I SWEAR TO GOD, I HAD NO PAIN DURING AND AFTER THE SURGERY. (Frankly, I didnt think that could possible.). When he administered the novacaine, I didnt even feel the needle. The sutures were also done neatly & perfectly. I URGE YOU TO GO TO DENTAL BRIGHT in Burlington, MA. Then, please follow up with a review after, Id like to see what you thought. I know they will continue to get a 5 star rating from anyone who goes there. Also, they take most insurances & PPOs. (Theyre all B.U,. board certified graduates. I assure you, I am a new patient, NOT an employee). I only write reviews when I have had an exceptional experience. I will never have a gum graft done unless Dr. Gonzalez does it. Please just try them, then write a review to let me know what you think. I just cant say enough about them & especially Dr. Gonzalez (who happens to be part owner of the practice, whom I would drive 50 miles to see if I hadt.). Just tell them Debra G. sent you! God bless them for having the BEST dental office in Burlington!!!

Review №71

Very nice staff, very knowledgeable and helpful

Review №72

I was told one tooth needed cavity filling although I did not feeling anything, went to the Burlington office last week, since then my tooth has became very sensitive to cold and hot drinks and painful, called the office, no response to schdule a follow up appointment.

Review №73

By far the Best dental practice in Burlington

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