Dental Care of Burlington
113 Terrace Hall Ave STE 1, Burlington, MA 01803, United States

Review №1

The Doctor and Erica are amazing at what they do. My 3 year old feels very comfortable at this dentist office. It is always a pleasure going to this dentist office even if is means driving an hour.

Review №2

Always a pleasure to see the staff. Melissa is wonderful. She cleaned my teeth and was very gentle as I have a sensitivity problem. Great job!

Review №3

Dr shaibani is hands down the best around very knowledgeable . she allows enough time for you and never in a rush . Ive been going to her since since she started wouldnt go anywhere else . love her and her staff !!

Review №4

Haven’t been to a dentist in a few years, felt right at home here. Melissa made me feel very comfortable. Great senses of humor and very knowledgeable. Dr. Shaibani and Melissa are awesome

Review №5

I needed a filling for the first time and was very apprehensive, but Dr. Shaibani took care of it quickly and painlessly. In fact, with no needles or anesthetic due to her expert use of the Waterlase system! Highly recommended for sure!

Review №6

This has been my dental office for the past five years. They are amazing! During Covid I had an emergency and they saw me that day! You will be so happy here!!

Review №7

Good people. Always a great experience. Very flexible.

Review №8

Ooh my God,this place has amazing stuff,so friendly and they guide you through everything in that you feel so comfortable and free.Dr.Kamand shaiban is so so amazing.Am not leaving any time soon 🙏🙏🙏

Review №9

Dr. Shaibani and her staff are the best. Front desk staff always so nice and professional. Hygienists are fantastic and make you feel welcome and comfortable. You can have a traditional cleaning with all that scraping (which I detest) or, my preference, an ultrasonic cleaning. Dr. Shaibani takes time to listen to you about any concerns and she is honest about what issues you may have and work you may need done, and whether it needs to be done as soon as possible or if it can wait. She does not overcharge for services - they pretty much fall into the usual and customary range, and she never tries to upsell services to you (I used to have a dentist who would try to get me to get tooth whitening which would cost me a $2-$3 hundred dollars out of my own pocket and this was back in the mid-1990s). And my favorite part of the visit is at the end where, along with your complimentary toothbrush, you get to choose between a refreshing lavender-scented or citrus-scented warm, wet cloth to clean your face. Its like a nice little facial spa treatment. Like many people I very much dislike going to the dentist, but going to Dental Care of Burlington is actually as an enjoyable an experience of going to the dentist as you can possible get. I very highly recommend this practice.

Review №10

I had a great day today. I had my teeth cleaned by Erica who I just met today. She is very nice. I am returning next month to get my teeth whitened. Im very excited about that. Thank you Erica . See you soon.😀

Review №11

Overall positive experiences here and facility is very clean. The check-in and documentation fill out for new patients is rather easy. The staff is welcoming and informative throughout the process. Clear recommendations and next steps are provided after your session.If you have non routine work done or extra work not covered by your insurance quotes are provided in a system. Note quotes do expire in the system and are not able to be download. Take a screen shot for your records.Appointment reminders are provided through a call, text message, or email format depending on what you sign up for.

Review №12

I received an unexpected bill from Dental Care of Burlington. When I called to inquire about this, it was explained to me that my insurance plan benefits must have changed which is why I was now getting billed above and beyond what my dental insurance covered. When I called my insurance company, they informed me that Dental Care of Burlington actually left my insurance providers network between visits, which is what the extra charges were. DCB never informed of this.I tried to address this with DCB before posting this, but after two weeks, they still have not responded to my concerns related to this.I believe it is extremely unprofessional for a dentist office to leave a patients network without informing the patient and leave them to foot the bill for the new out of network charges. I believe it is further unprofessional of them to completely ignore a patients email raising legitimate concerns about these business practices. Finally, during my most recent cleaning, I was not informed until after the cleaning that the dentist wasnt even there to perform an exam. In sum, although the cleanings themselves have been fine, DCB has extremely unprofessional business practices that apparently expect a patient to double check they are still within their insurance network before each visit or risk being responsible for the bill, and apparently wont even engage in a conversation with those trying to inquire further about these practices.

Review №13

Dental Care of Burlington is fantastic. Everyone who works there is friendly, professional, and thoughtful. My kids even get excited for their dental appointments - what kind of magic is that?! I can’t recommend the place highly enough.

Review №14

What a great experience! The office is great! The front staff is great. Less than a 5 min wait. The hygienist and doctor was just wonderful. They put me right at ease. Billing and out of pocket was explained fully. I’m actually looking forward to going back!

Review №15

Careful, friendly and competent staff. I was worried about going back once the pandemic hit, but seeing all the precautions they took I now feel very comfortable indeed. This is a wonderful dental practice!

Review №16

I got a crown put in yesterday and it looks and feels amazing. They’re such a great organization and Dr. Shaibani is the most talented dentist I have ever been too.

Review №17

Ive been going to Dental care of Burlington for 5 years now. My mother was a patient first and brought me in when I was looking for a new dentist myself. Dr. Sharbani and her team are wonderful, they are so nice and caring. Any worries or concerns you have they make go right out the window. They make going to the dentist enjoyable.

Review №18

Wonderful people and they are working so hard during the pandemic. There are many safety protocols in place and everything is spotlessly clean and secured. I felt very comfortable there. Thank you!

Review №19

My anxiety is usually through the roof and that is why in the past I would avoid going to the dentist.I am so happy to have found Dental Care of Burlington! had such a positive experience when I went in this morning as a new patient. Melissa took care of me and was so kind and easy to talk to. Dr. Shaibani is wonderful and also a very kind. I have to go back in a few weeks to have something minor done, but Dr. shaibani made sure to list out all my options and was not pushy whatsoever and I appreciated that very much. =)

Review №20

Highly recommend Dental Care of Burlington. I moved out of the area, tried a new dentist and immediately went back to Dr. Shaibani. The front desk, dental staff, and Dr. Shaibani are all excellent, professional, and have great patient care. She listens to her patients, explains what needs to be done, and executes like no other.

Review №21

A pleasant “ welcome to our practice “ when I walked in! Felt comfort straight away.Melissa was outstanding, as I explained I had a fear of the dentist. Gentle, compassionate and a great calming bedside manor! We were a great team! Thank you Melissa:)Dentists were honest, professional, with also a great bedside manor!I feel great comfort in knowing as a practice, they truly care and want you to have a good experience!

Review №22

Always such a great experience! Dr. S and Melissa are wonderful. And although I dread the dentist, they always take great care of me. Thank you!

Review №23

Excellent service!They are very professional, careful and attentive!Thank you so much!🙂😊

Review №24

I have been a patient here for years. My whole family has ended up there too! I have moved away and still make the ride because I refuse to go anywhere else! The office is immaculate. They are super gentle and accommodating to my anxiety. I used to dread going to the dentist (due to going to one that wasnt great in the past.) I am over my fears thanks to dental car of Burlington!

Review №25

First none traumatic appointment ever! The team is so friendly and explained everything that was needed and going to happen. They didnt talk down to me or guilt me about my teeth. I will not go anywhere else!

Review №26

Dr. Shaibani and her staff are the he best. They are professional, but personable. The environment is a relaxed one, and I highly recommend this office. If you have a fear of the dentist, you will be made to feel at ease by the friendly staff, and your experience will be pain-free.

Review №27

Really pleasant experience! Super clean, efficient, and friendly. I’ve moved and still drive further to come here because I trust that it will be clean and the people are nice.

Review №28

I love going here, the staff really knows how to keep it casual and fun but also knows how to get you in and out quickly. I had one filling a few years ago and they did a great job.

Review №29

I have had a cleaning and exam as well as a tooth extraction and the service has been nothing short of amazing! The staff really care about patients and it is felt from when you walk in to when you walk out. Their membership plan is great as well! I look forward to my next visit!

Review №30

Great place for dental work, wonderful office and friendly courteous staff!! Everyone is very nice. Fast check-in too and even payment plans and coverage options if you don’t have insurance. I loved the cancer pre-screening check in the entire mouth and gum area...that’s a first time for me!! I value my mouth and teeth. They allows give specific details of my current status with different care options. I’ll definitely go back and rave about this dental facility!

Review №31

Amazing experience! The staff was so kind and welcoming. They treated me so well and took me so seriously. My teeth feel so clean. I will recommend this dentistry to everyone I know!!!

Review №32

Excellent experience. Everything was organized with check-in and very clean.

Review №33

Professional and placed safety first. Staff were personable.

Review №34

Dr shaibani is awesome!! Melissa on the other hand ..... is awesome as well.I hate going to the dentist but I like to hang out over there. Great atmosphere,friendly staff , and professional. I actually like my dentist! I would recommend anyone looking for a great dentist office to go in and see them.LoveGuy.

Review №35

Great practice!! Everyone that works here is so friendly and helpful. They make sure you are comfortable and have answers to all of your questions. I recommend them to everyone.

Review №36

As always the staff is terrific. They are all extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The techs and dentists are awesome and our entire family goes to them. They even squeezed in our littlest one who is 2.5 since he kept on saying he wanted his teeth clean. He had his first checkup and thought it was the coolest thing ever thanks to them being so accommodating and caring.

Review №37

Excellent doctor and staff. Very caring and thorough. Always takes the time to explain everything in detail.

Review №38

Everyone at Dental Care of Burlington is really friendly and will make you feel comfortable. They told me how to take better care of my teeth but didnt make me feel like I was being scolded. They manage to make going to the dentist a pretty pleasant experience. I definitely dont dread going back for my next appointment!

Review №39

I cant stop saying wonderful things about this practice! Had my first root canal today, 100% pain free! Im not even picking up my painkillers because even after the novacaine wore off, I am 100% pain free and enjoying a pizza as Im typing this. Every last cent was reviewed with me before I even opened my mouth. Ashley at the front desk is remarkably kind, and processed my payment and my payment plan effortlessly, and more importantly on terms that meet my financial needs. I have scheduled more work, and I honestly cant wait to go back! They have the latest technology to make everything fast and painless, literally painless. You need to switch dentists to Dental Care of Burlington. If you dont, youre doing yourself a real disservice!

Review №40

Exceptional care and they truly care about you.

Review №41

Very friendly staff especially Melesa and Jimmy! Thank you for making my every visit a pleasant one. Normally, I Would hate to go to a dentist’s office but you are an exception.

Review №42

Very friendly, explains everything about what they do and how they do it and how much it will cost you and how long it will take. Flexible hours and up to date on todays technology. Like a one stop shopping, everything is done on site.

Review №43

The staff is always friendly and welcoming, and never make you feel like youre just another patient. Dr. Shaibani is by far the best dentist Ive ever had. She can make even the most dental chair-adverse person feel at ease with her approachable personality, and great sense of humor. I highly recommend going here!

Review №44

Hadn’t been to dentist in sev. Yrs. they were great. Friendly. In time. From X-ray tech to hygienist to the dentist all personable and professional. And on time!

Review №45

Best dentist I’ve ever been to. No one has compared to the care and attention to detail they provide. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Review №46

I had the biggest fear of seeing a dentist and after reading all the wonderful reviews online I decided to make an appointment. Im so happy I did. The dr was so respectful and understanding of my fears. Everyone was welcoming and accommodating. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone.

Review №47

Stylish and comfortable office with a warm and friendly staff, especially Judy and Melissa. Also Dr Shaibani is the best!! Convenient location near Burlington Mall. They have taken excellent care of my teeth.

Review №48

Most pleasant experience I’ve had at a dental office from reception to dental care. I’m happy to finally find a place that can be informative, professional, clean, updated, and have a sense of humor to match mine.Melissa and Dr Shabani are awesome !!

Review №49

We and our now 8 years old and five year old has been going for 6 monthly cleaning for past 2 + years and we really like the place, dentist, staffs, etc and kids feel quite comfortable. Their weekend openings for family cleaning is very convenient.

Review №50

These guys are awesome. Dr. Shaibani specializes in patients who are a little fearful or had bad experiences with a dentist in the past (including me). The cleanings are by far the most gentle that I have experienced, and all of my dental work had been virtually pain free.The whole team over there is hilarious and I really enjoy going to see them. Very highly recommended.

Review №51

I hadnt been to the dentist for about 8 years before making an appointment at Dental Care of Burlington. I cancelled my first appointment out of nerves and scheduling but forced myself to go and suck it up for a simple cleaning just a few weeks later. Im so glad that I did! The atmosphere at this dentist facility completely calmed my nerves and my dental assistant (Melissa!) was SO SO great!! She made me laugh and I made her laugh and having that connection made my time at the dentist a lot less scary. The time flew by! Dr. Shaibani was the same way -- friendly with lots of jokes to crack! In addition, my cleaning was so gentle and did not hurt at all like I thought it would have. I will be returning back for fillings (which is the only thing I absolutely needed -- I like how this dentist doesnt try to sell you extra procedures); and I will be back for my 6 month cleaning as well! Thank you Dental Care of Burlington! I would recommend this place to anyone who is nervous about returning to the dentist after a long time!

Review №52

I’ve been going to them for years.They are great!! I would recommend them to anyone!! Great with kids also as all 4 of mine go there!!

Review №53

The dentist makes me very anxious but when I walked in to the office I was greeted by a friendly staff. Dr. Shaibani was great, she took the time to explain everyrhing in detail. An added bonus is everything is done on site unlike my last dentist with multiple appointments, specialists and offices to go to.

Review №54

From start to finish, I was very happy with my appointment. I had chipped one of my front teeth and was naturally concerned about how it would look after it was fixed. Im in awe of how fast they were able to fix it and with the job that was done. You would never know I chipped it at all!

Review №55

This practice markets so aggressively that I was unable to get them to cease and desist from calling, texting AND emailing every month even though I was under surgeons orders not to have dental work and I repeatedly asked them to stop. The only way to stop the harassment was to stop being a customer. I had to conclude that my available insurance dollars were more important than my customer experience.As follow-up to the owners response. I did contact your office, at least FIVE separate occasions. I finally left your practice when all of those requests and my doctors orders were ignored and your aggressive marketing tactics continued harrassment.

Review №56

The whole team here is amazing. Got a laser procedure that was so cool!

Review №57

I love this practice. The people are great, the level of care is fantastic, it always feels honest and Dr. Shibani and the team are the best.

Review №58

I have horrible anxiety about the dentist but they made me so much more comfortable. And worked with me to set up a payment plan.

Review №59

Went in for new patient visit and cleaning. Very nice new office with all online/digital technology. The staff was very friendly and informative. I was impressed.

Review №60

A clean and modern dentist . A painless dental cleaning by dental hygienist Melissa! Always have a good time. Leave with a 😃. Reasonably priced.

Review №61

The best dentist and team in greater Boston.

Review №62

It was awesome! From the front desk greeting to the fun, energetic staff while taking X-rays and of course the kindness of Dr. Shaibani...they are why I keep coming back!! Many many thanks!! 💗

Review №63

Had a pleasant experience despite how much work I need

Review №64

I have always hated the dentist but I really dont mind coming to Dental Care Burlington. The staff is super nice and friendly, they dont scrape your teeth too hard and they never pressure you into any procedures the way some of my former dentists have. I dont mind going to the dentist anymore!

Review №65

Great visit, gentle cleaning, took time to communicate what was happening along the way, seen within 10 mins of walking in the door, wasnt rushed but not slow either. I had a great experience and recommend this practice to those looking for a good dentist.

Review №66

All the staff is down to earth. High tech equiptment. Dr. Shaibano is the best.

Review №67

Always very friendly and helpful. Was able to make a last minute emergency appointment and they were able to accommodate me on short notice.

Review №68

Excellent...From start to finish!!! 🥰🥰

Review №69

Every time I visit, I am so grateful for Dr. Shaibani and each of the positive, helpful members of the office that I encounter. Today, they squeezed me in for an emergency appointment in the middle of the day and were incredibly kind when addressing my pain. I always have a lot of anxiety about visiting any type of doctors office, but Dr. Shaibani puts me at ease and makes me feel as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend Dental Care of Burlington!!

Review №70

I have been going there for a while. The staff is very friendly and Dr . Shabani is great.

Review №71

Great folks, no nonsense and excellent care. Best Dentist Ive ever had

Review №72

I absolutelylove this place, I know weird to say about a dentist office. They are so good the hygienist I have is awesome, easy going, and we laugh most of the time when she doesnt have a sharp metal object in my mouth. The cleanings and inspections are top notch and I would recommend this place to anyone.

Review №73

I keep coming back to DCOB because of the quality of care and of the whole staff. Even when the appointments are more painful than Id like, I leave feeling taken care of, and motivated to take better care of my teeth.

Review №74

Im terrified of the dentist, since I was a small child. Needless to say that caused some issues. Finding Dr. Shaibani was a godsend for me.No tooth shaming, at no point was I made to feel terrible, and she went out of her way to cater to my anxieties and to make me feel comfortable.The whole team, from reception to hygiene, up right to the doctors is nothing less than top tier, and almost magical as far as Im concerned.She was able to make my teeth look great, (*teeth that I was convinced would have to be pulled no less!).Im a patient for life, and I cant overstate that enough...they are amazing.

Review №75

Between in and out of state moves, Dental Care and especially Dr. Shaibani welcomed me back as if I have never left! I very much appreciate the help (from the front desk ladies), to the assistants that have calmed me and Dr. Shaibani who is a true people person. Many many thanks!! :)

Review №76

Just always professional and funny! They make special accommodations for me because my gums are so sensitive! For years I suffered before going here.

Review №77

Love this place. Great staff and any dental work was done well

Review №78

Wonderful professional office. If you are looking for a great dentist please call and make a appt.

Review №79

Love the new office! Love Melissa! Always a lot of laughs which take away from my dental terror! xo

Review №80

Do not come here. The hygenists and Dr Mahit are great, but Shaibani is a nightmare. She stole my last paycheck and does not know how to run a business.

Review №81

Very friendly & knowledgeable staff. Think Ive found my long term dental care office

Review №82

As usual the service is very fast and very efficient

Review №83

I had a fear of the dentist after having so many bad experiences! Finally, after 5 years of putting it off I went to a local dentist who overcharged me, told me I have TWELVE cavities and it was overall an awful experience. A family member recommended I go to Dental Care of Burlington for a second opinion and Im SO GLAD I did. In reality, I only had 2 cavities and 2 that were so small and just needed to be watched. What a relief!! Everyone there is so kind! They always remember my name, ask how Im doing, and are sure to ask if Im okay during any procedure (I get very nervous). As someone who HATES going to the dentist I couldnt recommend Dental Care of Burlington any more!

Review №84

Great location right near all of the businesses in Burlington. Really welcoming Dr. and staff.

Review №85

I called in as an emergency for my wisdom tooth and they fit me in right away/took care of it.

Review №86

I used to hate going to the dentist, but the staff at Dental Care of Burlington are very friendly and help to eliminate my anxiety. My oral hygiene has improved a lot since I switched dentists and they do everything they can to make sure my teeth are healthy.

Review №87

I really dont like going to the dentist but I must say the people here are really great

Review №88

I have been going to Dr. Shaibani for a number of years. She and the staff are always professional, positive and patient.

Review №89

Above and beyond my expectations, everybody was really nice. Thank you all.

Review №90

Great service as always. Friendly and most important, gentle with the cleaning!

Review №91

Very proffessional and friendly atmosphere, I highly recommend it.

Review №92

As always, Dr. Shaibani and staff are courteous, laid back, and very competent.

Review №93

Great service, extremely convenient location!

Review №94

Everything went very well. Love the staff!

Review №95

Very caring staff

Review №96

So fun!

Review №97

Friendly and professional people

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  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
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