Iron Tribe Fitness - Brentwood
214 Ward Cir, Brentwood, TN 37027, United States

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Excellent staff, varied and very challenging workouts. Also they are good about helping people of various fitness levels feel comfortable yet challenged at the same time

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Welcoming Coaching staff, great high energy workouts class without being overly difficult for gym novices such as myself. Any work out moves are fully explained, demod and then you practice with light weight before the workouts. Friendly place

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There is not enough I can say about Brentwood Iron Tribe. This group of coaches - Josh, Kate, Zac, & CJ - are simply the best. They are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. They do what ALL coaches and gyms should do - they coach. They demonstrate. They encourage. They are care about your progress. They create a safe atmosphere where training is enjoyable. When I leave that gym I am smiling, happy, and exhausted in the best possible way. Most of all they get results. I started the 6 week challenge nearly 4 weeks ago and I am watching my body transform every week. They provide tools from realistic nutritional plans to apps for my phone that make keeping a training schedule very simple. They are COMPLETELY involved in your work-out every time you go. They are always available when I text - even at night - and they have classes that fit my crazy schedule. They continue to guide each step of my journey and I feel like they are going to be personally disappointed if I dont reach my goals. They are truly invested in my progress. I feel better than I have in years and I am starting to see the payoff!! Thank you so much Iron Tribe Brentwood!!

Review №4

Iron Tribe has certainly changed my life! All of the coaches are super approachable and willing to help with anything from setting goals to a sore muscle. I have seen fellow athletes reach their goals and get excited to work out every day. So, while I have lost 30 pounds… I found my tribe!

Review №5

In the past three weeks, Ive seen significant improvements in my strength and endurance. Its amazing to me how incorporating just three workouts a week + the right amount of protein can drastically change my body in such a short amount of time. So thankful for Iron Tribe Fitness and the coaches that have encouraged and pushed me. Hands-down the best gym experience Ive ever had.

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Doing Iron Tribe has been a great change in my exercise routine. I was stuck, physically weak in a lot of areas, and needed a shift - and Iron Tribe has been that for me.I love the rotation of workout movements – I’m continually learning something new and the different workouts keep me interested and motivated. And a great gym is only as great as its coaches – I’m grateful for these coaches who push us but are also caring and create a fun community-oriented environment to work out in.

Review №7

I started a six week challenge at #itfbrentwood along with my brother in law who is a current member. It has been a life changing experience. I turned 40 this year and had never been in such poor shape. Along with the incredible encouragement and guidance from the excellent coaches, I have seen instant results. I haven’t had this much energy in a long time. I have more energy and a better attitude for my wife and kids. Thank you Iron Tribe and Jonathan Barnes for this amazing experience.

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Ive been a part of Iron Tribe for over 2 years and I still get excited about working out. I never thought I would say those words. Im passionate about this place and the amazing coaches that work individually with every athlete. Im not just a number, Im a name, an athlete, and a member of the Iron Tribe family. I’ve seen so many results from being here in my own physique and my strength. It’s not easy, but the coaches and friends make it easier and it’s so worth it.

Review №9

Iron Tribe has helped me get in the best shape of my life. The workouts are fun and challenging and scalable based upon your fitness level and they are always challenging. The coaches are knowledgeable, caring and do everything they can to help you meet your goals. I love this place

Review №10

Ive never been one that loves to work out. I would swim on my own but wasnt seeing the results I wanted. I joined Iron Tribe 6 months ago and have not only found a workout that I enjoy but have made new friends and truly love going to work out at 6:30 in the morning. And the results... AWESOME! My clothes are too large, and I feel so much better... and stronger! I am so glad I gave it a shot!

Review №11

Ive been at Iron Tribe for over a year and a half and to say I enjoy the community would be an understatement. I need people to work out. I wish I could do Jane Fonda workout videos and call it a day but I just cant motivate myself to work out to a video at home. But these people that encourage me and coaches that push me just a hair past what I think I can do, have made all the difference in my experience at Iron Tribe. The added bonus is the physical results Ive seen and measurable goals achieved!

Review №12

I was introduced to Iron Tribe Fitness through their Iron Tribe Team Challenge over the past few weeks. It has been a great experience. The community, coaching, camaraderie and structure make a big difference. I have already noticed increased motivation, strength and energy level.

Review №13

I started the Tribe 6 months ago and it has been life changing for me. From the discipline aspect to the fitness aspect to the competitive aspect to the friends aspect, Iron Tribe has it covered. I actually look forward to coming in and working hard!! I am proud of the way I look because of what they have helped me do!! There arent enough words to describe how awesome it is. I highly recommend the Tribe to anyone who wants a change in their lives!!

Review №14

To be honest, I was a little skeptical about the hype around Iron Tribe Fitness since Im generally pretty happy with my health and have a good fitness routine. But working out with a tribe of people who care and encourage you to finish strong, along with coaches cheer you on by name in a room of 20+ people, makes a HUGE difference - especially when the day feels long. Thankful for progress and growth! :)

Review №15

Just finished the 6-week challenge!Results + reflections: Lost 6.4% body fat (yay!!!) Gained 2.7lb muscle mass (at halfway Id gained 3.1lb. So idk what I did to lose mass ) Total weight loss is 5lb. Total fat loss is 9.5 lb.My goalsI went into the challenge about 60% recovered from a car accident injury to my back/neck. I thought it would be a great way to strengthen my frame to support my back/improve posture to help the recovery process. I also felt stuck in a gym/nutrition ignorance-vortex wanting to make strides in all of it but aimless in how to get there. One major goal I had that I saw immediate improvement in was maintaining my energy levels throughout the day. I work at a church, and Sundays are my busiest days. However, I was crashing really hard right when I got home (Im talking 4 to 5 hour uncontrollable naps on the couch, floor, bed, ...wherever I landed). Meal spacing and proper portions worked wonders after the first few days.First impressionsI was very nervous for the first two 101 classes. But I pressed through the intimidation, threw my best at it, and asked a bajillion questions (pretty much until my final class with the questions, honestly haha).CoachesAmber, Kari, CJ, and Josh were very knowledgeable, attentive, and patient with me. ESPECIALLY with anything relating to the barbell. (Thank you!!!!) Id never tried power lifting but ended up loving that learning process the most. They sent me the sweetest handmade birthday card too. Im keeping it forever. (Btw Kari sells her handmade cards for their neverthirst nonprofit support if youre interested! Find her somehow and check out her insta for more info! Theyre great!)FitnessThe workouts are so fun. You wouldnt know by my face during workouts, but I love them. I love how theyre always different and fast enough to where my mind cant wander like when I was doing endless isolated reps on weight machines or long-winded cardio sessions (cough cough planet fitness).NutritionIdk why I didnt take any food pictures! The macro balancing and calorie tracking was what really kept me on track. I also eventually got a cheap scale and new measuring cups to help portion control. I already liked eating all the stuff on the meal plan. So it was mostly about balance me. Plus giving up my 1 of my favorite foods (my other fav is kale, though, so..Im ok).It was sometimes exhausting spending a few hours once or twice a week keeping up with meal prep. The pay off is beyond worth it though.My favorite part of the day was choosing between using hot or cold water in my between-meal protein powder shakes. Aka hot coco or chocolate milk? Also loved saving room for an occasional greek yogurt and protein powder pudding ice cream at the end of the day. Lots of mio mixed with flavored sparkling water experiments too.Thanks for reading my full reflection! Best wishes to newcomers!

Review №16

The past couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to workout at Iron Tribe. Although I (reluctantly) let my boss talk me into joining the challenge, I’m very glad that I did. The staff is great and the environment is always friendly and competitive (my favorite!). If you’re ever in the Cool Springs area, definitely consider joining the Tribe #itfcoolsprings

Review №17

I like everything about Iron Tribe Brentwood. Great workouts with no wasted time. Knowledgeable and supportive coaches. Great process that you adjust to your skill, strength and fitness level. And great folks working alongside you. It all makes for a great environment.

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Being involved in sports my whole life, I thrive on the comradery of being a part of a group. There something to say about having not only your coaches, but your teammate push you to your limits to better yourself and that is exactly what I have found in Iron Tribe. Nervous of what to expect because after 3 months of not being able to work out, how in the world am I go to be able to keep up with everyone else, but after my first night of 101, all of my fears were gone. I found that I not only have supportive coaches that are there to help me achieve my goals, but I have the support of other tribe athletes, cheering me on to help me reach my goals. I can now say that I have found that teamwork that I have been looking for, I have now found my Tribe!

Review №19

The people, process, and coaching are what separate Iron Tribe from everything else. I am not one who has ever enjoyed working out in a gym. I had not been in a gym for 15 years before joining.I underestimated the value of the team atmosphere and top notch coaching you receive. I have met a lot of great people going through the 101 class and enjoy seeing them succeed. The coaching I received during the 101 classes prepared me and produced amazing results quickly.I truly appreciate the attention to detail the from coaches. They are positively encouraging and have created a welcoming culture, no matter your fitness level. I can’t recommend this team at the Iron Tribe Brentwood highly enough (Caleb, Kasper, Kari and Lindsey).

Review №20

I have been with this group for 18 months and I have never been a member of any fitness group prior. Wish I had started this years ago. Excellent group of coaches, attentive and supportive. For any one on a tight schedule and wants to get in the best shape of their life, I recommend this team. Having the option to use other sites around the country helps with my travel schedule as well.

Review №21

I have been doing a team challenge at iron tribe this past 4 weeks. I have really enjoyed it. The trainers at Iron Tribe in Brentwood are great!! They are very motivating, encouraging and make sure that every time your form is correct. They make it so I want to push myself and safely get stronger.

Review №22

Just want to give a shout out to Iron Tribe of Brentwood! I have been looking for a challenging workout without spending hours in the gym. At the same time, I had multiple gym memberships around town because I also like variety in my workouts. Iron Tribe is my new place and it meets both my needs. The workouts vary every day and they are short in duration but intense like no other! In the few weeks I have been participating in this 6 -week challenge, I am seeing definition in my arms and my legs are nicely toned. I just walked up four flights of stairs (in high heels) without being winded!

Review №23

This place is life changing! I never thought I would get involved with a gym like this; I was was always skeptical of the group fitness model but with programs that are intentional and well planned and the coaches being extremely professional and helpful you have all the tools you need to succeed. The best part: its an awesome community to be a part of! I absolutely love everyone that goes to the gym.

Review №24

I have absolutely loved my 6-week Iron Tribe Fitness challenge! Iron Tribe is the perfect mix of challenge, connection, push, encouragement and fun—with results like I’ve never experienced before! If you’re looking for a place to get fit in Nashville, Iron Tribe is it!

Review №25

The experience is great as you get to know the other people in your classes. The trainers are uniformly excellent. The best way to describe it is safe, adult crossfit. Theyd rather you drop 20 pounds from a barbell than mess up your form and get injured. Highly recommended.

Review №26

Im a huge fan of this place and the people who work there. Incredible experience, and I look forward to every visit. They have a great process which gives you ways to eliminate all the mental hurdles that keep you from becoming healthy. Get in excellent shape with great people and stay motivated. Cannot say enough about it.

Review №27

Ive been a member over a year now and have enjoyed every day. The coaches are great and the people I workout with are even better. Its a wonderful environment to get a good workout no matter your skill level. The coaches are there to help everyone become better both with the workout and nutrition focus.

Review №28

Iron Tribe Testimony: For the first time in as long as I can remember, my knees no longer hurt! That reason alone would be enough for me to recommend Iron Tribe to all of my friends ... but in addition to that, my body has grown strong, and on a regular basis strangers ask me “Are you an athlete?” If you knew me in middle/high school or college, you would understand why I usually burst into laughter at that question!! This just proves how much my body has changed and strengthened in the past 15 months. Iron Tribe provides an encouraging community that I love so much that I truly look forward to 5:30 A.M. workouts. I have even learned that I am actually a decent runner ... say what?!? I could go on and on, but the best endorsement that I can give is to say that I am in the best shape of my life and look forward to growing even stronger with Iron Tribe.

Review №29

Highly recommend ITF Brentwood! I had amazing results working with Joshua, CJ, Amber and Kari. In just 6 weeks, I lost close to 12 pounds!!! And most of it was fat loss (11.5 pounds!). I was assigned a personal coach at the beginning to help me achieve my goals. We did high intensity training workouts including a combination of cardio and weights. The coaches take time at the beginning to teach you how to do each move and make sure you have proper form while also pushing yourself. Never thought Id be able to do barbell snatches and russian/american kettle bell swings, but I did it!!! The workouts were challenging but fun and there were all body types, shapes and sizes in the classes. The coaches and other members were so friendly and motivating during the workouts. And the coaches know everyone in their class by name. As soon as I walked in the gym, Id always hear, Hey Connie!!! from across the room. Also the nutrition plan is healthy and sustainable. I thought I had been eating healthy before, but I had been eating too much fat and not enough protein. My coach customized my caloric needs based upon my original weight and goals, then gave me amounts for how much of each macronutrient I needed to reach my goal. It sounds complicated, but it wasnt at all. We set it up on MyFitnessPal and all I had to do was add the food I was eating for each meal and then keep an eye on the calories and macronutrients to try and stay within my goal ranges. So, if youre looking for a personalized, fun approach to muscle building/fat loss thats healthy and sustainable, this is the place for you. If youd prefer to spend half of your workout time looking for a parking spot, wait in line to use equipment, and be a number instead of a name, go to one of the many mega gyms around town.

Review №30

Excellent gym. The coaches encourage and it feels like you are working out with your team not just as an individual and thats what keeps me coming back. No meat heads, no huge intimidation factor that keeps people away from programs like this. I strongly recommend.

Review №31

Iron Tribe Brentwood is a wonderful place to work out. The workouts are face paced and always different. What makes Iron Tribe unique are the people you work out with and the coaches. It truly is a “Tribe” of people trying to better themselves each day.

Review №32

I love Iron Tribe - the workouts, the people, the encouraging community, the competition, the challenge of something new. Not only have I gotten into the best shape I’ve been in since starting at Iron Tribe, but I’ve also established a habit of fitness, found an amazing group of encouraging friends to workout with, and I find that I’ve had more energy for my wife, family and business at Staffing as a Mission. All in all, the experience is top notch at Iron Tribe, and I don’t mind sharing how much I enjoy it with others.My favorite experience is hearing stories of others being a better spouse/parent/friend/employee/leader because of the lessons learned inside the gym - it’s fun, fast, fit, and gets you ready to face life with strength. #slayyourdragonsbeforebreakfast

Review №33

I am so grateful for Iron Tribe. I watched my sister and brother in law raise six children with plenty of energy and wondered how I could emulate their lifestyle to raise my own three and teach full time. My sister and brother in laws secret? Iron Tribe. The incredible coaches make the difference in Iron Tribe. Each and every coach is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging. The workouts are explained so well for maximum benefit and no injury. Coaches work closely with members on nutrition and fitness goals. There is nothing like it, and I am hooked! #itfbrentwood #whyitribe

Review №34

Fun, challenging & impactful workouts. Amazing knowledgeable coaches & the best members. ITF has it all. I never looked forward to working out until I joined ITF. Thanks to my friend Anna for introducing me to this amazing workout!

Review №35

Although I have I only been with Iron Tribe for a short time, it has already made an impact on my life and the way I view fitness. Coaches Caleb, Kasper, Lindsey, and Kari all genuinely take an interest in the personal goals of every athlete and will do everything in their power to encourage and hold them accountable.If youre looking for a place where you can see real results, build relationships, and have people genuinely invest in your success, I promise youll be proud to call Iron Tribe home!

Review №36

So I’ll be honest here...I signed up for the Iron Tribe 6 week challenge pretty skeptical. I had never done an organized gym workout with all the (kettle) bells and whistles and someone telling me what to do. It seemed like a fad and beyond my energy level. I was afraid of bulking up and wasn’t convinced that 25/30 minutes of working out could do much.But...6 weeks later and I think I’m hooked. After a childhood/adolescence of team sports I knew I liked structure, variety and people cheering me on. As it turns out, Iron Tribe gave me all those things and more. I actually had fun, got to meet some great people and feel even better in my own skin in a short period of time.

Review №37

Have been a member for about 2 months now and really enjoy working out at iron tribe. Coaches are great and they are able to scale the workouts to athletes at any stage of fitness. All workouts take about 45 min with warmup and cool down. Workouts arent easy but they are mixed up very well so you dont get burnt out doing the same typical big box gym lifts every week. You will see results.

Review №38

Where do I begin? I started Iron Tribe because I wanted to try something different. I had been a runner for years and just needed a change. I never expected to find coaches and friends that would push me to do things I thought were impossible. I now realize that with this group, nothing is impossible. If you are willing to do the work, you definitely have the team behind you to help you succeed. So if you are stuck in a fitness rut, I encourage you to get outside of your comfort zone...come check out Iron Tribe Brentwood...our tribe welcomes you!

Review №39

The day I walked into Iron Tribe Fitness Brentwood, my life changed for the better. These guys and gals do it right and get you fit! Its an intense workout in a completely supportive and un-intimidating atmosphere. I would strongly recommend trying it for yourself. Warning: once you try it, youll be hooked!

Review №40

The trainers at Iron Tribe Brentwood make sure that proper form is executed above anything else. A month long intro class is used to go through all the movements. Ive been going three times a week for the past five months, and the trainers still take the time during the workout to make sure that Im doing things right. Other than that, the team atmosphere feels more like a rec league, rather than an aerobics or weightlifting class. 10/10 would lift again. lol.

Review №41

Iron Tribe Brentwood is full of knowledgable coaches and encouraging members. It has been a blessing and I can’t thank Lisa enough for inviting me to make a big change in my life. Thank you Iron arrive for meeting us where we are and challenging us to push ourselves!

Review №42

I have been a member of many gyms in the past but have never been able to find a home. A friend introduced me to Iron Tribe a year and a half ago and my life has completely changed. No more dreading workouts! Now, I cant wait to get there every day! The coaches are so friendly and knowledgeable. And everyone is just so encouraging, whether youre an average joe who just got his first Double Under or an elite athlete who just ripped off ten Muscle Ups. It really is like a second family. All you need to bring is an attitude of I Want To Get Better!!!

Review №43

I cannot say enough good things about IronTribe Fitness – Brentwood. As an active member for 2 ½ years, I have met and surpassed fitness and strength goals that I never thought possible. The gym is clean, spacious, and functional with all the equipment that you need for a challenging and effective workout. The coaches are knowledgeable, friendly, motivating, and supportive of all areas of a healthy lifestyle. The workouts are different every day, so boredom is never a factor. Every movement is scalable to your own fitness level and ability. Each 45 minute class includes a warm up, the core workout, and a cool down with some stretching. There are active members of all ages and fitness levels, so intimidation is never an issue. This is a “check your ego at the door” kind of place. We’re all in it together. We learn, we sweat, we laugh, we sweat, we move, we sweat, we high-five… Oh, and did I mention, we sweat?? Joining IronTribe Fitness has been truly Life Changing for me and many others!

Review №44

Great place to stay in shape and meet new friends. Have really enjoyed the 101 classes. Ready for next step!

Review №45

I have been with Iron Tribe starting 101 in December. As I have done very little group exercise I was hesitant to start. But I knew I needed to lose weight and get in shape. The coaches, Lindsey, Kasper, Kari, & Caleb, have been fantastic and encouraging. They are committed to proper form and technique and they will tailor and modify each and every movement to an individuals skill level. They will start at your fitness level and push you to do more each time, until you are doing things you never thought you could do. They follow this with diet modifications depending on an individuals personal goals. In the last eight months I have lost weight, inches, and sizes and have gained strength, flexibility, and endurance.Iron tribe is also a group of people that are incredibly supportive. Everyone has helped to encourage me during the tough work outs and the times I just didnt think I could finish. I now look forward to each class, even if it includes running! Iron tribe has been a fantastic partner in my transformation!

Review №46

For me, Iron Tribe Fitness started out as a friendly competition with Tim Hickman to see if we could both win a free year. Two years later and a REALLY close second place finish, I cant get enough of the community, challenging workouts and accountability.

Review №47

#ITFBrentwood Iron Tribe Fitness Brentwood is a community that rocks! Joshua, Kari, Lindsey and Josh are phenomenal. They are knowledgeable and helpful while teaching exercise movements and are motivating during and after the workouts. Workouts are only part of Iron Tribe’s focus for getting fit…nutrition plays an important role and #ITFBrentwood coaches excel in that area as well. What a great overall experience for all ages -- from young folks to oldies like me.

Review №48

6 weeks ago, my friend invited me to a fitness challenge with Iron Tribe Fitness. I was more than a little scared, but I also knew I needed to do something to improve my movement and to get myself under control. Many of you have seen my checkins to #itfbrentwood along with a few whines and groans, but Im so proud of myself for starting this journey. Im currently 12 pounds lighter, a little quicker on the tennis court, and not quite as scared when I go to class! My favorite thing about ITF is that every one of the coaches is extremely supportive and the entire premise behind this challenge is that we learn the proper technique for each of the exercises so once we graduate to the big kid classes, we are prepared. Injuries happen most often due to improper form and I just love that they take so much time with each of us to make sure we have each exercise exactly right! Thank you, Elizabeth, for inviting me to begin this journey!!

Review №49

I have tried out a few different gyms in the past few years but I have never fit in anywhere quite like I do at ITF. I dont dread going there every day and having to work out, I look forward to it. The coaches and members are so awesome and encouraging. I love being a part of the ITF Brentwood family!

Review №50

I have been going to Iron Tribe Brentwood for 5 months now, and I just wish I had started sooner. I have tried a few gyms and crossfit gyms before, and I can definitely say that Iron Tribe is the best of all, especially the Brentwood branch. The coaches (Nate, Lindsey and Caleb) are great, and each of them motivate you in their own way and help you get to your goal. The have built a great community and I am sure you will like it too.The workout sessions are 45 mins, they are different each day. Workouts are tailored to you and that it works the overall fitness levels - legs, upper body, strength and endurance. There is also 2 strength workouts and they focus on strength during these sessions.Dont let the name scare you, try it out and enjoy the benefits.

Review №51

I have been to several iron tribe gyms and this is by far the best. The coaches and members constantly help each other and provide a great atmosphere.

Review №52

A number of people have asked me what I do for working out and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Ive been a member at Brentwood IronTribe Fitness for about 3 1/2 years and it has been a fabulous place to enrich body, mind and spirit. The workouts are challenging and well designed, and what I love is being able to scale difficulty to my fitness level. The coaches are conscientious and committed to great form, great results, and keeping me injury-free. The learning and encouragement about nutrition, rest and recovery, and healthy living is a game changer for those of us who want the highest quality of life we can live. And one of the biggest pleasant surprises for me has been the social aspect of being part of ITF. In past years I would exercise independently, go to the gym and do my thing, headphones in, get in and get out. What a refreshing and enlivening thing to walk in, be greeted by friends Ive made, banter about work and family and then jokingly comment about the WOD. Everybody encourages everybody. People cheer and clap and whistle for each other. Its family, its connection over common values, its a whole lot more than working out.

Review №53

Amazing group of folks all coming together for the love of fitness and community! I love that everyday is different and that its constantly varied so that I never plateau.

Review №54

Iron Tribe has changed my life!! I know that sounds stupid but for the first time in 10 years I thoroughly enjoy working out and genuinely care about what food I put in my body!! Iron Tribe is much more than just excersice, its a family. The coaches and members at the Brentwood location have become my friends and push me to work harder, eat better, and its been a true joy to be a part of the Iron Tribe family! If youre thinking about joining a gym, consider trying Iron Tribe- you wont regret it and your body will thank you! #whyitribe

Review №55

I started Iron Tribe 4 weeks ago as part of their 6 week challenge competition. At the time, I was (and still am) trying to figure out how to be healthy after the birth of my daughter. But I threw myself into the challenge as much as I could... 3 weeks in, I was down 11lb whilst having gained 2lb of muscle!In terms of the workouts, Im loving how there is a blend of strength training and HIIT training. Most importantly for me, they always emphasize form and technique over the number of reps or the weight used.So far, I am loving these workouts and hope to continue going forward.#teambobafats #itfbrentwood

Review №56

Iron Tribe Brentwood is a great place to workout. Ive tried everything from open gyms to personal training and ITF really has a great program that focuses on form, nutrition and overall wellness. Everyones fitness goals are different and the trainers work to keep all members on track. Its a very friendly and supportive environment that people of all fitness levels can enjoy.

Review №57

Like a lot of people, Ive bounced around with fitness routines most of my life. I figured Iron Tribe would be more of the for a while and then kinda boring. FOUR years later, I can tell you Ive never been bored while doing an Iron Tribe workout. I love the constantly varied workouts, the one on one coaching, nutrition advice and not only being motivated to get better, but challenged as well. One thing that always surprises me about this community is that it can be fiercely competitive, challenging, humbling and educational at the same time. No matter how old you are or what your fitness level is, you will learn something new and you will get better. Some of my best friends are the coaches and athletes Ive met at Iron Tribe. #itfbrentwood #funfastfit #strongertogether

Review №58

Ive had a great experience doing the Team Challenge at Iron Tribe Brentwood. The classes are challenging but adaptable to whereever you are in your fitness levels, the coaches are friendly, supportive, and supervise your movements for form and safety, and the IronTribe community has been welcoming without being cultish. With multiple class options each day, a great app to schedule and keep track of your (and your buddies) workouts, and coaches that really want to help you progress in your fitness, I recommend it!

Review №59

This is wonderful gym all the way around. The gym is very clean and the coaches are fabulous. They really know what they are doing. All members are treated with respect no matter their size, shape, ability, etc. The ITF team truly cares for each athlete. Very proud to be part of the ITF family.

Review №60

I have done CrossFit in the past and loved it because of the competitive community and professional coaching. That being said I believe Iron Tribe is a step above. With its multiple tiers of workout classes (101, PUSH, POWER, etc.) many who fear CrossFit because of olympic lifting or injury can join Iron Tribe and still have the group environment that helps all of us become more than we would alone. Majority of my workouts have involved either body weight exercises, kettle bells, or dumbbells. The coaches do push you, but not outside of what your capable of doing.Iron Tribes challenge ends Wednesday and regardless of the results I want to thank all of the trainers at the Cool Springs & Brentwood gyms that have pushed me and helped me improve each day. I also want to thank the community within Iron Tribe that has pushed, encouraged and stretched me to do more.Thanks again for all the encouragement.

Review №61

This is the gym version of the show Cheers. When you walk in the door you hear, Norm! You hear it from the coaches and the other people that work out. Everyone introduces themselves, gives high fives, pats you on the back, and encourages you to not only complete the exercise but also to go a little further than you thought you could. This is my first experience with a gym like this.If I went to my previous gym and worked out, it was always in solitude with ear phones on. I sweated and felt like I was doing something, but I never saw any results. At Iron Tribe, I go regularly. I am engaged, and I can see physical results in both my body and my performance. Thank goodness my friends invited me to come and my wife convinced me to say yes.

Review №62

I want to give a shout out to Iron Tribe Fitness of Brentwood. I joined in October of 2017, and I love this place. Why? The short answer: the people, coaches, and supportive atmosphere. Without the people to make it such a great atmosphere, it would just be another gym! At ITF, I am able to safety challenge myself as much as I want. Questions like, “should I” are met with, “it depends on your goals”. While coaches may encourage me to push myself, they always emphasize form and safety first. I have my own personal coach who helps me to set realistic long term goals, reevaluate goals, discuss nutrition (they have an entire nutritional program), and answers my questions when I text! Yep, I have her cell phone number. Poor lady. I texted her a lot in the beginning! Success is measured however you want it to be at ITF. Maybe, it’s the time you finished the workout, the amount of weight utilized, your jeans fit better, you’re converting fat to muscle, or losing weight. Regardless, you can accomplish it.#itfbrentwood#whyitribe#idrankthekoolaid

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What began as a fitness challenge 5 weeks ago has turned into a much easier YES than I ever thought possible!! I have never been consistent with working out and I am HOOKED. The coaches and athletes at Iron Tribe are incredible. From day 1 I have been set up to succeed and am PUMPED to crush my fitness goals this year! The culture is empowering and the coaches are committed to see you thrive!!! If youre looking for a fitness fam join the Tribe. #itfbrentwood #strongertogether #whyitribe

Review №64

I’ve been part of some amazing fitness communities with some wildly cool people, but iron tribe is beyond anything I’ve experienced. Their attention to detail, personalized one on one coaching, nutrition education, prime coaching staff (shoutout to the hunky hulk I’m married to), improvement tracking, and encouragement is beyond the call of duty. They love well, coach well, and have the best head and facial hair of anyone in Nashville. In the immortal words of millennial white women: YAAAAAS. #itfbrentwood #strongertogether #strangertogether

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The coaches are awesome, the community is super welcoming and inclusive regardless of your starting level!

Review №66

In November, I responded to an ad for IronTribe. I had always wanted to try it, but honestly the thought of doing that workout terrified me. I had neck, hip, back, and knee pain. It literally hurt to get out of bed in the morning. I reached a breaking point and had to get healthy. When I met with Josh and Kari they asked me about my goals and what I wanted from IronTribe. I want to be healthy for my family. As a working mom and wife, I was feeling exhausted and depleted and constantly putting myself last. I just wanted to feel better and stronger and pain free. After 5 months of working at my diet and exercise with their guidance, I am happy, I am healthy, I have more energy, I sleep better, I am pain free, I am a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, educator, and person. I am thankful for the encouraging words of everyone in my classes when I felt like I could not finish the workout and wanted to cry, or throw up, or both really! It seems so ridiculous that a simple, “good job” or the text check-ins would be all I needed to push harder, but it worked. The coaches are incredible and always keep things positive with your goals as the focus. I ran a 5k in December, Lean Muscle Mass up, Body Fat percentage down, and just had the best 2 days skiing with my family! I will be forever grateful for the community, the accountability, and the encouragement I have gained from IronTribe. Thank you for helping me get myself back, so that I can keep giving to those I love. #strongertogether #itfbrentwood

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When I started Iron Tribe, it was becuase I needed to workout and my friend begged me to join with her. I was going to gym where you could take a class or workout with free weights...which means I NEVER saw the results because, lets be honest, I had to motivate myself. The coaches Ive had during my 2 years at Iron Tribe Brentwood have been AMAZING...with encouragement (even on the days you cry out of frustation...Yes that does happen!), accountability and just down making the workout fun. Iron Tribe has become something of a social thing for me, as well as a gym. Everyone that is part of My Tribe is there to make a life change, big or small. We all have a competitive spirit and want to work hard, but we also just want to go to a gym that makes us enjoy our time there.

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Look, if you dont want to work hard, have fun and change your physical life,then dont make the investment with Nate, Caleb and Lindsey. My prior life 25 pound overweight, border line high blood pressure, and 22% body fat, says thank you!

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Ive never been but have seen they work out pretty hard it seems to attract people they must have a good program to help people get fit.

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This is by far the most challenging work out program I have ever attempted. However, I would be remiss if I did not point out that every aspect of every work out has a scale-ability factor. So if you struggle with pull-ups, there is a path to success that does not make you feel like a failure. When I started, it was difficult for me to simply hang on the pull up bar, but I was encouraged to keep trying and keep working.Encouragement is probably the number one feature of this program. To be in the middle of an exercise and feel like giving up, the simple sound of your name being called out is like music to your ears. It makes you want to work harder because someone actually cares about you as an individual.This is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of your personal fitness level.

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I love this place!! The workout, coaching and members cannot be beat!!

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This place is awesome!!! Customized workouts, great coaches, and a killer community! Give 101 a try and you wont look back!!!

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I first walked through the doors of Brentwood ITF over two years ago and it has been the best fitness experience that Ive ever had and by far has surpassed all my expectations. Im 52 y/o and I feel fantastic and all as a result of the unique and varied regimen. The entire coaching staff has been incredible and are constantly working to help you improve in all areas of wellness and nutrition. My wife Karen has also been a member for over 2 years and her strength and wellness transformation has been amazing. We especially value all the charitable opportunities to support great causes like RWB with WOD for Warriors and WOD for Water and our local ITF challenges and competitions. All around exceptional and life changing opportunity and experience. Give it a shot and be a part of an outstanding community of Iron Tribers. Theyre everywhere now! 3-2-1 TRIBE!

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5 star coaches, 5 star people, 5 star experience. #tribe

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