Brentwood Family YMCA
8207 Concord Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027, United States

Review №1

Clean, friendly environment. I love the room with the rowing machines. It’s a nice, quiet option for the introverts. COVID rules and procedures are sensible, consistent, and easy to follow, which makes for anenjoyable and empowering workout experience. I have yet to take a class, but that’s the next step. I look forward to it!

Review №2

I like the feeling that I belong to something bigger than me. The environment there is wonderful, lots of like minded people getting fit and healthy.

Review №3

Well this is an upscale place as far as a YMCA goes its still a great place to bring the family. They also have a quick charger here for EV. And it is also close to the Brentwood public library.

Review №4

Great place to stay fit ans healthy. Kids love the pool. Very friendly helpful staff. Clean environment, theres always people running around cleaning.

Review №5

RipndipEdit:skatepark has very good vert and transition

Review №6

Great staff and rapid response team! I watched the staff respond to a gentleman who passed out in the shower area. They were there in 2 minutes, did all the right assessments, and were professionally trained. Very, very impressive. As a physician, I was impressed.

Review №7

I recently decided to loose some much needed weight. The staff recommended trying cycling because of my knee issues. I started taking the Thursday morning class. Ive loss 18 lbs in 4.5 weeks and feel GREAT!!!

Review №8

The facility is pretty spacious, with a nice selection of free-weights & machines. The yoga & cycling classes I’ve attended were all great! The hot tub & sauna are also great features of this location.The staff are all very helpful & friendly, which makes my family’s experience here even better.

Review №9

Smells like rotten feet in here. Wont be back.

Review №10

Excellent environment for all kinds of salubrious activity

Review №11

Is a great place,all the stuff members are so polite a very friendly environment a super clean place i definitely would recommend it to my friends and family but what i like the most is the praying room. If all the YMCAs would have that. There wouldnt be anything else to ask for. Cause theres nothing like spiritual work out. God bless you all.

Review №12

I joined the Y in early June and other than the 10 days I spent visiting my mom in Mexico in mid-July, I have been at least four times a week. I love it! It is one of the best decisions Ive made to do something for myself in a long time.

Review №13

Great barre class today. Social distancing in place, very clean.

Review №14

Its no Lifetime, but it gets the job done for a decent price. You cant ask for much more than that.

Review №15

My daughter just finished up her 8th week of summer day camp here. She definitely had the best summer ever!! The staff is amazing. They quickly took care of any concerns or issues I had throughout the season!! We will definitely be back next summer!!

Review №16

Terrible member services. Do not attend to the needs of the members.Example: refused to raise the basketball goal to regulation size because of kids “potentially” playing on it. Therefore there was 20 people waiting around with a goal being unused.Manager was rude and obnoxious all the way through, if you can go to another YMCA highly recommend it.

Review №17

The outdoor pool is great for the summer. The chairs are a little worn out from weather. The ladies locker room has a great hot tub. The locker room is also showing some wear - it could use new tiles and new benches. The sauna knob has been removed so you cant adjust the temperature and thats a little annoying. All and all its a pretty good Y. Best feature is definitely the outdoor pool.

Review №18

Seeing friends at my regular Silver Sneakers fitness classes. I have been pleased with the weight loss and increased strength attained through my classes but I think the socialization may be even more important.

Review №19

Thankful for our Y. Offers so many amazing programs to so many. #inclusion

Review №20

Friendly staff, great facilities - super place to work out and connect with friends!

Review №21

Great place with a great staff

Review №22

The people that make up the Brentwood YMCA make this location a 5-star. Everyone is quick to smile and help! The make the entire experience a joy.

Review №23

Great classes, friendly people and a whirlpool in the Women’s locker room....What’s not to love!!!!️️

Review №24

Great facilities but the older staff tend to be very discriminatory. For a Christian based organization, its very disheartening.

Review №25

Overall, the facility aint bad. Most employees are pretty nice. Overall facility is relatively clean. It does get real congested sometimes. Theres a decent amount of things to do here. I think the facility could be expanded a little bit to include more things, but that costs money and time and planning and space. With the size of the building, they crammed some stuff in. But me and my sister go here just about every day because our family drags us here, since they figure that we oughtta get our moneys worth outta our membership. Sometimes, we go here twice a day. It aint our choice. Gets awful boring if you go to the YMCA several hundred times a year. But thats really more a personal issue than anything else. Overall, this aint a bad YMCA and it shouldnt get boring provided you dont go here for 2 hours every single day of your life.

Review №26

I like this Y. Great group lessons and clean facilities.

Review №27

Awesome facility. Friendly environment. Great staffs.

Review №28

Love this place. Clean and nice staff.

Review №29

Friendly staff. Complimentary coffee. 2 great pools. Abundance of workout equipment and cardio machines. New chapel coming soon!-Patrick MarschFirst Choice Business Brokers Nashville

Review №30

Drinking fountains that never seem to be working, an extremely limited number of leg training machines, not enough room in the free weight area (close to being dangerous), promises of expansion and renovation (unfulfilled), unreliable internet (for streaming music), personnel that have been rude to my son (see other reviews with same complaint), parking lot that floods every time there is a rain. Shop around.

Review №31

Friendly, down-to-earth staff, great location

Review №32

This is about their summer basketball camp which my son attended this week. He was utterly disappointed as he only got very little time to practice and play during the week. The second day itself I have raised my concerns to the camp coordinators there, and they had then agreed to give him more chance, but looks like that never happened. Also today he was not allowed to play, he was sitting there doing nothing when I went to pick him up. When I asked the teen coordinators, they said it was a mistake from their part and they assumed he doesnt want to play. I have noticed whenever I go there to pick or drop off these coordinators playing between themselves and never saw an adult overseeing the camp.It was due to his interest in basketball we thought of sending him in for this, making arrangements at our workplace with much difficulty. I work around my schedule to drop him and then go to office, then come back by noon to pick him and drop at home. I am taking this headache to make sure he is enjoying it. Thanks to Y for killing his interest to the game, he confirmed he doesnt want to continue it.

Review №33

I love the facility, the classes and the staff that’s amazing.

Review №34

Has a community feel and a functional size exercise floor.

Review №35

All offer great equipment, Spin classes, clean, friendly staff and amazing programs for the kids as well as the ABC Program in Maryland Farms that my wife is an Alumni.

Review №36

Graet facility , friendly staff , well managed and proffessional , I think would love it more if the there is more entertainment for kids and teens THANK YOU

Review №37

Overall a good facility. However, the new spin room is inadequate. The old room was much better for spin classes. The new room is oddly-shaped and does not have the fans for better air circulation that the old room had.

Review №38

The pools are great and clean but some of the lifeguards are VERY rude to both the child and parent. My kids follow the rules but there seems I be a new rule everyday, kind of ridiculous. I get safety and liability, but when you get the whistle blown at you for moving anywhere around the pool it’s really not worth going. Makes it very difficult, although some lifeguards are very helpful!

Review №39

My first complaint is people on their cell phones the entire time they work out. I dont care to hear someones personal business even though I have headphones on. There are very small no cell phone use signs posted and the employees seem to ignore people talking on phones. Second complaint is.. if you are sick stay home! I recently was on a precor crosstrainer next to a man who coughed and hacked the entire time and never even covered his mouth. I moved asap.

Review №40

The living proof of why Socialism doesn’t work. Membership prices are unfair if you make a decent living to subsidize for other members that work under the table or are too lazy to work. Money eventually runs and the facility rarely gets upgrades

Review №41

I only go there for basketball and for the most part its fine, but on one of the courts one basketball hoop has to stay lowered down at 7 feet (regulation size basketball hoop is at 10 feet) for kids. But, only about 1 in every 100 person coming there is a kid that plays there, and they only play for like 5 minutes. Plus, the staff is really strict about that rule. So sometimes that disappoints me.

Review №42

Great facility on the whole. Gym well equipped. Pool outside was a nightmare as was so over policed. The rules change every five mins. They had 7 lifeguards on and under 30 people in the pool area. Our kids tried really hard to adhere to the rules but as they kept changing it was impossible. They also where cleaning all around us in the water which from a hyper safety perspective seemed contradictory. Wouldnt go back if had choice.

Review №43

My family and I like this YMCA. We have one closer to us but we prefer to come to this one.

Review №44

Packed and they need to fix the way to even use their skatepark if you arent a member. Had to go to membership setvices and all extra to skate and we left before even getting to skate. The clerk running the park should be able to take care of this

Review №45

Nice facility, friendly front desk staff, great youth sports programming and kids gym but it is not a lap swimmers pool, indoor or outdoor pools. Small wellness workout area

Review №46

I love everything about the Brentwood Y, so much nicer than the ones in Indiana

Review №47

Great facility and very nice staff.

Review №48

This Y has such a large venue of wellness I think that is where is starts to decline, because the running/weights area is literally so smashed together I am kind of surprised with the weights that they are allowed to have a bench a foot away from the only water fountain, for example, in the main weights-running area. There is a pool inside and one outside and classes galore. I dunno, too much traffic, and at $63 a month I for one would like to be able to enter the mens locker room and change without gagging from smells, breath before I go in or the flat-out behaviors of the strange population who puts their legs up on sinks and benches to literally blow-dry their nether regions and walk to the toilets barefooted. Go watch for 5 minutes, if it takes that long, on any day and you will see. I have to change before I get there or change in the main restroom there because I refuse to go in the locaker room anymore. That whole mens locker room should be condemned. It is just nasty. Cannot warn enough about it. The staff is nice and seem to try to keep peoples behaviors of face-timing, texting and hanging out on equipement and talking on their phone while working out to a minimum. Probably not the place for me, but if you have a family, it is one stop for the whole family, which is who this Y, I think, works most with. I for one am looking for a place a lttle less trafficked, less stuff to pay for because I just want to run and do a few weights, and keeps things clean(er).

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Great place for learning on how to drop in on a bowl

Review №50

Like this ymca a lot

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Really nice facility with nice people

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Best workout place

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The people in the gym are cocky and rude.

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My favorite local YMCA

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Excellent services and good location

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  • Phone:+1 615-373-9622
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