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12900 NE 180th St, Bothell, WA 98011, United States
Review №1

The doctors at Northshore Practice are without a doubt the most compassionate and pragmatic health professionals I have ever encountered. No exaggeration when I say they have helped save my life more than once. Anyone struggling with addiction should seriously consider having them in their corner.

Review №2

Dr. Mendry and Dr. Barthel actually care about your well-being. They listen and genuinely want to help you. I have never had the feeling of being judged. Highly recommend. Heather is great too!! Love them!

Review №3

Dr. Mandrey is a great Dr to work with. Compassionate and friendly.

Review №4

The staff is very polite. Dr Mendry is great. She listens and answers any of your question or concerns.

Review №5

Dr Mendry was thoughtful and precise in her questioning. She not only made me feel comfortable but also allowed me to open up to whatever was needed to talk about. I will continue to go back to her and her team feeling taken care of.

Review №6

Dr. Mendrey is was of the most caring doctors I’ve ever met. She follows up and makes sure your doing well and has a great sense of humor. She has literally saved my life and I will always be in Debt to her. Thanks for everything you do!!!

Review №7

She cares. And thats hard to find in a doctor nowadays. Most importantly, Ive learned a lot about benzodiazepine management from her. Highly recommended.

Review №8

I have the best Dr in the world and her staff is wonderful and so very helpful. I was looking for A Dr late at night after hours. She Dr answered and got me in the following day. She is the best in my 54 years of life when it comes to caring, and she shows it so much. Some (Dr) have you come in and leave in 5 min? Dr Mendray was able to keep me focused for A few hours first visit with A>D>H>D She is priceless. I will stay with her always

Review №9

Barbara has been our family physician for over ten years. She has done an excellent job in helping us with the various medical issues we have faced. Barbara truly cares about her patients.

Review №10

She took on my girlfriend on a moments notice. She has been very good to her and her health and wellness. I wouldnt trust any other Dr as far as my girlfriends best intrest! Thank you Dr Mendrey

Review №11

They have always taken good care of me, and Ive been treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Thank you very much!**Update - Been seeing Dr. Mendry for over a year now, I still have nothing but positive things to say about her, her practice and Heather at the front desk. 🙂👍

Review №12

Dr. Mendrey is the first doctor I have ever had that had a membership practice. So I cant really compare it to any of those. But in comparison with a regular family practice I am very impressed. It is nice to go see a doctor who is concerned about your overall heath and well being on an ongoing basis. The staff at the NSFP are friendly, caring and competent. I really like the atmosphere of caring and trust. I feel secure in the fact that I can get a hold of someone relativity quickly if need be. I am very happy to be a patient of hers. Entrusting her with my health care is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Review №13

Dr Mendrey took time listening to my issues and gave me options to choose from to resolve the problems, not rushing in anyway. She even listened to my dad’s medical issues because it was affecting my well being.

Review №14

I cant say enough good things about Dr. Mendrey! She is absolutely the best doctor I have ever had! She is loving, patient and strict, incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable and absolutely pushes you in the best way to strive for the best you! To top it off, they are great with appointment scheduling and the entire staff is amazing and very friendly!!I would highly recommend to anyone looking!!

Review №15

Dr Barbara Mendrey is nothing short of fantastic! The level of care I have received from her is second to none! What I really enjoy about her personal style is that she takes the time to teach you about your body and why things happen as they do. What is even more impressive is, one time she actually said the words, “I’m not sure about that! Let’s do some looking together.” What? A Dr just told me, they don’t know?! Really? Well, I have to say, that was the most refreshing thing I have ever heard from a physician! And then she took the time to research the issue and came up with an excellent diagnosis that helped me manage the problem! What more could a patient ask-for?!I am so pleased with the decision to be a part of this clinics monthly billing program! It is a small investment, to achieve the best in healthcare.

Review №16

Our family has been patients of Dr. Mendry for ten plus years. She is an excellent physician who is also kind and caring. We would recommend her to anyone who wants quality medical care in a patient centric clinic. Thank you for everything Dr. Mendry.

Review №17

Dr. Meyer is probably the most attentive medical professional I ever dealt with. He took the time to get to know my previous medical history and offered some easy life style changing habits that helped me overcome certain issues. I also like the naturopathic practice as I can deal with most issues without using antibiotics.Other than that I like the membership style clinic as it allows me to schedule a visit at any time without paying a hefty fee.

Review №18

Dr. Mendrey is probably one of the best physicians I have ever run across. She is knowledgeable. She is professional. She is highly skilled and researched. Most importantly she really cares about her clients and is willing to actually spend time with them and listen to them. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her to make sure that her patient is actually on the road to recovery and stays with them until they are in a better place. I can not thank her enough for treating my daughter and my son!!!

Review №19

Dr Mendery is the best Doctor I’ve ever had. She is very compassionate, listens well and always wants to do best for the patient.

Review №20

I had a great deal of respect for Dr. Mendrey until she lost my medical records for treatment from 2008-2010. The fact that a corrupted database is one thing but not notify her clients that it was lost or corrupted is completely unacceptable. I have filed a complaint with the Washington State Medical AG office. She does great work when you are a client and is a nice person but that lack of effort in notification in losing my medical records gives her 1-star.

Review №21

Dr. Mendrey has been instrumental in my recovery and I am thankful for her and her medical staff for assisting me in what was a very difficult time in my life. I have been seeing her since 2015.I would recommend Dr. Mendrey to anyone looking for help with opioid dependence, or even as just a general health practitioner. I have never had a more understanding doctor. Empathetic, flexible, accommodating and realistic are some of the words I would use to describe Dr. Mendrey.

Review №22

Dr. Mendrey is the best physician I’ve ever had. She is kind, caring and strives to provide top notch medical care to all her patients. She does not reach for the prescription pad unless there is a true need for medication. She spends time with patients when they need it which is very rare these days. Insurance companies structure reimbursement schedules in a way that makes practicing medicine profitable if appointments are kept to 15 minutes or less, and Dr. Mendrey does not, “fall in line” to make a buck at the expense of her patients and their wellbeing. Thanks Dr. Mendrey for all the help you’ve provided me since I first walked into your office in 2016; I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for your help!

Review №23

Dr. Mendry is by far the best, most responsive doctor in the Seattle area.She spends time, gets to know you and really cares.

Review №24

Recently, I heard Dr Myers speak on the current issues facing health care. He is very knowledgeable and an excellent speaker. I would recommend Dr Myers to anyone seeking a health practitioner.

Review №25

I have been very impressed by Dr. Myers approach to treating the whole person through multiple modalities, not just treating symptoms. He comes highly recommended by friends whove worked with him for years.

Review №26

Dr. Mendrey is the best practitioner I’ve ever had. She cares, she’s passionate, and is dedicated to your health. The whole office there is amazing.

Review №27

Dr. Myers helped me resolve a chronic hand and wrist issue in one only a couple of visits. He listened thoroughly and answered all of my questions and then did myofascial work which helped to resolve the issue quickly. I cant recommend him enough.

Review №28

After having ovarian cancer, there are some concerns that video conferencing just cant cover.

Review №29

I would highly recommend Dr. Blake Myers as your health practitioner, whether in acute care, primary care or chronic illness. He is extremely dedicated to the medicine, and has a talent to bridge the conventional scientific side of medicine with the more nuanced, magical side of medicine. He is also an extremely dedicated and talented homeopath. Trust me, I know. He is my husband, and I have experienced the benefits of his care personally, within my family, my friends, as well as witnessing and hearing the stories in his work. I can also attest to his commitment as a practitioner & homeopath, including his evening activities of reading James Tyler Kents homeopathy material medica :)

Review №30

Dr.mendrey is the best!-galina tkach

Review №31

Dr. Blake will take the time to get to know his patients and treats the whole person not just your symptoms.

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