EvergreenHealth Primary Care - Lakeshore Bothell
10025 NE 186th St, Bothell, WA 98011, United States
Review №1

Have been trying to get a human to answer ANY of there lines for four response at all....simply put on hold for 13 minutes every time, with one every coming to the line. Such a complete waste of time.

Review №2

Billed for an appointment not with my doctor. I was trying to get any appointment with my doctor, and what they said was available was a nurse practitioner or something like that. So I went with it, as an already existing patient. I was billed $263. I have insurance and all. This is so pricey. The appointment involved waiting for over 30 minutes, and then a quick 20 min inspection. Why does it cost so much?

Review №3

Staff turnover is high- I have a new female doctor every year and their online record-keeping of my health records is horrible. I have to repeat my info every time. Also- a nurse tried to do a blood draw- quite painfully and nervously- and was quite unskilled, untrained and was unable to do it. I wish she had just referred me to another nurse or place who could do it correctly.

Review №4

If i could give a zero star rating i would. Apparently these doctors cant input meds properly in the system... theve been refilling meds for me that they havent even put on file. I saw a doctor Boboc one of the most rudest doctors I have ever met. She needs to show respect to patients that come in to the clinic. I likely will go to a different office because of her

Review №5

Liked the staff and appointment was quick without any wait time. Doc was great as well. Also i like the fact that you are in and out of the building quickly with doc offices are right there on the first floor.

Review №6

We’ve been going to Lakeshore Clinic for 13 years. Dr. Higginbotham and his nurse, Kristina, have the best bedside manner of any practitioners I’ve ever worked with. My children love to visit (which says a lot when immunizations are involved). We’ve seen several of the other physicians for acute visits over the years and have never had a bad experience. I recommend this practice to friends all the time. Waiting room time is minimal. My only complaint is that lately it’s been taking a long time on hold before we can make appointments.

Review №7

Horrible on waiting time, doctors usually running late. So frustrating.

Review №8

I have been going here since I was born the people are typically nice but the waiting time can be from 1 hour to 2 hours due to doctors running late. Also always get a second opinion and stick to your gut when you feel like something is wrong. My doctor has gotten things wrong a few times and some of those times were severe.

Review №9

Pretty terrible wait time despite having an appointment. The staff was polite and nice though.

Review №10

Dr. Herron is my primary care physician and hes great. He really seems to care about his pateints health. Office administration could be better. They usually seem to be in a bad mood. Wait times were fine.

Review №11

Ive had a pretty good experience here so far. No real issues, and the doctor Ive been seeing is possibly the best one Ive had in terms of getting along with her. Super kind, and friendly. Weve been working on solving an odd case that Ive been having, and she definitely seems to have been more on the mark than other doctors I went to as Im seeing more results from treatment. I have yet to gain a full, well rounded perspective of this clinic with only two visits, and I will edit as needed to reflect the true value of this place.

Review №12

Been going here since early 1990s. Drs are fine but office management has gone way down hill. Takes for ever to get through on the phone or to get someone to return your call, the appointments themselves are always running late, and the billing is a disaster since the Evergreen merger. Im looking for a new PCP because its too hard to see the one ive got here. Get it together Lakeshore

Review №13

Ive had many times where they didnt schedule appropriately despite being fully transparent with what I needed.Only reason Ive gone there as long as I have lived in WABut Im so frustrated with them that I dont really think I want to be played with anymore. Theyve made me schedule follow-up appointments to get things done that were the primary reason for my visit because they either forget to go over my meds needing refills, or they do a virtual visit and cant represcribe my meds again via virtual visits.No I dont want to talk to you about it anymore. Obviously you guys didnt care about any of my other complaints including when I was on bluetooth and your scheduling rep kept rudely saying okay and youre driving yes. I was driving while on my cars built in Bluetooth. And kept telling me it was unsafe for me to be driving and on the phone to simply schedule an appt. Then hung up on me.

Review №14

Been going here since it was part of the Lakeshore Clinic. My doc and her staff are very thorough, thoughtful and kind. The staff, tho often harried, are courteous and helpful.

Review №15

Very very rude front desk co-ordinator.

Review №16

Overall a disappointing experience. Gave this clinic two tries, first one to establish primary care-- that was lackluster. But you know everyone has their off day so I came back second time after feeling long period of fatigue, & saw same physician, Dr. Eckhert again. Was billed for a detailed exam. This $260 charge involved me waiting for 10 minutes for 15 minutes of doctor interaction. Not sure where the detailed part came in. As Im sitting next to a sign warning about the dangers of superbugs and over-prescribing medication the doctors big contribution was to ask if Id like him to prescribe me antibiotics. I looked at the sign, then looked at him and I suggested we do some labs to maybe eliminate some obvious things. (Separate charge in excess of hundred bucks from the $260, but that at least seemed reasonable). Labs were done, but it wasnt until 3 weeks later that someone called me to review-- after I had filled out the on-line survey explaining that no, I wasnt happy with my visit, and no, I hadnt been contacted about the blood work. Never did get any follow-up or answer on the fatigue issue here.If youve got money to burn, might be an okay place with a different physician. Im stuck going back to square one to find somewhere for primary care.

Review №17

Been going here since in was the old Bothell clinic. Still has the same feel. Dr. Esser and Dr. Wison are still here and are wonderful as always. The staff is friendly and so is the nurses. They will do what they can to get you in. I will always refer people here.

Review №18

Simply wanted to ring about booking an appointment but I was greeted with terrible customer service and a rude, condescending receptionist. It should be pretty simple to book in for a flu shot, but not at this place. Probably worth trying somewhere else.

Review №19

Dr Wilson and staff are thorough and take the time to get to know Patients.

Review №20

Horrible since they never pick up the phone. I have been trying for 3 days and finally one lady picks up and says will let the doctor know to send a prescription, but nothing happens !! I wish such fraudulent and unresponsive administration / places be formally be cleaned up.

Review №21

I had a terrible experience with Evergreen health. The doctors and nurses services are terrible, and then you get charged as if some procedure was done, even when you were there for less than 10 min. Its more of a business of hogging money from the patients than actually putting an effort on treating patients.Even after all the trouble you request to review your case, their review board is totally biased and not at all transparent to the patient.I would not recommend anyone here, as their system is terrible and in fact that stress with them will make you unwell. If i had a chance to give 0 or negative stars/remarks i would give that. :(

Review №22

Super rude receptionist. Evergreen needs to educate their staff on how to be at least somewhat polite to the public.

Review №23

I called to inquire about availability for a first time patient physical. The front office person was the rudest person I have ever talked to. Her response was A long time and then barked that she needed my first name and information. I told her I just wanted to know the ball park of the next availability so I can figure out if I wanted to schedule there. She then told me in the most condescending voice ever that she wouldnt be able to give me availability without my full information first... Because she needed to make sure I didnt already have a physical within the year because you can only have one a year. I dont understand why you need to give your personal information to check availability??I was so put off by her rude response I told her I was no longer interested and hung up.

Review №24

Was on hold for 15 minutes only for the rude receptionist to hang up on me.

Review №25

The ambiance of this establishment left me with a feeling unlike any other I have experienced at a medical practice. I would compare it to dining at one of the nicest restaurants.

Review №26

Kind and polite staff, no excessive waiting, and everyone was very professional

Review №27

Front desk staffs are very friendly, nurses and Dr Rettenberg is very professional ...

Review №28

The woman who answered the phone was the rudest most condescending hag Ive ever come across. I cant imagine having to deal with her on a regular basis.

Review №29

Friendly and efficient

Review №30

All they care is money. Did a annual physical there and asked some health concern and they billed it separately as another visit. Never had such experience in my life with other clinics.

Review №31

Extremely rude!!!

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