Train Bloomington Fitness Center
2674 E 2nd St, Bloomington, IN 47401, United States

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I love this gym! I joined Train Bloomington in June 2020 following back to back surgeries in April and May. I have tried several other local gyms and participated in group workouts off and on for years. However, following my surgeries, I knew that I needed a place where I could work at my own pace.This gym has every piece of equipment you could ever need. It is so clean and it’s obvious that Jordan takes great pride in ownership. I love having 24/7 access to the gym and that flexibility helped me achieve a goal of a 30+lb weight loss in just under 3 months. I am thankful for this space and appreciate all the care that goes into making it the best gym that I’ve ever been a part of!

Review №2

Favorite gym in Bloomington -- its clean, well-equipped, and open 24/7. I also liked that it never once felt packed, even during high traffic times (evenings). I can think of maybe one or two times when the weight or machine I wanted to use was taken by someone else, and even then folks here are willing to share equipment in between sets. This leads me to my favorite thing about Train: the environment.Train is a calm, welcoming, and relaxing place to work out, which is surprisingly hard to find. Ive worked out at many different gyms but have only ever felt comfortable in a few. Train is one of those few. The toxic bro culture that seems to thrive in gyms is nowhere to be found here, not even in the weight areas. People are friendly and respectful. I even made a workout buddy here.I highly recommend Train! More gyms should be like this place.

Review №3

Oh how I miss TRAIN!! I had to move out of state. Should I ever return this will be my gym. I arrived on a snowy night to first meet Jordan and tour the gym . The moment I walked in I knew this was the place. I have been working out over 20 years and I have never been in such a clean welcoming space with top notch equipment. The cost per month is great considering this is basically a very private gym. Many a Sunday morning I had the whole place to myself. All of the Trainers as well as the Owner are very knowledgeable and always willing to help. You will be very Happy with Train .

Review №4

Its a nice place, just near my apartment. So, it was very convenient. Jordan is very nice person and I used to have Kim as my trainer. She is wonderful. Best thing about this fitness centre is, it is not crowded and there is ample amount of instruments to use.

Review №5

LOVE this gym! I came in each time to a very clean space, awesome choices of equipment, towels & water on hand, space to shower if need be (which is very handy if you’re heading to work afterwards), & cleaning supplies always available around the facility to wipe down equipment. The owner is very kind & will do his best to help you achieve your goals. Often times it’s only yourself & a few others in the space at a time, maybe even just you so you really get to make the most of your time there. If you’re in Bloomington or nearby you can’t ask for a better facility & better management!

Review №6

The best private fitness club in town hands down. Jordan has top notch equipment and plenty of space to get a great workout and not be on top of other clients. I work out at 5am, so the 24 hour access is a must. He will not try to pressure you to buy supplements or merchandise. Jordan is simply interested in you getting the best workout possible to reach your goals. Accommodating to all types of workout programs from powerlifting, to yoga. Very affordable as well. Id recommend Train to anyone looking for a gym.

Review №7

In my opinion, this is, by far, the best gym in Bloomington, IN. The gym is very clean and has all the equipment that one might need. The owner, Jordan, is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend this gym.

Review №8

I love Train Bloomington, and I highly recommend this gym! This space is so clean, upkept, very private, and minimal people while you’re in there during your workout. There’s many equipment to choose from & the owner is very welcoming and friendly! Choose train! ️

Review №9

Hi. This is Ben’s wife Wendy a member of Train Bloomington gym. The owner Jordan has helped me tremendously with exercise and stretching programs to help with my back and shoulder problems . The gym is always clean , well stocked , and is Covid aware . I would recommend this gym to anyone especially if your tired of big places where you struggle to get on machines or for a space to stretch . I love this gym !

Review №10

This facility is hands down the cleanest and most private I have used in the city, and ever. The equipment is top of the line and variable. You can train heavy or light with barbells, dumbbells, machines, treadmills, calisthenics, and more. They have a bathroom, shower, free bottled water, controllable sound system, and laundered hand towels. The facility is open 24/7/365, and most of the time, you will have the facility to yourself.Jordan Loewe is the owner and the person who set up my agreement. He is a very professional and kind person. He has worked with me regarding any concerns or questions I have had, and is a highly motivated, inspiring individual who can connect you with personal trainers, if you like.This membership is absolutely the best quality for the best price, and in a great location.

Review №11

Train is an excellent gym! It is well stocked with awesome equipment, extremely clean and the owner, Jordan, and trainers are the best. I have been going over the last 2 years and always feel like its my own personal gym. It is never overcrowded and there are lots of spaces/corners/rooms to work out in. There are fresh towels, bottles of water, sparkly clean shower/bathroom, and even beautiful decor and orchids. I highly recommend this gym!

Review №12

Jordan has created the most beautiful and friendly gym in Bloomington. I have gone to many gyms and this one is above all. It’s spacious, has all the best equipment, the nicest staff and members and it’s quiet!! No obnoxious loud music playing overhead is a huge plus for me! The best gym hands downs!

Review №13

Ive been working out at Train Bloomington for almost two years. It is a great space with a fun, relaxed, and friendly vibe. There is ample equipment and room to move so that you can mix things up and keep your workouts interesting. As an older fitness enthusiast, I appreciate the wide range of ages and abilities represented among patrons. The owner, Jordan Loewe, is a creative and skilled trainer who will help you make steady progress while enjoying yourself along the way.

Review №14

24 hr. access, plenty of parking, security cameras for safety, a variety of equipment to use, my personal trainer, Kim, is amazing, and each and every person I came into contact with while there is kind and personable. This place is great!

Review №15

A great place to work out and Jordan Loewe is a great trainer to work out with!

Review №16

Best fitness facility in Bloomington! Its clean, equipped with great machines, and its phenomenal to work with a Train-related personal trainer. For the last year Ive been working with my trainer--Elizabeth--who creates a new workout for me every week. Shes knowledgeable, encouraging, and knows exercise physiology better than most docs!

Review №17

Best gym in town! Super clean, incredible space, and open 24/7 so you can decide to come in and whatever time! The owner is incredibly friendly, professional, and helpful! Can’t recommend this gym enough!

Review №18

Train is an amazing gym! I love how private it feels and the newly added space only enhances the value of the gym. There are usually only 1-2 other people in the gym when I am there which is awesome! The gym has a shower making it convenient for before work workouts. The owner, Jordan, is always super friendly and encouraging. I cant say enough good things about Train. It feels like Bloomingtons best kept secret!

Review №19

I have been a member for a month and I love this place. Keep in mind that this is not a gym for everyone: if you need the hustle and bustle of a typical gym and the bright lights and all the people around you and all the flexing, this is not that place. If you prefer things on the quiet, calm side, this is absolutely perfect. It has everything you need and there is, like, one of each thing — like a Noahs Ark of gym equipment — but given that there is very few people, you rarely have to wait for anything. As others have said, 24/7 access is great so you can go whenever the world you want. Everything is clean, crisp, and well maintained. Price is very reasonable. Jordan, the owner, is super nice and makes the whole sign-up process easy. Easy, ample parking. And, again, its SO chill and unpretentious.

Review №20

Never crowded, great equipment. Awesome gym!

Review №21

Great Gym! I have done personal training sessions with Jordan and he’s incredibly knowledgeable. By far the cleanest gym I have ever been in! Great location with excellent parking. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great gym to join.

Review №22

This gym is premier! The privacy, cleanliness and down to earth attitudes are a welcome respite from other hectic, noisy, and crowded work out zones. Feels welcoming at all times!

Review №23

I heartily endorse the Train Bloomington Fitness Center. If you utilize Jordan Loewe as your trainer, he is excellent at getting the most out of you, but not exceeding your ability to perform. The El Dpa method that he teaches is utilized by many of the top athletes in the world. I had bulging discs that had me constantly in pain. After 3 months I never have had back pain again. If you simply need a place to train on your own, the center is never crowded, and all the equipment you would ever need is at your disposal. I am sold on Train!

Review №24

Train is the best place to work out in Bloomington! Not only is it the cleanest gym I’ve ever set foot in, there’s the perfect amount of equipment for basically any workout. Jordan is awesome and the care he puts into maintaining the space and the equipment is evident every time you visit. If I had the money and space to build a home gym, I would, but thankfully because of Train I always have a clean, quiet, and often empty space to get my workouts done. It’s a secret that’s too good to keep!

Review №25

Love this gym and very convenient for whatever your fitness desires and lifestyle are especially it being 24/7. Jordan has a done a great job with Train and the peaceful environment with every fitness/cardio equipment you will need.

Review №26

Train is a beautiful, clean space in a great location. I loved working out there over my lunch hour. Friendly, warm people and always machines available. Highly recommend!

Review №27

Train Bloomington has everything you need for a complete workout without the noisy, crowded experience youll find at many other locations. Jordan has done an amazing job putting together a quiet, clean, and welcoming place for an excellent workout!

Review №28

If you live in the Bloomington area and need a place to train, I couldnt recommend Train Bloomington more highly. Great place to work out. Its quiet, clean and with the limited membership, not crowded like so many other gyms. Also top notch, quality equipment.

Review №29

Couldnt have been happier with my experience at Train Bloomington. Very friendly , knowledgeable, and friendly staff. Clean facilities with great equipment. Exactly what you want in a gym!

Review №30

My wife and I just love this place. We have never been to a premium quality gym like this before. I could never go back to Anytime or Planet after going here. Great equipment and amazing air conditioning!

Review №31

The gym is the perfect size with a variety of equipment. Jordan is a phenomenal trainer with tons of knowledge to share.

Review №32

Top notch equipment (Rogue Fitness bars and weights) and a lot of great extras that go a long way - towels, water bottles, spare hair ties in the bathroom, etc. Love the 24/7 option, and Jordan is awesome and clearly passionate about what he does!

Review №33

Train is Bloomingtons best kept secret! Jordan takes amazing care of his clients and greets you with a big smile. He keeps the gym spotless and the equipment is top notch and well-maintained. Love that its never crowded and the clientele is respectful and pleasant. Love it!

Review №34

I love working out at Train Bloomington! I get specialized training sessions developed for me & I can come in & work out on my own whenever I want. Jordan Loewe, the owner has been my personal trainer for 8 years.

Review №35

When looking to join a gym last year the first person I contacted was Jordan. He had spoken about his plans to open his own gym and boy did he deliver!Right when you walk in there is a calm and focused feeling. The workout machines are well laid out and everything is clean and organized. All of the amenities from speakers to towels, barbells to bathrooms, everything is clean and in great shape.If you want a well appointed gym with exclusive benefits such as 24 hour access and ever present and attentive staff then Train Bloomington is the place for you. Just want to publicly recognize the great job Jordan has done and let you know that this is definitely a place worth looking into!

Review №36

Wonderful place to workout. Very clean and very inviting. There is never a crowd, and the people who are there are very respectful. Jordan is always willing to answer nutrition and training questions.

Review №37

Great atmosphere and feels great to support a local business. The gym is incredibly spacious and clean and you can always get on the machine you want. Highly recommend.

Review №38

Best gym experience I have ever had. When I walked in I knew Train was something different and fresh. The parking makes it hassle free. The 24/7 access is great! Highly recommend!

Review №39

When I was looking for a gym it was intimidating until I found Train Bloomington. Never crowded, open24 hours,great equipment.An I’d your a germ freak let me assure you this place is spotless.

Review №40

Ive been a member of Train Bloomington since it opened. I enjoy working out in a quiet gym that is never crowded. It is in a great location which makes going to the gym easier. The gym is open 24 hours a day so I can go to the gym on my schedule. This gym has all the equipment that I need and a rarely need to wait for the machine I would like to use. My private training sessions with Jordan taught me how to use each piece of equipment in the gym so I know I am using them properly. I highly recommend this gym!

Review №41

Awesome gym; great machines; friendly, helpful staff; and never too crowded. Like working out in a familiar space!

Review №42

Great gym. Jordan is a pleasure to do business with.

Review №43

Train Bloomington Fitness is a cool place to work out. There are nice machines to exercise with and Jordan is a great trainer.

Review №44

This gym is never packed and the equipment is brand new. The owner keeps it spotless too.

Review №45

I love Train Bloomington for a few reasons. 1. It is close to my apartment, so I have no excuse to wimp out. 2. The studio is not a mob scene. It is mellow and inviting. 3. Jordan is encouraging and is a phone call away (if not there all the time) . 4. The equipment is for all fitness abilities. Everyone is welcome and everyone feels comfortable.

Review №46

Train Fitness is truly an oasis! The atmosphere is stunning! It is a much needed escape at the end of every day. The equipment is top of the line and always spotless! Train is the resort of fitness facilities!

Review №47

Jordan really has something special with his facility! I love the open floor plan that I can best customize my workouts. The gym is 24/7 access, and the capped membership means it is never crowded, so I do not spend my time waiting for equipment.

Review №48

You really have to visit Train to understand why my review won’t do it justice. And if you visit, drop by when you’re most likely to go to the gym; just don’t be surprised if you have the place all to yourself. But that only begins to explain the difference between this concept and other places.Train combines everything I hope to find in a fitness center with a few extra-nice surprises.Picture a gym where every detail is thoughtfully considered and perfectly maintained: from the functional layout to the fully-equipped line of machines, free weights, and gear to support most every workout level. Now imagine you’re invited to an exclusive area in that gym—friends and employees only—where amenities (bottled water, towels, your personal music playing on the speakers, etc.) are provided at no extra charge, This place is special.I get.more out of my workout at Train than I would anywhere else. Just as importantly, the atmosphere inspires my return.

Review №49

Love this place! Perfect if you like a more-private workout. Customer Service is outstanding, its really unlike any gym Ive been to before!

Review №50

Train is amazing. Best equipment, professional staff, easy parking, 24 hour access, limited membership. Could not be more perfect place to train.

Review №51

I really enjoy working out at Train Bloomington Fitness. I dont like crowds and this feels like my personal gym. The equipment is new and clean. Jordan and his staff do a great job with personal training sessions.

Review №52

Love this place! Part retreat, part awesome gym. Great place to work out.

Review №53

Gym has everything you need, convenient location and parking, Jordan does a great job!

Review №54

My favorite place to work out by far! A knowledgeable, friendly staff and a very welcoming atmosphere make it impossible to beat.

Review №55

Train Bloomington is prefect local gym. Never too busy or packed.

Review №56

Awesome, beautiful, clean gym! Elizabeth is an amazing trainer!!!

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