Life Time Fitness
5250 W 84th St, Bloomington, MN 55437, United States

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Amazing place to workout, clean and new equipment with friendly staff and plenty of space. Locker rooms are well situated and updated with plenty of showers and fresh towels.

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Locker room is kinda small so it gets very crowded during peak times. Missing a lot of weight machines compared to other Lifetimes. Its a smaller gym location so I guess its to be expected. The running track on the second level is nice. The huge plus is the Rogue, lifetime version of crossfit area. There usually isnt a class so you can do whatever you want.

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My visit to the gym was extraordinary. From the second I walked in, the atmosphere and environment was very clean and uplifting! Kudos to the club and this Bloomington facility they saved a member, I will now be attending this gem moving forward in 2020!my visit to the gym was extraordinary. From the second I walked in, the atmosphere and environment was very clean and uplifting! Kudos to the club and this Bloomington facility they saved a member, I will now be attending this gem moving forward in 2020! Thanks again Rebekah K.

Review №4

So many hidden fees. Dealing with anything or changing everything was incredibly difficult. Administration was very hard to work with. We didn’t get our permanent membership cards too after we cancelled the membership and asking four times. The people were very nice but you could never get a straight answer. The club itself wasn’t very nice which is understandable as it was the lowest tier of gyms.

Review №5

I absolutely love this gym! The staff is always so friendly and accommodating, the trainers truly care and work hard at creating classes that are both challenging and enjoyable.Everything is well taken care of and clean, with lots of different equipment and class options.They even have daycare. Would definitely recommend to anyone who lives or works in the area, you get way more out of membership than what it costs.

Review №6

Not the nicest gold level club, doesnt actually have a lot of amenities for the price level compared to some of the others (Bloomington South has way more to offer). The stairwell down to the locker rooms is terrible, who designed that anyway?? A single-width stairwell as the main connection between the entrance on one floor, almost all exercise areas on the next floor, and the lockers rooms on the bottom floor? Terrible idea, there is always a traffic jam with people having to wait at the top or bottom for others to pass as the width of the stairs can only accommodate one person (and their gym bag) at a time. Overall the layout of this club is weird, very closed off and separated. It really shows its age in the locker rooms, which arent that nice - not nearly as shiny as other Lifetimes, almost bordering on dingy high school locker room. Also it does not have the full complement of hot tub, sauna, and steam room - only a sauna inside the locker room, and large shared whirlpool outside the locker rooms (apparently this was a tiny lap pool they converted into a giant whirlpool). I go here when there are specific classes Id like to attend, otherwise I prefer the other clubs.

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This is the best place to have your workouts. They have the best equipment. The location is awesome. Recommended.

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Surprisingly for a silver club they have a lot of amenities and not overly crowded. Very clean and was able to get the same workout I get in at my typical platinum club

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These guys are proven experts at ripping off customers. Gave me a free membership via being a tenant of Luxembourg Apartments. When I moved out of there, neither the apartments nor the club told me that i need to close it out. Later, I was spammed a million times about how I have been overdue. Just to get rid of the spam, I threw $100 to their faces so they stopped calling me even though it was completely unjust on their behalf. I dont blame the apartment complex but I do blame the management. Since then been using LA Fitness least they dont cheat!!Response to owner:That doesnt change the fact that your customer service was rudely threatening about reporting me to collections. First of all, thats terribly ineffective because its just a $100. Also, they gave no other option but sending me in circles. They said I need to talk to the apartments and the apartment people said I need to talk to the gym. All the noise only over $100 you could steal from someone legally. Quite shameful but maybe thats your style of business. Since youve made it clear that you can never be in the wrong, I can only hope you will train your customer service department to be more polite in the future and not make money by tricking customers!

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Love my new membership

Review №11

Clean, quiet and enough equipment to get a full workout.

Review №12

Wonderful gym. Since I started working out here I have noticed a wonderful change and I love it. Recommended.

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This is the best place to have your workouts. They have the best equipment. The location is awesome. Recommended.

Review №14

This is the best place to have your workouts. They have the best equipment. The location is awesome

Review №15

Seems like a bronze. If you havent been 24hrs for 4 years, update your hours on google!!

Review №16

This gym is well kept, very clean, staff is friendly, and parking is always easy to find. Keep it up!!

Review №17

I personally have met with Matt (sales rep) and Brandon (PT) and they have been absolutely wonderful! The gym seems to be clean and organized, there are multiple classes to choose from and they have a crossfit area. Overall its a very warm and welcoming place!

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Best gym franchise out there.

Review №19

I really love this gym. My trainer has been a miracle worker. I have experienced great results since I started working out here.

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Great child care, 2 hours and they have an option for 3 hours. They call you if you need to do a diaper change or anything important.

Review №21

Unfortunately zero stars was not an option. Tried to bring a guest in today and learned there are specific guess hours. As a founders member I find the staff attitude very abrasive.We were given passes one evening at 10:00 PM to encourage guests to join us. Two days later we bring a guest at 9:00 PM and are told the guest hours are over at 8 PM. If this is true, then why not print such a thing on the card youre handing out? Also why limit guess if youre trying to show off the club?

Review №22

This is the worst lifetime out of every location in the metro - maybe the state. If u go at a busy time there is no room to do anything. Its dirty and congested. Do not waste your time at this lifetime. So many better locations to get a work out in.

Review №23

The facilities are nice but their sales team needs new training to treat customers in a better way. I cancelled my membership today due to a family emergency and Matthew a sales rep asked me why I was canceling. I shouldn’t need to explain my desire to cancel but I shared that my time is limited right now. He proceeds to tell me my reason is BS as well as anyone who cancels for not having time. The desire to become a member in the future was honestly lost after his rude and disrespectful attitude. Spoke with Jeff the GM and hopefully Matthew learns to treat clients in a more humaine way. Would’ve given a higher rating but what good are the facilities if their sales reps have trash attitudes.

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While looking at this club every one friendly but with this club with my insurance can only use the Bloomington locations or pay more. Very clean will be joining life time in a few days when I can go in the pool. I have stitches for a few more days

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I have been a member of quite a few gyms in the twin cities and Lifetime is the best value for the options, the cleanest facilities, and most professional staff.

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Great gym... a lot of variety. One of the few places around that has a crossfit-type area in gym with all the necessary equipment.

Review №27

This is more to the patrons. If you are not a wounded vet who served his or hers country get your fat butt out of the wounded combat vet parking spot! Not that it matters but this is even more true if you are not an American citizen!! You know who you are too small of polo shirt guy!

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I have been to multiple Lifetime Fitness location and seem to like this one best.Firstly because its more convenient for me from where I live and I am used to seeing friendly faces in this location.This location may be little small but the equipment here are far better than Bloomington South location. They just put in new treadmill which is really nice and have step machine which I use regularly. The only thing that I dislike about this location is their Member Advisor.Also special mention to Ryan (personal trainer) who has helped me a lot in my workouts. Unlike other Personal trainers (who just watch you workout and does not say anything) he will actually come and tell you if you are doing something wrong and show you correct way of doing it.Lastly Kudos to the friendly frontdesk staff for a great customer service and cleaning guy and lady for keeping the place clean.

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Its a great place to get a good workout in! Spa is nice too!

Review №30

I just had one of the worst experience with the assistant and sales manager at the crosstown location. They promised to provide information about rates and fix some corporate discounts. I waited more than 2 weeks until I called them and asked what is taking so long, the asst manager lied to me telling me the manager called me and left message which I never got. then he basally told me I will help you only if you stay with us otherwise I can termine your account.I was a member for over a year thinking I was signing in to a gym committed to their clients. I will never recommend Crosstown or Chanhassen locations.

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I have been a member for a long time, now Im reconsidering, I love this gym, until today- its clean the equipment are great especially 24/7- it took me some time to think about how annoyed I am from people telling me they have a bla bla policy about training others- not like I havent Hurd it over 100 time from 100 different person- (exaggerating of course) but a lot. I recommend friends, they join and ask me to go along, so I do I do my rep they do theirs we have fun talk about random stuff as we keep going on to the next exercise- and trust me i dont stop to chat and I dont wait longer then 20 second between exercise unless Im done with the workout, the. I get harassed by an employee saying bla bla bla cant train, happens frequently, but today it was the Manager. I dont care if you see this and I see you again. You are annoying, and your welcome for the recommendation, for the record I will no longer recommend LFT. Just tired of being told I cant train, when Im not training, I guess you cant have workout partners otherwise they consider that training? i dont recommend there personal trainer either. Ive seen them train, they are better ones in the twin cities especially the fact you pay for the membership and then you pay for their trainers. Again its not a bad gym their harassing policy about training others while I am not pisses me off. I just dont recommend it because of constant harassment of being told that Im not allowed to train when Im not training.

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Great equipment, high-tech, high-quality machines... Professional employees

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Everything and everyone there is professional quality

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I like the fact that its 24/7

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The team here is very friendly!

Review №37

Unfortunately, this is the most outdated Lifetime Ive been to.

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Never come back again ever

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