LA Fitness
2103 N Veterans Pkwy, Bloomington, IL 61704, United States
LA Fitness

Review №1

L.A fitness is the most well rounded Gym for the most fair of prices. Ive been coming here for a year now, and no other gym meets up to my expectations.

Review №2

Excellent gym

Review №3

Clean warm environment. Staff are super friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №4

Told me my membership was canceled when I canceled my membership. Kept charging us. Claim theres no record I canceled. Told me its my fault for not noticing sooner.

Review №5

Always clean

Review №6

I would steer clear from this facility. There are other option in town. I took almost 6 months to clear up their billing mistakes. I wanted to cancel membership and only the manager Chandler can do it. He was left multiple messages to call me and never did. Blamed his staff that they didnt give it to him.

Review №7

Clean & in great condition.

Review №8

This morning the operations manager Chandler, thought it was ok to open an outside door to drag out a pool divider. A senior citizens aerobics class was in progress. It caused a dramatic change in the temperature. When asked about it his reply was that it was only for a few minutes. You couldn’t have waited? That was the ONLY time you could do it? That inconsiderate attitude is apparent other small things. Not replacing a clock in the swim area. Not fixing a dark area in women’s shower. Not putting safety bars in shower stalls. “ The walls won’t support it”. Hmmm. The district manager, Paul will not allow his contact information to be given out. That is why my complaints are here!

Review №9

I went in to check for a membership for family and sales person was very misleading. Offered a low monthly rate but didnt mention high initiation fee and high annual maintenance fees. Also lied and said all golds gyms are closing which is false as I validated. Two remaining golds are staying open.

Review №10

The women’s bathroom always smells like a backed up sewer. Nobody will call you back regarding membership.

Review №11

Great place for workout. Clean Facility. Wish they could have provided uninterrupted wifi network.

Review №12

They terminated my membershop but I want to thank some special people, especially workout girl Sandra V Pelaez for going to the KISS Concert 15 FEb with me and spending the night at the Marriott, Great Cardio.

Review №13

This place has the best stuff, incl. racquetball! Did a free trial. Im really overweight & employees & clients (except 1 teenager) were very nice & supportive. Not condescending. If you sign up with the bring a friend deal & split the cost, it works out to abt $35/[email protected]

Review №14

This is a very nice, well run, clean, and well equipped club with friendly staff and patrons. Love the variety of exercise equipment/experiences available with lots of different cardio machines so that you can vary your program; excellent weight equipment, both free weights and machines; as well as cycling classes and swimming. Especially spa is worth to take relax. Sona room is excellent too. Theres also a very nice gym if you like to play team sports.

Review №15

If you want to hear people scream while lifting, not a bad place to go. Kind of a problem when you’re on the other side of the gym with your music in and can hear them.

Review №16

Amazing staff. Clean facilities. What more could you ask for?

Review №17

I have been going to LA Fitness for a couple of months now, and I am very pleased. Its clean, and there is lots of equipment, and the spa area is a favorite after a long workout. Highly recommend.

Review №18

I loved the facility. I would like to see a dead lift area somewhere in the lifting section of the gym. More versatility in that regard. Great range of features and amenities. Awesome staff as well!

Review №19

Great facility ...Great Staff... especially JasonHe was a big help with adjusting my membership

Review №20

Honestly my favorite part about the gym is the sauna and relaxing after a good workout. Pool and jacuzzi also if youre into that. Solid facility with variety of different options as far as cardio and weightlifting is concerned. Staff has been friendly as well.

Review №21

Great place. Good equipment and nice instructors

Review №22

This LA fitness is a great place for a workout. They have a good variety of equipment and have multiples of most equipment which helps reduce wait times. The facility is also clean and usually doesnt get too crowded outside of usual peak hours. My only complaint is the hours. In my opinion a close time of 11pm mon-thurs, 10pm Friday, and 8pm sat &sun is way too early, I would like to see a closing time of at least midnight mon-fri.

Review №23

Good place for a workout, membership not required

Review №24

I love LA Fitness! The manager there, Ben Hogge, really helped me get started. My personal trainer is Tim Mott.... he is incredible! Tim is very patient and knowledgeable. The service is awesome and they are always eager to help and answer my questions. The building and machines are always clean. I never thought I would actually like going to a gym. Thank you to everyone at LA for keeping me on track.

Review №25

I love going to LA Fitness. The Hot tub releases stress and the fun part about it is that I get to swim in the pool.

Review №26

I have a multi-club membership I can i can say that this gym is way better than the one back at home, friendly staff and the machines are always clean

Review №27

Nice gym - has all of the stuff youd want at a commercial gym. Not really a great place for powerlifting/bodybuilding but great for general fitness.

Review №28

Full range of machines, gym, pool, lots to do

Review №29

Very good place. Enjoying the workouts.

Review №30

Great gym, great equipment, and great people. The staff are extremely kind and helpful, and everyone working out is very friendly. Really enjoy working out here overall, and would definitely recommend if you are searching for a new gym to attend.

Review №31

This is a very nice, well run, clean, and well equipped club with friendly staff and patrons. I have been made to feel at home from the time I first met with the sales staff who were especially helpful. Love the variety of exercise equipment/experiences available with lots of different cardio machines so that you can vary your program; excellent weight equipment, both free weights and machines; as well as cycling classes and swimming. Theres also a very nice gym if you like to play team sports. .

Review №32

I grew up in Bloomington/Normal and have been to most of the gyms in town... LA Fitness definitely has the best equipment and cleanest facilities! Be sure to talk to Ben and he will set you up! Would highly recommend.

Review №33

Very clean facility. The staff is friendly, and helpful. Great exercise programs for seniors

Review №34

I just joined the fitness club. LA Fitness has very nice equipment, a nice and clean facility and the staff is very friendly. The rates are very affordable and you can also get a trainer if you are new to start out. I really like to exercise here.

Review №35

Great facility with plenty of machines and free weights.Also has a sauna and swimming pool.Locker rooms are very large and lockers offer a lot of space, bring your own lock.

Review №36

They are really just trying to take your money!! When we asked the price of something they said Oh, we wont tell you up front. You will just have to try your first session free and we will discuss pricing for further visits then. If I tell you the price now you will be scared away. Seemed really unprofessional to me!

Review №37

LA fitness is the best place to workout in the Bloomington-Normal area. The facility is always very clean and the surplus of equipment allows a machine for everyone, even during the busiest hours of the day. I love to take advantage of the free hour of personal training offered. The staff is professional and friendly and love to put their customers on the road to success.

Review №38

Staff is constantly trying to up-sell and otherwise unhelpful. I watched a man video taping a woman from behind while she was stretching. I told management and they did nothing.

Review №39

Awesome facility. Very clean. Basketball courts, pool, sauna, racquetball, and great fitness classes. Huge weight area too. Staff is super friendly. No contract and low monthly. Best value in town for sure.

Review №40

Great place...could do more for the actual members for customer appreciation instead of ploys to get new room floor needs a good cleaning. Staff is Great!

Review №41

Huge selection of equipment- especially free weights. Gym also has a full pool, sauna, hot tub, basketball court, two misc rooms for classes, and three racquetball courts. Always clean

Review №42

Great place to work out. Very clean, many amenities, nice staff! Recommend 10/10

Review №43

I enjoy coming here because its not too busy and plenty of machines and freeweights so wait time is minimal. You can also get a membership through Blue Cross Blue Shield for just $25 if you have their insurance.

Review №44

Great gym! Only complain is that whirlpool smells really strong to chlorine, which makes me believe they use a lot of. Not sure this is an issue to many, but in my case this gives me headaches. Otherwise the gym is fantastic!

Review №45

Lots of equipment for low wait times and the staff are helpful / friendly. Toddler loves the kids club.

Review №46

Very nice gym with racquetball, basketball court, gym and jacuzzi

Review №47

LA Fitness has lots of cardio equipment, free weights, and weight machines. Theres never a wait for any machines. Very clean facility and friendly staff.

Review №48

Mens locker room is filthy. Showers smell of urine and worse. Their appreciation days are just marketing gimmicks. Anything and everything related to customer experience not important...

Review №49

A great place to work out. Hours are good and it is clean.

Review №50

Bringing guests is 15$. Most other gyms in town have free +1s every day. Not worth the money compared to Golds.

Review №51

Welcoming and sincere environment. Personal training is tip top! Absolutely love it here!

Review №52

Awesome Facility to work out as well as swimming

Review №53

BN LA Fitness is the cleanest LA Fitness I have visited.

Review №54

It has plenty of free weight equipment as well as machines. A good amount of cardio machines. It gets a little hot when its busy.

Review №55

Cancelling your gym membership is a huge hassle. The hours are quite obnoxious and the receptionists are usually fairly unhelpful. If you can get past that the gym is pretty alright.

Review №56

For me, it was finding the right gym so I could actually enjoy (if kicking your own butt to lose weight and gain muscle can be considered fun) doing it. I did not want a place where people grunted and groaned, I wanted a very well lit, plenty of machines and a friendly atmosphere where people remembered you and the members were friendly and helpful along with the staff. I have found my gym! I also wanted to be able to consult with a trainer from time to time to get a routine that I could use to continue to work on my goals. My 1-hour FREE session did just that. I have lost over 30 lbs in the last 2 months and I still am losing. My wife who hates gyms and too many people loves it too. Great place to make it your home if you are serious about working out and want a place to work on it! Thank you very much LA Fitness and thank you, Jason, for your amazing help and direction!!!

Review №57

Good selection, always something to do.

Review №58

Great workout atmosphere. Clean gym with up-to-date and well taken care of equipment.

Review №59

L.A. has nice a nice facility for sure and its wonderful being able to go swimming and workout in a clean environment, but it really seems like their primary focus is to get you signed up as soon as possible and get your money. I felt very rushed and lack of genuine concern for my health and well being.

Review №60

This is a great gym with pretty much everything you need. Only complaint is they dont supply towels for wipe down, they do sell towels. This is the first gym Ive ever seen do this.

Review №61

I did not know until today that there is another type of membership that has guest passes. They said my membership did not have guest passes.They said 15.00 for my guest.

Review №62

Great gym, new equipment, friendly management staff.

Review №63

Staff is helpful.Plenty of squat / power racks, flat benches, and every machine youd ever want. Weights are always racked and Ive never seen any one the floor.There are tons of dumbbells in excellent condition that go up int 2.5lb increments.Tons of every cardio machine, espically like 9 stair masters.Bathrooms are always great.Best LA Fitness Ive been to. This gym has ruined most other gyms for me due to how great it is.

Review №64

Staff is SUPER down to earth and are willing to work with anyone! LA|FITNESS is hands down the nicest/cleanest gym that Ive been to!

Review №65

Clean and big facility. Plenty of ellipticals, stair steppers and treadmills for cardio.In addition they also have a ton of options for weight training.For the times I have visited (in the mornings around 8:30 am), it was not very crowded.

Review №66

I no longer live in Bloomington, but Everytime I visit for the holidays I am sure to get a workout in here. Great gym with great equipment.

Review №67

Great gym with a great staff! Lots of equipment choices to choose from. Fitness and cycling classes are available as well as a sauna and pool!

Review №68

I am a new member here. I like the staff. The facility is clean. So far, very pleased with my membership!

Review №69

It has great equipment and classes with a wonderful sauna.

Review №70

Be careful when you take membership or personal training..its a trap. If you take a personal training you wont be able to cancel it. When you will try to cancel they will tell you to call to the main office..the guy who handles these things will be hard to catch.

Review №71

Great workout place! Except no free wifi? Who does that anymore?

Review №72

Just not as tidy as it should be in the locker rooms. Very aggressive sale staff. Otherwise its nice because its not packed. No waiting for machines.

Review №73

Great place to workout. Always clean and almost never a wait on equipment.

Review №74

Excellent atmosphere, friendly staff, has all the equipment you need and enough of it during peak hours, clean

Review №75

Nice spacious and very clean facility. Its never too crowded and the staff is always friendly.

Review №76

Excellent place to work out uninhibitedly!

Review №77

Good amenities and equipment

Review №78

Love hot tub & is not out off service. lol

Review №79

Very knowledgeable staff and plenty of machines to reach you goals!

Review №80

Im in the military, came to visit family and get a quick workout in and Milad took care of me and provided great customer service. I recommend this la fitness among some of the la fitnesses ive visited.

Review №81

I seriously have never been called more times in my life from any business more than I have been called by this gym. I called on 6/6/2016 and I am still receiving calls to this day about it. I have told them twice to quit calling me and to take me off the list and to do whatever it takes to not call me back. But yet I have been called 18 times since 6/6. Seriously one of the most frustrating things ever. The initial call was just to ask a couple questions about prices and what not. For the love of god, even if I did want to join your gym I really wouldnt now. Yall trolls......

Review №82

Not much to talk about. All their focus is how get the money. They are good at it

Review №83

Great Place to train for an Ironman. Pool is one of the best in Bloomington. Very Clean Facility

Review №84

The temperature is a little too warm for a work out facility. That’s about the only negative thing I can say about this place.

Review №85

At least, I hated the fact that when you Google LA Fitness, the hours for the Bloomington, Il facility are bogus. The hours listed for New Years Eve are 5:00 am - 11:00 pm. Oh, wait, those hours dont count - You have to go to another page to see that club hours are 5:00 am - 11:00 pm. Oh, wait, those hours dont count - you have to click on ANOTHER link to see that New Years Eve hours dont begin until 8:00. OK, I understand closing early, but WTF is the deal with the late start? So, thanks for wasting my time this morning!

Review №86

Great facilities, has majority of everything you will need. Showers are pretty moldy though

Review №87

I wish all LA Fitnesses were like this. Clean. Not terribly crowded. New equipment. The ones in Chicago should take notes

Review №88

Good gym. They keep this location up

Review №89

To management, the weight lift floor isnt where your trainers should be talking about banging different women. I dont enjoy hearing about how he tries to bang the college women and bragging with other dudes about their experiences. Its disgusting and quite ashamed for the women who were lifting within ear shot of their conversation! Banging married women, women who leave the gym late or even the women he tries helping. Worst experience Ive ever had in this gym or any other for that matter!

Review №90

PLEASE READ IT !!!I wanted to join LA Fitness for 2 months. They recommended me to go for 6 months or 1 year subscription but I sticked to my decision for only 2 months. The employees were nice and friendly. Thay charged me $49 for enrollment fees and 2 months advanced payment of $41.99 per month. In total I ended up paying $132.98 (Later I found out that they were charging only $36.99 per month to my friends and other people who joined after me). Before becoming member, I asked them if I want to cancel my subscription before 2 months, will I get refund of the remaining days left in the subscribed period in my account. They said YES, you will be refunded for whatever days left in your account (This was the conversation which they later denied and said we dont refund anything. So that simply proves they were just lying to make me join their fitness center and take money from me.)Everything was fine till now unaware of what was coming my way. I continued my subscription for 2 more months by paying $41.99 per month. Now I went to LA fitness to cancel my subscription because I was not using it for a long time. I will describe the payment plan which LA Fitness follows. For ex. If you subscribed on 10th June, they will charge you till 10th August + enrollmemt fee, and again they will charge you on 10th July for the services from 11th August - 10th September. So in total they charged you for 2 months initially and at the end of 1st month they will again charge for the services of 3rd month and so on. This is the payment plan they follow. I dont have problem with their payment plan, my problem and concern is the way they lied to me and obviously other people to take money out of our pocket. Also, when they dont do refund whats the point in taking money for next 2 months in advance. I left their center to talk to manager next day.I called their customer services and also verified online everywhere it says they do not do refund. I understand their business policy but I cant stand the way they just lied and later denied. I again went to them in business hours to finally cancel my subscription. They gave me deals to freeze my account for $10 per month and other deal was to pay only $36.99 (which should be my per month payment plan in first place). I saw the particular guy who filled my form online and other fomality at the time of joining the gym. I confronted him, he denied of any converstaion about the refund. 4 other employees behind him were laughing, it was an embarrasing situation. I understood nothing can be done now. I just asked him a simple question what if someone subscribed for 1 year and later decided to cancel the subscription after 1 month, does that mean that the person just wasted his money for next 11 months of the service which he/she is never going to use. He couldnt reply anything and just said me bye. Finally I ended up paying for the next 2 months which I am not gonna use even after cancellation !!!!!This is the way they respond, treat and behave rudely with their customers when they cancel their membership. Even if LA Fitness makes this review delete, I will post it again and agan and again to show the world thier hypocrisy and double standards. They are theives.I wrote this review so that you guys can be aware of the situation and subscribe only for the month you are going to use and cancel your subscription before 2 months when you dont wanna continue. Only in that way you wont waste your money. Lastly, I would say that dont fall into their trap. They will lie you about everything before joining. Once you join you will know the reality. This is a business running on the foundation of lying and conning their valuable customers. Their exchange, refund and cancellation is worst and there is no value for your hard earned money.Thankyou

Review №91

I never had an issue going to this specific gym (other than the pushy trainer who kept wanting me to make an appointment with him after I repeatedly said no), until I stopped going. I had to get a new debit card and forgot to change mine on file with LA. The day of my billing cycle, LA fitness locations from across the country called my phone 9 times telling me there was a billing issue. This is still persisting to this day, almost a month an a half after the fact. Total, I have received over 50 phone calls/messages. I finally told them to just cancel my membership because that was in no form any way of providing customer service. I had messages stating they would come after my bank account for the late fees that keep acrewing as I dont pay my monthly payment. I was not on a contract, and it was absolutely ridiculous that they were this concerned over a $29 payment. I will never go back.

Review №92

Best gym Ive ever been to!

Review №93

One of the trainers there, Nick, is racist, transphobic, and sexist. Wouldn’t go to his classes if that’s important to you.

Review №94

The fact they are carpet baggers rooking people into contracts they cant afford and personal trainers that proposition potential members for sex in the parking lot. Ladies beware!

Review №95

Wonderful equipment, clean environment, and John was very knowledgeable

Review №96

Staff is friendly and there is plenty of space and plenty of machines, my only critique is the locker rooms can sometimes be a bit dirty

Review №97

Some of the staff could have better attitudes toward customers and potential customers wasnt very welcoming when my family first started there

Review №98

Great place to workout.

Review №99

Nice equipment and large area. Swimming pool is not enough to accommodate more people.

Review №100

Call there once or inquiry about there club you think telemarketing people are bad they will stalk you down and harass you until you have to call law enforcement about them . Professional looking but nothing professional about there conduct stay clear join the YMCA and help support there programs.

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  • Address:2103 N Veterans Pkwy, Bloomington, IL 61704, United States
  • Phone:+1 309-319-9040
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Working hours
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