CrossFit Bloomington
1850 S Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47403, United States

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Everyday is a different work out and by the end of the week you can definitely feel that every part of your body got a work out!

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CrossFit has been amazing for both my physical and mental health. The coaches are skilled and welcoming, and have been so helpful with modifications and adjustments when I had an injury.

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Great community! Great coaches! Ive been a member here for years and I like being able to scale the workouts according to my capability. We have a wide range of ages and diversity to make anyone comfortable joining. You will be welcomed with open arms into a supportive and respectful community.

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If you are looking for a gym that’s professional, inclusive, and supportive then Crossfit Bloomington is the place you want to check out.I had never worked out my entire life and I hated the idea of going to the gym because I didn’t know what to do! (What is heavy lifting.. what?!!!)But since I attended the CFB, working out in the morning everyday has been the best hour of my day.Now I look forward to going to the gym in the morning!! (You would think it’s a miracle if you knew me in person).Since the COVID-19 break out, I started getting nervous by the fact that I would loose my routine and go back to the old myself. But the CFB handled it so professionally that the concerns didn’t last long. During the lock down the gym offered online classes, coffee chats, and nutrition advice classes that helped me to feel engaged and connected. Not to mention the hardcore and awesome workout programs. Now the gym is back open, they installed the system that we all feel safe to work out in a group; designated squares that’s 6 feet away from each other, cleaning the equipment before and after, and coaches wearing masks on all the time.It’s been three years since I joined the gym and it was the best decision ever! You will love it there. I guarantee!!

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I love this gym and would recommend it to anyone.. I have been going for over a year now and the coaches, community, facility are all top notch. From my first day the coaches were really welcoming and were very helpful in figuring out how to modify workouts to meet me where I was at physically. I was worried about being intimidated since I have never really been active or ever picked up weights but I have never once felt out of place here. It has become one of my favorite parts of my day because just about every time I go in, I do things i never thought was capable of.

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CrossFit Bloomington is so great. The atmosphere is welcoming, the coaching is high quality, and the pricing is super-reasonable. They have a large range of class times to fit almost every schedule imaginable and they dont require prebooking for classes (a huge plus for anyone with an unpredictable work schedule or just juggling lots of obligations). They also have discounts for military affiliations, public school teachers, first responders, and students. They are simply the best!

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CrossFit Bloomington is a great place to learn about CrossFit and to develop your exercise skills. The coaches are very supportive and willing to help you meet your goals. The community here is awesome. I have enjoyed my time there and going to CFB has helped me to stay motivated with my fitness goals.

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I would absolutely recommend CrossFit Bloomington to anyone whos looking to get in shape! I have not lived a very active lifestyle for the majority of my life and the coaches at CFB truly work with every level of athlete. The community is welcoming and supportive!

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Coaching staff here is fantastic! Gym is well kept and clean. The workouts are thought out, intense, and a lot of fun. I would leave more stars if I could. I would recommend CrossFit Bloomington to anyone.

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I have been attending CrossFit Bloomington 4-month now. The team and community are incredible in their support of each others goals within CrossFit.I recommend CrossFit Bloomington to anyone thinking of joining CrossFit. They are non-judgemental, supportive, and will teach you proper technique to reduce the risk of injury in your journey.

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Awesome trainers and great classes. Highly recommend.

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Crossfit btown is awesome. Great coaches; non judgmental, inspiring, uplifting, and just plain cool. The ambiance is balanced— diverse age group, skill level and personalities. All patrons I have encountered are just as welcoming and fun to work out with as the coaches!! I love this place!!

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CrossFit Bloomington is a place that welcomes everyone. They encourages safe practice of all exercises, community, and performance. If you are looking to join a CrossFit gym, then I encourage you to try CrossFit Bloomington!

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The coaches are all great and the community is very supportive!

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This was the first Crossfit gym I ever stepped foot into and was a little scared at first to sign up, but after meeting all the coaches and some of the athletes I fell in love with Crossfit & this gym. They have amazing coaches, a wonderful atmosphere, and an extremely well kept gym! All the members make you feel very welcome to any class time you decide to go to and the coaches are there to help every step of the way!

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I’ve been a member of CrossFit Bloomington off and on for the past 10 years. Occasionally I will stray off on my own path but I always come back. Autymn is a great coach and friend. CFB is a great place where everyone is welcome no matter your age or ability. If you feel intimidated that you are not in shape to try CrossFit, you should put those fears aside and give it a shot. CrossFit also offers personalized programming if you want something tailored to your needs. Plus they have a no frills membership. You pay a set price and can come in when it fits your schedule.

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CFB is a great welcoming environment and community there. If you are looking for a diverse, friendly place to workout, this is the best place in Bloomington!

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CFB is the best community- people are working out, giving it their best everyday, with a lot of encouragement and fun along the way! I’ve ever had seen a more positive gym experience than CFB!

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When I moved to Bloomington I was determined to find a gym with productive workouts and a unique program. And with coaches that strive to help me reach my goals, coaches that are passionate, qualified, and actually care. A gym where I felt like I was part of a community. After trying multiple gyms in Bloomington I could definitely say Crossfit Bloomington is where I was able to find all that. I fell in love with Crossfit Bloomington the first day I walked in. I immediately felt like I was welcomed. The coaches at CFB are very supportive, motivating and consistently correct your form. Every workout is different and youll never walk out without that endorphin rush!

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The best. Superb coaches and a great community vibe. Ive been a member for 6 years.... wouldnt go anywhere else!

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Great coaches and great environment for someone looking to get into CrossFit

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Great environment for working out and the coaches provide a lot of support !

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Excellent Coaching, smart programming, all workouts are scalable for all skill levels.

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I found Crossfit Bloomington about 4 years ago. I had never really been very athletic at all or been someone who went to the gym regularly. I was a bit anxious when I first decided to try CFB but Autymn was incredibly nice and showed me that anyone can really do a Crossfit workout, she just scaled the exercises for me. I have now been attending CFB for a while and can actually do exercises I never thought I would be able to do when I first started. I love this community, its very diverse and the people are so friendly. The coaches push you and motivate you in the right way ( I dont like being yelled at), they make sure you are doing the exercises correctly so you dont hurt yourself, walking around always giving you tips and support if you need it. I am sad as my time here in Bloomington comes to an end because I know I will never find a gym as supportive and fun as this one.

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Really nice staff that got back to my emails right away

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CrossFit Bloomington (CFB) has been a second home to me for multiple years. The supportive community and passionate coaches really allow you to push yourself so much farther than working out alone. CFB offers a variety of class times, open gym hours, very reasonable pricing, a vast amount of fitness equipment and no hassle of pre-booking classes. CFB is full of motivating members and staff who want to help you reach your goals, whether it is running a 5k, bench pressing one’s body weight or getting one’s first pullup.Although some people may have misconceptions that those who do CrossFit must look like Herculean cover models on magazines or that it makes you more prone to injuries, these beliefs are far from the truth. CFB is for athletes of ALL levels. The high quality coaches at CFB ensure each member is ready for the challenges ahead by providing an adequate warmup, mobility drills and stretches during each class. Further, CFB coaches are able and willing to prescribe modifications for the days workout customized to each and every unique athlete that walks in its doors. For years I have been doing CrossFit around 5 days a week, and I have been so grateful for what is has done for my physical and mental health. CFB has been running successfully for over a decade for many reasons as it will help you reach your goals while also becoming one of your favorite places in Bloomington. Overall, I highly encourage you to simply try out a class at CFB, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Fantastic Box. Community oriented, wide variety of ages, body types, fitness levels, and goals. Terrific coaching and lots of fun.

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Great team environment. Everyone struggles, everyone supports, everyone wins!!

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Great coaches, great community!

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Excellent coaches, members, and facility!

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All of the staff is incredibly friendly and supportive, regardless of previous experience or fitness goals. Such an incredible community, best hour of my day!

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Great culture and great coaching

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Great trainers who take the time to answer questions. Its a very supportive and encouraging environment. Workouts change do you are never bored.

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Great atmosphere, great owner, & coaches. wide variety of fitness options and times! Highly recommend

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Life changing experience! Discover your true potential at CFB! Wonderful people, period.

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Great workout plan. I love the family workout group

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A wonderful community! Not only is Crossfit an amazing workout with great instructors, but also a fantastic stess relief! Great option for all ages ranging from beginners to advanced.

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Friendly and flexible crossfit program in an awesome industrial space.

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If you use google maps, it doesnt really lead you to the right place. Park here (b-line parking lot I believe: 39.153159, -86.535882) & walk towards the b-line to get to CFB.

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Love this place and the positive atmosphere that pushes you beyond what you *think* are your limits! All ages and abilities are accommodated here. :)

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After 10+ years of fairly inactive existence, I decided to get in better shape. I wanted to feel better and to set a good example for the kids. Autymn visited work and explained the Crossfit concept and it seemed like a great fitness approach. After about a month going to class 3 or 4 times per week, I am glad to have joined.The atmosphere is great for working out, the other patrons are very friendly and Autymn and the other coaches are great at keeping my form in check so I dont end up injured.Highly recommend the energy charged workout!

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The memebers are extremely welcoming and the staff is encouraging and knowledgeable.

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Friendly trainers, great facility, intense workouts.

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Good girls work

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Great people!

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