AMPM Walk In Urgent Care Center
19 S Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, United States

Review β„–1

Came in for a quick check and met the warmest and really sharp Doc George Safran! He was thorough, detailed and made sure my concerns are not only addressed, but ruled out from any doubts! I felt so safe and validated with his assuring words, kind and warm demeanor like a dad (literally) and an absolute knowledge in his medical field.Cara was my Special Med Assistant who was equally a sweetheart. She was attentive, prompt and had an excellent know-how in EKG procedure.Its true that I may not need to come and see a doctor, and when I do have to, there are human angels like Dr Safran and Cara who are ready to take me in their arms! God bless them both! πŸ™ πŸ’•

Review β„–2

The facility is extremely efficient so the wait time is always as short as possible. Extremely friendly and professional staff that even make you feel comfortable getting a Covid test.

Review β„–3

Went in for a COVID PCR test, waited only 15 min on a Monday morning. Great caring friendly staff. Experienced Nurse, and very compassionate providers. Very professional and best urgent care in area.

Review β„–4

I’ve been to this urgent care facility numerous times and have had a positive experience each time. Will the wait times vary, absolutely! The earlier you get there, the better your chances of having a shorter wait. For my most current visit, the wait was short and the staff were very helpful and comforting.

Review β„–5

Needed a rapid covid test for travel, went in at 10am, there was a full facility but got through in a quick time, check in and processing was so smooth with the online system and staff was very courteous

Review β„–6

This is the BEST urgent care around!!! Ive been to many and nothing else compares! ALL of the staff are extremely friendly from the front desk to nurses and providers! They take their time with you and dont rush you in and out just bc its an urgent care. If theres a long wait they allow you to sign in and either sit in your car or even go home and they text you or call you when theyre ready for you. It is so organized! It is also recognized as a VA provider so if you use the VA you can go here and VA covers the cost. I just cant say enough good things about this place! I wont go anywhere else.

Review β„–7

I’ve been coming here for several years from the patient care from the front desk when you walk in to the doctors and providers from PAs to nursing staff everyone is so friendly and incredible I come from a very high Covid care unit myself as well as work at a high risk facility currently as well as I am a patient who has many allergies and issues there is no other place like a AM/PM in Bergenfield New Jersey!!!!! If you feel sick YOU KNOW YOUR BODY GO TO AM/PM LITERALLY THEY ARE OPEN!

Review β„–8

I’ve been here three times and this current visit I came for was a nagging glass splinter. Ankit the PA was awesome, x ray’d to find how far in it was, numbed it and got it out efficiently! All three times I went the staff was super nice. It is a wait, but with their organization and resolving of issues, it’s worth it!

Review β„–9

It was our 1st visit , very efficient & friendly staff.Me & my husband we both were glad that we went there for our COVID test

Review β„–10

While there was a long wait I totally understand this is a walk-in clinic and are open late. The staff is efficient and courteous. They are working diligently. One can wait in the car and will be text. I’ve used the service several times and have no complaints. I would recommend that the facility is given a deep cleaning and renovation.

Review β„–11

I did a walk in wasn’t feeling great . Staff & Doc was very helpful , friendly and knowledgeable . Was out of the office within 20 mins of checking in .

Review β„–12

Every time I’ve been here service has been amazing. They communicate and are honest about wait times long or short.

Review β„–13

Urgent Care is the place to go. We registered and we were treated promptly and professionally; all within the span of one hour. If you’re looking for a place to visit and receive quality cate, Urgent Care is the place to go. My wife and I always go there, and they never let us down. Urgent Care is the best. Thank you Urgent Care.

Review β„–14

Efficient and professional. Staff was friendly and helpful. Check in system uses cell phone and worked well. System gave updates about our place in line to wait. Doctor was great. The entire process was easy. They also called in a prescription to a pharmacy nearby very fast, so we were able to fill it only a few minutes before the pharmacy closed.

Review β„–15

Although there was some waiting, I was able to wait for my appointment in the comfort of my home. When I received the message that informed me that it was time for me to come, I returned back. My waiting time then was very short, and the whole process was extremely smooth. Every single staff member was very nice, attentive and super professional. Thank you!

Review β„–16

Experience was well beyond expectations. Staff was friendly professional right from the front desk instructions to the medical service and X Ray tech. You could tell they were experienced personnel that truly enjoyed their jobs so big kudos to the management & ownership for putting together great effective professional team. Definitely will recommend this service

Review β„–17

This place is a gem! Very friendly staff. The nurse who draws blood is the best I have hard veins to find and the one that rolls but she was able to get it without issues! Will definitely set them up as a PCP!

Review β„–18

All the people were courteous and helpful. If I have any complaint it is that the front area is a bit rundown.

Review β„–19

The wait was definitely kind of long but the Dr was nice kind helpful and explained everything really well

Review β„–20

When I arrived I was advised that there wss a 3 1/2 hr wait. However, I was able to complete all the paperwork on my phone and then go home and wait for a text advising they were ready for me. When I arrived I waited approximately 5 minutes. Staff was friendly and efficient.

Review β„–21

Clean place. Super nice staff. Not very long wait times. I had an appointment on a Friday at 5:30, there were a lot of people in the waiting room but I got called almost immediately upon walking in. Doctors are nice. I’ve been here a couple of times for quick walk ins and they were always pleasant experiences.

Review β„–22

The service was: fast, warm-hearted and efficient! ALL of the staff was hospitable and considerate! In times like this when anxiety seems to be a β€œnorm” there is NOTHING worse than horrible customer service!Thank you to the staff at AM/PM Walk In Urgent Care for providing EXCELLENT service!

Review β„–23

I have been going here for years. The staff and doctors are so patient and helpful. I went in for Covid testing for travel. They checked me in and told me to come when you get a text. It was smooth and they asked me when I was traveling and said they would do their best to expedite if possible. Never had a rough experience with them.

Review β„–24

Definitely better to make an appointment before coming in because my son’s appointment was very quick very minimal wait. Very easy check in and everything can be done online.

Review β„–25

The proximity and the hours of service until 12mn is great but to wait for 1hr is not cool. I understand that theyre prioritizing the walk ins thus its called urgent care but I thnk they should find a way to organize the walk ins and the pt with appt. Its frustrating to wait that long.They need to clean the place too. One of the room that I went to the ceiling is full of dust imagine breathing the air circulating around the close room is gross. Just saying. I mean if theyre seeing tons of pt they should set a budget for cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness.

Review β„–26

The staff at this location has ALWAYS gone above and beyond with care and kindness. It’s clean and very clearly well-run! Highly recommend for urgent or routine care.

Review β„–27

I have been coming here for ever. I go out of my way because unlike other places I always walk out satisfied. I almost don’t want to give this review because I don’t want it to get crowded but I shouldn’t be selfish. Good doctos and professional staff

Review β„–28

There is a bit of a wait but it makes sense. There’s a lot of people getting tested. But all in all they’re very efficient, very courteous, always answer your questions, so I would definitely recommend this place you’re going to get results quickly and most importantly accurately

Review β„–29

The staff in Bergenfield NJ was very polite and professional even though it was pretty busy in the center. The clinic was very efficient and we were in and out quickly.

Review β„–30

Came through here while visiting. They took care of all the paperwork ahead of time, quick, clean, and professional. Highly recommend!

Review β„–31

Wait was minor on a Sunday evening. Went in for a lingering cough, diagnosed with a more serious but treatable condition. Dr. G. took his time, was laid back and informative. Rx sent right to my pharmacist, even gave me a quick covid test (though I am fully vaccinated).Like any other hospital clinic, well staffed, expertly maintained, very kind employees.

Review β„–32

Great visit! Had a soar throat and decided to go in late one night, got in by 11:15pm, saw a doctor by 11:45pm (with a lot of people in the waiting room) and everyone was very quick and professional. I would definitely go back here, one of my better urgent care experiences!

Review β„–33

Very efficient and friendly staff and the wait is not to bad! I would definitely recommend this facility!!! Thank you

Review β„–34

Check-in process was easy, wait to be seen by doctor was fairly short (10 - 15 minutes, with an appointment scheduled ahead of time), and the doctor I saw and all other staff were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend this urgent care clinic.

Review β„–35

AM/PM is great. As a fellow healthcare provider, I can really appreciate a well run practice that provides timely care. I love the easy accessibility as my schedule is tough to work around and appreciate professionalism by the providers. Ill be returning now as a regular patient. Keep up the great work!

Review β„–36

Fast and efficient! Everyone was pleasant and helpful!It was very busy when I went.

Review β„–37

Open until late (the only one open til midnight in the area) and the staff is hardworking & competent. You see them provide each patient w best care of service. Space is clean and smells clean. You check in person and can wait in car/home (if you live nearby) and they text you when they’re ready to see you. Also, filling out forms for first time patients is a breeze and it doesn’t feel like you’re going through a million papers. Went in for a covid test and PCR test.

Review β„–38

Jeff K was excellent and also the gentleman who administered the test was wonderful and informative. The receptionist was smart kind and very helpful . The whole desk staff was wonderful

Review β„–39

Needed a Covid antigen rapid test last minute for traveling early next morning. With about 30 ppl ahead of me, it took about an hour to be seen. I submitted my sample and in 15 minutes was on my way home. Super friendly staff, service was quick and efficient. Would highly recommend this Urgent Care.

Review β„–40

Great service...long wait. My son was seen for an injured wrist. The staff was very friendly! There were 3 people in the lobby when we arrived a 8pm. We were seen at 8:22. There was an hour for wait between that and taking an x-ray but then we were finished at around 9:40pm. The lobby was full when we left.

Review β„–41

Great costumer care ! Informative almost no waiting time . My son was Seen By Doctor right Away ! Thanks

Review β„–42

Excellent service!! Well run center using good mobile technology. Friendly staff!

Review β„–43

The wait was as long as they said it would be, so I was not disappointed. The staff was friendly and efficient

Review β„–44

This was my first visit and everything ran smoothly even though there were many people ahead of me. My best compliments to Casey who was handling multiple things and efficiently. She was courteous and helpful at answering my questions and went out of her way to reach out to me so I can access my record. There should be more Casey’s in this world!

Review β„–45

This place is great! They are quick and very professional. Don’t waste your time going somewhere else.

Review β„–46

Waiting time wasn’t bad, they moved everyone through quickly and efficiently. The nurse that preformed the covid test was very kind and gently. There is parking in the back which is nice.

Review β„–47

Reliable staff. Quick service. It’s better to make an appointment online before coming in so as to avoid long waits. Knowledgeable doctors. Definitely recommend.

Review β„–48

This has been my go-to place for COVID tests! They’re quick and efficient and keep you updated about the wait time. You can even wait in your car and they text you when they’re ready for you. Highly recommend!

Review β„–49

Very nice and helpful. There was barely a wait time. Dr. was courteous and caring. Everyone took the time to care.

Review β„–50

Polite and busy place but always open and takes walk ins. Good to have a reliable place like this in the area. The person who does blood work is very good too, very few get me the first time.

Review β„–51

Fast Results. No Cost. Excellent Service. Perfect Place.

Review β„–52

Every time I have come to this clinic, the office people and physicians are so friendly . They really listen and care about you. I also love the hours they are open.

Review β„–53

Its a busy urgent care, but I was seen fast. The staff, technician, and doctor cared about me. The medication I was prescribed worked fast and Im feeling so much better!

Review β„–54

Easy Covid 19 PCR testing site and very friendly staff. Hoping to get results in timely manner for travel though… will update regarding TAT

Review β„–55

100% satisfaction is guaranteed ALL THE TIME.Highly recommend this place.Staffs are very professional and extremely friendly and kind.

Review β„–56

Brandon was great. Very informative and patient! Great patient care.

Review β„–57

Staff were all very efficient, polite and experienced professionals.All went smoothly snd they addressed our urgent care necessary xrays and examinations thoroughly.Thank you for all your help!!

Review β„–58

Very kind and attentive nurse who administered the covid tests. We have been here several times in the past and wewere impressed with the professionalism of the staff.

Review β„–59

Amazing staff. From front desk, the young lady that took my vitals, blood technician, and PA Curto, all we’re extremely friendly and professional. The office waiting room leaves a bit to be desired but highly recommended if aesthetics aren’t what you care about in a Dr. visit.

Review β„–60

It was great! It took less time than expected, we were able to safely wait in our car, and rapid covid test results were back quickly.

Review β„–61

Looks well organized, got everything from initial registration to medical consultation within an hour, and that was for a walk-in.

Review β„–62

The service is excellent. Call back time accurate. Costumer service superb.

Review β„–63

Fast, friendly efficient staff. Everything went well from start to finish.

Review β„–64

Very efficient stuff! No waiting time. Highly recommend it

Review β„–65

This urgent care always does a great job. The staff is kind and professional. I also love that I don’t wait a long time when I’m there compared to other doctor’s/medical offices.

Review β„–66

We had to be tested for travel..They we’re very accommodating and Jeff made sure we got what we needed to have done in a timely fashion.

Review β„–67

Great staff, great service. Was happy with my whole process

Review β„–68

The staff is always very nice and helpful and they late hours really help.

Review β„–69

Had to take our daughter here for a semi-emergency. Efficient sign-in process. Wait was a little long but expected for a Sunday afternoon. The Doctor who took care of her was great. He really had a good way with her as she is 5 years old and he knew what to say so that she wasnt scared. Would recommend this place to anyone needing somewhere to go, in a pinch!

Review β„–70

The urgent care center was very crowded but they were efficient and they were honest about what time. The doctor took care of my problem swiftly and very professionally. Would definitely recommend

Review β„–71

Lynsey was great in doing our Covid testing.. very pleasant and gentle with great explanations on what she is doing. She has the knowledge and experience to deal with an unpleasant experience.

Review β„–72

Staffs were all very accommodating. The nurse was excellent and the doctor (Mike)was very knowledgeable and knows exactly what he’s doing... most especially he acted fast accordingly!!Thank you .... I will, for sure, recommend this place to everyone!!!

Review β„–73

Came to have staples removed, the Doc was very gentil and professional. Better care than the Hospital ER where the staples where put in.

Review β„–74

The receptionist was very efficient and helpful. I asked if I could wait in car as place was quite crowded and she called me when our turn came. The Dr and nurse were so great and diagnosed my husbands condition so fast. Very pleased

Review β„–75

Great experience! Friendly staff, professional and efficient. Highly recommend.

Review β„–76

We truly enjoyed our experience. They took care of my entire family. I would give them 5 stars BUT they don’t accept my insurance any longer.

Review β„–77

Very attentive! Decent wait time. Friendly staff and great doctors.

Review β„–78

The asian lady welcoming patients is so nice and caring. Love her! Sorry didn’t get her name.

Review β„–79

Quick, efficient service with many facilities. Would highly recommend.

Review β„–80

I brought my 4 year old there for an X-ray of the wrist. She was extremely scared and cried most of the time. They were really kind, quick, and great with her. Would definitely come here again.

Review β„–81

The staff was really friendly and thorough and I felt that the facility was very clean. The check-in process was efficient and handled completely from my cell phone (contactless), and the staff was thorough. I was in and out within about an hour, which is quite quick. Definitely recommendable.

Review β„–82

The staff was super nice from the minute you walk in! Everyone was friendly and made my visit really pleasant. The nurse was amazing and made my son feel comfortable and not scare. And the doctor was so friendly. I love coming to this location! I would recommend for everyone to visit them.

Review β„–83

I have great insurance and private doctors, but would go here instead if needed now. I went here for several Covid tests early in the pandemic, and each time it was fast and easy-and facility has caring doctors.

Review β„–84

Happy I was able to get my COVID test and rapid results the same say

Review β„–85

The process was quick and easy. As soon as i walked in i was asked to sign in and wait to be called. Once called in for testing i was guided through everything and it was all pain free. I would definitely recommend this facility to family and friends.

Review β„–86

The ENTIRE staff is always kind and helpful. My questions are welcomed and answered without me feeling uncomfortable or judged. Now Im going to use their primary care services. Great facility, always clean.

Review β„–87

Quick, easy and hassle free.Can’t speak for everyone else but my experience was definitely a good one.

Review β„–88

I didnt wait to long. I agree with the Doctors diagnosis. However I wish the Doctor gave a more thorough exam. He didnt look up my nose or down my throat to see how bad my sinus infection. Also he didnt suggest anything to help relieve my symptoms.

Review β„–89

Grateful for the care and concern I’ve received the two times I’ve been there. Thank you!

Review β„–90

Check in online in the parking lot and only waited 2 minutes since I was early. Sat in waiting room for one minute and they took me right in. A few questions answered and PCR test given. A quick explanation on how to get results and done.

Review β„–91

Had a covid test , I won’t say it was a wonderful experience but the technician was very good and made a not so wonderful experience alittle better. I would highly recommend them for sure

Review β„–92

Professional and attentive. Well worth the wait.

Review β„–93

The staff is so nice and they try to make the wait time as fast as possible

Review β„–94

It was very friendly and convenient! The establishment is also close to my home, so my family and can gladly consider visiting their often!

Review β„–95

The receptionists are very professional and efficient. Using the app to register and sign in is helpful as well. The wait to see the doctor was also short, which is unexpected. I was told exactly what could be wrong in clear terms I could understand and given follow- up directions.

Review β„–96

The staff were very courteous and friendly and the waiting didnt take too long too.

Review β„–97

Very fast and efficient. I made an appointment, showed up early and they were able to take me early. Very professional operation.

Review β„–98

Great staff! I totally recommend to people, well taken care of such an amazing team.

Review β„–99

Very good attention and thanks to the emergency care staff, all very kind

Review β„–100

Went for rapid covid test and was in & tested in 1 hour as a walk-in.

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  • Address:19 S Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, United States
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  • Phone:+1 201-387-0177
  • Urgent care center
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  • Walk-in clinic
Working hours
  • Monday:8am–12am
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  • Sunday:8am–12am
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  • Online care:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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