Fitness II
2 S Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, United States

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Very large gym ever I ve ever been! I think there are every workout stuffs u need including Womens only workout area! Big locker room with enough shower booths, second floors, and friendly staffs! I dont know her name, but she was so friendly and helpful when I tried to get the new membership here! (she worked today Aug19th at about 5-6:00pm, looked teenager with wavy hair with pretty smile! Thanks for her.)-15$ monthly fee with for about 35$ registration fee-additionally, maintenance fee u would pay once a year.*p.s: the entrance is near the parking lot, not from the street or main road, which was confused lol. Otherwise cool gym ya.

Review №2

Super friendly staff, guy at the front desk is always say hello to me even Knows My Name by heart. The gym is pretty clean and I have to say pretty convenient since I live in the neighborhood.

Review №3

Its staff, equipment and services are top notch. The entire place including the locker room is spotless and management is on point.

Review №4

Great clean facilities with a late verity and amount of equipment.

Review №5

Decent gym.. you have all the basic equipment to workout and get the job done!

Review №6

Been going there for 3 years now. It is relatively clean and the staff have always been polite and pleasant to be around. Like any gym there are rush zones when many people get off work but its never really been so large of a crowd that I couldnt get my workouts in the way I wanted. Even when there is a crowd Ive yet to have a problem with any other members.Its pretty low priced compared to every other gym I looked at and its well equipped. Personally I really love it here.

Review №7

I was considering becoming a member, although I changed my mind after the first session. Gym is totally neglected! For starts, majority of cardioresp machines are rusty and malfunctioning. There is no front desk person on the floor. No one tends the floor either. Dumbbells are simply scattered all over the place. Working out, I barely could hear music.This place looks like if invested some money and taken care of equipment may attract more people. The gym is occupying two floors. It has separate workout room for women; amazing mat area. Membership price is low too. I just have to hope that in future owners get on top the issues listed above.So far if you have a choice btw Fitness II and other franchise gym, I would not recommend choosing Fitness II.

Review №8

Cheap, no frills gym in Bergenfield. All you have to do is come and do your stuff. No contract. Dont look for other amenities, if you come for a workout thats what it is. For $15/month....even if you dont come often, its not a big lost.

Review №9

Bare bones gym but great value if money is tight. Has most of what you need for basic to advanced strength and cardio training but you may have to look elsewhere if your training requires more specialized options

Review №10

Great but they went bankrupt ): its closed now.

Review №11

My fav gym ! Enough space and price is reasonable. Staff is friendly !

Review №12

Very outdated. Please be part of the Planet Fitness franchise and hire enthusiastic staff.

Review №13

I had to change my review to 1 strar because I lost my debit card on my vacation and I forgot about my gym subscription. Ive been paying and havent been using it for more than 8 months and its ok but I went back and they told me I owe like 100 bucks, I didnt have a contract for them to keep accumulating my subscription plus late fees. When that happened with my other subscriptions they just canceled it and thats it, nobody kept accumulating anything except for them. I know is not their fault but If you want to keep your clients you can try to help them. Now they are loosing 1 client and his friends plus a bad reviw for not trying to help.

Review №14

Terrible customer service! Ive just spoken to an incredibly rude member of staff, who claims to be a manager there! If he is the role model for other staff at this gym and how to treat customers, they have no hope! The worst fitness center I have come across. Totally unhygienic and equipments are all down. So regret signing up with this gym :( My experience has been so upsetting and so very costly - its impossible to cancel your membership no matter what the circumstances are! Awful customer service and absolutely no way out once they sign you up. Dont do it!!

Review №15

I miss this gym :(

Review №16

I like this gym just for a reason, they have room reserved for women. but there is no weight (heavy). when I asked to put an employee told me that the women there used to not use much weight, so there was no bar equipment. Another thing that makes me angry is the fact that they can not take out weights from the womens room because their registration will be canceled, and all the time they are missing it, I talked to the receptionist and he did not even look at me, so rude !

Review №17

Am a member of this place I have to give 5 star , I enjoy spending time hereNot a big place but in this place I drag my life 10 years back being a fit .

Review №18

I have gone to this gym for 3 years (with a gap for night school) but I do like this gym. Staff are very nice and the equipment is clean.

Review №19

Amazing variety of machines and weights. Never crowded. Not intimidating and friendly

Review №20

Love this gym, perfect location from where I live. Always clean and staff always courteous

Review №21

This gym has apparently gone out of business

Review №22

No internet service. Even with your own internet its hard to get on.

Review №23

Horrible horrible gym! Stay far far away!!! The manager there, an old blond lady, is the most unprofessional and disgusting human being I’ve ever encountered! I called about an issue with the gym and not only was she rude, she told me “ too bad sweetheart” and hung up on me! I called back to get her name and the owners information so I could complain of the horrible customer service and just as the young man who picked up the phone was giving me the owners info i heard the nasty old woman say “no no no”, grab the phone and hang up AGAIN!!!!! To no surprised I called back furious only to have that disgusting woman pick up and hang up again! At this point i had no choice but to personally go to the gym and confront her. When I did she told me she got mad I said her gym was “dirty”... as if a Paying customer isn’t allowed to have an opinion of a gym they attend. I don’t know lady, maybe do your damn job and have your staff benethe you clean the gym so that people won’t think it’s dirty? Bottom line, the gym is in fact filthy, some machines don’t work and management freaking sucks! Especially that disgusting old blond lady! LEARN HOW TO TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS LADY!!! Did you you grow up with no manners??! You should be ASHAMED of yourself!!!!!!

Review №24

Local gym with good space and parking ... Have to clean the equipments yourself as management never cleans them 😢.

Review №25

Nice gym, reasonable fees, very nice staff

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Review №27

Ever deal with a company that doesnt get it? Ive dealt with rude staff, no return calls, no manager presence and ignorance. My complaint is not on the physical, but more on the management. I would bring my business to another place with better equipment, hours and stability. This place is bound to close one day soon and then your membership doesnt exist. Thats the problem with these wanna be gyms.

Review №28

This place is cool and cheap. theres nothing fancy. its good equipment, a selection of weights. as far as hidden fees, i dont know what the previous reviewer is referring to, and as far as the weights go, it makes sense not to just drop anything on the floor, its disruptive not to mention not safe on any account. quite honestly, if you can get a good workout for 10$ a month, why would you go to a place that charges 50+ for the same thing. if noise bothers you, bring an ipod and enjoy your treadmill.

Review №29

It was my first day in this Gym and felt so comfortable, Quite place good place for work out.

Review №30

The gym is nice and cheap, but a lot of the equipment is old and a little broken.

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Review №32

Don’t give any credit card info to this people. 1 month they charge 4 times. Same month I had one fraud activity on my credit card, I think it from them,, ending with I have to close that card , then I planed to close my account with them, I call and ask them to close , they don’t allow to close , I moved from this state , they say I have to come back that stupid place to close my account. I have to fly back here to close my account. Friends please don’t get membership in this place.

Review №33

Staff is cool gym is ok got the basics covered

Review №34

Perfect place for getting a good lift in.

Review №35

Workout in piece nobody hangout in this gym. Convinience with plenty of parking

Review №36

Excellent gym for the price! Member for 5 plus years

Review №37

Bigger than I thought. Great price

Review №38

Love the womens room

Review №39

Good enough, will be better with newer machine

Review №40

I love the staff and the environment that fitness 2 provides. This gym has everything you need and I would be sad to see it go.

Review №41

Cool place to exercise

Review №42

Doesnt fix any equipment and owners are not good people.

Review №43

Great value for the price, could be a little cleaner but thats the problem with most gyms anyways

Review №44

Awesome place to work out .

Review №45

Excellent Gym!! I work out insane over there!!

Review №46

Worst place ever. Ppl there are idiots and dont even get me started on the owner.

Review №47

Clean, plenty machines for everyone. Two levels and womens only gym inside. $$

Review №48

Scam,scam,scam. Dont go near that gym

Review №49

Was lied to by staff, and then not only charged late payment fees but they attempt to charge me for 6 months beyond my contract watch your credit statements

Review №50

The gym is clean and equipment is new.

Review №51

Bike parking missing

Review №52

Don’t do it!

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Review №54

I really go to this gym! I am always very clean I love it! It has area for only woman, only man or both! Very good employees and the truth is cheap!

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