Dello Russo Laser Vision
1 N Washington Ave Floor 3, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, United States

Review №1

I got my Lasik eye surgery at Dr. Dello Russo Laser Vision in July and it was worth it! It was the best investment l have done for myself. The surgery was quick and my eyes are healing beautiful. Dr. Dello Russo and his team were amazing and professional. They made me feel at easy and that l was in good hands. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering lasik surgery.

Review №2

Dr Mike was amazing! I’ve been wanting to this forever! I did it before I went to Hawaii and being able to experience the beauty of the island in full HDThe staff at front desk was and is always amazing!Mimi and Jessica are amazing!

Review №3

These guys are awesome!!! I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to take this step. Doctors and staff are all so kind. I was so tired of glasses and contacts. This was the best decision I’ve made. Wish I did it years ago.

Review №4

Thank you everyone at Dello Russo. Staff is super friendly and answered any questions I had. Procedure was quick and painless. Highly recommend getting lasik done here

Review №5

Amazing experience! Surgery was done same day and have not had a problem since. Mimoza is also amazing and Ahmed was very welcoming and responsive. Would definitely recommend over and over again!

Review №6

I had an amazing experience here. Everything felt so quick and easy from the first consultation to the actual surgery. Im so happy with the results! Thank you, Dello Russo Laser Vision!

Review №7

Highly recommended! My whole experience of Lasik was great and the result was beyond my expectations. Very grateful for my eyesight now

Review №8

Love this place and team!!! Mimi, Michael, and of course Dr. Dello Russo were all so welcoming. I have the best customer service every visit.

Review №9

The best service with excellent customer service. Dont waste time and money shopping for laser vision. Results are amazing and heeling process is quick. Go with the best team Jessica, Mimi and Mike treat everyone like family.

Review №10

Researched a lot before deciding to get lasik done. Was recommended by my friend who had surgery here as well. Staff is friendly, explained everything and made me comfortable w my decision. Was happy to see my surgery was going to be performed by Dr. Dello Russo, the son. There are closer places to me, but glad I took the drive to come to Dello Russo!

Review №11

I had considered the surgery for quite some time before moving forward with it. Why not go to the pioneers of the field. My vision is great and my eyes feel good too. If it’s an investment to do for yourself or a loved one, this is a gift to have; a clearer vision. Micheal and his team are professionals to say the least. They say vibes don’t lie, you’ll feel comfortable and sure that you’ll be taken care of.

Review №12

Best doctor ever this is the best option i have made in my life to do the surgery ,just happy every day that i don t have to use glasses anymore to see 🥰😀😀😀

Review №13

Good experience getting my Lasik done. Tough procedure on Day 1 but clear vision is well worth the effort.

Review №14

I had a amazing service and excellent customer service. The best on laser vision. Results are amazing and I will recommend every one who want to do laser vision to visit Dello Russo.

Review №15

Wonderful experience! Helped tremendously with questions regarding vision and laser surgery! Would definitely recommend!!!

Review №16

I had been doing extensive research, had gotten consultations with two other laser vision establishments, and was set for a procedure at another business before even booking a consultation with Dello Russo Laser Vision. A family member recommended Dello Russo after I was complaining about how other places tried to negotiate and hustle the price of my procedure. After speaking with Michael regarding the procedure I was sold. He was very clear on what was going to happen and I wasnt there to negotiate the medical procedure I was signing up for which I valued more than anything else.Although having to wait longer than expected for the consultation and laser correction procedure, I have been very pleased with Dello Russo Laser Vision. The procedure done by Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo went very smoothly and I can now see better than I did with contacts/glasses! Late at night the day I had the procedure they even took the time to reach out to see if I was doing okay. When I had questions later in the week they were very responsive and helpful.I have gone back now for two follow-up appointments and they are very quick and informative. I was seen both times almost immediately and Michael answered all of my post-procedure questions.

Review №17

Feels amazing not to wear contacts. They did an awesome job its been 2 months and I can see great with almost no issues. Just dryness here and there which drops can fix but overall within few days after surgery I was great. Highly recommended, if you want to get your eyes done, this is the place to go, They have so much experience.

Review №18

This place is phenomenal! From consultation to post op, the service was professional, courteous and just downright commendable. Lasik was fast and easy (not so affordable though). I would refer Dr. Dello Russo to anybody and everybody, he is the absolute best and thus far I am completely satisfied ❤ This place deserves much more than 5 stars⭐🌟

Review №19

This is the best place to get lasik done. Procedure only took 10-15 minutes and man you don’t even know how life changing this is for me. I see everything now and it’s almost everything is in HD. Staff was also very nice and answered all my questions appreciate them a lot.

Review №20

This place is amazing! Everyone is so amazing from the front desk to everyone else who took care of my husband I. Jennifer was so friendly and took her time with us. I would recommend this place to anyone! I went for an eye check up and I had my lasik surgery 12 years ago! Dr.James is amazing took his time answering all my questions.

Review №21

Amazing services! I can finally see clearly after wearing glasses/contacts for 24 years! The staff was absolutely wonderful from the day I went for my free consult to the post op follow ups. Kudos to the MD, Nancy, Michael and Ahmed who were so helpful. I would highly recommend Dello Russo to anyone interested in getting Lasik surgery.

Review №22

Walked me through the entire process and even offered me help after surgery on 3/13/21. They explained everything in perfect detail, including what to expect during/post-surgery. I was in and out and after a week I was able to resume a normal routine again. I only felt irritation on day one but it quickly resided day after day using the prescribed drops. Of course, recovery varies from person to person but this is what I experienced. Resting your eyes is key during recovery.I cannot thank Dello Russo enough for their service and their guidance.

Review №23

If I can give this place 10 stars, I would. Such an amazing experience from start to finish. Consultation, surgery, follow-ups. The staff is amazing. All questions are answered. Oh, and what’s best? I now have 20/15 vision!

Review №24

I went to Dello Russo at first for a regular check-up. I was intrigued by the laser vision concept, and the team set me up with a free consultation. There was an initial screening to make sure I was an appropriate candidate, which I found encouraging, since I would have been rejected if my prescription was too pronounced. After the consultation, I was able to schedule an appointment within the month. The staff was informative and friendly.As for the procedure itself, it could not have gone better. I have always been nervous about touching my eyes, and I never wore contacts, which perhaps makes me a questionable candidate for the procedure, but I told myself it would be over quickly. My goodness, was it quick. The whole operation took less than seven minutes. I didn’t feel a think. Afterwards, my eyes were sore. The first night was rough, as I constantly felt like there were eyelashes in my eyes. This got better the next day, and each day the sensation decreased. After three days it was completely gone. The eye drops certainly helped a lot.How’s the vision you ask? Life changing. I’m seeing 20/15 now, better than I ever have in my life. Sometimes I’m driving and it hits me how well I can see the road. I still occasionally reach for my glasses out of habit, and then marvel that after 23 years I no longer need them.The whole package was $4,000, not covered by insurance. That is a bit of a pill to swallow for the average person, but if have the money available, it’s worth it. I look at it this way; if my eyes stay like this for the next 10 years (and they should before I may need reading glasses...that’s unavoidable), I’m paying around a dollar a day for better vision. It’s worth it.

Review №25

Superb results. Grateful to the exceptional team over there. They are with you every step of the way. Highly recommended for your corrective needs

Review №26

Dr. Michael Dello Russo is the absolute best eye doctor. You need to look no further. I thought he was all hype since he is on every major radio station advertising, but nope he really is AMAZING. Unlike other eye doctors (I did other consults in NYC), he actually conducts his own consults so you can ask him all the questions you have and ease your concerns. This is very reassuring and really the least a doctor can do who is going to perform surgery on one of the most precious & important organs a human has. Moreover, Dr. Dello Russo is reasonably priced. His price was exactly within my budget, without compromising quality. He has financing options, should you need it. I received a discount for referencing the radio station I heard him on and paying a deposit the same day of my consultation. I scheduled my surgery a few weeks after the consult. The surgery itself took no more than 7-8 minutes. Your recovery time is very fast 1-2 weeks. The office is very friendly & professional regarding scheduling your follow up appointments. Unlike other doctors, Dr. Dello Russo even provides you with his work cell after the consult in case you have questions about the surgery. This was crucial for me the day before the surgery as I was picking up prescription medication. Honestly this was such a pleasant experience for me. I now have 20/20 vision- a dream come true. I wish I had done this 10 years ago. For reference my surgery was February 2021.

Review №27

Had to wait about 1 1/2 hours but there is no better eye doctor in west cost. I was explained everything and given options on how tor proceed 0% financing is nice and the special pricing is also a great help. I’m getting my surgery donde on September. I will update this review if something changes

Review №28

I went in during the end of the summer 2020 & I loved my experience with Dello Russo Laser Vision. Everyone was so nice. The dr. explained everything and answered all questions. The wait time was longer than the actual procedure but overall 10/10 - Would recommend.

Review №29

So quick and easy! And the staff are extremely nice and helpful. I had a question late at night the day after my procedure and they were able to call me back ASAP with an answer. 10/10 recommend.

Review №30

Was thinking about getting lasik for awhile and finally did it with Dello Russo, best decision ever. Eyes recovered with no complications, would 10/10 recommend to anyone considering getting it done!

Review №31

I was contemplating getting lasik for some time now until i finally just went for it, and who better than Della russo? No One. Best decision i’ve ever made honestly, 20/15 feels great ! thanks so much to this staff , they made everything comfortable and easy. 10/10 recommended if your thinking about getting lasik. Della russo is the guy!

Review №32

Great place, great staff. I now see 20/20 thanks to these guys. The whole laser surgery process is smooth and easy. Mike, Logan, Jessica, and Veronica are very knowledgeable and helpful. If you want to see your best, this is definitely the place to go.

Review №33

I had my surgery done back in the late 90s. I have to say it wad the best decision i have ever made. My eyes are still doing well. I continue to recommend this group even thought i live furthwr away now. Thank you.

Review №34

Had the best experience! I highly recommend dello Russo ! The whole team is amazing

Review №35

On January had LASIK surgery. After wearing glasses for 20 years and over spending on glasses it’s forth it every single penny. I can see perfect right hours after surgery. The doctors are great. Very clean facility, Friendly staff.

Review №36

Very satisfied with the results of my lasik surgery at Dello Russo Laser Vision. Staff was incredibly nice and took care of me. I can finally see without glasses or contact lenses and it feels amazing.

Review №37

I strongly recommend Dr. Dello Russo Laser Vision center for laser surgery. I had my PRK surgery a year ago and now I see 20/15. I was annoyed because I could not have LASIK, however the PRK worked perfectly.

Review №38

I had such an amazing experience. The staff is great and I have healed beautifully from my laser eye surgery!!

Review №39

Lassie was fast and simple . love the results. was amazed by the service no matter how many times we called or what time it was Ahmed Shafi was available to answer all questions after the surgery. A+++

Review №40

Better than expected results and recovery didn’t interfere with daily life, very satisfied!

Review №41

I got laser in November 2020! The staff was great the procedure was so fast and safe. Love being able to see 20/20!

Review №42

I was skeptical about the whole procedure like everyone is when they’re thinking about their eyes. When I went for the consultation the staffing and the office was friendly, clean and neat. They explained everything in detail, the procedure, post-procedure, the payments and it just made me feel comfortable. When I went back for the procedure once again the staff was comforting and when I tell you it’s the best investment I have ever made! If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t hesitate. Thank you Dello Russo Family in Bergenfield, you guys are truly amazing !!!!

Review №43

Like everyone else I was very nervous about Lasik procedure, but after meeting with Dr. Dello Russo, Mike and their entire staff, they gave enormous amount of support and confidence about the procedure. Everyone at the laser vision center are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, patient and supportive. From wearing glasses for more than 20 years, now I can see 20/20 after Lasik, this is a life changing transformation. I highly recommend Dello Russo Laser Vision center! I couldnt imagine my life without Dello Russo Laser Vision.

Review №44

A absolutely amazing experience. I got my surgery done the same day I had my consultation and they made sure I was very comfortable and attentive to anything I needed help with. The process was quick and easy. Definitely recommend them 100%.

Review №45

Will highly recommend the procedure. I am very pleased to say my surgery was a success wouldn’t recommend anyone one else but DR.DellaRusso!!!!!

Review №46

The staff and doctors were extremely friendly and helpful throughout my LASIK surgery and post-surgery recovery. I highly recommend this office!

Review №47

The procedure and process was thoroughly explained. Their hospitality was above and beyond helpful and friendly. Grade A staff. Grade A doctors. Grade A cleanliness of facility.

Review №48

I went in for a free consultation and that same day I had my lasik surgery done. Painless and fast. The staff was great and explained everything to me and made me comfortable with it all. They help you with financing too. I got a text from the doctor to make sure I was ok and if I had any questions that same day after the procedure. I am a month post-op and I can see great!! If you are thinking about it I would recommend you DO IT!! Best thing ever. Thanks to the doctors and staff at Dello Russo Laser Vision.

Review №49

Very very pleased with the results. I was a little nervous about me qualifying for the surgery more than the procedure. I was mind set on restoring or improving my vision.When i got to my appointment mike reassure me that my vision will be fully restored and that they treat astigmatism all the time. Everything was fully explained to me.Price wise of course it wasnt cheap but i dont even think about it thats how happy i am.Thanks everyone who works at this location 👍🤙Luis Hiciano.

Review №50

I have been asking my eye doctor if I was able to get LASIK surgery for as long as I could remember. I didnt like wearing glasses, especially now that we have to wear masks. I wore contacts for a while but they would always get infected and I would forget to take them out before sleeping. Once I was able to finally get it, I jumped at the opportunity and I am so happy with my decision.The staff is very knowledgeable, from making an appointment, to getting examined, to talking to the consultant, and then to surgery, it was a smooth process. I felt comforted the entire time and I am so delighted with the results, it is so satisfying to wake up in the morning and see the world! The surgery was painless, in my opinion, and it was a total of six minutes (three minutes per eye). The following day, I came back for my post operation appointment and was able to return to work.The Dello Russos are the only LASIK center I would recommend and have my family do their surgerys with. They are very COVID conscious and the entire staff are very compliant with the safety measures. Check them out if you want to see 20/20 or better!

Review №51

I came to dello Russo laser vision this past Friday had my free consultation done and decided to get the lasik done was a great great 👍 descion I am now 20/15 vision the staff is very professional very caring i had a great recovery so far Im very happy with dello Russo I have already recommended friends to come hear i actually took my friend here today and he is most likely gonna get it done definitely the best of the best

Review №52

I highly recommend getting your lasik procedure done at Dello Russo Laser Vision. I able to get my consultation and lasik on the same day which was great since this was something that I had been wanting to do for years. The entire staff was professional and the procedure itself was quick and painless. Michael is your contact for post-surgery and he is very responsive when you have questions and your follow up appointments are quick as well. It has been a few months since I have gotten this done and I have absolutely no regrets. I

Review №53

I just got my LASIK done yesterday and my vision improved immediately. I had same day surgery done and it took only about 10 minutes for the procedure. It was painless and quick. The doctor and the staff were really welcoming and nice. I have been wearing glasses for 18 years now and I’m so excited about not having to wear them again.I convinced my husband to get his vision corrected as well and he already booked to go in next week. I would highly recommend this place if you’re planning on getting LASIK done.After the procedure when the numbness wore off, I felt a little discomfort but after putting in the drops and taking a nap for an hour, I felt great. I don’t feel any pain. This is the best decision I have ever made and definitely worth the money!!

Review №54

I had my surgery 6 months ago and since the minute I got up from the chair I was able to see. No more heavy glasses or irration from contacts. I can see great I do not suffer from dry eyes nor do I have any issues driving ar night. This is the best decision I ever made my only regret not getting it done sooner! This office is amazing, professional and super clean. They also follow all covid protocols

Review №55

So my husband HAD AN APPOINTMENT at 3:30 and they SAW him at 6pm!! What type of service is this? So much for such a known practice! Smh

Review №56

I had my surgery, almost a year now and my experience has been great. I would recommend.

Review №57

My experience with Dr. Dello Russo, and his whole Bergenfield staff was outstanding!! From Nancy to Michael to Maggie to Ahmed and the doctor himself the whole team made me feel very comfortable, and were comprehensive to my needs. The second you walk into their office youre greeted with a warm smile, and are treated with exceptional care. All my questions were answered, all my expectations were met. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED DELLO RUSSO LASIK !!!!!! You wont be disappointed.

Review №58

My husband and I had a desire to get Lasik surgery to be rid of wearing glasses all the time. He picked the center after hearing about them on the radio program he listened to; the folks on the station themselves clients of the center as well. The center is a good 35-40 minutes from us and as I’ve come out the other end of going for Lasik, finding I had cataracts and astigmatism both eyes and the subsequent cataract surgery-experiencing one eye at a time being repaired well I have a few things to say about the experience.. At almost 65 years of age I’ve had some doctor patient experiences very many unfortunate enough that we were again in search of an eye doctor for our yearly check ups. I’m beyond pleasantly surprise to have had one of the most positive surgical experiences I’ve ever had at the same time finding our new eye doctor via our experiences with Dr. Bauza (me) and Dr. Dello Russo (my husband).A combination hard to find is staff and doctors alike who maintain a high level of professionalism but combine it with being courteous and a friendly attentiveness to you as a patient and in such a way that you can tell they care.From the making of the appointment to the discussions with the folks who set up my surgical dates and follow-ups as well as received me on the mornings of my surgery, to the treatment and care in pre-op and post-op as well as the amazing Dr Bauza-I’m still smiling and feeling strong, confident and seeing better and better each day. Putting my eyes into his competent, confident and professional hands was one one the easiest and best decisions. I highly recommend Dr Bauza, Dr Dello Russo and the other competent doctors on their staff to anyone in search of an eye doctor.Often times I found the doctor to be of that caliber but the staff quite aloof and unfortunately sometimes incompetent i.e. paperwork, returning calls and sometimes so rude and even controlling; weird, I know. However at my age and having gone to doctors most of my adult life that has unfortunately been my experience.It’s quite refreshing to know that there are doctors out there like Dr Dello Russo and Dr Bauza and the amazing staff they have surround themselves with!! Go check it out for yourself! You will not be disappointed in fact you will be more than pleasantly surprised!

Review №59

I’ve had serious vision problems my whole adult life. I’ve wanted to do lasik surgery for a long time but I’ve always been nervous about it. I AM SO HAPPY I WENT TO DELLO RUSSO LASER VISION. I admit, I was still very nervous going in but after the results, I’m so so happy with how everything came out. I could not see without my glasses nearly at all and after the surgery, I tested for 20/15 vision! No fog on my glasses from the mask, no putting glasses on an off all the time and no spending thousands of dollars on glasses every couple years. I can’t recommend enough. The staff was honest and professional and they really took care of me. If you need lasik, go here.

Review №60

Just had eye surgery done and I am so happy!! The doctors and assistants there are so nice and funny, made me feel comfortable! They are the best Gracias!!

Review №61

I had the best experience with everyone at Dello Russo Laser Vision! I had my laser eye surgery on August 11, 2020. I was nervous initially but as soon as I sat down for my consultation, the staff and doctors answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease. They explained the procedure, prep and post care in detail. The day of my surgery, everyone was so attentive to my needs, questions and concerns. They took many measurements and checked everything several times to make sure everything was accurate and ready to go. I had the pleasure of having Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo do my surgery. He made the whole process easy and made me feel as calm as I could be (for having eye surgery). The surgery was quick and easy. Michael is my post surgery contact. He gave me his cell number and I can contact him with any questions at any time (which I have and he has been in great communication with me about my post surgical care!). Everything from pre-surgery requirements, to day of surgery requirements and post-surgery requirements was explained to me in great detail. I couldnt be happier with the experience and I will be grateful forever for the doctors and medical staff there that cared for me leading up to and after my surgery. I went from being basically legally blind to having almost perfect 20/20 vision. This has changed my life and I cant thank everyone at Dello Russo Laser Vision enough. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these doctors. I wanted nothing but the best for myself, and I surely received that kind of care.

Review №62

I was dissatisfied with end product but my warranty time ran out and instead the Dello Russo eye glass center, manager Ian Maltzman, realizing that they did not initially give me an itemized bill, without one he would not compensate me in any way. No options were offered me and he tried to stall meeting with me while I had an appointment to meet with him twice. Be aware about the ethical aspects of this place. I had been going there for years. Now a supervisor named Mya is running the center. She knew the worker who originally sold me my eyeglasses. She was supposed to customize and coordinate the sale of two eye glasses I purchased but did not do such a good job. The lab is hiding behind covid. Beware. I’m not going there anymore. I’m out $1,700.00 dollars.

Review №63

I had poor vision since I was 11 years old, wore glasses until I turned 21 years old and switched to contacts. The contacts severely dried out my eyes and I didn’t realize I was suffering from dry eyes until I decided to get Lasik surgery. Dr. Michael and Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo checked my eyes and informed me that my eyes were severely dried out. I was then prescribed eye drops and I needed to complete an eye drop regiment (2~3 weeks) before we could complete the Lasik surgery. I really appreciated the attention and information that I was given and that I wasn’t pressured into doing the Lasik surgery until my eyes were ready for it. The whole staff made me feel very comfortable, treated me with respect and answered all of my questions. I can finally say that my dream of having 20/20 vision has come true and I recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their vision. Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo, Dr. Michael and all the staff at the laser vision are amazing. I highly recommend them!

Review №64

Superb experience. The staff was very supportive and informative about the process (Shoutout to Jessica and Mimoza). I highly recommend that any person looking to get Lasik done to head over to Dello Russo.

Review №65

Great doctors, great staff, great everything.It wasn’t a quick decision to get this done as I am super nervous about anything that has to do with my eyes, but everyone made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions. Thankfully everything was perfect and my vision is now 15/20.Thank you!

Review №66

0/6 Cataract Surgeries had family come here for their Cataracts, all had further damaged vision due to bad practices here. Find somewhere else. These guys slack on anything that isnt lasik.

Review №67

Life changing...cant believe I waited this long to get the procedure done. Amazing staff makes the experience that much more worth it!

Review №68

After the procedure, my vision was better then 20/20 it’s 20/15!

Review №69

Very unhappy with results, they had to perform Lasik twice on both eyes initially. After a few years my left eye is still blurry and now causing me headaches in recent weeks. I remember the technician blaming it on dry eyes but that is not the case. I dont think they properly evaluated me and took into account my astigmatism. Now Im having trouble reading as well as looking at things in the distance, television screens are very blurry in left eye as well. I spent thousands of dollars and now have to do a follow up surgery elsewhere most likely, or get contacts or glasses anyway. Please use caution or get a second opinion :(

Review №70

Awesome place! Love it! I highly recommend to everyone who wants to correct their vision! The Dr. Dello Russo is so sweet and awesome! Staff is very kind and patient.

Review №71

I went in for a lasik consult and ended up doing it that same day. Doctors and staff were extremely nice, answered all my questions and made me feel safe about the procedure. I am very happy with the results and cant believe I didnt do it sooner. If you looking to get lasik done, Dello Russo Laser Vision is the place to go!

Review №72

You guys are the best you guys change my life your guys are the best visions 2020

Review №73

Awesome experience! Amazing results! Love the staff. All so welcoming and fun but then again im fun to be around haha. & i was gifted a free pair of designer glasses!

Review №74

Dr. Dello Russo is AMAZING. I’ve been to Almost all locations. Manhattan for my consultation. Long Island for my initial surgery and NJ have been all of my follow up post appointments. My Surgery experience was really good. Everyone was very comforting and it was a rather quick surgery. I had really bad vision my prescription was a 7.50 and I can see Better than 20/20. My recovery has been smooth and blessed. They have been very flexible with times and all of the staff I’ve dealt with were always very pleasant and helpful. Any questions I always got an answer. Love Dr. Dello Russo and staff. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY EYES BETTER!

Review №75

Dr.Jeffrey Dello Russo was a complete pleasure. I saw him for all my lasik needs. He was patient and answered all my questions. He made me feel completely comfortable with my decision and I would recommend him to everyone looking to get lasik!

Review №76

I was told that this center was the best one east of the Mississippi. And they were right. It is.Professionalism. Quality. Great Care.After all was said and done I got 20-15 vision. Fantastic vision.The warm care I received was phenomenal whether it was Margarita preparing me for surgery or Ahmad explaining to me what was going to happen.Mr. Dello Russo Senior was agile, nimble, and precise in his procedure. Lasted maybe eight minutes altogether. Never once did I feel nervous.The hardest part of it all was avoiding coffee in the days before the procedure.I recommend this laser center to all of my friends and family with full confidence that their health and vision will be put first. If I could give more than five stars I would.

Review №77

I had my Lasik surgery done in November 2015 and completely satisfied I just wish I did it sooner. Recovery was fast and easy. I had dry eyes before the surgery and they put plugs in my eyes to help and they really help.

Review №78

I am very pleased with my experience at Dello Russo! The staff is well informed and have great energy. Their pricing was a steal considering the quality of care, the years of experience, and upkeep of the facilities! The entire process was pleasant and went smoothly (minus the 40 minute wait for consultation, but considering I was able to get the surgery on the same day, I can’t complain).Shout out to Michael who was an absolute superstar with my care pre and post operation! He was personable, attentive, and caring throughout the process. He determined it was safer getting PRK to be on the safe side with my thin corneas. He thoughtfully answered all of my questions and made me feel well informed and prepared for surgery. He than extended care post op and was readily available to answer questions and concerns during recovery. Excellent, excellent, excellent patient care and experience.Alex was also great with answering initial questions on the phone and setting up an appointment. Similarly, he was just as friendly and welcoming during the consultation which was refreshing and assuring. Dello Russo is definitely worth the hype for corrective eye surgery!

Review №79

I had a great experience at Dello Russo. I went in for Lasik but ended up getting PRK as per the recommendation of the doctor. My recovery period was longer than anticipated (completely normal with PRK), however, Dr. Dello Russo was always available. The post-op care was also excellent. My eyesight is perfect and I’ve had no issues. Highly recommend Dello Russo!

Review №80

Best decision I ever made, best place to do my eye surgery I will recommend it and you guys won’t be disappointed. Friendly crew and best experience :)

Review №81

Great staff. Beyond professionals. Great experience in both Bergenfield and Manhattan locations.

Review №82

Great staff , overall great experience and really cutting edge technologies to give you the best elective surgical experience possible. Was consulted and operated on the same day! Procedure was painless and financing was incredibly simple. Would highly recommend!

Review №83

I called to setup an appointment after seeing an offer for a free consultation on their website. The secretary, who was very rude by the way, insisted that Im not entitled to a free consultation because I had LASIK before, elsewhere, and that it was considered a second opinion and not a consultation. I inquired if the cost of the consultation would be deducted from the final fee and she not only rudely said no, but that they couldnt discuss any pricing options over the phone. Typical scam where they get you to come in, overcharge for the procedure, and then leave you with a $350 bill for the consultation if you decide its a price gouge. If I ask how much the procedure is going to cost, the least you can do is provide a rough estimate to let someone know how much theyd have to put on credit. How can I trust you with my eyes if you cant even be transparent about your pricing? Ive noticed that many of these LASIK providers tend to do the same and its a shady business practice at best.

Review №84

I have waited almost one hour in a waiting room just to get pre-concultation.

Review №85

I had such an amazing experience here and my eyes had an even better one! I could not be happier than I am after having laser surgery here. I absolutely love Margarita’s bright energy and how she puts you at ease and makes you feel extremely comfortable being there, she really makes it feel like a we’re a big family. And Dr. Mike helped so much with any and every question you have or will have. I’m so glad I came here and I recommend this place to anybody who is looking to better their vision and in turn their life. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Review №86

What a wonderful experience! I had my lasik done six weeks ago, and it’s amazing how great I can see without my glasses. The staff was wonderful, and made you feel welcome the minute you walk in. After years of debating if I wanted to get it done, and months doing research, because doing surgery in your eyes is not a simple thing. But the minute I spoke to Dr. Della Russo I said yes let’s go for it instantly, and I got the surgery done the same day. Is the best investment I’ve ever done for myself. Don’t think about it just go, do it, you won’t be credit!

Review №87

Dr. James Dello Russo is a great doctor. He is very knowledgeable and caring. Also staff are friendly and helpful.

Review №88

Just got my Lasik done at the Dello Russo location in New Jersey! So excited that I can finally SEE !! Michael was awesome! Made me feel comfortable & answered all my questions! The staff was very welcoming & friendly. Best decision I’ve ever made! If you want lasik definitely recommend Dello Russo!!

Review №89

I had PRK surgery with Dr. Joseph Dello Russo in mid November 2019. I just left my third follow-up appointment and my vision is already 20/15. It’s so awesome being able to see everything so clearly without glasses! I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Dello Russo and his wonderful staff! Since the surgery, Ahmed has taken excellent care of me.

Review №90

Everybody in the NJ location is amazing. Mike and Dr. Joseph Dello Russo were the ones who did my surgery and they were absolutely wonderful. I had my surgery right before Christmas. I was a little scared at first but they both talked me through every step of the surgery. They eased me anxieties and made me feel comfortable. Not to mention, the music in they were playing in the background made it more comforting for me. The surgery lasted less than 10 minutes and I was out the door within 15 minutes after the surgery. Whenever I had to call post surgery, the team answered every question swiftly and diligently. The next day, my sight was so much better. I can say this surgery was one of the best decisions Ive made in my life. Being able to see clearly right when I wake up, seeing my beautiful baby boy without glasses, and him not trying to grab the glasses make it all worth while!I highly recommend coming to this location. The staff here are extremely helpful always.

Review №91

Wild and positive experience. I went for a consultation during my lunch break and a hr later I have perfect vision. I had always wanted to correct my -6.25 prescription but I definitely didnt know if I had it in me to go through with this. Covid also frightened me.The day of the consultation all those fears were eliminated. Very friendly staff, everyone following the state guidelines for covid safety. I went through a few test and was informed my cornea was thin but I could get PRK. I found out I could have it the same day and said screw it.After numbing drops and information on recovery the process was painless and took less than a minute per eye. I was able to leave my care safely there and Ubered home.The recovery is strange. Not painful but really uncomfortable - the closest thing is it feels like you have a dry contact in your eye. For the first few days you definitely wont want to open up your eyes, see bright lights or anything for that matter. Vision is blurry and cant focus but youre NOT blind. Fourth day I woke up see really good and all positive since then.I was back at work (full time on computer) 5 days later but limited. 1 week I was fully back just taking breaks and using a bigger font not to strain eyes.3 week follow up today and Im 20/20. Just face your fears and do it. Im 33 and had glasses since 4th grade. To wake up and read the cable box or microwave time is astonishing. Going to the park and maybe looking crazy just starting at things because you can see. Tons of bliss. I never write reviews but I felt they deserved this and the person on the fence does also.

Review №92

This place worked miracles! I would recommend this place to anyone considering surgery to correct their vision. Honestly, it’s a small price to pay for something that last a life time! I am extremely grateful for these guys here. Their staff is wonderful and Micheal is alway kind, honest and diligent. I’ve never had any issues and I come all the way from Maryland to get my services done. My vision is better than 20/20 now and it’s all thanks to these talented vessels here. Thanks Guys! I appreciate you all!!!

Review №93

I Highly recommend Dello Russo Laser vision. The doctor and staff are awesome and very informative. The procedure is quick and swift with my vision improving in the 1st 24 hours. It’s now day 3 post procedure and my vision is almost flawless and will get better with more healing time. Best decision I’ve ever made for my self. Thanks to Dr. Dello Russo for the gift of clear vision!!!!!

Review №94

I had PRK eye surgery done on September 11, 2020 and I cant say enough about how amazing it is to see 20/20! I was not a candidate for lasik due to my thin corneas, and after speaking to several friends who had lasik done with borderline thin corneas (at other doctors) and went back to blurry vision within a year or two, i was so grateful that Dr. Torres and the Dello Russo team were honest about my candidacy for PRK and what it would entail. When making such a big investment it is important your doctors are honest and are doing what is best for the patient! PRK is a longer recovery than Lasik but they were spot on with what to expect and i honestly only had mild discomfort the night of my surgery which is expected. By day 7 my vision was good enough to drive comfortably and by Day 12 I had perfect 20/20 vision in both eyes both for distance and up close. I was able to return to work (remotely) after a long weekend. Everyone Ive met at the office has been so kind and answered all of my questions.

Review №95

Everything from start to finish was perfect. The staff was very helpful and informative. The operation was quick and easy. The price was more than affordable. One of the best decisions I’ve made to get done. Highly recommend to anyone looking to have perfect vision.

Review №96

The doctors and staff at Dello Russo are top notch. My vision is now 20/15 and they make the entire process easy and painless. I would recommend them to anyone who is considering LASIK.

Review №97

Dr Dello Russo and his staff were great. I had lasik on both eyes. I am very happy with my results. I have better than perfect vision. The staff is very nice, professional, and knowledgeable. I went to the New Jersey location. I had my consultation and procedure done in two hours. I was very impressed with Ahmed he gave me my eye exams and told me everything I needed to know about the procedure. He made it very easy and comfortable. I liked that Dr Dello Russo was the one who performed the procedure.

Review №98

I recently had PRK Lasik done and the results have been amazing. I highly recommend. I feel amazing at how clear everything looks and it will only get better.

Review №99

They are AMAZING! The staff and doctors are all so knowledgeable and make you feel at ease. The procedure was quick and I could not believe how well I could see. Highly recommend!

Review №100

From the moment I walked in I was treated with respect. The staff is great and very professional. The clinic is modern with the latest technology. Back in February of 2019 was my appointment and. today is my 3rd follow up. Treated the same as day 1. Dr. Dello Russo walked me through the process and in 5 min I was seeing great without glasses. Today, I’m 20/15 thank goodness. Should’ve done this years ago, would’ve saved myself thousands in contacts, glasses, and eye and contact solution over the past 20 years of using glasses.

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