Washington Dental Associates
19 Legion Dr, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, United States

Review №1

Absolutely the best customer service and care! Ive been going to them for about 7 years and have had a great experience. The hygienist is careful to do a thorough job without being harsh on my mouth . The doctors (Dentists) are very knowledgable, as well as educate their patients with care and detailed explanations. I feel lucky to have them nearby. Thanks.

Review №2

I moved to NJ and Ive had cleanings at Washington Dental Associatesfor the past year. From the front desk to the clinical team everyone is very Professional. Looking forward to come back and get the rest of the dental work done! Vanessa and Elaine are very thorough and they give great tips for daily oral care.

Review №3

This was the absolute worst experience I have ever had at any dental office. I would advise all of you to get a second opinion (or third) before agreeing to ANY recommended treatments from Washington Dental Associates. I went there for a second opinion after I was told by a previous dentist that I may have a cavity. Their dentist told me that I had 2 cavities that urgently needed to be filled, and that I needed 13 sealants on my molars.I subsequently consulted over 10 other highly-respected dentists who looked at the same bitewing X-Rays and conducted an oral examination, only to tell me that there were no cavities. They were also rather bemused at their dentists insistence on doing 13 sealants even though sealants are not routinely done in adults as a preventative measure.To be fair, I sought further clarification by asking for an opportunity to speak with Dr. LaCap, the owner of Washington Dental Associates. She was afforded a chance to retract what her employee recommended. As expected, she defended the dentists recommendation and insisted that I need 13 sealants and 2 fillings. I may not be a dentist, but I must say that this recommedation was purely a high-pressure sales pitch. Her associate dentists must surely know better, but I bet they are under pressure to generate more revenues for the practice so they can justify their employment. Needless to say, I have NOT accepted their treatment recommendation and I urge all of you to avoid this place until they stop selling patients on expensive and unnecessary treatments.

Review №4

Washington Dental Associates is a great dental office! I recently moved and was in need of a new dentist but was worried about finding an office that provided quality care. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly staff and the cleanliness of the office during my first visit. I had a cleaning done by Vanessa, the dental hygienist, who did a wonderful job. My teeth felt sparkling clean afterwards and she was very gentle! Dr. Munoz saw me for my dental exam and he was very personable. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He even used a camera to take photos of the surfaces of my teeth to show me where I needed fillings. It was nice to see on a screen exactly what the dentist was looking with his mirror! Overall, I had a great experience and will definitely be returning for all my follow up appointments.

Review №5

Dr. Munoz, Jessica And Sharon made my visit at this Dental Office an amazing experience. They were all great and showed nothing but respect. I would recommend this dental office to everybody, especially if you’re looking for a new dentist. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you guys for everything! You guys were truly amazing!

Review №6

Awesome!!!I just got a cleaning with Elaine Hynn! For the first time in my life was not traumatic.She was gentle,delicate and dedicate.Very good hands.Excelent!..The whole staff is very professional.Thanks

Review №7

My experience was very pleasant Elaine was very respectful and helpful. She cleaned my teeth very thoroughly and the experience was great!

Review №8

Dr. Shah, Mitali and Fatima were great! Very patient with me and helpful. They made it a pleasant experience. The staff is always friendly!

Review №9

I had a consultation, cleaning and x-rays done at Washington Dental. Ash was very friendly and assisted me with all my questions. I also met with Dr. Munoz and Fjolla who made me feel very comfortable during the process. It was the best cleaning Ive had. I would recommend this place.

Review №10

I was referred to this office by a friend and my visit exceeded my expectations. I had a cleaning done with Jessica the hygienist and she was so gentle , i never had a cleaning that was so comfortable! Steve, the assistant was helpful and quick with my X-rays. The two young ladies Michelle and Sharon at the front desk were very polite and pleasant. Ash helped me go through my treatment plan with ease and answered all my questions. They made my experience phenomenal! Thank you so much WDA for your amazing team!

Review №11

Eric was so nice and informative about cost which was my number one concern, informative about X-rays and scans. The office was so clean. When you drive up, you can to call in. The wait was not long at all. Fatima was so nice, calming down my nerves whether she knew I was nervous or not. Dr. Lava was so nice, gracious, and informative about what her goals were for me and the care I would receive.

Review №12

I was recommended to Washington Dental Associates by a friend. I was looking for a clinic to get teeth whitened and Im glad I chose Washington Dental Associates. This has been the best Dental Clinic I have ever been to. The staff is very friendly and are always there to assist you through everything, especially Sharon and Michelle. They were very friendly and got the paperwork set up out of the way quickly. The staff treats you as if you are their family. Dr.Muñoz refilled a tooth that I had cracked before my whitening process and did an amazing job. As for my whitening I was very happy with my results and Jessica, who was the hygienist did an outstanding job and made my teeth look so much better than they were before. Overall I recommend Washington Dental Association to anyone who is looking for a new clinic they can call home. Give them a call and Sharon or Michelle will be sure to take care of you.

Review №13

I just had an amazing cleaning at Washington Dental by Hyun i would definitely recommend coming here for dental work! I would also like to thank Bradon for such great service! 👍

Review №14

Washington Dental Associates has an extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. Eric at the front desk is helpful and kind and helped me to find tbe best plan to pay for my dental work. Vanessa, the dental hygienist, is great. She explains everything to me and keeps me at ease during all procedures. Fatima, the dental assistant, helped us to switch rooms just before my cleaning procedure began because the room were first in was a bit too hot. Everyone at Washington Dental helps to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Review №15

I went to Washington Dental for a basic cleaning and then again for a deep cleaning of my teeth. Their office was delightful and the staff is super friendly. My Hygienist Jessica and her assistant Steve were very helpful and she made the deep cleaning as painless as possible. Dr.Munoz and his assistant Sharon were also very thorough in helping me understand what my teeth needed and helping schedule a plan to take care of my dental needs. I would recommend this office to anyone in the area.

Review №16

I used to go there but their prices are 3-4x higher than most and the work was not good. Fancy TVs and machines are all for show. Be prepare for high quotes and work that is probably not needed. I don’t believe most of these high reviews are legit.

Review №17

Everyone at Washington Dental Association was awesome. Very friendly and warm for the whole thing. Dr. Shah expained thing thoroughly to me and Steve was very helpful. Jessica did a great job cleaning, which I definitely needed. Lastly Michelle was the best.

Review №18

Im a new patient for cleaning by Ms. Elaine Hygienist and Dr.Sha for my fillings. They did a great job! Thanks to Daniel too! giving you guys 5 stars!

Review №19

My first time being at a dentist in about two years, and I’m so glad I chose Washington Dental Associates! Steve, who did the X-Rays of my teeth, was very nice and friendly. Jessica did an awesome job cleaning my teeth and was very gentle. My gums were super sensitive so she recommended a mouthwash that I am taking home with me. Dr. Munoz was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Will definitely be sticking with them!

Review №20

Awesome experience, went for a cleaning and didnt feel a thing. Dr. munoz, Elanie, & Danielle thank you so much for the most amazing cleaning experience!

Review №21

Great first experience after so many years of not seeing a dentist . Dr. Munoz is amazing made me feel comfortable and also Fjolla is sweetest and helpful. Will be coming back soon with great help from Eric who helped coordinate a great treatment with my crazy schedule. 5 starts overall

Review №22

Jessica and Steve did an AMAZING job. They made me feel comfortable and did everything to my likings! Also Eric at the front office helped me get through the paper process and made my whole experience AMAZING as well. I can’t forget to mention he is absolutely FABULOUS!!

Review №23

In my first visit, I have zero complaints. Everyone was so welcoming and caring throughout my time. Specifically, Jessica, Steves and Fjolla were extremely helpful! I’d definitely recommend this practice to others.

Review №24

Jessica was gentle with my cleaning. And Steve the assistant was great as well. Eric was mad chill, and I enjoyed my visit today. Y’all should come here fr highly recommend

Review №25

My dental cleaning with Elaine was excellent!! I would highly recommend Washington Dental associates and to use Elaine

Review №26

All of my family comes to Washington Dental and we’ve had nothing but a great experience with them. Everyone is super friendly and I’m always satisfying with any cleanings or procedures I have done here. I’d definitely recommend coming here.

Review №27

Bestest services, friendly environment .

Review №28

Very thorough exam. Jessica, the dental hygienist did a great job and made me feel comfortable. Steve is the x-ray assistant, very kind. Eric, let me know of the many payment plans they have for those who do not have insurance. Amazing perks!!

Review №29

I was extremely apprehensive about my visit. The staff, however, was very friendly and reassuring. From the gentleman that greeted me upon arrival all the way to my Dr., the lovely Dr. Shah. This place was a breath of fresh air.

Review №30

Been coming here for years not only me but my son as well . They could never do no wrong and always go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and like family not just another patient . Front the front desk Sharon and Michelle always greet you with a smile and so polite and Even my hygienist Vanessa Is so gentle and makes you feel at ease especially me since I’m a scary cat when it comes to the dentist but she does everything above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and most importantly she does a great job and high recommend her . The facility is also so clean they take the extra steps to make sure your safe from taking your temperature and providing hand sanitizers And proper procedures to keep you safe . So don’t hesitate to make an appointment .

Review №31

Ms. Hyun and Dr. Shah make me feel comfortable. I had a great experience and I recommend this place.

Review №32

Amazing experience. Dr. Shah, Fatima and Ash made me really comfortable about what I need done to restore my smile and my confidence. I highly recommend visiting Washington Dental Associations.

Review №33

First time there great experience. Dr. Shah,Steve.Sharon and Jessica hygienist treated me so good. I will come back and recommend everyone to come over.

Review №34

The experience here was amazing very respectful, kind, and most of all great customer service. The following employees Michelle, Jessica, Dr. Shan, Steve, were amazing to work with and this will definitely be my home from now on. Thank again for your great service.

Review №35

I have been going to see Dr. Munoz for my Invisalign treatment, and am so thankful for finding him. Both Dr. Munoz and Fjolla are always so professional, courteous, and friendly. They always thoroughly explain the process and are very gentle. It’s hard to find an office where both the doctors and staff are equally welcoming and professional. From Ash at the front desk to Fjolla and Dr. Munoz Washington Dental Associates is lucky to have these gems working with them. I have referred my whole family to them, and they have all spoken very highly of the treatment that has been provided by Fjolla and Dr. Munoz. I look forward to continuing my care with them for years to come.

Review №36

The service was really good from start to finish. My cleaning process was done by Jessica who did a great job. One of the only times I did not feel a thing during the process. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Review №37

Awesome experience for my first time here! Dr Shah was super gentle during my exam — and all staff was helpful in explaining all steps during my visit, especially Steve and Eric. Definitely coming back.

Review №38

Ever since my I came to this place it’s been great. Everyone has been very warm and welcoming. I look forward to making this my home when it comes to my teeth. Thank you all! Steve, Fatima, Dan, Dr. Munoz, and Eric were awesome!

Review №39

Washington Dental Associates is a great place to receive cleanings and dental work. Hyun did an awesome job during my cleaning, Eric and Ash helped me receive the best benefits from my insurance. Dr.Munoz was very informative and used an intraoral camera to show me the dental work I need to get done, definetly a HighTech dental office. Steve and Fjolla were very friendly and accommodating. I am looking forward to come back and get the rest of the work done!

Review №40

I have been going here for awhile now! They go there way to make you extremely comfortable for your appointments.I just came back from my appointment today and I have to say thank you again to Dr. Shah, Fjolla, and Sharon for making my smile brighter today!

Review №41

Had a great experience at Washington Dental. Excellent service, Dr Andres Munoz is amazing and gentle, and the staff is super helpful too. Very profesional team - would highly recommend!

Review №42

**REVIEWS ARE NOT GENUINE**I visited this office for the first time after reading their incredible reviews a couple days ago and was appalled by my experience. They sat me down in the chair and I explained that I’d been having pain in a region of my mouth. The hygienist (Danielle) was visibly irritated that I was in too much pain to get a cleaning and nearly stormed out of the room.I was then seen by the dentist (Dr. Shah) who quickly looked at my mouth and before even explaining what was causing my pain, had pulled up an invoice on the screen to show me how many thousands of dollars worth of procedures I needed done. Mind you...I had zero explanation of WHY I needed all this expensive work done and she had $$ up on the screen before she even sat me up in the chair.I then pushed for an explanation to which she hardly took the time to give before ushering me out to the receptionist desk after maybe 5 minutes of even being in the chair.The guy at the desk then printed out a receipt, claiming I had to pay thousands to secure my appointment and that my insurance would reimburse me for some of it (never heard of such a thing), pointing to the thousands of dollars they expected me to pay on the spot after setting foot in this office for the first time ever ten minutes prior and not even given a proper explanation of why I needed these procedures. The only “explanation” he offered was an explanation of a their “revolutionary 3D x-ray system” to which he claimed was necessary for me to have done and would cost me $500.When I said I’d give them a call back if I decided to go through with the procedure, his face fell and was visibly irritated that I was not shelling out $1,000+ at that very moment. He then asked me if I had a gmail account to which I responded yes, thinking he was asking for communication purposes. He asked me to log in to my account and PHYSICALLY took my phone OUT of my hand. Not only was this extremely inappropriate but given the fact that we’re in a pandemic I felt very unsafe. He then proceeded to say, “since you’ve experienced our amazing service today, give us a five star review and be sure to mention these two names” and scribbles down the name of the doctor and hygienist who saw me on a note pad.After feeling such immense pressure, I wrote a quick review and posted it. He then says “let me see it before you post it” and takes my phone out of my hand yet AGAIN, gets angry that I posted it without “approval” and hands me back my phone.No wonder they have hundred of “incredible” reviews.....Never in my life have I experienced such inappropriate, rude, and forward behavior by a business let alone a health practice. Extremely unprofessional and I left feeling like I was nothing more than $$ in their eyes. I do NOT recommend this practice. Look elsewhere...there are plenty of dentistsin the area.

Review №43

This is a tremendous dental office. The dentists are all top notch utilizing the latest in cutting edge technology (I have been to a lot of dental offices and have never seen the equipment that they have here), the staff is super friendly and the office has an excellent atmosphere. If you want a superb dental experience with no worries about the quality of care. I highly recommend Washington Dental Associates.

Review №44

This place is as wonderful as it sounds. It really makes me question other places because they were so professional, friendly, and patient with me. It amazes me how the staff is just so kind and very attentive to everyone who visits. They are flexible with the scheduling too. I am honestly looking forward to my future visits here! Very grateful for the staff and doctors who took care of me. Thank you again! =)

Review №45

I had a wonderful time at this office. My doctor , Dr. Muñoz was very helpful and explained everything with ease, his assistant Sharon was incredibly nice! I definitely found my dental home.

Review №46

Amazing experience. the hygenist Jessica was very good and made me very comfortable and you get a lovely bonus when you walk in the office with 2 beautiful young ladies with great personalitiesMichelle & Sharon!

Review №47

Great experience!Dr.Shah is the best !Fatima is the best as well

Review №48

Very thorough exam. Jessica, the dental hygienist did a great job and made me feel comfortable. Steve is the x-ray assistant, very kind. Eric, let me know of the many payment plans they have for those who do not have insurance. Amazing perks!!

Review №49

Great atmosphere, and all staff were kind. Dr. Muñoz and Hyun did a great job, they were both gentle and very informative.

Review №50

My experience here at Washington dental assoc. has been really peaceful and pleasant. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and I’m so glad I decided to come here for my dental health. I would like to thank Dr. Reff and Eric Also the whole staff here for your quality of work and your handling me with care. Thanks 😊

Review №51

Washington Dental has outstanding service, especially dental hygienist Vanessa who only works on Saturdays. I highly recommend booking an appointment with her before it fills up. Doctor Shah is very knowledgeable and gives excellent advice. Overall staff is amazing and treat you like family, you need to book your next appointment with them right away!

Review №52

Wonderful service! Jessica cleaned my teeth and I felt amazing afterward! Doctor Munoz was thorough and addressed all of my concerns, I’m looking forward to having a smile again! Would highly recommend Jessica. Wonderful woman who cares deeply about her patients.

Review №53

I love going here and always look forward to getting my routine cleaning. Every staff member is friendly and they make you feel comfortable. I’ve been going here for about 20 years now and would definitely recommend this place to everyone I know.

Review №54

Very friendly and informative. Jessica, Steve and Eric gave great Serivce

Review №55

Jessica was amazing! Very gentle with the cleaning and did an amazing job. The office was great in getting me seated quickly and taking care of any questions that I had. Would definitely recommend! 10/10!

Review №56

Great experience!! Caroline great with x-rays, Jessica awesome cleaning and Eric explained payment options in realistic manner.

Review №57

Still one of the best dental offices I’ve been to! I absolutely love how the hygienists and dentist explain everything they’re doing- no other dentist office has done that for me before.

Review №58

I have to say this dentist office has amazing costumer service. The people who work the front desk are super nice. They will sit down with you and go over any questions you have. Dr. Munoz was great. He was very friendly made sure I was comfortable during the procedure and answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Review №59

Dr. Tong is excellent. I have been coming in for over a year now. I always have a great experience. Eric at the front desk is always polite and welcoming.

Review №60

Here for the first time... and I will be back! Welcoming atmosphere from the minute I called for an appointment. Dr. Muniz and Fjolla and the front desk staff were superb

Review №61

The staff here are very professional. They are very friendly and always willing to help. Shout out to Jessica for her gentle care and making me feel very comfortable!

Review №62

Today’s visit is great, I had awesome experience with Vanessa is very nice and did a great job.And Sharon and Michelle welcomes everyone very kindly with great enthusiasm.😊

Review №63

My visit today was very pleasant. Dr Munoz and beautiful fjolla were amazing. They really cared about me, and Dr Tong also did a wonderful job on my special needs son which really surprised me. I would highly recommend everybody to visit Washing Dental Associates, and ask for Eric when setting the appointment!

Review №64

I am typically very nervous to go to the dentist but I always have a smooth experience at this practice. The staff is super friendly and Dr. Munoz makes the process very comfortable. They make you feel super welcome & would gladly recommend this practice to anyone.

Review №65

Wisdom teeth extraction was SUPER fast and pain free. Was expecting a lot worse but Dr. Reff and assistant Caroline did an amazing job. 10/10 and would highly recommend for wisdom teeth extraction. Got 4 teeth pulled out within 15 min. 👏 👏

Review №66

Excellent service by a friendly staff.Dr. Shah, Jessica, Michelle, Steve & Eric make an awesome team!

Review №67

The entire staff at Washington Dental Associates were extremely kind and effective.Jessica performed a very thorough cleaning while showing concern for my comfort the whole way through. My teeth look great and their payment plan will help me afford the fillings I need even though I dont have dental insurance. I highly recommend them!

Review №68

I have to tell you... These people are some of the nicest most reassuring group with have ever had the pleasure to deal with. They are respectful, appreciative, and just plain incredible. I will never go to another dentist. Go there. Make an appointment now.

Review №69

Washington Dental Associates in Bergenfield is an excellent establishment dedicated to teeth and gum health! Just went there again for my 6 month cleaning and I couldn’t be more happy with it. Jessica cleaned my teeth with vigor and gusto and was done in a flash. Kept me comfortable and relaxed. Steven took my X-ray and was painless and very personable as always. See you again in 6 months, thanks again!

Review №70

I have been a patient of Washington Dental Associates for the past three years. Each time that I have visited the office I’ve been made to feel very comfortable. My first dentist was amazing, patient, and quite informative. My hygienist Natalia, has given great advice and is always friendly. I would definitely recommend this office.

Review №71

Dr Munoz, Ash, Fatima, Steve, and Jessica deserves 5 stars for service for excellence. This rating comes from a registered professional that knows well what quality in patient care means. They provided holistic methodology as well- a unique asset. A great team and I will surely recommend to others not just for my own family.

Review №72

So thankful that I was able to get my wisdom teeth removed. I went everywhere to get help and everyone is so kind and professional! Big thanks to Dr. Reff and Eric!

Review №73

Dr. Munoz and his assistant Fjolla are amazing. He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during my fillings. I highly recommend him, specially if your someone whose scared of dental visits . Ash up front is also one of the reasons why I love this practice. Today he welcomed me with a flower for Valentine’s Day . When it comes to billing I’ve never had a problem all thanks to Ash. Best dental office in town . Thank you all .

Review №74

The place is very welcoming and comforting with the tv setup and relaxing chairs. The staff is friendly and take their time with the procedures. I have been going here for the past 6 years and have always been well taken care of. Dr. Shaw did excellent with my filling and it was worth every dollar.

Review №75

They do good job, very professional team

Review №76

AMAZING !!!!!!! The Denstint Mr Munoz IS AMAZING and his assistant Steve. They were so careful and kind. They made me feel totally comfortable throughout the entire extraction!! And the receptionist eric was so sweet too and kind and explained everything thoroughly to me. I’ve never been so happy and comfortable at a dentist like here! 10/10 recommend.

Review №77

Wow wow wow, I cannot explain how happy I am with the results of The Washington Dental Associates. I got a cleaning for a very good price and they did a fantastic job; I can’t thank the hygienist Jessica enough for doing such an amazing job on my teeth. Mitchell was at the front desk and she honestly was the coolest Asian I’ve ever met. Lol .. Big shout out to her assistant Sharon who I honestly fell in love with! Not only is she very sweet but she is sooo pretty!! I highly recommend choosing this dental office because they sure do know how to treat their customers with comfortability and great results!

Review №78

Jessica is the first hygienist where I have not felt pain. Very lovely Korean lady who cares about the patient. Coming again for a cleaning soon and every time I visit here I feel very comfortable.

Review №79

Ive been a long time patient of Washington Dental. Dr. Reff and Eric are great staff and take care of my needs and questions. Highly recommend.

Review №80

We’ve been coming to Washington Dental for many years and we’re always more than happy with their services from everyone. Grateful to Judy for assisting us with insurance matters, Jessica who always does a great job with our cleaning she’s our favorite. There are too many names to mention but know we’re very thankful to you all.

Review №81

This was my 2nd time here and it being during COVID I was a little worried but the staff were all properly protected and procedures were in place for safety for patients. Staff was very friendly like last time and Jessica did a great job cleaning my teeth! Highly recommend this place. Very professional and polite!

Review №82

This place is great fast and easy nice people and they really know what they doing

Review №83

Nice people but they overcharge dramatically. Tried to charge $2k more than what a root canal is supposed to be. Be careful before signing anything! Guy was already thinking ahead to other things he could charge me for- before we even started the initial consultation! Total ripoff, never again.

Review №84

Washington Dental Associates is amazing! I get severe dental phobia and they made me feel so at ease. Everyone was fantastic, from Dr. Marsheh the endodontist to the office staff, Caroline and Eric! You won’t regret coming here! Ditch your old dentist and come to Washington Dental Associates!

Review №85

Super friendly staff. Made me feel comfortable and were quick to take my appointment! Dr.Munoz was accommodating and straight forward. Loved my appointment with them!

Review №86

Everyone from doctors to staff are very nice and knowledgeable. You are greeted with bottled water and fresh made cookies. its like a spa dentist you can get a paraffin hand treatment while they clean your teeth. They put chap stick on your lips. It was a pleasant experience.

Review №87

Everything time I come to this office I’m given the best service! Everyone is super friendly. I loved Jessica the hygienist because she told me everything that she would be doing to my teeth. I’m usually very nervous to go to the dentist, but I love coming here! You should come too!

Review №88

Came here with my husband and they have assisted me with all of my dental concerns! Jessica gave me a thorough cleaning and also a good explanation of whats happening in my mouth and how I could give better care to my teeth! Very affordable and the service is excellent!

Review №89

I came here for a consultation about my wisdom teeth, which were hurting very much, I could barely eat. I had been putting off surgery out of fear and horror stories I’ve heard. The staff here was nice, but when I met with Dr. Shah, I felt like she was pushy and insensitive. She asked me more than once if I were going to make them my regular dentist. I don’t know, I’m not concerned about that, I just wanted my teeth pulled! Instead of recommending me to an oral surgeon in my network, she was pushing me to go to an oral surgeon in their “sister” location. She told me that general anesthesia “was not necessary” even though I shared my concerns with her and told her straight out that I wanted to be put under. The only reason I’m even giving 3 stars is because the other members of staff seemed nice.Other dentists in my network that I’ve called that I DID NOT EVEN MEET WITH called me back and gave me recommendations for oral surgeons in my network. The oral surgeon that I ended up going to made me feel very comfortable and said that it was my choice if I wanted the general anesthesia.

Review №90

Jessica cleaned my teeth, no pain at all. She is friendly and very good at her job. This place is wonderful and people work here are friendly.

Review №91

I very highly recommend this office. Everyone is so friendly, understanding, gentle. The front desk, Jessica, the hygienist, and Dr Munoz were very caring. Thank you again for a great visit!

Review №92

I have been terrified of getting any dental work up done due to past experiences. However from walking into Washington Dental Associates since last year has been an awesome experience. Last year during my routine cleaning I was told I needed cavity fillings, I delayed my treatment for fear and anxiety. Today I walked in anxious and ready to walk out. However Dr Shah and Fatima her assistant were amazing. She was gentle and I did not feel anything. I highly recommend Dr Shah for any dental procedures.Thank you once again .

Review №93

Came in for a broken tooth that was giving me extreme pain. The whole staff was awesome and very welcoming. I am usually highly afraid of the dentist and they made the visit bearable. Thank you Dr Munoz , Fjolla, & Eric! I will be back

Review №94

I have visited Dr. Tong a few times and every time has been great. Every assistant he’s had during my visits have been great as well. Very professional and would definitely recommend to anyone that needs a dentist. 10/10

Review №95

Visit was great! The attention like no other. Jessica was gentle and thorough. Absolutely recommend coming here for all your dental needs.

Review №96

I had a great experience with Jessica, shes the best dental hygienist. Shout out to the awesome office staff.

Review №97

The people here are all very friendly. Vanessa was excellent making the visit I had a smooth and comfortable process. I would definitely come back in a heartbeat.

Review №98

My experience of coming to Washington Dental office was very welcoming. The front office in charge eric helped me explain how my insurance works and how the payment plan operates in a detailed mannor. Michelle was very welcoming by giving me a bag of gifts as a first time vistior. She is very kind and always gives a smile to you. The assistant steve was straight foward on how x-rays work and gave me good warning on it can still affect if thr radioactive waves hit me. The hygenist Jessica did an awsome job onnl cleaning my teeth and gave good tips on how to better treat my teeth. Lastly, Dr. Munoz was a straight foward man showed my x-ray of my teeth and showed future steps on to remove my widsom teeth for the future so it would not be a problem. Overall, I say to pull up to this place if you want quailty service and a welcoming atmosphere.

Review №99

Excellent costumer service. This was my first time coming here and I was very pleased! Dr Muñoz has angels hands. And every one at the office is so polite.

Review №100

They made me feel very comfortable. FromMaking the appointments and financial consultation with Eric to having treatments done with Fatima and Dr. Shah, my experience has been nothing short of awesome!

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4.9 Rating
  • Address:19 Legion Dr, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, United States
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  • Phone:+1 201-453-4863
  • Dentist
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  • Dental implants periodontist
  • Denture care center
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Service options
  • Online care:Yes
Health and safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Temperature check required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
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