Northern Valley Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center
136 N Washington Ave #203, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, United States

Review β„–1

This is a great place with amazing doctors that are really nice and patient. I have gone here several times and there has not been a single bad experience. I took allergy shots for 5 years here which means I don’t have to worry about some of my allergies as much. Highly recommend! :) πŸ‘

Review β„–2

I have had such a wonderful experience here. I actually used google to find Northern Valley Allergy and I am so happy that I did. I could not get my allergies under control, my asthma was flaring up and it was effecting my quality of life. I finally went to northern valley allergy to see Dr. Varghese in October and it had literally changed my life. My allergies have drastically improved since getting the allergy shots and the nasal spray. The staff have been so flexible for me on multiple occasions if I am running late. I only have positive things to say and the online system for making my shot appointments has been very helpful. If you are struggling with your allergies and sinuses I HIGHLY recommend coming here because you will see the improvements!

Review β„–3

I have been a patient of Dr. Varghese for over 5 years and there has been a big improvement in my respiratory health. I suffer from asthma and allergies, and with the help from him and his wonderful staff, I do not experience any runny nose, itchy eyes, and wheezing anymore. He explains everything thoroughly and he chooses the medications that is best suited for me. I highly recommend Dr. Varghese!

Review β„–4

I was the first patient for this office..and they have Excellent attention. Great service and good results...thank you everyone

Review β„–5

The service has been great!Dr varghese is great and his staff is very friendly and took their time to explain all the medications to me.I was finally able to sleep and have not had any hives since i saw Dr Varghese on friday!Thank you!!

Review β„–6

Great staff, everyone is nice and helpful. The Dr. is super knowledgeable and definitely has been helping me feel better. Everyday is slowly getting better and I’m looking forward to getting these allergy shots and feeling even better!

Review β„–7

I received wonderful attention from both the staff and the doctor. They were very patient and appointments were available during non working hours sbd they were very knowledgeable. I would recommend them highly...

Review β„–8

Front desk is rude and very unprofessional! The girls at the front desk do not know how to handle patient calls. The girl I spoke to on the phone had an attitude and was inconsistent with information I asked. I only called to obtain a copy of something I signed as my right as a patient!! She was hesitant to relay a message! This is not how a practice that serves patients should treat their patients!! Appalled!!

Review β„–9

5 stars. Spring has been good ever since! Thank you!

Review β„–10

Really friendly and supportive staff and comfortable environment. Always feel well taken care of when I’m here. Dr. Varghese is very nice and professional. The testing is comprehensive, went for a food testing for walnuts because I tested positive, the process was very safe and relaxing.

Review β„–11

I have been a patient of Dr. Varghese for a few years now and I can honestly say his treatments have changed my life! Before coming to him, I would suffer horribly from seasonal allergies. With his care, I no longer dread the springtime and can actually stop and smell the roses. I would highly recommend anyone who suffers with allergies or asthma to trust Dr. Varghese with their treatments.

Review β„–12

Dr Varghese and his staff are amazing. I have been coming to the office for 5+ years for allergy shots. They have helped me so much. Everyone is so welcoming and informative. The office is very clean and inviting.

Review β„–13

Doctor Varghese and his team are great, tend to there patients in a rapid manner and are very friendly. I’ve been here 3 times and all three have been great! I definitely recommend everybody to come to their office for their allergy check up.

Review β„–14

I absolutely love this office..the staff is amazing my daughter and myself get allergy shot and they are always ready and on time to get you in and out. Recently I just had to bring my son to to get tested for allergies and they worked fast and made sure my son felt comfortable with every step. Continue the awesome job.

Review β„–15

Great doctor, quick appointments, friendly staff. The doctor is very patient and helpful.

Review β„–16

I enjoyed my experience there for the 5+ years I’ve been there. The employees are very accommodating and Dr.Varghese is very straightforward and easy to get along with. Overall my experience there has always been great

Review β„–17

Friendly staff and welcoming environment! The allergy shots have really been helping me a lot, and it doesn’t take much time out of my day either. Wish I started this years ago, but I was afraid of needles. I still am, but not as much πŸ˜‚

Review β„–18

I have been coming to Northern Valley allergy for years now. Dr. Varghese and his staff of wonderful and professional nurses help you through the simple process of getting allergy shots, or anything else needed. I have gotten much better because of this place, and will continue to come here for years to come.

Review β„–19

Great office and great staff. They are super sweet every time. They are also doing everything to ensure patients are safe during COVID. Dr. Varghese is awesome!

Review β„–20

I dont know where to start. Office is so clean, great and friendly staff. The fact that I rarely feel the needles go in also helps. I will recommend this place to anyone who asks. I found out through a friend of a friend after moving to the united states and finding out I have allergies.

Review β„–21

Dr. Varghese is a very chill, down to earth, friendly as hell and knowledgeable πŸ’―. The staff is amazing πŸ”₯everyone is social and can talk to them about anything , everyone is just extremely nice and caring ❀ πŸ€— ! Been here for almost a year and do not regret coming here it changed my allergies a lot , i am feeling great and happy that the shots are working for me. πŸ™Thank you Northern Valley Allergy for everything you do for us , we really appreciate your hard work ! πŸ˜€πŸ˜

Review β„–22

I absolutely love this office! The staff is very patient and professional. Dr. Varghese is great. The wait is never long and Dr. Varghese takes his time with each patient. I highly recommend!

Review β„–23

Dr. Varghese is and his staff are excellent. He cares for his patients and truly is great person. I been coming here for two years now and my allergies have improved so much with the treatment provided.

Review β„–24

The personel at this location was friendly and resolve all my question. Clean, keeping the social distancing rules. I will go back and recommended 100%

Review β„–25

Great experience overall. The doctor was pleasant, relatable, very helpful. First week with his advice and my condition improved! Definitely recommend him. The girls in the office were nice. Thank you Dr. Varghese and your lovely staff! :)

Review β„–26

In the Covid environment in which we live, waiting in a crowded doctor’s office is not conducive to safe practices. I’m surprised by this and will not put myself in a medical office even if they clean every surface, it’s unsafe to be β€œindoors” with many other people!Response to your response: I can assure you that I’ve not β€œscreamed at the top of my lungs...” as this is not my style of communication and an outrageous accusation. However, I have a right to allow others know my experience with this practice (this is the purpose of a review). Finally, all of your ranting about this online is a bit much and appears over dramatic! Where’s YOUR composure?!?

Review β„–27

Very persistent doctor about finding the cause of my allergy. He didn’t give up until he found out what I had and helped me with it. He is very nice!! and I have been coming to him for May years!I tell my friends and family about him.

Review β„–28

I was recommended to this physician by a friend. I was very pleased and the dr speaks Spanish and very knowledgeable and patient. Will recommend to my friends and family.

Review β„–29

Professional staffEasy to set up allergy shot appointments πŸ‘ŒThey also took the time to make sure that social distancing can be maintained at all times. They even offered me COVID-19 testing

Review β„–30

Excellent service. My allergy issues were addressed and I am able to breathe.

Review β„–31

Wonderful experience every time! Professionalism at its top tier. I Highly recommend Dr Varghese he is great with Children and his staff is very helpful! My girls have been seeing him for over 2 years and their allergies and asthma have been under control.

Review β„–32

Update to my review below 7/3: My mom received a call from the office manager who was VERY apologetic and sweet. She assured us that the situation was taken care of and even offered my mother to come back to the office and she would help her out. We already found a new place for my mother but we 100% are happy that someone called us back. Just want to make clear that it had nothing to do with the doctors care BUT working in the office and making sure the staff has patience and control is key. We all have bad days but customer service is an important part of the job. Thank you Stephanie for your kind words to my mom.Just an FYI....Front desk girl named Jennifer is very rude and disrespectful to elders. Be careful when making an appointment. They may schedule you on their day off or lunch hour then act like you were not scheduled for that day. Supposedly the other girl is no longer there due to this mistake which happens of course but the girl at the front desk (who is still there) kept acting like my mom was a liar until she realized my mom was in fact correct. Thanks to my mom keeping the recording of the reminder date.

Review β„–33

I truly recommenced Northern Valley Allergy, they have been a great help. Very trustworthy and they take their time to help with any need. Stephanie and the rest of the staff have been very professional and helpful with things I need to get fixed.

Review β„–34

I’ve been seeing Dr. Varghese for a year now and has helped me tremendously with my allergies. I have suffered from chronic asthma and allergies since I was small. Last year I began to experience flare up where I had to call out of work because of how bad my face would swell up. Since being under Dr. Varghese care, I’ve seen significant improvement in my allergies and asthma.

Review β„–35

I found this practice first and foremost because it was in network but I checked the reviews before making an appt and they were not wrong.From the receptionist to the medical staff, they are all friendly, helpful, efficient and just really very nice! If youre looking for a great allergist, this is the place! Highly recommend!

Review β„–36

Great office to visit if youre having allergy issues. I recieved allergy shots for awhile and it really helped. The only thing Im not crazy about are their office hours (or lack there of). Due to only being open certain days and only administering shots at certain times on those days, there tends to be a long wait when you go for shots. Other than that staff is always friendly and general appointments are usually quick!

Review β„–37

I really love to come here! They are taking good care of me. I am feeling much better now, thanks! God bless you all. πŸ’•

Review β„–38

I would highly recommend Northern Valley Allergy in Bergenfield. I was very nervous about getting allergy tested, but the nurses and Dr. Varghese were all patient with me and did a great job explaining everything and giving me peace of mind. They were all very professional and kind throughout my entire experience!

Review β„–39

Amazing , the doctor cares for his patients . The nurses are extremely nice and care for patients well beings.

Review β„–40

I personally had a great experience at this practice! The staff were welcoming and my appointment was efficient! Dr. Varghese and the staff were very helpful and nice!

Review β„–41

First time going to an allergist and I had a great experience. The staff is very helpful and doctor is great. Very affordable for people without insurance which is my case. Will highly recommend.

Review β„–42

Dr Mathew is great and very efficient. I will recommend anyone who is looking for a good allergist. The office staff s are very nice and helpful .

Review β„–43

I took my son that clinic and my experience was wonderful my son get so much better ! I am glad to take him down there! The service is extremely professional! Highly recommend.

Review β„–44

My daughter has become so much improved after receiving treatment in the clinic for her eczema. She has been to many doctors including dermatologist through the course of her 10 years. She had been to her pediatrician for this problem and she has a lot of creams prescribed all the time she would flair up get worse sometimes the better but she skin was constantly always inflamed. It never looked like it does now after coming to this office.I decided to come to this clinic because of the recommendation from our pharmacist, Dr. Varghese has seen his daughter and is better. The North Bergen office is clean and newer place. The nurses were great and the doctor examined my child and immediately put her at ease and I could tell, she felt very comfortable. He then talked to us for the next hour about her treatment. He went over all the treatment of eczema and explained was how treating the allergies including her nose and asthma will help the eczema too.she actually wrote on a chalkboard and went over all of the treatment plan with us during the hour. He numbered the disease process and then wrote a medication next to it and said how it would help. Very informative. He did give some creams, but also an inhaler because he thinks she has asthma and a nasal spray.My child is much better, her skin has never looked better and she is breathing so well. Now looking forward to long term treatment plans here. strongly considering allergy shots even if we live a little far. I think it will be worth it. We are so happy we came here and highly recommend and the doctor speaks Spanish.

Review β„–45

My child becoming here for 3 years with allegeys and asthma. The improvement we have seen has been remarkable. It hasnt all ways been easy with getting shots but the improvement has been worth it.

Review β„–46

Doctor Mathew Maghese is awesome and he is really passionate about his area of expertise. He is also really engaged with the treatments. The nurses are extremely helpful and wit a great attitude. Waiting time is not bad -20 minutes the most.

Review β„–47

Dr. Varghese and his staff are kind and professional, and know their stuff! I have been coming here for about a year now, receiving weekly allergy shots for my dog/cat/seasonal allergies. I’ve noticed significant improvement. I used to get multiple sinus infections a year.. and this year I only was sick once (and it wasn’t a sinus infection). As a singer, I am extremely grateful for this, as post nasal drip and clogged sinuses make my job more difficult.I highly recommend Dr. Varghese and Northern valley allergy and asthma to anyone!!!! ❀️

Review β„–48

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Varghese for about a year and a half now. My allergies are improved along with my immune system. As someone who is usually prone to becoming ill due to allergies, a year of no sickness has been a dream come true. Dr. Varghese is very attentive and knowledgeable. His staff is wonderful. I’d recommend him to anyone suffering from seasonal to long term allergies.

Review β„–49

The staff is very friendly and professional. Love the way the doctor recommended only testing for the necessary food and air allergens. As a result he was able to narrow down what they needed and their eczema has improved immensely in just a couple of weeks.

Review β„–50

Dr. Varghese and his staff are so knowledgeable and so super sweet! They all make you feel so comfortable and they explain everything thoroughly. I would definitely recommend this office to everyone. I give Dr. Varhese and his staff 5 stars!!

Review β„–51

Dr. Varghese and staff treated me very well from the moment I walked in. Even though I was a bit late to my appointment, I was seen rather quickly. After my consultation, he also stayed a bit longer and gave me some medical advice unrelated to my visit which was much appreciated. I really recommend Dr. Varghese, with his tightly knit and kind staff, it was an overall pleasant experience.

Review β„–52

I’ve had a great experience with them. The staff are always so nice and helpful.

Review β„–53

Highly recommend Dr. Matthew Varghese. He offers one of the best treatments for severe allergies. Staff is always courteous.

Review β„–54

We first came to doctor thinking that we need to do allergy testing for foods and that would make my kids allergies better. My daughter was already avoiding some foods when she was seeing her pediatrician for allergies, when we first saw the doctor he explained to us that we do not need to do testing for everything. And that it was really unnecessary to test for every food that is out there by blood or skin. That a lot of people have testing thats not really correct or true. So he did select food testing on my daughter and no testing on my son based on the information that he got about both of them, we proceeded to have oral food challanges for both my son and daughter and now they are able to eat all foods and not have to carry an EpiPen. and not have to for the rest of our lives live in fear of something they were never even allergic to in the first place .

Review β„–55

Iam very happy after i visit dr Mathew Verghese as all my allergies gone after taking 3 yrs shots at his hospital. He is very warm and nice person and he asked me all details about my symptoms on first day of visit and prescribed me allergy shots. I would definitely recommend him for patients with allergies.

Review β„–56

If youre in need of an allergist, Northern Valley Allergy will handle all of your allergy & asthma needs with compassion and special care -- and they care for children as well. My asthma is now well-controlled and Im rockin and rollin -- I highly recommend -- AND, the staff rocks! Thank you, guys!!

Review β„–57

Dr. Varghese has not only been amazingly attentive, he has helped what every other allergist pushed aside and put a band aid on. I have had issues no other doctor wanted to spend time trying to figure out. I am not the typical patient. Dr. Varghese went above and beyond any of my expectations. I have been going to him as a patient for many many years. And with each year passing, and new allergy issues coming about, he always exceeds my expectations. I am truly Thankful for Dr. Varghese. His Nursing Staff is just as amazing. They are more helpful than anyone could ask for. Not only do they know how to make the office run smoothly, they go above and beyond to make patient life easier and painless. Thank you Dr. Varghese and Staff for all of your amazing work.

Review β„–58

Highly recommend Dr Varghese, had a great experience. Truly great professional

Review β„–59

This place has offered my daughter the Dupixent shot Which has changed her life, I have been going here for 7 years with them now.

Review β„–60

Worst experience Ive ever encountered. I took my 7 month old with eczema to see the doctor who I hoped was good based on his reviews. It turned out it was a complete lie. Dr. Varghese seemed rehearsed from the very beginning. He did not take his time to hear me out or listen to my daughters individualized situation. Without thoroughly assessing my child, he was coming up with causes for her rashes which made no sense to me, as they were not related to seasonal allergies and other things he assumed. He completely disregarded a non invasive approach to her treatment which was a skin test I requested when booking the appointment. His best option was to give my 7 month old a shot and/or prescribe her a cream. Im all about the holistic approach but I also wasnt expecting that practice out of the doctor, all I wanted was a skin test to rule out possible triggers. After not complying to the doctors approach, he appeared frustrated with me because I questioned his competency and then he walked out the room. I assumed he would be back with a solution, instead a nurse and his assistant walked in without introducing themselves and started writing out a prescription for my daughter. So the doctor never came back inside the room to apologize or even say good bye which was even more shocking to me. I left there with no legitimate reason on why she was not qualified to have a skin test, as the nurse had no answer for me. Dr. Varghese lacks professionalism, communication skills, proper assessment of his patients, compassion to understand that each individual cant be treated with the same mind set or interventions. Would never recommend him to anyone who wants to start of with a least invasive way to address a problem.P.S. Dr. Varghese, if you are reading this, I hope you know that the exams you renew every 6 month havent taught you a thing about being genuinely great, up to date doctor. Knowledge yourself!

Review β„–61

My experience with DR. Varghese and his staff has and continues to be a great experenice. I took my son to do a Oral Food Challenge. As a parent I was more nervous then my son. The staff helped me with my nerves lol and my son was happy to know that some foods that he was allergic to he no longer is.

Review β„–62

My experiance in this practice has been great, when I first came to see the doctor I had hives all over my body and my allergies where terrible. I have now been on allergy shots for about 5 months and my symptoms have improved a lot. This spring I have not had any symptoms and since I have been taking the medications I have not had any hives.

Review β„–63

He is the best! My daughter is doing great since she has been seeing Dr varghese, he’s very reliable and professional.

Review β„–64

I have had severe atopic dermatitis my whole life. I have been to many dermatologists in the past and all they did was prescribe me prednisone and steroid creams that have a lot of long term side effects.Dr. Varghese started me on Dupixent which is an injection used to treat severe atopic dermatitis and all I am using now is Epiceram a prescription moisturizer cream and have not had to use my steroid cream in months. Dr. Varghese has changed my life. He is a great doctor and really cares about his patients.

Review β„–65

My mother has been seeing Dr varghese for the past 5 years, she suffers from severe asthma and allergies. Since Dr varghese started treating her she has improved and is no longer having any cough or shortness of breath. She is now getting Nucala once a month and it has helped her a lot.Thank you Dr varghese for all your help

Review β„–66

Dr varghese is a great doctor. His staff is very friendly and helpful.Today I received my first Xolair injection and I am very happy to continue to feel better.

Review β„–67

I had a good experience with Dr. VargheseThe treatment is going onThe staff are courteous andCo-operativeI would recommend to other patientsWho suffer from Allergies, Asthma andSinus problems

Review β„–68

Great Doctor! i will be bringing my son and daughter to see him next week.after 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Varghese i could tell he is very knowledgable and loves what he does.

Review β„–69

Highly recommend! the doctor and staff are nice and help me a lot on my allergy...

Review β„–70

Dr Varghese was super helpful, professional and knowledgeable! I called for an appointment and was able to see him the same day.

Review β„–71

I have been coming here for a couple weeks and the staff is exceptional, everything about the office has been helpful and very insightful.

Review β„–72

Started to take my daughter to Dr Varghese for really Bad Ezchema and skin discoloration. Omg I saw a difference in a month. He really listen to you and cares for the patients. The whole staff is amazing. Im glad I found him

Review β„–73

Feeling much better since i started a shot

Review β„–74

Feels like home😎

Review β„–75

I visited Dr Mathew Varghese in May 2016 with complaints of shortness of breath. My primary physician had prescribed inhalers to help with the SOB but it was not effective. Dr Varghese patiently listened to all my complaints and was proactive in conducting various tests to study my condition.I was diagnosed with Vocal Cord Dysfunction by Dr Varghese, which mimics the symptoms of asthma causing the SOB.I am not using any inhalers now. I also had allergy tests performed which helped in the decision to undergo immunotherapy. I am grateful to Dr Varghese and his staff for helping me find a proper diagnosis and providing the appropriate treatments thereby getting relief from the SOB.

Review β„–76

Great experience, the staff is amazing really recommend!

Review β„–77

Really awesome!

Review β„–78

Kind staff, very polite and a quick service.

Review β„–79

Great doctor

Review β„–80

Great doctor

Review β„–81

I am very grateful and happy with the staff in this office. My allergies have improved a lot and the treatment has helped me a lot. I recommend it to all people suffering from allergies, the doctor is very professional and his employees too

Review β„–82

I have been coming to this office for the last 2 years and they have helped me a lot with my allergies. I recommend Dr. Varghese.

Review β„–83

I started seeing the doctor 3 years ago. When I came to see him he had a lot of allergies and a lot of nasal congestion.Dr. Varghese sent me medications but he also started me on allergy shots and the truth has helped me a lot!Im so much better with my allergies.

Review β„–84

Excellent reviews for Northern Valley Allegy and its employees. They are very careful about handling patients in these Covid times. It is also the cheapest place to receive allergy treatment in this area if you do not have insurance.

Review β„–85

Excellent service all friendly employees the doctor gives good result

Review β„–86

I am very happy with the doctors care is excellent! Since I started the vaccines I have not had any symptoms.I recommend anyone suffering from allergies to see Dr. Varghese.

Review β„–87

Someone recommended doctor varghese for joys to my husband and me. My husband was full of hives and now hes much better and so am I. I recommend him because he is a very good doctor.

Review β„–88

I got to know this wonderful place through the internet, since the service for me has been excellent, they have always treated me with cordiality, sympathy and professionalism, without any doubt I recommend it among my acquaintances, I will never have to thank you for everything you do for me, a thousand and a thousand thanks

Review β„–89

I love this place. The doctor and the staff are very nice and informative. They take the time to explain to me what am I going through and answer all my questions. The appointments are on time and very easy to book.If you suffer from allergies, this office is the best option. The doctor and the staff are completely professional, they guide you in the best way and give you all the support you need. They listen to you and answer all your concerns. Excellent service

Review β„–90

My name is Carmen GonzΓ‘lezI feel one hundred percent satisfied with the result I have from my allergy, my primary doctor referred me to Dr. MATHEW VARGHESEAnd I feel like I havent felt for years of my life, a very big improvement, the doctor is an excellent professional, a wonderful treatment and I loved that he speaks very good Spanish and the staff in general magnificent, I recommend them one hundred percent

Review β„–91

I am a member of Northern Valley Allergy, asthma, and thanks to your attention and apollo I feel very good about my allergy and asthma, I invite you to follow up on your health problem with skilled hands

Review β„–92

He is a very good doctor, he is aware of the patient, he speaks Spanish I recommend him It has helped me a lot with my allergy πŸ‘

Review β„–93

Very good Dr I recommend it

Review β„–94

Excellent attention, very kind. My charm who speak Spanish

Review β„–95

Excellent doctor and very efficient nurses, the drugs prescribed by the doctor are very effective, I recommend them

Review β„–96

For almost 8 months I had an uncontrollable allergy, my doctor Gilberto Gastel remembered me here they put me in treatment and today I feel much better the service and excellent treatment

Review β„–97

The doctor and everyone are very professional and friendly, the waiting time is minimalMy problems with allergies showed a great improvement after some time and the treatment is still not over. If someone suffers from allergies I recommend visiting the doctor

Review β„–98

I am very happy to have met Dr. Varghese. My allergies and asthma have improved a lot. Dr. Mathew is an excellent doctor and his team is very professional.Everyone is very attentive and always willing to help. Since I am living it, my asthma has improved by 90%. He is very humble and treats all patients and his team very well.

Review β„–99

A very good doctor, has helped me a lot with my allergies.3 years ago I am receiving allergy vaccines and my symptoms are less and I do not have to use as much medication.I recommend the doctor varghese.

Review β„–100

The best dr that e known very good.with many alternatives.My daughter has many allergies to all.and the me dios many esperansa.y le .combio.todos medicamente.y nina is very well. speaks Spanish and English. excellente.el loves what he does.

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