Good Samaritan Society - Four Corners Village
500 Care Ln, Aztec, NM 87410, United States
Review №1

My mother has been here for a while now. Always tells me that she doesnt get much interaction with staff and now she has been admitted into hospital with covid. Ok that can happen but also to be incoherent, pneumonia, urinary infection, malnourished, cellulitis, and a fractured ankle? They barely got her medical attention in time with plenty of signs she needed seen sooner. This place just disgusts me now that I find out shes right.

Review №2

Both of my grandparents were Good Sam residents and lived their remaining years there. The staff really did love on them and would bring out the best in grandma – who tended to be a little on the cranky side. I would recommend Good Sam to anyone looking for quality care …and a loving home.

Review №3

I work here for about a year now. I enjoy my job working and building a relationship with my resident. Its their comfort of care that matters with safe , efficient manner, and share Gods love. I learn new things every day. Im glad to be part of a team with Good Sam.

Review №4

Only place Ive worked were they would actually give you a $10 gift card for posting a good review. Most of the staff are friendly, professional and genuinely care about the residents. Just like anywhere you go there are a few bad apples but they definitely dont spoil the bunch.

Review №5

I would like to say that I personally have worked at Good Samaritan for quite some time now. I have had my mother in here twice for rehabilitation. Good Samaritan is a good place to take your loved ones for a safe, friendly and loving environment. We strive to treat each and everyone as they were part of our family. I would recommend the Good Samaritan for all my friends and family.

Review №6

Ive worked for Good Sams for 16 years. I talk to many people from many places and this facility is an excellent place to bring your family member for rehab or long term care. The Christian atmosphere is a plus and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №7

Good samaritan is such a joy to work for I love my job I love the residents and a very good place to work for. I will never forget my experience here.

Review №8

I have worked for Good Samaritan in the Atwood assisted living for 5 years. The residents are happy and like 1 big family.

Review №9

I have worked here for 33 years and I believe we have the best staff and residents ! We are always training and learning . We try to make it a better place for everyone .

Review №10

I just recently started working for Good Sam’s and I love it here they are very caring and they work with you on anything that you need my co-workers are nice and they care like family ❤️

Review №11

I enjoy coming into the facility i have been in and out for several years and feel its a great place to put your loved ones in to be taken care of..

Review №12

I have worked here for 6 yrs love the fact that I can share my faith and pray with my residence and co workers openly.

Review №13

Not a good place to work if your seeking a truely “Christian” work environment this is not it. They speak of biblical values but don’t uphold them. Anyone can regurgitate the Bible, but it takes a true follower to act on it. They need to learn to act on it. I was personally treated with disrespect from most people in the kitchen and management. I was lied to many times, and lied about and personally threatened. Not a Christian place. Having the appearents is different than actually being one. God knows the truth. Management plays head-games with staff in Atwood and cottonwood. Management favortizes certain workers. The only perk was working with and for the elders.

Review №14

I use to work here. During my orientation they told me it was a Christian place and everyone is family. During my employment I heard co workers swear at other employees and the residents. The CNAs ignored the residents because they had something better to do. Aunistly this place is not worth working for

Review №15

This place is horrible! There were people slumped over in wheelchairs everywhere! My step dad was left in a room covered in puke, having seizures and no one even checked on him. I immediately put him in a wheelchair and loaded him in my car! This place needs to be shut down!

Review №16

Took excellent care of my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

4 Rating
  • Address:500 Care Ln, Aztec, NM 87410, United States
  • Phone:+1 505-334-9445
  • Assisted living facility
  • Non-profit organization
  • Retirement home
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