Perfect Alternatives
13760 E Quincy Ave Unit 8-B, Aurora, CO 80015, United States

Review №1

Went in for some juice yesterday with the intention of buying one bottle. Instead, I left with TWO bottles of different brand juices for the same price that I have paid for one bottle at other shops.I highly recommend this vape shop, and have had a great experience with whoever was working that day.UPDATE: I changed to three stars after being forced to buy a whole box of coils that did not fit my device, and then being told I was stuck with them!

Review №2

These guys rock. Great variety and amazing costumer service. The facility has plenty of space and a foosball table. They also have a military 10% discount. Thanks Josh for the support, the smiles and the great service. Keep up the great work and dedication. I’ll be coming back. God bless you guys!

Review №3

Just moved from out of state and this is by far the best shop I’ve been to. Lots of great options and their in-house juices are fantastic!

Review №4

Knowledgeable, Super nice and helpful. Great prices!!?

Review №5

I would recommend anybody using vape to this store. They are super friendly and knowledgeable. I have tried cape stores everywhere and Perfect Alternatives by far have the cheapest prices for the same e-juices everyone carries. I am never paying almost double for the same brand!

Review №6

I haven’tSmoked an e-cigarette in over two years but I decided today that I wanted to go invest again. my experience was unbelievable I was educated with new products I ended up buying a mod some juice a battery and i met blake, who was incredibly helpful. For me this is the number one recommend shop that I would go to in the greater Denver area

Review №7

Pricing is great. However the selection of gear and juices are suffering compared to smaller, less professionally prepared shops. The best part of this shop used to be its employees. Unfortunately, the people that I used to love coming to buy products from are no longer there, and have been replaced with pushy, know-it-all sales people.

Review №8

Great service. Prices are great as well.

Review №9

People are super friendly and great to ask questions. I would def recommend.

Review №10

Great clean place, had all kinds of options. Highly recommend

Review №11

This place has what I needed. The girl who attended me was polite and recommended a good products.

Review №12

There are vape shops much closer to me but I choose to go to Perfect Alternatives because of the great customer service I have received from Jordan! This shop does have good deals but I choose to go here because Jordan makes me actually feel like a valued customer and makes my day better everytime! Hes an incredibly and genuinely nice person and just as equally knowledgeable about the products! I havent worked with anyone else at the shop but imagine its the same kinda customer service focused culture that Jordan encompasses!

Review №13

Awesome store, the employee working was really helpful and the selection was wide helping me to find the right flavors i was looking for.

Review №14

I work at the pet store next door and come in atleast once a week, The two gentleman that normally work there Matt, and the other taller african American gentleman are awesome! They are always super helpful and knowledgeable. I would give 5 stars but the last couple days theres been a new blonde girl there that has been basically useless anytime I go in when shes there. She never knows where anything is or even knows of they have what Im looking for. One of my coworkers went in once while she was there and she was asleep on the couch. The guys working there are awesome but that girl kinda sucks, and I hate going in when shes there. Otherwise I always have a good experience here!

Review №15

Wonderful customer service and just overall very friendly and likeable staff!!! Definitely going back!

Review №16

EITHER HIRE HELP OR CLOSE THE STORE DOWN!!! My lady and four other people waited over 10 minutes before leaving because theres a sign on the door saying USING BATHROOM BE BACK IN FIVE. My time is money and I dont like it being wasted. Get the point owner???

Review №17

The costumer service was great! Those guys really know their stuff! They are really good at making a connection with everybody. They also helped me which is good because I knew nothing about this stuff. They helped me choose a mod and gave me advice on which flavors to try. I cant wait to go back and try new flavors. It was a great experience! Good job and keep up the good work guys!

Review №18

I had a great first experience here and will definitely be returning. I made the decision to quit smoking and the staff was immediately helpful and supportive. They were able to find me an affordable and effective e-cigarette for me quickly and had me test it before buying it to make sure it worked.Clean and welcoming atmosphere in the store without too much going on to confuse someone new to e-cigarettes like myself. There seemed to be a testing table where other customers were able to try new juice flavors before buying, but I did not utilize that during my first visit.Great place to go for e-cigarettes and juice for them, especially as someone new to them like me.

Review №19

I just want to say...Im from the Deep South where store employees just tend to look at you blankly and wait for you to attempt to purchase things, while avoiding all conversation.The employee in here was blindsidingly nice.And the atmosphere in this store is Weirdly comfortable.No complaints...the pet store next door has a random sitting area in it that weirded me out too.But, you we are.

Review №20

I walked into Perfect Alternatives knowing absolutely nothing about electronic cigarettes, yet walked out feeling like a pro! All thanks to the incredible staff! Nick was extremely knowledgeable and patient, answering all of my 1200 questions with ease! 😁 Jeremiah was also very friendly and helpful! And as if that werent enough to get me back in the store, i compared prices with neighboring shops and PA is without a doubt the best deal! I couldnt be happier with my new setup, thanks for everything guys!!

Review №21

They shouldn’t even get a one star. First off P.A blows. Second off they been saying over a year now oh we’re gonna get new stuff in call a week later never do I called today guy was rude. How in the hell can you run a Business. When you all you sell is house juice and only one type of coil. How can you keep people around when all you do is make them go somewhere else. All perfect alternatives. BLOWS!!!! You are turning into a ma pa show don’t know what your doing around here.

Review №22

Great customer service. Went into the Parker shop and the mod tech was informative and helpful. Loved that the shop was clean and inviting. Our new go-to for vape!

Review №23

Ive been going to this perfect alternatives about two years now. Josh and mike are great people always helping me out if I have issues if my tank is leaking. Always friendly willing to go the extra mile and help me out. Over all two good employees you have. I look forward coming back and buying juice and coils from them.

Review №24

This place is awesome! I went with my buddy a couple weeks ago for sure my favorite place to go if Im ever need of more juice. For someone whos new to vaping they will definitely give you the info you need in a nice and comfortable manner.

Review №25

I love this place. They have knowledgeable very friendly staff. An excellent variety of good. They well show you everything you need for your setup and how it works. They have an outstanding level of customer service. They will also help you customize the experience with your setup so that it is tailored specifically for your needs and wants. Continue to be excellent.

Review №26

Josh who works here is awesome. Super friendly and always ready with options when I’m ready to venture out!!Great store with great products

Review №27

Super awesome shop. Always really helpful and all around great guys. They answer any questions I have and recommend awesome juices.

Review №28

I came in after one of the pieces I bought was malfunctioning; josh was completely understanding and completely replaced it without any complications. Love going in here and i don’t have anything negative to say about them.

Review №29

Ive been coming here since they opened and have only great things to say about BOTH Perfect Alternative locations. Like all the reviews Ive read, I agree that their customer service is top notch, and every employee Ive been helped by is knowledgeable, friendly, not pushy, good attitude and they seem to genuinely want to help you and make your experience 5 star. Go in and check them out...but just know that once you do, you wont be going anywhere else. Thanks

Review №30

Wow what a great store I truly appreciate the guys explaining all about vape such as battery safety coils mods and pod systems....They got me into a mod I wanted and feel safe to vape...Also had a great selection of house juice to choose very up scale store to visit... thanks guys truly made good impression on me I will return for hardware and juice....

Review №31

Absolutely love this place! Excellent staff & prices have kept me going here for a while now. Love their juice selection, too. Would recommend to anyone!

Review №32

Within two weeks of stepping into this place, I had quit smoking for good, and that is truly what I love about these guys; not that they sold their product well but they love to tell you everything about it! Jeremiah is a great employee, I recommend you talk to him if you need anything, that or Nick if hes there. Both of them have been a supreme help to me in making my first build, finding the right parts and they even have a fine quality premium dripping juice. Get their strawberry-bananna!

Review №33

The products are always from a well selected, high quality range of gear. All of the staff is super friendly and helpful, Trevor and Richard are the faces I see most because of my work schedule. Awesome place!

Review №34

Always helpful!!! Very Knowledgeable about their products. Thanks for everything....every time I go in.

Review №35

As a first time customer. These guys were extremely helpful with choosing a new device. Coming from someone who has spent so much on black n milds, to changing to a vape pin.. it as definitely been easy. Knowledgeable in every aspect..

Review №36

Bought battery that stopped working after a week. They replaced it which was cool...but the replacement did the same thing after 2 weeks and the guy wouldnt refund/exchange. Wont be going back or referring anyone here.

Review №37

This shop has a very limited amount of merchandise and the last two times I went there I bought vape Juice they ta sd Ted like cough syrup because the guy who sold it to me told me it was great. Honestly I think he was just trying to get rid of it because it sat on the shelf for too long so he recommended it to me thats awful

Review №38

Bought a vape and accessories. This is the SECOND time I have had a problem returning a defective vape to this store. They REFUSE that anything is wrong and insist its working perfectly. It wasnt holding a charge and it was very hard to vape it. I should mention Ive been vaping for over six years, so, ya... I know what Im doing. I will not be coming back. There are plenty of other vape shop that dont hassle you about a return. It says on the receipt may be a restocking fee... The guy said right to me that theydont charge if its defective... Hello.... But, hey, screw the customer when they have an issue bc factories NEVER ship defective product, right. Nice. Great job. I will blast this all over social media. Good luck. And yes, I did receive a refund after having to argue with the guy over and over that it was defective. I NEVER said I didnt receive a refund. I have my receipt, there should not be a hassle to return a defective product. Its not good customer service and you, OWNER, are proving my point. You dont see the issue with the customer being told the device is working perfectly fine over and over after you are telling them its not. You may know how to sell product, you know NOTHING of customer service. You cant fix what you cant understand. You will not get my business not any of my friends.

Review №39

Great products and juice selection. But the best part is there customer service. These guys are happy to help whether youre looking for your first mod, or an experienced vaper. Ask fot Josh.

Review №40

P.A is awesome! Very helpful, nice, and just down right friendly. They have awesome customer service and are professional in what they do. I would recommend this place to any vaper!

Review №41

Hands down the best place to go for vape. Best customer service Ive had with nick, and Jeremiah for my health . I would recommend anyone to come to this store. I havent had any bad experiences with any juices or any of the mods that they have. Some juice I would recommend is Sammi puffs, golden, or good vibes with the 200w snow wolf and the alliance. Its a very clean and well organized store. I always feel welcome when I come in. They have the best contact with there costumers.

Review №42

People are nice and I like the juice. Bought a $60 unit that stopped working / did not recognize the coil in it. Went in about every week 3 weeks in a row. They did sell me a different coil, the thought that this was the problem. Shorty the whole unit stopped working again. By this time the guy told me that its now 3 weeks old and it cant be refunded or replaced. He try to sell me a different $20 juice because he thought that this was the issue now...They are all about the money and they for sure will try to sell you everything as long as you let them! Rip off store!!!

Review №43

Perfect Alternatives is such an amazing store!! Theyve always rebuilt my mods and helped me understand the vaping world, my buddy Amanda is one of the accountants there!They have the best juices and the best prices!

Review №44

Very helpful knowledgable staff. A bit more expensive then online but the prices are not outrageous considering you get the convenience of getting your items right when you purchase it. They have a nice little rewards program. Even after having a slight issue with an rda I purchased they fixed the problem with no fuss unlike some other stores where if you have an issue they say to contact the manufacturer and refuse to help. Overall, great place. If you havent been there, even if you dont need anything, go in, chat with the staff and find something new on their shelves that you didnt go in needing but youll probably exit with!

Review №45

Miguel is a great help with choosing vape juices and also puts on a dance show. He’s always in a great mood and makes it a great expierence every time.

Review №46

Amazing service, incredible flavors, knowledgeable staff, friendly environment, and totally awesome!! Love this place. Only been to the parker location twice, but loved it there too. Im partial to the Aurora store, though. Matt and Jeremiah are so helpful and didnt judge me when I asked for the kindergarten explanation of stuff lol

Review №47

Very impolite staff. Also knowing what simiular stores are around you and your competition with them to better help your customers would be highly appreciated.

Review №48

Customer service is great and they have probably the best price and selection on juices.

Review №49

They just try to rip you off if they feel you dot know any better. bunch of kids usually working, they arent very professional.

Review №50

Always friendly and helpful staff. They always have what Im looking for. They are the reason why I quit smoking

Review №51

Purchased a flavor I wasn’t happy with. Went back in and they offered a refund or different one. No questions asked. Thanks

Review №52

My go to place for all my vaping needs advice and laughter. Thanks guys!

Review №53

The gentlemen at Perfect Alternatives are always really pleasant, super helpful, and more knowledgeable than other vape shops Ive been to around Denver. I go out of my way to shop here, if youre looking for a vape shop, you cant go wrong with PA!

Review №54

Those guys know what theyre talking about. Make sure to register in the loyalty points program called five stars I guess, and Ive noticed its shared between most vape shops around town.

Review №55

The best place to get what you need. Great deals and extremely helpful and knowlegable staff. I have never left this store without what i wanted. Highly recomended!!!!

Review №56

Awesome staff! extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Review №57

My favorite place to buy vaping supplies.

Review №58

Its my go to spot! Always have best prices and they use the 5star app reward system.

Review №59

This place helped me find a good set up at a decent price without throwing anything I didnt need at me highly recommend this place to first time goers and experienced vapers!!

Review №60

This a great store with knowledgable associates and friendly faces. Great customer service!

Review №61

I refuse to go anywhere else except for here great staff knowledgeable educated and fun to be around

Review №62

Perfect Alternatives is my favorite vape shop. The employees get to know you and you become part of a family. Their prices are always competitive, they always have sales and deals. Cool vape parties too! Always keeping up with the future of vaping and supplying us with the newest coolest juices and accessories. They make it fun! Love you boys! JR and Tim

Review №63

Amazing experience the first time i visited the store. Professional service and i will def be returning.

Review №64

Best shop around. Great service nice selection. Best juices around!

Review №65

Great place and customer service . Very clean and organized

Review №66

Amazing shop, everything you wanted you will finded here

Review №67

This is the best place around for anything vape!

Review №68

Purchased a Sigelei J150 three months back, this past week had problems with any atomizer put on it not registering. Went into the shop to inquire about what might be causing the issue, employee working there ended up cracking the atomizer I brought with me. Honestly just irritated that I spent $100 on a setup with them only for it to be defective and have my tank broken too.

Review №69

Ive been going here since they opened the doors jr and tim are good guys to say the least they hire a great staff. The also stay ahead of the trends to keep the best possible product on the shelf. From house juces to premiums they have a great selection. Its been a true pleasure to watch this place grow and evolve over the years. None of there staff walk around thinking there gods gift to the vaping community. Thanks for your commitment to providing the best service the right way.

Review №70

I am so disappointed. Firstly I must say I was only in this shop once. And after I explain why I wont return you will understand why it was a one stop shop for me... I go in late one evening just before close and I purchased a vape box and tank for $160. I grabbed juice and then almost walked out when I decided to ask the guy to demonstrate the new purchase he then says to me... Well you need a battery and those are another $16.00. Unimpressed with this obvious lack in customer service I purchased a battery to go with my all in one unit i was just sold.. Heres what happened next.... I go home... I start doing product authentication online with aspire and I turn up information on aspires website stating that I have a cloned faked replica of their product... WOW.... Thanks alot for the rip off and thanks alot for the fake imitation products... Im checking with my credit card company to see if this purchase can be disputed due to the fact that I was sold inferior imitation (likely dangerous) products. Wish I could upload the screen shots of the website and receipt.

Review №71

Very polite lady on staff.

Review №72

Always helpful, always friendly. I drive out of my way just to see the guys that work here

Review №73

I first called for a friend to find out if they have two flavors she wanted me to pick up. Jeremiah answered and physically looked at what he had and let me know what sizes of each were available. Perfect customer service.I walked in to buy the juice for her and there was jeremiahs sincere face. We started talked about how my kids wanted me to switch to vaping instead of smoking. Jeremiah emitted this hopefulness and positivity around making the switch and didnt treat me like Im not cool enough to understand this thing the kids are doing these days.Ive been in other vape stores filled with cocky salespeople and in one, one girl behind the corner couldnt say two words without vaping in my face. All I could think was I dont want to be like her!Jeremiah offered to just show me a couple set-ups so I could save up or make the decision later, I didnt feel pressured at all. I ended up getting a smaller pen for myself today. He was also really good at helping me pick a nicotine level and really asked questions so we could find flavors I like- I dont like sweet foods and he nailed what I would like.Thank you!! Cheers to better health and the best service Ive gotten in any kind of retail store in a long time.

Review №74

Says theyre open at 9 and they are NOT. Im pissed off I just sent my husband all the way over there only to find out they open at 10. Get your times right, very unprofessional

Review №75

Great place and very helpful, knowledgeable employees!

Review №76

I love going to this place! One of my best friends works here his name is Jeremiah and he has helped me and plenty of other people who go there! The atmosphere there is so friendly and energetic I have always loved going in there! If you ever get the chance to go in and check it out I would highly recommend it either for e juice or for an e cig or anything else like that! I never have been to a vape store where they are so friendly and welcoming either if you are an experienced vaper or not because I am sort of a Newby to vapping but Jeremiah and the rest of the crew there has always been so helpful for me!

Review №77

Great staff and pleasant environment due to lack of vape bros.

Review №78

BUYER BEWARE! COMPANY DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS.I was a smoker for 20 years and decided to give e-cigs a try. After reading the review on yelp, I gave these guys a try.The shop was clean and the nice young lady working there was informative, knowledgeable, and genuinely caring about what I was looking for and recommended a Kangertech Subox Mini ($95 at tier store, $20 cheaper at their other competitors). Since she was so helpful, I purchased the unit and a couple 30ml bottles of juice I was able to try. I left overall pleased with my experience and stopped in for coils and some more juice over the next week and a half. Thats the end of my positive experience.After exactly 19 days, my unit stopped charging. It would display that it was charging, but the unit would not work when plugged in either. I purchased another battery and plugged that one in. I charged the unit overnight and it showed it was charging. I unplugged the unit and the battery was dead.I live about 20 minutes away, but I went down to the store with my receipt in hand. I figured they were so nice when I bought the unit. I was mistaken.I walked in and the guy that greeted me at the counter(I never had seen him in there before) was intially polite. That is, until he heard I had a problem. He asked to see the unit and after I handed it to him, he plugged it in and smugly said looks like its charging to me. Once I told him to try turning the unit on, he got to see my issue and asked for my receipt. After I handed it to him, he did his best Office Space impression by saying Yeah. . . . . so, its past the 7 day return period, so you are out of luck. It still vapes, so it works to me. I can sell you a different unit or an external chargerI HAD THE UNIT FOR EXACTLY 20 DAYS!His response:Yeah. . . . . well, if you read your receipt, you would see that there are no returns after 7 days. Im sorryWhen I told him that all his competitors offer 30 day warranties he shrugged and stated that it was his ownerships policy and all he could do is either sell me a new unit or take $2.00 of a battery charger. I asked about Kangers 6 month return policy and he said that was my responsibility and he could not help.I got immediately suspicious of a company that refuses to stand behind their products and was wondering if they were selling cheap knockoff units. Luckly, I checked my unit with Kanger and it IS authentic and I am dealing with them on a replacement.Bottom Line, the guy was a real A$$. Couple that with a company that refuses to stand behind their product or even assist a steady customer with an issue.I just cant support that, so I will shop elsewhere and I will be sure to tell the 6 others I sent there to do the same.

Review №79

Vaping has changed my life. I used to smoke a pack a day, and used to shell out huge money to BIG TOBACCO. As I started learning more and more about all of the possibilities vaping can provide, I, like many, started to consider vaping a hobby. Ive noticed a trend in friends and acquaintances who have gone down or are going down this same path: they are passionate about it. Thats why I appreciate walking into a business like Perfect Alternatives. These guys are passionate and knowledgeable, but most importantly, are there to assist you with making the right choices and helping you with your vaping needs.Trust me. Being a relatively newfangled technology, there are many choices when it comes to finding the best equipment to help you transition from smoke and tar to clean vapor, and youre gonna have some questions. Know what an RBA, RDA, Clearomizer, Mech Mod, or Kayfun is? What about a 18500 vs. an 18650? What nicotine strength should you start with? Yeah... I didnt know either. The employees at PA are help you out all the way.Ive visited many-a-vapeshop along the front range, but this store seems to have something the other guys dont: A great atmosphere with knowledgeable employees who really pull it all together for a good experience.If you want wholesale prices and a sterile environment, go buy your stuff on eBay. At the end of the day youll end up wasting (A LOT OF) your money on junk like I did. If you want the true experience, where you can touch, taste and feel the products and have some real pros give you their input on the hundreds of vaping options, then visit Perfect Alternatives.Once you are on board, and enjoying the vaping experience, you wont even miss cigarettes. That is really a great feeling (remember I smoked a pack a day for years and years), Not to mention the feeling of being able to breathe again, not hacking up a lung in the morning, not smelling like an ashtray, not having to go have a cig in freezing cold weather, no longer burning your cars upholstery Etc. Etc. Etc.To the guys at Perfect Alternatives, thanks for doing a great job making a difference, and keep fighting the good fight!

Review №80

Went in not knowing a thing about mods and a guy named Travis (I believe was his name) sat there and patiently helped me learn the things I needed to know set me right and thought me how to make coils absolutely recommend going here if you arent up to dates and need some info to get vaping!

Review №81

Very helpful staff, Willing to answer questions for the beginner or the advanced. I know multiple people who have quit smoking using their products.

Review №82

Really cant say how their business is because I arrive 15min after they were supposed to open and the lights were off, door locked.

Review №83

Awesome service awesome people awesome store

Review №84

Not very friendly, just a bad experience.

Review №85

Great staff, great products, great premiums, great place

Review №86

The sign on front door and hours open on internet say close at 8 PM. I went 2 days in a row now a little after 7 PM and they were closed. There was 2 people in the store, yet door was locked! I called when I got home and was told by Matt that Were closed...Winter hours, close at 7 PM. Ive been there after 7 PM numerous times since December 21st (when Winter started) yet NOW theyre closed!

Review №87

Thanks for staying late to swap out my atomizer Nick and Chris. Real stand up gents.

Review №88

Great staff and great liquid!

Review №89

Not worth your time

Review №90

Very chill and helpful

Review №91


Review №92

Dope place

Review №93

Friendly staff

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  • Address:13760 E Quincy Ave Unit 8-B, Aurora, CO 80015, United States
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  • Phone:+1 303-693-2578
  • Holistic medicine practitioner
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Working hours
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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