100 Chiropractic - Aurora
14261 E Cedar Ave Unit B, Aurora, CO 80012, United States

Review №1

If i could give a negative star, i would. It baffles me that i went to that place multiple times throughout my months of treatment, said bye to everyone on my last day, months have passed since i finished and just now was told that i owe $150+ for changing stores. Not once was i told when i changed stores, from ANYONE, that there would be a fee. I talked to a receptionist when i transferred, i checked out after every treatment, not once was i told i had a balance due. My last treatment ended in july and im just now getting charged?! Never even signed anything that stated i would get charged.

Review №2

I recently started going here and all the ladies are friendly and helpful. The environmental is welcoming and supportive. The adjustments are great and the massages are absolutely amazing! All the services provided compliment each other to help increase your quality of life. Would definitely recommend!

Review №3

The ladies here are awesome! Very friendly and professional. My 6 year old son and I both get adjusted and we feel great!

Review №4

Great service! No long waits. Professional staff⚘

Review №5

Started coming to this office not because of any major pain or problems, but rather for maintenance. They welcome you with your name on a chalkboard and with a friendly smile. The vibes are really good, as they play lively music and the greet you by name. But what it really comes down to is the work they do, from the evaluation, massages, and the actual adjustments. The cleanliness, the staff, and the pressure free payment plans are why I would highly recommend 100% Chiropractic in Aurora!

Review №6

I had my first visit on Saturday, and the girl who assisted me, I can’t remember her name, but she worked the front desk and she gave me a tour. She was super sweet and gave me a lot of insight and information. The doctor was nice as well. I can’t wait to make you guys my permanent chiropractor.

Review №7

Ive been hurting on my lower back and neck area. They helped my shoulder pain fade away. I always feel so good when they adjust me. They really know their stuff.

Review №8

The staff is great here, they are so friendly and always happy to help with anything. I recently received a massage from Barbara and it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had! 10/10 recommend 😊

Review №9

This place is nice and friendly. They are professional and efficient. The only reason I wouldn’t give 5 stars is for the lack of space and privacy. They sometimes have a lot of clients at once and you are waiting and it’s crowded. It’s like a community chiropractor. However, it’s affordable and I am still getting taken care of and I see improvements in my posture.

Review №10

Please get a second opinion. I was told a ton of super scary things that I’m still struggling with mentally because they scared me into thinking I was way worse than I was. I don’t know if it was intentional but I got multiple opinions from other places and none of them were as terrible of a diagnosis as here. If anything just consider getting another opinion. I was almost “scammed” into spending almost $5k in the next year with them. I’m not sure if scammed is the right word but that’s 100% what it felt like.

Review №11

All of the staff are so friendly (and super patient with my crazy toddler). Its such a welcoming environment for all ages. Definitely recommend!

Review №12

Hi I want to share my experience. When I start this process I can’t even sleep because my back and arms hurts also my lower back. The type of work I do demand to use arms,legs,back . That’s the reason I decide to look for options to field better and I found 100% was a great choice. Now I sleep better my back and arms are better to. This therapies and massage really helps I know it’s a process but until now going better every day . Thank you again to 100%. I really recommend. their professionals with very good attitude 😊

Review №13

My first time at this office was great! I was greeted immediately, offered coffee or water and had a great conversation with Briyana. She did amazing and I am looking forward to my next visit!

Review №14

Great Staff. Great doctors. The doctors are very attentive and take the time to explain all your questions. They genuinely care about your well being!

Review №15

Amazing staff. The Drs are thorough and efficient. Highly recommend.

Review №16

Dr Yahdi has been amazing! She truly cares about her patients and is always happy to see you. I’ve seen so much improvement in my posture, as well as pain levels, and have been able to get more and more active. One of the best investments I’ve made for my health!

Review №17

All of the staff at 100% Chiropractic are the best. With never seeing a chiropractor before everyone put my apprehension at ease. Everyone on the staff knows me by name and you can feel the good energy as soon as you walk in the office. Like I said this was my first chiropractor experience but Dr. Yahdi and Dr. Klariss are the Best!

Review №18

Terrible customer service.I signed up for a promo last year as a new patient. Promo came with x-rays a massage and an adjustment for like $60 bucksI thought that sounded amazing!I got my adjustment. And had to come in at a later date for the biggieSo I also booked for another adjustment at the later date.At the time of appointment I got the massage first and was then supposed to get an adjustment.Well during the massage, I guess It was lunch time. I came out of the room and the whole office was gone and the doors were locked, the massage therapist and I were locked inside an empty office . She also said they take lunch time very serious, and all go together and take a 2 hour lunch break. The massage therapist had to unlock the door to the office to let me outSo I never got the 2nd adjustment that I had an appointment for. I called and left a voicemail and no one ever called back.It was all just very strangeCome to find out they were just in a competition with another 100% Chiro store for who could sign up the most new customers .

Review №19

I worked with Yahdi and her family to book them a few vacations. It was wonderful working with her as her travel agent. She was very responsive and was easy to work with. I was grateful for her support in working with me and my local business during this tough time being a travel agent. The next time I need chiropractic help, Im definitely working with her!

Review №20

They are all very nice and considerate

Review №21

I have had significant improvement with my headaches and neck pain in the last two months of treatments. The staff is friendly, the providers love what they do and it shows. I would recommend this location to anyone looking to improve or maintain the overall health of their body. Thank you 100% Chiropractic!!

Review №22

Highly highly recommended!! First of all the staff make you feel welcomed the moment you walk in they acknowledge your presence until the moment you exit to leave. Customer service is not only a big plus but the knowledge the two doctors and the masseuse they have is unbelievable.. I signed up about a month ago and already feel a difference in my posture, less body aches, sleeping better and etc. This is based on the adjustments however Barbara the massuse has also implemented her magic hands greatly towards my whole neck and back releasing the tight knotts and muscle aches Ive carried for many years. I cannot thank enough the whole team, my well being has changed since then.

Review №23

I love this place. Overall just a great and warm welcoming place to go. I have a pretty bad neck and so far it’s been a pleasant experience. But let me tell you about THE MASSAGE. The man that did my massage was INCREDIBLE. I haven’t felt so free in a long time. My body feels like a strong but loose noodle. It was amazing. If anything, you should go get a massage because if you are feeling tense and stressed everyday, you wont after getting one of those bad boys. LOVE IT.

Review №24

Appreciate the incredibly friendly office staff and the expertise of the chiropractors. They are very flexible to work with you and scheduling appointments. Excellent communication and follow-up!

Review №25

I love both Doctors and the masseuse Barbara. Theyve helped me with my scoliosis. I came in to control the pain and they told me they couls fix it without surgery and they have. I havent had any pain at all, my back and knees feel way better. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, if my family lived here i would make sure they were patients at 100% chiropractic!

Review №26

The best chiropractor in Denver period! She does a fantastic job and her staff is amazing. Thank you all do for me and my family.

Review №27

Awesome place very friendly and professional they take of you like family

Review №28

Been suffering from neck and shoulder pain more than a year and alot of it went away in my second visit. Looking forward to go for next visit

Review №29

Ever since coming here my back feels amazing, both the Cotto Chiropractors are amazing, and the massages are out of this world. For the first time since my motorcycle accident more than 10 years ago i am finally pain free.Would recommend 100%

Review №30

I love this place! Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, & welcoming, remembering your name and taking great care of your specific needs. I highly recommend!!

Review №31

Best gals, one sweet n tenderly manipulates ya, the other gets right in there n cracks ya where ya need it. Honestly stick with the girls, the ones from other locations just don’t quite crack it.

Review №32

The waiting was a bit long and stressful. I was told I had to be here not a minute late or my appointment would be canceled and rescheduled.The treatment, once recieved, was absolutely phenomenal. I learned so much about my body, and I feel confident with the diagnosis and treatment plan. Dr. Yhadi is amazing to work with.

Review №33

Ive been coming for over a year this place works wonders!

Review №34

Love this place! Always so welcoming.Everyone is super friend and family friendly. Doctors are great and have seen great Improvement and have less main in lower back since being seen.

Review №35

Exelente service and the personal is super nice

Review №36

The staff are so friendly and helpful

Review №37

I have back issues that Ive dealt with for yrs. However, I have not been able to find me a chiropractor that I will trust. This office used more of a holistic approach to chiropractic. Shes a wonderful Dr and takes time to make each patient feel like they get ALL her attention. They do patients of every age! I have also been going through some intestinal problems for the last 2yrs. Thanks to DR. Yahdi and ongoing adjustments, my intestines are finally starting to get back in order. There office staff is great and they have a massage therapy in the office as well. Easy to get a walk in appointment and VERY reasonable on cash payments basis too! I cant say enough good about this office!

Review №38

Loved my visits, The staff is very helpful and very nice, I intend to go back soon

Review №39

🥇🏆🏅 Best Doc around!! If you want a natural path to health Dr.Yahdi is the person to guide you! Do your research and ask questions! She is always there with helpful information and tips for a healthier you!! We love being a part of the family at 100%!!! 😘

Review №40

Dude honestly, I love this place. So much . The staff really seems to care about you and your well being, where Ive seen other chiropractors just rub your back, pat it down and send you on your way with out something as small as even an xray done. 100% chiro literally gives you I FEEL, the best treatment possible starting with the way they greet you down to the last goodbye! When I started, the receptionist (god I always forget her name but the blonde curly haired peppy lady) walked me through and explained each part of their office to me, then she sat me down and explained the spine and how it functions/why its important, took xrays, weighed me and dr. Yahdi came in and she talked to me as well which was very in depth. Every other appointment after has been the highest quality whether Ive been adjusted by Dr. Yahdi or her sister Dr. Klarisse, or massaged by Barbara, or given my vitamins by Nicole and the other receptionists. Weve only been working together for about a month or so and my daily almost migraines have faded, I have more energy during the day, and I am slowly working out for my health. I will be recommending this place to anyone in or around aurora and I highly suggest you check out your local 100% because if its anything like mine, you wont leave unimpressed, OR hurting! :-) i really do wish i could give more than 5 stars! THANK YOU 100!! you truly go over 100% with peopl .

Review №41

Mixed feelings about this place. I liked being there but it really felt like pondering for “alternative Medicine” and more “salesy” than medical. The chiropractor hinted at treating patients from cancer (she was very careful about her wording) & that mass shootings happen because of bad spine alignment lol she also talked about previous patients that couldn’t use one leg and with her help they got better with no evidence.Everyone is super nice.. maybe too nice and involved? It just gave me a bad feeling about the place.After my adjustment I was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep well for a week. However, I was already in pain so I’m not sure if it was just increased due to the adjustment or me being paranoid about it. I’ve had better and worse adjustments from other chiropractors.Advice: in the “empowerment” session, include before & after pictures & X-rays

Review №42

Have been to several different places. None were as good as Dr Yahdi. Completely changed my daily life routine. I can exercise without pain I sleep through the night without hurting in the morning. Shoulder and back pain is rarely an issue anymore. The staff is great! Highly recommend it!Frank Quintana

Review №43

Love, love, love this service!! I have referred this company to many of my friends. The staff is extremely helpful and courteous. They make you feel like family! I have not only adjusted my back 100 percent I have improved my health 100 percent. I have helped my whole family improve their health with all thanks and gratitude to Dr. Yahdi for working with us on our financial plan! Thank you team for your wonderful services and welcoming personalities.

Review №44

Advertises pseudo science. They claim they can help with allergies...a claim that is not backed up by peer reviewed research. Save your money and get actual medical care.Numerous controlled clinical studies of treatments used by chiropractors have been conducted, with conflicting results.[5] Systematic reviews of this research have not found evidence that chiropractic manipulation is effective, with the possible exception of treatment for back pain.[5] A critical evaluation found that collectively, spinal manipulation was ineffective at treating any condition.

Review №45

There was a few minutes wait. The staff is very friendly and caring. The doctor listens carefully and asks pertinent questions. She definitely knows what shes doing. The only thing I would like changed is for the doc to spend more time straightening me out. Maybe Ill ask her...

Review №46

Dr. Yahdi is SO knowledgeable and makes you EXTREMELY comfortable on EVERY appointment. Everyone in the office greets you by name, knows your personal goals, and ensures you have all your questions answered. I recommend this office to ANY and EVERYONE that needs chiropractic care.. even if it’s just maintenance care.

Review №47

Good docs and they take good care of you

Review №48

Great Quiropractor who work with passion and lots of dedication.

Review №49

This was the first chiropractor Ive ever been to and I have to say at first I was nervous not knowing what to expect. I came in for an evaluation and the staff was very friendly and answered all my questions. They happily and clearly explained anything to me that I didnt understand and made sure that I understood what they had told me.I ended up finding out that my back was in terrible shape and they put me on a program to immediately start fixing it.Before treatment I had chronic headaches and back pain, now nearly a year later. Im walking better, my posture has improved immensely, no more headaches, no more back pain! I still come in once a week and plan to keep attending 100% Chiropractic for the foreseeable future to come.The office is open, clean, and always maintained. Dr. Yahdi is always friendly, knowledgeable, and makes a connection with her patients; the receptionists do as well! I always look forward to my appointments here.I highly recommend 100% to anyone looking for a chiropractor; they changed my life!

Review №50

This place is the best ever. The staff is always friendly and on top of getting me scheduled.I had persistent migraines and after just a few weeks they stopped! Its been a few months and my posture, energy levels, and mood have been overall stellar! Highly recommend.

Review №51

Just WOW. I had my first adjustment today by Dr. Yahdi. She was amazing. Her detail in the evaluation as well as in her adjustment shows that she truly wants to help her clients. I have been to a number of chiropractors before and nobody has ever adjusted me the way Dr. Yahdi did. Some chiro offices make you feel like youre being shuffled in and out with what feels like a very basic and generic adjustment. Not this place! My adjustment was tailored down to the exact vertebrae and muscle attachments. The treatment plan even includes supplements and specific exercise equipment. They set you up for success every step of the way.I am beyond pleased with 100% Chiropractic. I will be continuing my chiropractic journey with them and look forward to being 100%. 😉

Review №52

Chiropractors are a scary place to have to go. They make you feel at ease, they are very thorugh with xrays, assessments and education. Love going here.

Review №53

This place is great!

Review №54

Changing our lives! They are caring and listen. So glad we took a chance!

Review №55

The best chiropractor I’ve ever been to! Have had back issues my whole life, scoliosis, and I never knew how bad it actually was until I came to 100%. I’ve seen chiropractors since I was 12 years old, and I’ve never had a doctor go to the extent that Dr. Yahdi does to give you a detailed description of what’s occurring with your body. She even does X-rays, body scans, and posture measurements to help you see and understand exactly what is causing pain. This is NOT your quick fix place, as it’s required you get these measurements/x-rays and consultation with Dr. Yahdi as your first appointment before you can be adjusted (the next appointment). If you’re ready to get to the root of the real problem, this is the best doctor for the job. Plus, all the employees here are fantastic and are the epitome of welcoming and friendly! So thankful I found 100% Chiropractic!

Review №56

I love this place. I currently go here to get my adjustments done and the staff is great and understanding. They make sure that you are comfortable and explain the process of getting you back to being you so very well. I would recommend 100% Chiropractic to anyone.

Review №57

I have been seeing Dr. Summer for my chiropractic issues for pain and alignment issues since her office opened. She is a professional and makes you feel like Im her only patient. She is very attentive and takes the time to educate me on what my issues are as well as what she is doing to fix those issues. She always greets me with a smile and knows what she is doing as a chiropractic professional.I highly recommend Dr. Summer for your chiropractic care.

Review №58

My husband & I absolutely love 100% Chiropractic! We saw a primary doctor, a spine specialist, & another chiropractor for my husbands back problems and after barely even examining him, we were told that there was nothing that could be done. He spent 5 years in pain before we decided to try one more time. Dr. Yahdi did a full examination, X-rays & a complete evaluation and discovered that everything was completely fixable. She has been able to start the process to correct everything and in just 2 weeks, he’s already noticing major improvement. Everyone in the office is wonderful and so helpful. We highly recommend this office. We will never go anywhere else.

Review №59

100% Chiropractic staff are amazing. I just started getting adjustments done and I can already fill the difference. Im very thankful for Dr. Yahdi.

Review №60

Everyone was super friendly!!

Review №61

This is my first experience with a chiropractor although Ive needed it for years. Im so grateful Ive finaly started treatment in a great place! Im used to experiencing sciatic pain every night... after less than a month Im already getting relief and my overall sense of well being is improving. Thank you Dr. Yahdi and your excellent team. P.S. If youre looking for a massage therapist with a healing touch that will rock your world look no further than Barb, amazing!!!

Review №62

Passionate and personable doctor and staff. Definitely worth visiting if you are in need of chiropractic treatment.

Review №63

They do really good help you get adjusted really well and there alignments are nice and there massages are relaxing!🤪💯

Review №64

Dr. Yahdi and the whole staff at this location are amazing! Shes helped so many issues Ive been having and I already feel so much better! I highly recommend her services! They are so accommodating to my crazy schedule and I so appreciate it!

Review №65

These people are crooks. I was about to get a groupon for an exam and 3 adjustments, but they told me just to pay them the money and theyd honor it. I went in for the initial exam and expected to have an adjustment done, but no adjustment was done and I could tell from the exam that they were unqualified. So I asked for my money back and to cancel the adjustments and they refused. I got my bank to get me my money back, but now 100% chiro is sending me to collections so they can keep the full amount of my money with no actual services being done. Steer clear, these people are just after your money.

Review №66

I absolutely love Dr. Yahdi and the receptionists here. I have been coming here for a few months and feel a significant improvement in my back and hip pain.

Review №67

Nothing but positive things to say! So far, so good! About a month in and my ONLY complaints areA) me wanting more adjustments 😃 and B) Medicaid not covering chiropractic. Clearly thats on Medicaid, not up to 100% Chiro. Theyre Great!Im on my way!!

Review №68

Never seen Dr Yahdi or the stuff in a bad mood. Always smiling and happy. I am thankful to have such great chiropractor

Review №69

Great place friendly staff and knowledgeable

Review №70

Everyone there is very friendly and loves having you around. I always feel welcome and afterwards I feel better. I recommend this place very much.

Review №71

They helped get my body back into alignment and feeling better. I learned more about how the body works and how to prevent further back and joint pain. I still go there regularly for massages.

Review №72

Dr Yahdi has been amazing with the care of my back. She is the only doctor to take the time and show me on the x-rays why my back hurts with just two adjustments I feel so much better she is worth every penny that you spend

Review №73

The level of care in the office is outstanding!!!! Dr. Yahdi was able to correct my spine and now Im happy with my adjustments. They are really professional. Highly recommend them!

Review №74

Incredibly knowledgeable and the best patient care Ive ever experienced

Review №75

I love this place and the staff! Everyone is so friendly!

Review №76

4 stars because my favorite masseuse left and its been tough booking a massage since. Other than that, my visits have been quick and efficient.

Review №77

These ladies are amazing!!! Dr Yahdi is a great doctor and is very helpful on improving your health. highly recommended this place!

Review №78

100% Chiropractic is awesome. I had a pretty messed up upper back, and had headaches 4-5 days out of the week. Dr. Yahdi and her staff are very friendly and helpful. Im now down to 0-1 headaches a week and getting better every day! I picked this place on a whim, and I am glad I did!

Review №79

Dr. Summer is very nice. She is also a bit of a Holistic Care sort of person.If you just need to get your back cracked dont come here, go to the Joint.

Review №80

I like it so much its comfortable and relaxing place.good jub DR

Review №81

Love this place they always are taking great care of me and never have to wait for the dr.

Review №82

Place is good and clean, nice staff, but i think that some training can go a long way. they get their dates messed up sometimes, then they call trying to re-schedule for a different time, not cool. Plus they told a family member that it would take a year of apointments at 300+ dollars a month...not sure......thats my opinion.

Review №83

These ladies are awesome, I would recommend anyone to try them, they offer baby messages, I walked in with very bad back pain and walked out with not pain and walking straighter, you should always live life at 100%

Review №84

I have a good ol’ fashioned military back and the crew at 100% Chiro are helping me feel better every time I come in!

Review №85

Dr. Yahdi is amazing! My back was really messed up from a car accident and she was able to get me feeling good again. I recommend her to all my friends.

Review №86

An amazing team. Great location. I really recommend it.

Review №87

Great place! Very comfortable, and the staff is very friendly. Dr. Yahdi is amazing!

Review №88

** Review was edited based on additional information I received from the company.I live in Texas, but am in CO about half the month for my work in clinical research and wanted to find a chiro here so that I could take care of it during the week to spend weekends with my family since I’m only really home on the weekends.Scheduled with them as part of their new patient program which was supposed to include x-rays, an evaluation, and a 1 hour massage. Was told over the phone that I had to wait a week, as my appointment had to be later in the day as the doctor had to meet with me individually.I thought that was fine and was excited to try some more in depth work to address my back, shoulder, and hip pain that I’ve been dealing with for years (having tried lots of other chiropractors).Arrived and the place was full of people, with kids running around and screaming. I got taken on a “tour” , where they immediately gave me a sales pitch about the products they sell.Then I had an interview with their front desk staff, but never spoke to the doctor or the masseuse.After the interview and the xrays they took, I walked back up to the front desk to give them my insurance info for future visits only to find that not only would I not be adjusted that day, I would have to wait until the 9th of November to get seen as the only times for the “empowerment” meeting were 9am or 2pm (my job does not normally allow me to leave in the middle of the day and 100% had NO flexibility on this), but I was planning on changing my travel arrangements to stay in Colorado for the visit.The staff was not very understanding that I wasn’t able to leave work in the middle of the day to make these appointments and got irritated when I said I didn’t want to try another location in my home state as I have very limited time at home with my family and a trip to the nearest 100% would take up basically an entire day.Overall it felt like a scam just to get me in the door, especially when they told me that the massage wasn’t even guaranteed, but based upon the masseuse’s availability (after my adjustment in a month).I was very upset as my pain has been getting worse over the course of the last month and I really wanted to get it addressed I was actually starting to tear up as I left and I even went back in and asked again if there was any way that I could get seen that day. They said it would take 24 hours for the doctor to review the xrays.To top it all off, the doctor called me later in the evening to tell me that they were not a one and done clinic (which is not what I was looking for since I’ve done that all before with minimal success) and suggested that I try another clinic.I’m very disappointed in the way this was handled.I like the idea of the 100% Chiropractic and may try to make time to go to the one “closer” to home (70 miles away), but would not recommend this location.

Review №89

I highly recommend 100 percent the staff is amazing and the knowledge and information received is great. I didnt have any questions unanswered.

Review №90

This place is the worst. The people are rude and take you in and do xray, then tell you owe them money. I would not recommend anyone going here

Review №91

My body is so grateful for this place! Love the staff

Review №92

If youre looking for a great chiro, this is your place!Dr. Yahdi is amazing. Shes so knowledgeable, youll really feel like your in good hands. The initial exam is very compressive. You will receive a complete set of x-rays. You will also stand on 2 separate scales to see if your weight distribution is out of whack.After this initial evaluation, the doctor sits down with you for what she calls an empowerment session. During this time, she tells you a little bit about her personal story and how chiropractic care made a big difference in her life. Shell also show you your x-rays versus x-rays of a person whose back is well adjusted. It really gives you the full picture of what the Chiropractic care can do to benefit you. There really are a wide range of conditions that can be treated with Chiropractic.I also highly recommend making use of their amazing massage therapists. Their massages are the perfect complement to the Chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments and traction can definitely leave you a little bit sore, although I definitely feel like they help in the long run. In order to get the most out of your Chiropractic, do the massages in conjunction with the adjustment so the soreness doesnt dissuade you from continuing care.Might want to take a look on groupon, because they definitely run special sometimes that will get you a great introductory offer.The doctor and all of the amazing staff are very welcoming and kind. They try to make the office as soothing as possible. They are always playing music, and they have a nice little snack and coffee area that is well stocked with fresh fruit, juices and nice selection for the Keurig.Just a word of caution for the ladies, when using the restroom here do not place your purse on the sink! I learned this the hard way. The sink is motion activated and I lost a $600 phone to it!I have visited a couple of chiropractors over the years, but never really pursued long term care. This was the place that convinced me it was worthwhile. Not only do you receive excellent care, they seem to really care about you as a person once you start coming in regularly. 5 stars and 100% recommendation from me!

Review №93

The best service by the best!!

Review №94

Saw needles and ran. But the joint was spruced up

Review №95

I love this place!

Review №96

Ive had a lifetime of experiences with chiropractors and Dr Yahdi, Alex, and the entire 100% staff are top notch, educated, professional, nice, empathetic, and compassionate. They have educated me about how chiropractic can and does improve my physical as well as mental health. I have multiple disk bulges, a herniated disk, degenerative disk disorder, arthritis, inflammation, trigeminal neuralgia, depression, anxiety, ptsd, and more. 100% along with my pain management Dr have helped me not have to be on disability, Im able to work full time, stay busy, feel better, and stay off all rx narcotics. Highly recommended!

Review №97

They are great caring and make you feel so much better!

Review №98

I’m glad I came here, my back pain has gone away and my adjustments are helping me sleep better.

Review №99

Expensive, horrible hours, not private as claims and Chiropractor dosent have enough strength.

Review №100

Dr yenti is great and Mary Ann and Alex the massage therapy is great

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:14261 E Cedar Ave Unit B, Aurora, CO 80012, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 303-367-3432
  • Chiropractor
  • Alternative medicine practitioner
  • Holistic medicine practitioner
  • Massage therapist
  • Pain control clinic
  • Pain management physician
  • Perinatal center
  • Pregnancy care center
  • Wellness program
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–12am
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:8:30am–6pm
  • Thursday:2–6pm
  • Friday:8:30am–6pm
  • Saturday:8:30am–6pm
  • Sunday:8:30am–6pm
Health and safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Women-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
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