Good Chemistry
16840 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80013, United States

Review №1

Hella good atmosphere and super friendly and helpful staff. Helped me out with the selection and got me some good stuff! Shout-out to Shane for helping me with my stuff! Super nice dude!

Review №2

This is the best dispensary I have found. Theyre honest, helpful, and have consistently high quality cannabis. Their loyalty program is also a big plus. This is the only place I go now. Love it!

Review №3

I came in for a specific product and when I asked they informed me that they were out. Even though they didnt have the product I wanted they were so gracious and thoroughly explained some other options that would have a similar effect. Customer service I received was second to none and convinced me to leave with another great product. Thank you for your great customer service and your knowledge of the products that you sell.

Review №4

I’ve been coming here for a little over 4yrs. I live pretty far away now, and I pass multiple dispensaries on my way there for one large reason: the staff. Specifically Omari who’s been with them for quite a while, and has always gone above and beyond to provide amazing customer service. Years ago I was 3 dollars short on my tab, and he took it out of his tip jar for me. I’ll never forget that. The days they closed the dispensaries because of the lockdowns there was a massive line that I waited 4hrs in just find out I should have placed an online order first before getting in line. When he saw me out there after hour 5 he asked me why I was still there. When I told him about the confusion, he personally fulfilled my order. I always look forward to coming to good chem because I know he set a standard that the rest of the staff emulates. They all treat me with the same enthusiasm and dedication to customer service. You can get these kinds products from just about anywhere, but you won’t get treated like this everywhere. I’ll be coming back for a long time.

Review №5

This is by far the best dispensary in Colorado because they have the freshest product.. It doesnt crumble to the touch and the staff is outstanding!

Review №6

Lydia was very patient and knowledgeable! She showed me more than a few Rosin options, as I am fairly picky. Please do something nice to acknowledge her!

Review №7

Your pre roll joints are worthless. Waste of money. Not happy

Review №8

Just now leaving the parking lot and I feel so much more knowledgeable then I did when I walked in!Amber absolutely blew my gf and I away with amazing information about everything!Definitely a great first impression being from Tx

Review №9

Great prices and the nicest staff that are always patient when being indecisive. Went in today and Cayden was great, very knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly!

Review №10

An exceptional dispensary with stellar staff. My budtender Jessica was friendly and concise, as who I brought with me was not knowledgeable of the vast range of products, pricing, and regulations. Its nice to shop with a sales rep who is time efficient, friendly, and makes you feel welcome. Thanks Jessica!I am more than happy spending my money at Good Chemistry Aurora because I know am getting a great value along with great service.

Review №11

I had such a wonderful experience!! Every person I interacted with was so happy, so kind, and so positive. Nichole being so patient helping me understand every product to pick the right one. They have AMAZING flower and edibles, and even better staff. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Review №12

The manger caleb was amazing and totally helped me with a situation that was out of his control! He is awesome and definitely a huge part of why ill forever choose good chemistry..

Review №13

This was my first time going here and my experience was great from the beginning. Everyone was really nice and the building was clean, spacious and not super busy. You can tell they have a system that works well. I ordered online and picked up in store. Shane and Selena were both great. Checking out was a breeze. Shane made sure to go over my order with me, which I really appreciated. This will be my go to when I am in town. The only thing I noticed which isnt horribly bad is that they have other edibles available that arent on the website. Definitely give this place a try.

Review №14

I love good chemistry, the staff, and the nug! However, they are making people take off there masks inside..... even if it for just one second it is dangerous. 1 out of 15 test positive. Anyway, I hope you can find a more safe way to check people in.

Review №15

Good chemistry is one of my to go to stores I go to them when I want some of that real gas I love the way they preserved their buds and their little black. Containers which keeps the buds nice and fresh Ive left a nug in one of these containers for over a month and came back to it and it was nice, fresh I like their customer service and their big variety of strains

Review №16

Best dispensary you will find in ALL of Denver!! Their business model is ON POINT!!! There arent tier levels with different price points... All their weed is the same price, no matter the strain!! I looooove that!!! Their professionalism is superb!! Their deals are awesome! You wont find better deals or prices ANYWHERE! Do yourself a favor and try their mix n match 3 prerolls for $18 deal. You will NOT be disappointed! By far best dispensary ive ever been to! I love all the employees too! Best place ever!! And they have a rewards program thats actually worth signing up for!

Review №17

Shane was a great bud tender. He was extremely knowledgeable on strains and helpful. He definitely went above and beyond for me and I will be returning based of the experience.

Review №18

Angela is a friendly employee that always suggests products that I end up liking. She deserves recognition.

Review №19

This is my favorite place to buy recreational flower. The prices are fair, the staff is great, and the store is very clean. When you get flower here you can always expect it be trimmed immaculately and cured well. Every strain here works and tastes great plus you always get some nicely sized nuggets in your container. Everything about this dispensary is great every time I go, and I will always keep coming back.

Review №20

This is hands down the best dispensary in Aurora for flower and edibles. They have a great selection of some serious top notch bud and their prices are super reasonable. I am always pleased to find new strains available when I come in and have never been disappointed with a purchase. Even for visitors who just want some novelty treats, they have more cannabis products than any other Aurora dispensary I have been to. The environment is very clean and professional too. I HIGHly recommend them.

Review №21

Used to be my favorite place to shop but the past few months the bud quality hasnt been great (dry) and some staff members have been extremely rude... I can deal with the dry bud but how rude some staff members have become made me give GC 1 star.As a frontline worker, Im already exhausted and then having to deal with rude employees at GC has discouraged me to shop there anymore.

Review №22

Best dispensary in town, hands down. I dont go anywhere else now. Staff is great, facilities are great! Bud is BOMB!

Review №23

Shane was an amazing budtender!!! He’s knowledgeable about any product and made my first experience at GC incredible! Thanks Shane #GCemployeesbemorelikeshane

Review №24

Great tree every time and choices the board says it all for you and they have no problems showing you each one

Review №25

Online order pick up person this morning is very rude. If they don’t wanna be at work, then they shouldn’t come to work. Please hire more chilled people for mornings. I don’t need to start my day with a terrible dispensary experience. This was a good dispensary....

Review №26

Hands down my favorite spot in Colorado! Best weed, friendliest staff, clean and crisp facility.Only thing keeping it from 5 star is the online ordering: DO NOT ORDER ONLINE as it only guarantees your wait time will be extreme. Last 4 visits i watched dozens of people get helped as I waited in a line 2 or 3 deep. Frustrating and causes you to leave with a bad taste in your mouth.

Review №27

In the last few months the flower has been disappointing and the staff has gotten very rude! Price is good, but that doesnt make up for poor quality of product or experience.Update 7/17/20, and now theyve jacked up the price!!! 11/24/20 update- figured I would give them another try and see if theyve gotten their act together. NOPE. Got a gram of cold water hash with several hairs in it! Gross! Also, watched a female bud tender selectively pull other women out of line to help them and ignore male customers. Flower is also still poor quality compared to what they used to produce.

Review №28

Super annoying when the employees don’t know the difference between Rosin and Resin. Waste of time driving after confirming what I’m looking for is there to arrive and nothing close to what I confirmed previously

Review №29

Thank you to Nikki and Omar ! You helped me out when thing didnt work out . Omar and Nikki figured it out and helped me at no charge to me . That kind of customer service the Aurora good chemistry will do for you !!!

Review №30

We came here twice, the first time was just fine, the second time they copied our IDs and went behind wall. It was really kind of creepy. I now have a watch on identity.

Review №31

Awesome place and wide variety of products. Budtenders really know what they’re talking about. My bud tender, Sean, was able to help me pick the products that were right for me, was extremely knowledgeable, and overall really made my experience a good one! I’ll definitely be going back!

Review №32

The absolute best around! LOVED my experience here! Great staff and very cool vibe. Like being in a museum instead of a convenience store.

Review №33

These people just told me that I can’t shop with my boyfriend because we need to be 6 feet apart..... what

Review №34

Came into this place after another dispensary. This place is 1000x better. Ask for Mitchell if he’s there, he knows his stuff. Definitely blown away about the knowledge, the abundance in product, and just the amazing feeling of the store itself. Would def recommend

Review №35

Great flower, good service people, awful at keeping their product stocked, especially their cartridges that arent 3rd party. Im sitting in the parking lot now searching for dispensaries near me after being turned away for the third time in a row because they dont have their own product. I suppose thats kind of a compliment, but what good is a dispensary if they dont have the things you show up to buy?

Review №36

This used to be my favorite shop. But lately they dont have the product i go for in stock. And unfortunately it seems done if the staff cannot be trusted. A while back while getting our my I.d. i dropped the contents of my wallet and failed to pick up everything. I realized that my grinder card a metal cheese grater type card was not in my wallet. I retraced my steps to the dispensary and went back right after work inquiring about whether they had found it. One of the employees and the security gaurd both remembered it as being in the lost and found with other lost cards. When they went to retrieve it it was no longer there. Since they seem to be the only ones to access the lost and found it must have gone home with one of them. Generally not a big deal but it was a gift from my now dead daughter. So be careful if you lose something there you might not get it back.

Review №37

Fantastic experience! I rolled in from Texas and made it a point to visit as many dispensaries in the Denver area before I went camping. Good Chemistry has by far the best prices that we found and a HUGE selection of my all-time favorite strains. The shatter deal is amazing as well. Friendly and professional budtenders with an awesome showroom. Will definitely return next time we are in Denver!

Review №38

Good chem is the only dispensary my family uses. Excellent service by a very knowledgeable staff. Prices are very competitive. And quality is superb.

Review №39

I just shopped my last time at good chemistry. So disappointed in the socialist stand on wearing a mask. It should be my choice as a customer. Q, I think this is a bad decision. Hope you change your policy, I would like to shop here again. Customer since the first day! 😡

Review №40

Was just in this evening. Im the dude who drove forever to get some Flo and it was out. Thanks for turning a sad situation into a happy one. The Sour Joker is a great suggestion and I appreciate the discount even though you had no control over a strain selling out while I was in route. Good Chem has always had world class employees and its a huge reason why I am so loyal to this business. Im normally a patient at the Broadway location but its really good to know that I will be taken care of at any Good Chem location. I forget the names of the two who helped me, one being the manager or assistant manager? Marcel maybe? We can thank the Sour Joker for that. At any rate, cheers friends! Appreciate all of you!

Review №41

Fast friendly service from knowledgeable employees. Great selection of products from buds to gummies to glass and stuff Ive never even heard of. Medical and rec. Great prices as well.

Review №42

Your online order page wont load...its been hours.

Review №43

Great atmosphere, freindly and knowledgable staff, great (really great) prices, and some of the best bud/products in the aurora/denver area!!

Review №44

I’ve been using good chemistry for over 10 years now never really had problems the customer service at the counter in the back is not the best and second now I want a half ounce of grizzly purple Kush and I got 3/8 of the apricot, only one bottle smells different like the grizzly purple Kush the rest all smell like apricot and look like the apricot flower miss labeled product maybe happens, I normally prefer in the colors and if I do get sativa it’s not that much but looks like now I’m stocked up on sativa for a while now I have to go somewhere else to get some Indica which is the medicine that I really need most of the time,update **** I was contacted by a good chemistry staff member and I communicated her what happened and they definitely made it right they definitely take care of their customers on their customers happy I will continue and I recommend good chemistry as always this virus has just made it different for everybody. Thank you good chemistry for taking care of your customers

Review №45

If I remember right I think today was possibly my second visit and it happened to just be an accidental trip as my car decided to break down at Buckley and Iliff, I get my car to limp into the parking lot and go inside to make a phone call as it’s 90+ degrees out today and I was greeted by the front desk person, I informed them of the issue and they were great about it, one employee even came out to see if he could help.Anyway long story short I get help dispatched and go back inside to at least make a purchase to say thanks for letting me take up a parking spot. I get my product and head outside, there was another employee outside possibly a security guard and he asks if I need help and I respond with what had happened, his response was very empathetic and he then informed me that if my car was going to be there past the weekend just to let them know so they didn’t think it was abandoned.Thank you to the staff for being so helpful and sympathetic to the issue. Car was gone in under 30 minutes.

Review №46

Staff is super friendly. They are very knowledgeable! They let you smell and look at many different kinds. They usually have a huge list of kinds of bud. Very nice inside, looks very comfortable and soothing. Usually get front row parking. And its usually in and out pretty quickly.

Review №47

This was the best place. They spent the time to explain everything from pricing, to flavors, to levels of intensity. The gentleman that helped me was rock star. Thank you. My new favorite place.

Review №48

Good products but customer service sucks. I came in and ask for syringes, shows me cartridges. Mind u syringes are only $20. Spent $45 buying a cartridge thinking it was 1000mg syringe. Came back and was offered 10% off my next syringe stuck with a $45 no use cartridge and still have to spend $18 on syringe....tell me someone that fair when i work for $15 an hr?

Review №49

Helpful, happy staff. Always a pleasure to shop here. Great bud and edibles. Always very knowledgeable about products being offered.

Review №50

I didnt buy anything since nothing in their selection caught my eye. However as I was browsing a gentleman who was pretty intoxicated stepped up to order and I watched them professionally turn him away. Even when he pushed back they held their ground and told him he is more than welcome to go home sober up and come back, but that they would not sell to him at that time. It makes me feel comfortable going to them about in the future.

Review №51

Not all dispensaries are so nice clean and professional. Great flower and Concentrates.

Review №52

Love this place! The bud tender who helped me with my purchase was Matthew who was super informative about the products in the store. He was also very personable. A+ customer service! I’ll definitely be coming back!

Review №53

Ok so i totally freakn lost the paper w the names of the two beautiful gals working the front desk but they are so amazing. And let me tell you as an honorary Karen they have the best customer service as well as vibeage. They will be the reason i am a repeat customer

Review №54

Prices went up and rewards accounts are location specific supposedly. No longer worth the drive to Denver. I use to love this place, but this will be my last visit.There is no excuse for rewards accounts being location specific and with the price increases Im sure they can afford to correct this. It is also extremely poor customer service not explaining this to customers up front.

Review №55

Best place for concentrates and flower! Good selection that looks great. Awesome friendly staff my absolute favorite dispensary!

Review №56

This has been my go to place for the last three years. Today May 20th 8am I had a bad experience with the security guard, first off she was late or I should say she walked in right at 8 as they were waiting to open. I did not have a mask so the nice staff gave me one that broke on one side as I tried to put it on, so she said hold it over your mouth and nose... I did so, then the security lady walk over as I was being helped by the tender and said you have to have your marks on over both your nose and mouth. I said ok sorry it broken so I have to hold it..she said “ so what, cover both your nose and mouth” rudely and walked away.Needless to say i handed the tender the broken mask and walked out I took my 300.00 elsewhere I’m 55 years old and don’t need the rude service.Tony

Review №57

Amazing store, selection, and staff. Super chill environment, super dank, fantastic buds & amazing concentrates. This store is the most important staple for all my flower needs because of the “mix and match Oz.” for only $90(116$ after tax) there is at least 20 different types of flower/strains listed in bold and easy to read print of semi-exotic and super unique names of flower all super conveniently categorized within the Amplify, Relax, Relieve, Sleep columns. Best store for weed with really good prices

Review №58

I have been engaging in the use of legal cannabis since the lift of cannabis prohibition..but this is the first dispensary Ive ever visited that I feel totally comfortable returning to alone at a later date. The atmosphere is cozy and the bartenders are genuinely super nice and helpful- as well as being very easy to talk to (even to a socially awkward individual like myself). I have visited other establishments (always with my SO in tow)- only to find that I feel uncomfortable in a not-quite-tangible way while in the shop. Has not EVER been the case at my neighborhood Good Chemistry, though. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to procure fine product at a fair price from fantastic people. Love this place!!!

Review №59

This location is always the best experience out of the Good Chem stores. Wish theyd lower back their prices but in being patient.. PLEASE

Review №60

This rating is for Matthew. I just visited tonight...2-8-19... I stood in the center of the room waiting to be helped. He was the only bud tender who acknowledged me. I ran a few of these places and remember bud tenders who were vibrant and friendly like Matthew. The other broads and bald guy must be afraid of black people...look around youre surrounded lol. Anyway. I wont be back but thanks Matthew for being well educated on your strains. I trust your information and walked away with great product. Note to the owner. Have a secret shopper stop by. The unfriendly staff can hurt your business. Im proof...wont be back but again thank you for being a professional Matthew💗

Review №61

*Had read good reviews on Westword about it.* I tried Good Chemistry (the one on E Iliff and S Buckley) one evening and was most pleasantly surprised! The inside of GC is beautiful and has a positive vibe. The budtender who worked with me and answered so many of my questions, was so knowledgeable! And I love the way they have categorized their strains! And really good quality bud at a good price! Check out their website to learn more about them, and then get to one ASAP!

Review №62

I have to drive over an hour to get here but its so worth it. Love this store. The flower isnt dry, it smells super good, the prices are good, and the staff is very friendly. (My favorite part is being able to see the flowers Im about to purchase drying on the walls.)I usually get a rushed feeling from other dispensaries, but not from here. They actually engage in conversation with you!

Review №63

Only dispensary I go to after my first visit. Amazing product, amazing employees and amazing atmosphere. Not to mention prices are remarkable. You are never, ever let down with the bud tenders and their knowledge of marijuana/ cannabis and every individual product. You can tell they treat their employees well because most people have been their for a while and work with a smile on their face. I recommend this place to anyone who asks.

Review №64

This place is amazing!!! So knowledgeable and informative. I was feeling very insecure going in there not knowing anything. Come to find out I didnt have anything to worry about!! They were sooooo helpful and made me feel very comfortable!! Love them!!!😘😘😘😍😍😍

Review №65

Come on son!! How could it be bad?? Naw its a very nice place, very good prices and friendly staff. The product is always high quality and they always have a big selection. It is nice to have options even at the deal oz price, which a lot of places do not have any options on the cheapest oz. Got a repeat customer here!

Review №66

Nice people. Good products for a good price.

Review №67

We only stopped here once when we were in town, but this was one of the coolest dispensaries we visited. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and a tasty selection of flowers! Cant remember her name, but the gal with the curly hair helped us make our selections and turned us on to a great special they were running!If I come back to Denver again, this place is on my list to visit again.

Review №68

This place is the best. I have been to multiple other stores in the area, and I find the prices, quality and service is comparable or better than anywhere around.The best part of this place? Ryan. He has always been extremely helpful, but he completely made my day today. Thank you! :)

Review №69

Excellent experience today at this dispensary. Great staff and great quality products. I shall be back

Review №70

I travel to go this dispensary because everything they do is better. The staff is very friendly and they know the products they sell and can help guide you to everything you want or need, and the quality level compared to competitors is not even comparable, they are SO MUCH BETTER!!! Please open more locations, especially in Southern Colorado! There is not one dispensary in Southern Colorado that even comes close. PLEASE!

Review №71

Pretty solid spot for good flower without paying outrageous. Its around 112 or so for an ounce and you can mix and match up to the 8th.Their namesake strain Mr good chem is a real treat. So sticky and sweet, which is a rare find in a town full of dust dry bud.Update: the prices in this town have home through the roof and the quality has tanked. Thankfully good chem still has pretty good stuff and havent raised prices quite as much as others. Can still get an oz here for under 200. 💪

Review №72

Super clean facility, good vibes, good location. Some of the better cannabis in the city and seems to be consistent with different locations. Pricing is decent too although concentrate selection is limited .

Review №73

Disappointed in the management. Staff services other good chem Employees (getting off work) before customers waiting in line. Staff should know without customers they have no jobs.

Review №74

Im a regular customer. Pretty good service here. Fairly knowledgeable. Usually a decent selection. Im an indica guy so thats what I look for. Theres a few tenders that I really enjoy.

Review №75

The space has a very relaxing feel to it. it feels inviting. you feel welcome from the security greater to most of the bud tenders I say most because I did have a bad experience with one of them before. it was the fist time I went, and half way though when I became frustrated, a manager came over and took over that changed my experience from bad to feeling good upon walking out. the flower is good. its not great, but it is good. Id say middle upper class. the concentrates selection and prices were surprisingly good too. all and all for Aurora this place is one of, if not the best....but thats not saying a lot. considering the selection in Aurora. Im sorry to be ending this with a back handed compliment, but I felt it necessary to put in that qualifier.

Review №76

Pre packed weed sucks. And their weed is sometimes months old. 31 bucks an eighth is pricey. 90 dollar ounce sounds great until you realize tax will cost you 21 dollars. That’s 111.69 out the door. Lucy sky has 105 dollar ounces out the door and it’s better quality.

Review №77

The bud and wax are always on point. Ingred is there best Indica. Gives no anxiety and works through day smoking and b4 bed time. And they have an ATM inside its like a dollar or 2 to take money out. Its sweet. Buy an ounce for $100 you get it $124 out the door Cant beat that!

Review №78

Excellent dispensary! Loved the interior and menu screens. The budtender was knowledgeable, friendly, and patient despite my annoying requests to smell almost everything. Great prices on top shelf concentrates. Ill be back the next time Im in Denver. I liked this location a lot more than the Colfax one.

Review №79

Very good price. Great service.

Review №80

The people who work here are very friendly and also very helpful. The rewars system is pretty awesome to have as well!

Review №81


Review №82

I have been coming to Good Chemistry for over 10 years and all I can say in my opinion the best dispensary in Colorado..... And also best Sour Diesel in Colorado

Review №83

Short wait time. Great selection of recreational flower. Very high quality at a price usually seen for poor quality flower. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. You cant go wrong with any Good Chemistry location.

Review №84

Great flower, good prices, unique atmosphere. One of the most underrated dispensaries in the state

Review №85

This was my go to dispensary as of 5 minutes ago. I buy 1oz a week religiously. A price increase hit a month ago which turned me off, but I kept on buying there due to selection and quality. I go in today to another price increase. Good Chem, I know Im just a drop in the bucket but due to your multiple price increases you have lost me as a customer.

Review №86

I just came in to get some flowers and I wasnt able to small the bud but this time it was really good. I got 🍋 skunk and xj13 two of my favorites and Im very picky when it comes to my pot, Ive worked in the industry as a budtender and I did trimming and harvesting for another company been smoking for over 20 years in Colorado, but I just wanted to say thank you for some good pot not every dispensary has that lol

Review №87

Short version:Weight inaccurate.Ounce was missing a gram. Got tons of attitude from the manager (omari) for it and more throughout the transaction.My trust in GC’s weighing and sanitation practices is shattered, and for that reason, im out.Long a** version:Was my go-to dispensary forever.Got shorted on my first oz buy in a while. Let them know the next day , just to be aware of. Talked to the manager ( Omari) and he was nice enough to weigh my next buy in front of me . But kept giving me attitude the whole time. He seemed offended that i noticed i was shorted because of their scales being “ state certified “.Cool. Clearly means jack, since i missed a full gram in my oz. Wouldnt mind as much if your oz was still $115 out the door ( currently $150).He’s dumping the 1/8ths out, weighing each one, then dumping them back in their containers, using his bare fingers to guide them in. I asked if by chance his hands were clean.I had just seen him touching a lot of things prior to handling the weed, preparing online orders, which involves computers, and definitely no soap.Wasnt trying to be rude.He gets annoyed , angrily pumps the dry soap on the counter , sighing and saying “ im just trying to do what you asked”.Fantastic. What about hygiene ?! Especially with what’s happening!!!!*cough* Corona!......... that causes people to die of respiratory issues.... and the product im buying is intended to be inhaled.....In hindsight i was way [WAY] too polite.Could have weighed them without opening a single container. Would have made it quicker and safer for all.He gets the 8 1/8ths done ( only had to switch 1 out for being short by a couple points. Not by much, but their “ thertified thcale” clearly showed it) and he’s all “ you happy now?!”.... in terms of the weight, YA.All i cared about.After seeing that at least what he gave me was accurate, i bought and bailed.FINAL RANT :Omari. Dude. Bro man chief.You know me by name because of how much you’ve interacted with me. And its never been because of any quality complaints. This is the first time ive ever needed to talk to you about it. You came at me like i do this all the time.Some context to the reader. (Definitely TMI) ; i never even gave you issues or called you out on repeatedly lying to me about you guys not being able to hire during all the months that i was applying to work at GC ( for various bs reasons) , while fresh hires were sitting RIGHT BEHIND YOU, and still insisting that you should have openings any day now.How is this relevant? It establishes you as someone who lies easily and frequently, and mostly for no good reason. How do i know you dont lie when you have a good reason?I always stopped by in person to apply. Despite the games you were playing, I really loved the store and wanted to be a part of it. You kept encouraging me to keep applying and even said i can email you the application. But never answered when i did.Your words said “ keep comin back”. Your silence said “ not interested”. Yet, you expect me to take you at your word on how reliable the scales are. So much so that you got offended when i suggest they were off. Im assuming thats where you checked out in the interaction. Could be wrong. Ether way, you communicate truths terribly, so i have every reason not to take your word as face value.I’ve worked with those “certified” scales and know they can be off 0.points very often.I was shorted a gram. I didnt care to argue. I didnt even demand to have that missing gram made up because of how impossible it is to prove at that point. i was just letting you know, and wanted to see if my next order could be weighed out prior to purchase this time.The interaction left me tasting dogs*it all day. So much so that I honestly dont care to go back to pick up the free joint you offered for next time.

Review №88

Ive been going to Good Chemistry for about 6 months now and dont have a single complaint. They are the ideal dispensary to hit up when you are in town. I suggest Aurora location over Colfax but you do you! Great Bud Tenders, Great Selection, and Great atmosphere!

Review №89

First dispensary ive ever been to. What a great experience. After traveling around Colorado and trying many other dispensaries Good Chemistry is my favorite. Great atmosphere and friendly staff that are more than willing to help you find what you need. Thank you for the awesome experience!!

Review №90

Pretty nervous with my second time at a dispensary and it didnt feel like I was going to get arrested. I really love how nice and comforting everyone was here. It smelled clean, too. It was like a mini museum inside with wonderful information and displays. It is very fast and they detail all the taxes you have to pay on the receipt.

Review №91

Used to be great but after two price increases it is not worth it anymore, went across the street to lightshade they did not raise prices.

Review №92

Was a red card holder for six years. And the price quality and knowledgeable staff I have not renewed my red card for seven months. Awesome shop. Amazing quality for the price. I highly recommend good chemistry

Review №93

This is the only dispensary Ill go to. They have good flower and a nice range of variety but the customer service absolutely sells it for me. I seriously love all the staff and bud tenders. I have never encountered one employee at good chemistry who did not seem genuinely interested in conversing with me. There have been times Ive held up the line (sorry) because I talk the staffs ear off. Thank you employees and staff of good chem for being the best customer service Ive ever dealt with! Much love.

Review №94

They have great selections and they usually have great deals! My husband loves this place... Willing to travel just to get here! The macadamia cookies were soft and delicious and they stayed soft for like a week in the container that they came in.

Review №95

These guys and girls are great here, always friendly and eager to assist. I’m an occasional smoker and they help me make more confident buying decisions. Very happy and I’ll be returning often

Review №96

The best dispensary Ive been to by far. I literally drive out of my way from Englewood to go here. Their flower is amazing. Ive never been unsatisfied. I recommend the lemon skunk and Bruce banner. I love good chem. So thankful I found them

Review №97

I love good chemistry! I have tried a few other places and nothing compares to the quality of green and the amazing staff! There very knowledgeable and I appreciate that they are always willing to answer a question or take a little more time to explain something. Thank you for all you do for us consumers!

Review №98

My favorite dispensary! Great quality, reasonable prices, knowledgeable and friendly staff. I will drive out of my way to go here. Great selection, variety, and quality of flower, concentrates, and edibles.

Review №99

Malcom is the absolute best budtender!!! My fiancee and I have been going to good chemistry for some time now. Always great service but Malcom is always in a great mood and very familiar with the products!

Review №100

From out of town, so very new experience. Matt was super helpful and friendly. Would 100% go back.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:16840 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80013, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 303-745-2420
  • Cannabis store
  • Alternative medicine practitioner
  • Herb shop
  • Herbal medicine store
  • Holistic medicine practitioner
Working hours
  • Monday:8am–9:45pm
  • Tuesday:8am–9:45pm
  • Wednesday:10am–9:45pm
  • Thursday:8am–9:45pm
  • Friday:8am–9:45pm
  • Saturday:8am–9:45pm
  • Sunday:8am–9:45pm
Service options
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health and safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
  • Cash only:Yes
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