ChiroPlus Wellness Care
10700 E Bethany Dr #207, Aurora, CO 80014, United States

Review №1

WOW!! I’m am in shock as to how amazing this place is!! I have been suffering with chronic neck and back pain for years. I got immediate relief from cupping and dry needling. What an extremely knowledgeable doctor. He knew exactly what to do to help me. I will be back on a regular basis and will tell everyone I know to give him a try.

Review №2

I had a lot of pain in my knee and could hardly walk when I saw Dr. Choi. I felt immediate relief after my first visit with him. I have felt better after each visit. His office is very welcoming. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has knee issues.

Review №3

Dr. Choi is an amazing doctor that takes the time to listen to all of your needs and special circumstances. I have gone 4 weeks without a single pain killer or muscle relaxer- that is a miracle! Thank you Dr. Choi for alleviating so much pain. I look forward to continue working with you.

Review №4

Having back pain is the worst! I recently suffered from immense lower back pain. I called Dr. Chois office and they were able to get me in the same day. Dr. Choi evaluated my symptoms and was able to explain to me clearly what was happening with my back. He did a treatment and explained to me what I needed to do in between sessions. I have been going back for weekly sessions and I get better with each session! I look forward to my healing and seeing Dr. Choi and Heasook each time, they are so welcoming and truly want to see you get better.

Review №5

Life changing!!I discovered Dr. Chois practice in a moment of desperation- I couldnt turn my head for days and I had nowhere to go. His office staff made generous accommodations to squeeze me in even though I wasnt an established patient. That was my first sign that I made the right decision.Before I even left his table, I felt so much relief I was speechless. The pain and pressure started to dissolve like magic. Needless to say, Ive been going back regularly for maintenance. ChiroPlus Wellness is a gem that everyone should know about.

Review №6

Great communication and great care! I am so pleased to have found Dr. Choi, as he is very patient, informative and talented in Chiro. I always feel so much better after visiting him.

Review №7

As the owner or periodically bad back and someone who stores their stress in their neck and mid-back, I have occasionally needed chiropractic care as a partnership with my own efforts at keeping my body healthy (including eating well, doing yoga and both aerobic and weight bearing exercise, sleeping enough, and mindfulness practice). Of all the chiropractors Ive had in the last 30 years since my back started bothering me, Dr. Choi has been the most caring and consistently effective over the last 6 years that I have been under his occasional care. He takes the time to get to know his patients as friends and integrate their activities outside his office with his treatments and recommendations. I found that his advice to help me do weightlifting in a way to prevent injury very helpful. He uses a variety of different therapies depending on what is necessary, but for my own experience, usually a visit or two will eliminate the pain Im feeling and allow me to resume strenuous activity and get better rest. He is a man who lives his commitments to healing, spirituality, and the open heart and Im delighted I found him.

Review №8

Best chiropractor visit I have ever had. I was not opened to the idea of dry needles at first but Dr. Choi recommended to alleviate the severe pain I was having in my knee. It was little sore after the dry needling. My knee is 10x better though. He answered most of my questions and he made the experience comfortable.

Review №9

If you are experiencing any kind of back pain and or sciatica pain I would highly recommend coming in and seeing Dr Choi and his incredible staff. I have a herniated disc that pushes on my sciatica nerve making everyday things impossible to do but even after my first appointment I felt immediate relief, Dr Choi is very knowledgeable and practices a lot of different techniques that really help (cupping,dry needling, acupuncture etc...) iv now been in for 4 sessions and I feel better after every one. I honestly cant recommend coming here enough its a life changer for me they will always be my first call when I start feeling any issues with my back.

Review №10

I have seen a few other chiropractors and the relief was very temporary. The sessions were fast and I also immediately needed the service again. After working with Dr. Choy, I noticed I huge difference right away. He took his time on figuring out my issues, causes and level of pain in different areas. He implements different processes in one session; cupping, dry needling, adjustments, etc., as he sees necessary. The service is also excellent, I never waited, the front desk clerk will text, call or email and I really appreciated how fast she responded and answer questions. Truly, great service all around. Thank you Chiroplus team.

Review №11

My whole experience with Dr. Choi and his staff we’re excellent! From the moment I walked in, I was impressed. Dr. Choi took the time to really understand my issues, and took the time to explain every step of how he could help me. I felt very confident in his knowledge and experience, my visit felt very individuality Tailored. I had instant relief walking out the door, and I cannot wait to schedule my next visit!

Review №12

I always have a amazing experience visiting Dr Eric and staff! From acupuncture to spinal adjustment and lifting attitudes from both of them I get pain relief and mobility after ankle surgeries I was recovering faster just bless to have them in our lives!

Review №13

I have been suffering from chronic neck pain for years. Two friends of mine enthusiastically recommended Dr. Choi. I understand why now that Ive been working with him. My neck pain - and lower back pain - has largely gone away through his patient and compassionate work. Haesook, the office manager, is welcoming, professional and extremely responsive. Ive recommended Dr. Choi to many people since starting treatment.

Review №14

This is my first time ever going to a chiropractor in my life. And I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Choi‘s place! From my first visit you feel the genuine kindness from him and his wife. They make you feel so welcome and he is amazing at what he does. He is extremely knowledgeable and always has your best interest when it comes to your health. He doesn’t just roll through the motions of your visit and slap a bandaid on it, he is truly passionate about healing on the inside and out. I was having terrible back and neck problems and I was so off-centered in my hip area. Problems I didn’t even realize I had he found and corrected. I feel so much better and I will keep going back. I could never go anywhere else!

Review №15

Dr. Choi is wonderful and provides beneficial therapy specific to each client. I appreciate his use of various practices which assist in keeping me feeling my best! I am grateful that a co-worker advised me to start chiropractic care with Dr. Choi.

Review №16

I have been dealing with a pretty bad back flare up lately and they were able to get me in last minute. I definitely wish I would have known about them earlier. They were super nice, knowledgeable and knew right away what was going on with my back. I definitely found my new chiropractor.

Review №17

Had increasing neck pain for years and decided to see Dr Choi. First consultation was very helpful in explaining to me what the treatments would be. My neck feels great and I will continue to see Dr Choi as needed. I really appreciated his willingness to answer any questions I had, his professionalism and a no pressure situation. I highly recommend!

Review №18

I have been seeing Dr. Choi on and off for about 3 years now and I wouldnt trust anyone else to do what he does! He is the best! Hes so understanding and truly cares about making you feel better. My most recent trip was for vertigo and after one neck adjustment I felt so much better! The office staff is amazing too. I am getting a massage next week with their therapist and am super excited!

Review №19

Great Chiropractor!!Don’t look any further! Eric Choi is the best!I came to him with low back pain and an inability to bend over, along with a 5 year old painful knee. In three visits my back is great, and my knee feels the best it has in years.Dr. Choi listens, explains, advises, educates, all while exuding kindness and caring in a relaxed no rush atmosphere.Thank you Dr. Choi!-cmullen

Review №20

I met Dr Choi due to having acid reflux and tightness in my stomach that would make breathing at times difficult, like a hernia. I was on nexium a couple weeks then took myself off of it as I always been into natural holistic medicine and it wasnt really helping me. I researched Dr Choi, read the reviews which sounded great, but I wasnt sure he would help my issues that had come on suddenly and wouldnt allow me to eat or sleep well or breathe well. But I decided to schedule a visit w him, and I had to fill out lots of paperwork about past issues etc, very thorough paperwork and very thorough first visit.At that first visit Dr Choi asked many questions, took notes, and got down to treating right away one of the most uncomfortable symptoms I had of reflux. He uses different modalities and his calm reassuring demeanor makes you feel safe and good. After that first visit I could tell I felt lighter and better, after some testing (he has great comprehensive testing goes over with you in great detail) we learned some things goingvonbin my system causing the acid reflux and stomach tightness.,and breathing issue. Along with his modalities he recommended some supplements and specific diet protocol that have made a huge difference!! Hes a genius! In my humble opinion. After 4 visits my reflux has been gone, I dont need all the pillows to sleep and I can eat all my meals, and without nexium! I am very selective with who I choose to help me with medical issues, Ive been in the medical field many years myself. Ive studied natural medicine for years, but somehow this time I needed more help than what I could do on my own. Dr Choi has been that missing link that I needed in my arsenal of natural medicine. Hes extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, and intuitive, all high qualities of a great well rounded functional medicine doctor! Sure he adjusted my spine but thats minor in comparison to all his other modalities and natural medicine arsenal! I honestly cant say enough in this short review. Hes been blessed with a gift of holistic functional medicine and modalities which hes able to give to others. My once tight belly, my once burning esophagus and my husband all thank him so very dearly!!! My new functional medicine doctor for any of my friends and family!

Review №21

I’ve met many chiropractors since I was young, but I don’t think I have met a more experienced and friendly chiropractor than Dr. Choi. 7 months ago, a major skateboard accident left me with a concussion, and I was unable to straighten my right arm at all. On top of slurred, abnormally slow speech from the concussion, painful headaches persistently distressed me. While I was getting speech therapy, I was also receiving physical therapy for my arm. Sadly, I noticed that the physical therapy wasn’t helping at all in solving the pain in my elbow joint area. For this reason, I decided to go see Dr. Choi to ask if he could help me out. At first, when he told me he was going to perform acupuncture, I was super nervous because it was my first time receiving it. But he kindly calmed me down and treated me with his precise skills in a very professional way. He mainly performed acupuncture on my head and right arm. Soon after, I was taken aback when I noticed that my speech had significantly improved after seeing Dr. Choi, and I hadn’t seen as much progress even after numerous speech therapy sessions. Furthermore, my elbow pain had reduced a notable amount. I am beyond thankful for Dr. Choi! He has such a wonderful personality and is so talented in what he does!

Review №22

After five years of not having full range of motion in my neck, one visit with Dr Choi and I finally looked over my shoulder. I swear I cried.

Review №23

I have been coming to ChiroPlus Wellness Care every week for almost 2 months now and I am very happy with the treatment I receive from Dr. Choi. He does dry needling and cupping in addition to adjustments and it is really helping with my neck pain.

Review №24

I started coming here after an auto accident. Dr. Choi is wonderful and helpful, and his family run business is honest and kind. He has helped my pain quite a bit, and referred me to PT and MD care as needed. He also has a phenomenal massage therapist on staff, Luis.If youre looking for a wonderful chiropractor, youve found him! He was great at working with insurance and lawyers, and helped me figure out my next steps, as well as he patient with myself and my healing.

Review №25

I have had shoulder pain for over a year. I was too worried about going to the doctor because I didn’t want them to suggest surgery since I am young. Eric tested my shoulder and found that it was actually my deltoid and bicep muscles that had been strained. He worked on them with cupping, dry needling and did a lot of education with me. After about 2 months I am almost 100% pain free and am able to slowly start to work out my arms again. I’m so thankful for his expertise.

Review №26

Dr. Choi is fantastic! His skill level is top notch. He spends adequate amount of time assessing and treating his patients and is extremely thorough. I felt immediate pain relief from a chronic injury. I cannot say enough good things about him and his technique! His front desk staff is also wonderful!

Review №27

Dr.Choi and Heasook Lee are extremely professional, kind and welcoming. Ive been there for back problems, shoulder pain, and carpal tunnel. I trust him with everything he does and knows. I will always be a patient of theirs.Thank you,Justin

Review №28

During the few months he was working on helping relief the pain in my back, I confided in him some of the health issues I have been having for a couple of years. He is all about healing the body from the inside out. In the middle of June this year he sent me for a full blood panel workup. Due to the severe nature of the test results, he put me on a extreme body cleanse as well as changing my diet to an all natural Paleo diet. In less than 30 days, my glucose levels have went from dangerously high to within normal ranges. I have dropped over 10 lbs and I have not felt this healthy in years. He is a caring and wonderful doctor that I would recommend any time. Thanks to him, I have become more educated to what our bodies can do to heal themselves!

Review №29

Dr. Choi and his lovely wife make a great team! Smiles and positivity hit you as soon as you walk in. No matter the pain level they put me at ease. I love that Dr Choi is about over all wellness and uses a variety of techniques along with extensive knowledge in a variety of practices to ensure speedy, long lasting results. He is an excellent educator and willingly shares any and all knowledge you need for your individual recovery.Short Testimony: As a person who struggles with back issues since the age of 15 and has adapted chiropractic into my lifes routine for so long I was scared to move to CO and leave behind my beloved chiropractor in FL. So I went over a year without an adjustment just trying to find the proper chiropractor. After reading many reviews I decided upon ChiroPlus Wellness Care and I am so happy I did. Dr Choi had me back to a maintenance level in just 2 months! Thats amazing for me, now I come as needed. Highly recommend!

Review №30

Thank you for your professionalism and care.The office is always clean and has an inviting atmosphere. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and efficient chiropractor, look no further.

Review №31

I finally found a good Chiropractor! Dr. Choi listens and gives me ways to prevent injury as well as doing procedures that help me to heal. He is very gentle. The office staff is efficient and friendly.

Review №32

5 years of chronic pain, gone! Overall happiness, rediscovered :) During the first appointment, Dr. Choi listened and understood what kind of pain I was going through. He treated me based on what he thought my body could and handle and wasnt wrong! After the first visit, I was in shock about the way my back felt. The second visit had lasting results. He even shows you what stretches would be best to help throughout your day. Best chiropractor in the area, hands down!

Review №33

Ive been seeing Dr. Choi for just over a month and have already had more progress in my neck mobility & pain reduction than I did in 2+ years with my former chiropractor! I truly appreciate how much time he spends in appointments to ask questions and do thorough assessments.

Review №34

I am seeing Dr. Choi for about a month now and i just cant recommend him enough! had some neck problem and horrible headaches, i got to a point where pills just do not help.Dr. Choi on the other hand made me feels so grateful for every session. He really gives his all to understand all the circumstances around the problem and addresses them all with an explanation.Super professional, AMAZING at what he does, friendly, with results right away! You can actually feel he cares about your well being.

Review №35

I have been having these very intense tension headaches that could last up to a week. I went to my family doctor and he recommended that I find a chiropractor. This is how Dr. Choi came into my life. I had never gone to a chiropractor before, so I was a little nervous my first visit.I had nothing to worry about as Dr. Choi and the amazing Ms. Lee are remarkable. He worked with me to make sure I understood the treatment plan and taught me how to maintain my progress. After my first appointment my headaches disappeared. It was incredible. I would recommend him to anyone.

Review №36

My daughter birth time was the most difficult time for us, my wife had a bad post delivery preeclampsia and my mom - (came to visit us from Dubai) - took care of my daughter. my mother is over-weighted, had a replaced kidney, too many health issues and a degenerative flat foot that decomposed all the joints and muscle alignments in her legs mainly, so spending long time on her feet was not a good idea.after couple of days she developed a bad swelling in her foot, she couldnt walk or move at all,trying the chiropractic approach was actually our only choice, due to the fact that she was refusing to take any medical actions without consulting her case specialists in Dubai. but the case was so complicated and we were waiting for Dr Eric in ChiroPlus Wellness to say i am sorry i cant fix that !what happened there was unexpected really, in a matter of 4 visits, my mom regained all her ability to walk. Dr Eric was like a magician with his acupuncture needles. it was really unexpected to see my mom recovered.and i cant forget how he respectfully dealt with all our cultural demands. he also lend us a crutch to use until my mom will fully recover. cant be grateful enough.

Review №37

I have been under chiropractic care for over a month now and have found my experience very rewarding.All the services are very person centered , I feel my care has been specific to me, unlike other chiropractic sessions elsewhere have not been geared to my needs. I will continue my visits happily I have found much benefit.

Review №38

After struggling with severe neck pain for a few days, I decided to see a chiropractor. I am so happy that I chose to go to ChiroPlus Wellness Care! They were responsive and got me in the next day. Dr. Choi is extremely knowledgeable in many facets of his specialty which benefited me tremendously. After the first appointment, I was back to about 85% normal function. I will continue to go to this office and will recommend that anyone else seeking an expert and friendly chiropractor do the same!

Review №39

Not only does Dr. Choi relieve your pain, he also helps you understand your own body better so that you can actually heal. Also the office is run very efficiently. Highly recommended if your looking!

Review №40

I was having debilitating back pain, something that was new to me @ +50 years old. I had never been to a Chiropractor before so it was all new to me. Dr Choi and the staff made my experience very pleasant. The Dr. performed my initial adjustment, and he was able to give me some initial relief, and to my surprise was able to almost completely relieve the pain I have had in my shoulder, that had become such an issue it was keeping me from sleeping properly.After a few visits, and some stretching exercises the Dr. showed me I have been able to return to work at full capacity.I am very impressed with the wide range of treatments for many more issues than just back pain, and I am thrilled that I do not need to take drugs to make the pain go away!

Review №41

I was doing some PT exercises last week when I did them just the wrong way. I felt extreme pain in my lower back. I waited a few days before calling Dr. Chois office . He was able to see me that day. By the time the weekend came I was feeling much better. As of today after 2 visits I feel as if Im a new person. I feel like Im between 90 - 95% better. I would recommend Dr. Choi to anyone who needs chiropractic care. He also listens to his patients. I will going back to him.

Review №42

Dr, Choi is a very knowledgeable and excellent chiropractor. He is also a practitioner of acupuncture as needed. He has helped me greatly over the last few years with shoulder, back, and leg issues. I am very pleased with his skills as is a chiropractor friend of mine. I am sure you will be as well.

Review №43

I have been seeing Dr Choi for a little over a month now because of a car accident I was involved in 5 weeks ago and I am 100% satisfied with the results I am enjoying.I admire Dr Chois Professionalism, Integrity, and the vast array of treatment modalities I have come to benefit from.

Review №44

I have had back pain for a long time! I finally decided to do something about it. Ive had 3-4 visits and my pain is almost gone! Im starting to feel good again. They do an excellent job! Thanks again ChiroPlus Wellness Aurora!

Review №45

I stretched improperly and caused some numbness in my left arm and even though I was a new patient and didnt have an appointment Dr. Choi managed to fit me in that day. Not only that but I was a bit emotional and scared and Dr. Choi was the epitome of kindness and was very gentle with me. He has a very calming energy and a good touch. I also like that he uses different tools and techniques to address an issue. In most of my sessions he uses needling, cupping, a weird butter knife looking thing, as well as adjustments for a more holistic approach. Id recommend him to anyone!

Review №46

After three surgeries over the course of four years, I wasn’t sure I would ever feel better. I am so grateful to have had a friend recommend Dr. Choi. I was hesitant at first, as I have been to several different chiropractors and physical therapists over the past four years, to no avail. A huge waste of time and money. I had immediate results after my first appointment with Dr. Choi. Dr. Choi takes the time to actually listen and it is very apparent that he cares about his patients. He is incredibly knowledgeable and I highly recommend him. Side note - Mrs. Choi, who runs the office, is lovely. She makes every effort to “squeeze you in” even if it means shortening their lunch or extending their work hours. If you are in pain, do yourself a favor and make an appoint with Dr. Choi. You won’t regret it.

Review №47

Been receiving treatment here for the past few months, for headaches and neck pain. Dr. Choi has many different skills he is able to use with the treatment included with the adjustment, this had greatly reduced the amount and intensity of the head ache I get. He takes time to listen to his patients to figure out what is best for them. Definitely the most knowledge chiropractor I have seen.

Review №48

Dr. Choi is more than just a chiropractor, he is a true healer. He has insight, compassion and empathy for people. He carefully listens and considers the whole persons need to determine what treatment is best for each situation. He has helped me immensely and I would (and have) recommended him to all my friends and family. Dr.Choi is a keeper!

Review №49

I have Sciatica about once every two years due to muscle tightness. If you have this type of pain then you understand how intense it can be. I went to see Dr. Choi about 5 weeks ago. I was delighted to have found someone that would take the time to help me pinpoint my issues and help me get better. From the moment I entered the office the service was excellent, Heasook and Dr. Choi took the time to truly listen to my concerns then helped me make a plan to get better. This office is the real deal and I appreciate how much time and energy they put into my well being. Today I am much, much better! Thank you

Review №50

My new favorite days of the week are when I get to come here! After struggling in various ways with my health through and after a pregnancy, then getting into a car accident, I was constantly in pain. Seeing Dr. Choi for chiropractic care, acupuncture, cupping and dry needling for the month of May has given me the boost that I needed. Before it was hard to get up the stairs, and now I’ve been able to finally incorporate regular exercise into my routine again. Getting a medical massage from Ms. Alora was also so beneficial! I appreciate that all at Chiroplus are professional, knowledgeable and so friendly to my son and I.

Review №51

I love this place!!! Dr. Choi is the best chiro ever!!! Him and his staff are always friendly and answered all my questions. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Review №52

Im a trail runner currently training for my first 50K. When I began experiencing excessive tightness in my IT band and knee, I met with Eric to discuss my options. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. After just one Graston treatment, I stopped experiencing excessive tightness in my IT band and knee. As I continue training for my 50K, I plan on meeting with Eric regularly for treatment. Eric does a great job explaining how different types of treatment, such as Graston, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture, may be beneficial for his clients. I am confident in Erics ability to heal using multiple techniques.

Review №53

Dr. Choi is amazing. He is gentle but is able to take care of the problem. He uses acupuncture suction cups and massage. I have had problems with my neck for almost 20yrs...could not turn. Fully to the right...l now have full range!! Thank you. Please dont forget he does do adjustments. and very do not hurt when you leave thank you Dr. Choi for what you have done so far!!!

Review №54

Could hardly walk when i first went in. Was having back pain and shooting pains down my leg. Dr. Choi got rid of the pain. He is very friendly and caring. pays attention to what you tell him, gives you suggestions of exercises and such that may help. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Review №55

Dr. Choi has been amazing! I suffered from debilitating neck pain for five years before I found ChiroPlus. I have seen great improvements so far and I am very optimistic that with the help of Dr. Choi I will see a full recovery. I was apprehensive about seeing a Chiropractor because I didnt know much about it. Dr. Choi really put my mind at ease with his vast knowledge in Chiropractic and many other disciplines. I love how he has so many options of treatment at his disposal to help in the healing and strengthening process. If you are in pain and looking for someone who really cares about his patients and what he does I highly recommend ChiroPlus Wellness Care.

Review №56

The Dr. is great and the service is as well I highly recommend this please because they will take care of you and make you comfortable and specially is you are an athlete like me under a month I was back in to playing soccer so I recommend this

Review №57

I have had 4 treatments from Dr. Choi (both chiropratic & acupuncture) for hip and lower back pain with great success. Dr. Choi takes a whole body approach, which has been very beneficial for me. He took the time to show me exercises and explain the importance of them. I have suffered with hip pain for several years and the lower back pain for months. I am finally seeing some relief for the pain. I plan to continue to see Dr. Choi.

Review №58

I went into ChiroPlus Wellness Care because I hurt my lower back at work. I googled looking for a Doctor who does acupuncture and chiropratic care, and ChiroPlus Wellness Care came up right away. Dr. Choi was very knowledgable and helped me out. He did dry acupuncture on my neck and back before reseting them both. Dr. Choi and his office staff were friendly and helpful. I will keep going back to ChiroPlus Wellness Care.

Review №59

I discovered Dr. Chois website when I was suffering with severe reflux, which I believed to be the result of a hiatal hernia, something Id never had before. After my FIRST VISIT, my reflux improved dramatically! Now, after only 5 visits, I feel better than ever, but still plan to continue seeing Dr. Choi to help with my lifelong celiac/digestive issues. I believe I was sent to Dr. Choi by Divine Guidance and I thank that guidance, and Dr. Choi every day! He absolutely saved my life!

Review №60

When I first started seeing Dr. Choi several months ago, I was suffering from headaches daily, I was experiencing pain and stiffness in my upper and lower back, but what really brought me to Dr. Choi was my right foot. I had injured it years ago and it became progressively worse over the years. My medical doctor suggested a Cortisone injection. I was reluctant to do so and wanted a natural method of treatment. Thanks to Dr. Choi, my foot is almost completely healed. My constant headaches are gone and the stiffness and pain in my back is completely better. I love Dr. Chois total wellness approach. Under his guidance, I just completed a nutritional wellness program and it has been life changing. When I started, I was taking a medication for acid reflux and now I am symptom free and completely off the medication that was prescribed by my MD. Ive even dropped about 15 pounds. I could just go on and on about the benefits of seeing Dr. Choi. Hes so knowledgeable and loves to share his knowledge with his patients. His wife, Heasook manages the office and she is always willing to share tips on recipes, etc. Its such a pleasant and welcoming office. I highly recommend ChiroPlus Wellness!

Review №61

I had a severe spinal cord injury and was paralyzed unexpectedly at age 28. I was told I would never walk again. Fortunately I had a great neurosurgeon, that did an excellent job, with allot of hard work and most importantly by the grace of God, I was eventually able to walk again. I had been hospitalized for two months and then spending another six months in occupational and physical therapy at the VA Medical Center of Kansas City MO. I however would still face ongoing back problems and other symptoms the rest of my life. And thus the long quest to find a doctor with years of chiropractor experience, but that was thoughtful, sensitive to his or hers patient’s needs and would help me maintain a good quality of life. Eventually I moved to Colorado and found Dr. Eric Choi. I am 47 years old now and have been seeing him for years. Not long ago I had a checkup with Dr. Jeffrey Kleiner, MD a very well respected orthopedic surgeon in Colorado for a checkup. He asked who I was seeing to maintain my back health and help me deal with other symptoms. I told him Doctor Eric Choi. He told me I know of him and he is doing an excellent Job!! Continue seeing him… I continue to do so and have not regretted it. I am very thankful to Dr. Eric Choi and the services, which he provides.

Review №62

The care I have received by Dr. Choi for the past year has been very effective, and the receptionist is always very prompt at setting my appointments. I received a very thorough evaluation and Dr. Choi always explains my conditions and recommended action plan very thoroughly. I always receive a combination of appropriate treatments, versus the typical chiropractors who crack your neck and send you on your way.I initially received treatment for chronic headaches and neck pain caused by my work conditions and degenerative arthritis in my neck. I was having daily headaches which didnt respond to over the counter medications, and now I am glad to say I havent had a headache in several months.Ive received occasional treatment for plantar fasciatis; initially, I would wake with intense foot pain that began with my first step in the morning and prevented me from standing or walking for longer than 30 mins at a time -- my condition continues to improve with treatments and I have resumed most of my daily routines without resorting to medication.Additionally, I am receiving care for carpel tunnel/golfers elbow/shoulder pain a.k.a crush syndrome; when began treatment for this pain, I was lucky to get 4 hrs of sleep due to the intense pain that would wake me and continue through most of the morning --Im now getting a full nights rest and continue to see improvement with this condition. I was even surprised that I was able to be successfully treated with acupuncture for a lingering sinus infection. I wouldnt recommend anyone else!

Review №63

Years of damage to my body have brought to many chiropractors. Dr. Choi does an amazing job of mixing and combining his many tools to achieve success. Even with multiple chronic injuries to work on Dr. Choi never misses a beat and constantly looks to improve each injury, no matter the time or labor. I recommend Dr. Choi to anyone looking for a professional that doesnt stray away from multiple injuries.

Review №64

Ive had back pain for years as an athlete and dancer. Ive been in the ER 3 times this year drugged up on morphine that didnt help as much as this chiropractor. Ive been to primary care doctors, physical therapists, emergency rooms, massage therapists, and neurospine doctors .... and none of them helped me more than this chiropractor did within one hour. Just moved to denver and was ready to drive to the E.R. I googled the nearest chiropractor and he was a mile away and just happened to have good reviews. He even stayed late for my visit to save me from another emergency room bill. Very good work, very good service. Spinal alignment, electrotherapy, workouts and stretches, and an abundance of knowledge so that I could understand what he was doing (while he was doing it), and to help me when he isnt around. Worth the money. Ill be back next week.

Review №65

Dr. Choi is amazing!! Chronic pain for 6+ years with no concrete medical diagnosis or solution. He has provided me relief and a path to recovery!

Review №66

I had back injury from a car accident and Dr. Choi took care of my pain and since then my back feels lot better. Dr. Choi knows what he is doing, he is very kind and take his time to listen to your concerns about your overall health.The staff is nice too.I recommend chiroplus and Dr.Choi to everyone, this is the best place to go.

Review №67

I have had back pain for several years. I have been living on Advil and also having to take sleep aids to help me sleep, due to the pain. I thought I was going to need surgery. I have been to some chiropractors in the past, but they just seemed to want to get you on a schedule to come in twice a week before even finding out what was really wrong. Very frustrating and seemed like a waste of my time and money.That is until I found Dr. Choi. He was AMAZING! Very caring, patient, understanding. He really took the time to get to the root of the issue. He doesnt just crack your back and send you on your way in 5 min. He talks to you, asks questions, ices, sets you on a tens unit machine to relax your muscles, then adjusts your back, followed by a massage bed and send you home with stretches to do at home. Since seeming him only 3 times now, I have hardly take any Advil or sleep aids. It was the first time I went to bed, without back pain. I have truly felt a difference since seeing him. Thank you Dr. Choi for helping me feel human again.

Review №68

On my first visit to ChiroPlus my low back was in so much pain that simply shifting my weight caused me to wince. I was expecting Dr. Choi to do aggressive manipulations of my back and neck and then send me on my way. Dr. Choi took his time to speak to me about my injury and the areas of my discomfort. Then he gently worked on my back without harsh cracking. I have completed 8 sessions and am almost completely pain free. That is amazing! I cant remember the last time my back didnt hurt. Dr. Choi cares about how his patients are healing and how we are responding to his treatments. He focuses on healing. He is absolutely the best Chiropractor I have ever seen. If you are in pain, call and make an appointment today! You wont regret it.

Review №69

I first tried traditional physical therapy for my issue, but I didnt get the results I was hoping for. Then thought about alternative treatments. What attracted me to Eric was that he didnt just practice acupunture or chiropractic, but both and had even more treatment choices. After trying dry needling and chiropractic, Eric suggested trying de-compression. Wow! Now feeling better than I have in a long time. Thank you Eric, and thank you Heasook!

Review №70

I have gone to chiropractors for over 20 years for a variety of issues with my neck, back, or hips. Dr. Choi is the best chiropractor Ive seen yet. Each visit is different depending on how I am feeling and what I am dealing with at the time. He takes the time to listen and understand before beginning treatment. He may do muscle work, acupuncture, low level laser therapy, e-stim, or all of the above before he performs the standard chiropractic adjustments. He adjusts the treatment each time to what my needs are. ChiroPlus Wellness, as a whole, is a caring environment where staff want clients to understand chiropractic care and that it is not to be feared. For people new to chiropractors, you cant find a better place. This is not a walk-in-get-cracked-walk-out joint. If you are serious about healing your body, Dr. Choi can help you. Of course, as with everything in life, you have to do your part too.

Review №71

Dr. Choi has helped me immensely with my knees. I had total knee replacement on both knees, at the same time, last May. They still hurt a lot 8 months later and Kaiser Health said just wait and it might get better. Dr. Choi found lots of inflammation in both knees. Hes treating them with Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, and Cupping. All of them are great and helping me get close to eliminating the pain. Hes a gentle and caring person. I recommend him highly. My brother-in-law and his wife also see Dr. Choi, and love him too. Also, very nice office staff.

Review №72

I started as a patient of Dr. Eric Choi due to some back and shoulder pain. I had been doing yoga, stretching, and having massage with no benefit. Dr. Choi used a number of different techniques over the weeks of treatment depending on the progress and need. He is a great listener and very attentive- I never felt he was in a rush to get me in and out. I would high recommend Dr. Choi for chiropractic, acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, etc.

Review №73

I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to Dr. Choi and his practice. I was in a pretty bad place both mentally & physically before my first visit. My pain & anxiety had escalated to a near debilitating level, interfering with both my personal & professional life. I felt as if I was hitting rock bottom and I did not want to turn to pharmaceuticals, as I have had too many bad experiences with the way conventional healthcare/medicine works.Dr. Choi and his staff are the kindest people I have met since moving to Aurora, CO about 10 months ago. He takes a very holistic approach, focusing on the root cause of the problem, while providing immediate relief in the meantime. I finally feel like someone has taken the time to listen to what I have to say and I can tell that he has a complete understanding of my problems. Every time I leave the office, I feel like a completely different person. A much better version of myself, if that makes any sense. He is truly a miracle and I dont want to imagine where I might have ended up, had I not found him when I did. I finally feel like I am on the right path towards a stress and pain-free life. I will continue to see him regularly as long as I live in Colorado.

Review №74

I have had a problem with my thyroid for about 10 years or so. Come to find out I have Hashimoto syndrome. I came to Dr. Choi for the Nutrition program and he has helped me tremendously. My Hashimotos is now under control and now Im the one in control of my health; not the other way around. I highly recommend Dr. Choi, he is very knowledgeable and will help you with any issues you may have.

Review №75

I have had chronic pain for over 6 years. My primary care doctor felt the pain was from joint inflammation. After all the treatments for that diagnosis, I never felt any better. I met with Dr. Choi and he patiently explained to me what he felt was the cause of my pain. I have since had various acupuncture and adjustments with Dr. Choi and I am well on the way to feeling better than I have in years. I have been given specific stretching exercises and occupational changes I need to do to get the best benefit from my care. Dr.Choi is also knowledgeable in nutrition and reminds you how diet can relate to overall health. Without a doubt, this is the place to go to learn about your pain and receive the best of care!

Review №76

Very personable and caring doctor, couldnt ask for a more attentive and caring physician.

Review №77

I have been seeing chiropractors for many years now, but no one has been able to treat my PCOS successfully. One of the reasons I chose Dr. Choi was because he has so much knowledge and understanding of not only the hormone aspect of the condition, but the metabolic problems as well. Upon seeing Dr. Choi and following his guidance and treatment, I not only started cycling regularly (NEVER happened in my life!), I also now wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy. I have lost 25 pounds and am still loosing. I am feeling healthier than I ever have in my life. After being told by my doctors I would never conceive naturally, I have also become pregnant without the use of drugs! Dr. Choi is very knowledgeable and talks to you in a way you can understand. My kids also enjoy seeing him. This is a wonderful office!

Review №78

Omg! Dr. Choi is theeeee best!My husband and I are new to Denver and have been looking for a chiropractor that could take great care of us just like our former chiropractor in Los Angeles. Dr. Choi, you filled those shoes!About two weeks ago I felt a knot in my back, I knew it was time for a chiro visit but just didnt have the time. Yesterday the pain became almost unbearable and after doing some research I found Dr. Choi.I came to him barely able to breath and almost unable to turn my neck. After my initial examination which was informative, not to mention Dr. Choi made me feel super comfortable, he diagnosed me with a T4 and a T5 rib out (sorry Dr. Choi if thats not the right terminology - I cant remember exactly what you said) with super sore muscles working extra hard to protect the area of damage.Upon treatment Dr. Choi was gentle and understanding. He really took the time to talk to me and explain what was wrong and how he was going to fix it - and he did!!! Wow what a difference between yesterday and today - yesterday I could barely breathe and couldnt sleep at all because of the pain and after visiting him today I can breathe, I can move and I am so much happier!If you are looking for a great doctor who will treat you right, Dr. Choi is your man!

Review №79

These reviews dont lie - Dr. Choi is absolutely caring and wants you to get better. He doesnt want you to sign up for pointless, ridiculous year-long type of treatment plans because hed like to get you up and going as soon as possible. Dont waste your time with other chiropractors because, quite frankly, you wont get anyone like Dr. Choi. He knows a variety of techniques and will work around what works best for YOU. Ive been to multiple chiropractors elsewhere, and they all do the same ridiculous year-long adjustment plan with a 2 minute visit that includes only an adjustment. I cant stress enough the importance of a good chiropractor, as some have left my back worse. Save your health, save your money from those ridiculous scam-like chiropractors, and go to Dr. Choi. You definitely wont regret it.

Review №80

I am going to Dr. Choi at ChiroPlus Wellness for my back pain. I am a letter carrier for the postal service with 26 years service and have had terrible pain from multiple bulging discs for over a year . I have visited my local doctor and the VA for relief of this pain. I was given many pills to alleviate my pain but it never helped. There were many times I would be in so much pain I wanted to stop my vehicle and lay down on the road to alleviate the discomfort. I finally had enough of living like this so I started researching how to heal bulging disc and my research lead me to Dr. Choi. After only 4 visits I went a whole week with no pain--first time in a year I felt normal again! I know I have a long way to go until I am back to my normal lifestyle, but with the help of the decompression therapy, the flexion-distraction therapy, the massages and the yoga that Dr. Choi has taught me I am confident I am on the correct path to wellness. When talking to friends who I can tell are in back pain, I tell them to go visit Dr. Choi and get a free consultation. There is no need to live with back pain; relief is a phone call away! Thank you Dr. Choi and the friendly staff!Michael Tuepker

Review №81

I was always nervous to go to a chiropractor until I met Dr. Choi. Working with him has made me feel at ease, and I am now able to reap the amazing benefits of chiropractic care. Dr. Choi is extremely knowledgeable, and I trust his advice 100%. He takes the time to get to know me as a patient and to fully understand what is going on with my health. He not only provides standard chiropractic care, but he also performs other techniques such as acupuncture, dry needling, and laser therapy. I have always suffered from shoulder pain, and the laser therapy has helped my pain. Dr. Chois soft tissue work and dry needling has greatly helped to relieve the tension, and I feel great after leaving his office every time. Dr. Choi and his staff are extremely friendly, and I would happily refer others to visit ChiroPlus Wellness Care without thinking twice.

Review №82

Dr. Choi is amazing! I am a nurse and have quite a bit of job-related back pain. Dr. Choi is able to get me back to normal quite quickly after flare-ups. He has also taught me stretches and other tips to maintain healthy back and neck muscles. I always feel so amazing and refreshed when I leave his office. Dr. Choi and his staff are very friendly, professional, and always remember my name. I also went to his massage therapist, Felicia, and absolutely loved my massage. I plan to continue to go to both Dr. Choi and Felicia as long as I live here!

Review №83

Dr. Choi provides thorough service. Both myself and my children see him. He has helped heal pulled muscles, anxiety, and muscle strains.

Review №84

A google search was how I first discovered Dr. Choi and I thought at first that all the positive reviews I found must be too good to be true. As it turns out, Dr. Choi has exceeded my expectations! I first came to ChiroPlus to address low back and right hip pain. Dr. Choi has made great progress on these issues after physical and massage therapy failed. Because of Dr. Chois thorough attitude regarding wellness, he soon discovered my chronic issues with reflux and a hiatal hernia. Dr. Choi recommended a very specific set of supplements and dietary changes, and when I adhere to his recommendations I have NO reflux symptoms...after over 15 years of taking a daily prescription to address this! As someone also in a medical field, I really appreciate his thoughtful and holistic approaches and emphasis on wellness, prevention and functional medicine. No more skepticism here!!

Review №85

Dr. Choi is truly amazing! I have been to many doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists over the years and have never experienced anyone as caring, knowledgeable and skillful as Dr. Choi. I came to him in January of 2014 for treatment for two bulging disks in my lower back, sciatica, neck pain and knee pain. He explained my MRI for my bulging disks in much more detail than my doctor did. Dr. Choi tried several different treatments on me for my various ailments until he found ones that helped the most. He has definitely helped alleviate a lot of the pain I was experiencing through different treatments and prescribing home exercises. He is the most caring, understanding, friendly and approachable medical professional I have ever met. He truly listens to you and will do everything in his power to help you. With the greatest of confidence, I highly recommend Dr. Choi and ChiroPlus Wellness Care.

Review №86

Ive had knee pain for over four years. I tried physical therapy, water therapy,shots, and surgeons. The quality of my physical life had changed drastically with no help from the medical community. I heard about Dr. Choi and ChiroPlus on 89.7 Grace FM and even though I have always been afraid of needles, I knew I should go. The entire experience at Dr Chois has been wonderful. The needles are ok and the chiropractic care has been very helpful. In just a few weeks, my muscles have improved and my knee, hip, and back feel better. I can feel the healing. Sometimes I go home and sleep for ten hours, like a baby. Sometimes I am so energized from the lack of pain. I am looking forward to working on a metabolic lifestyle change as well. At ChiroPlus Dr.Choi cares about your total health care.

Review №87

Dr. Choi is amazing. I fell about 8 months ago and could not find any relief for excruciating neck, shoulder, and arm pain. Cortizone shots did nothing. Sleepless nights and pain 24/7. I finally went to Dr Choi and it was by far the right choice. Ive only had a few treatments and pain is in half and i sleep all night. After all those months i finally feel i will have my life back in no time. If your living in pain....go see Dr Choi...he just may give you relief.

Review №88

Performing and teaching dance for several years I had a dance injury that prompted me to seek professional health. I was misdiagnosed and because of the misdiagnosis my pain turned into chronic foot, sciatic, back, hip and neck pain. This continued for 14 years and 4 chiropractors, xrays and all kinds of orthotics (over-the-counter and custom made) stretching exercise, palates until I saw Dr. Choi. He was the 5th chiropractor that I saw. Save the best for last. He was the most thorough and knowledgeable chiropractor that Ive ever seen. Ive never seen someone so precise, sincere and in tune with his patients. He brings all the tools of knowledge, training, wisdom, skill, understanding and common sense to his practice. I am now returning to my active life and at the place I was before the dance injury. Im grateful. and fortunate to have found Dr. Choi. You will never go wrong in referring family and friends to him.

Review №89

Let me begin by saying the care received from Dr. Eric Choi is remarkably over-the-top! Due to significant stress factors, physically I was breaking down. I was experiencing severe acid reflux and GERD symptoms such that I could not eat solid food and simply walking 100 feet caused intense abdominal burning. Twelve years earlier, again due to significant stress factors, I experienced the same symptoms. Western medicine gave me Nexium (the little purple pill) and Xanax (to “control” the stress) and sent me on my way. I disposed of both and instead drove four hours once a month to a practitioner I previously worked with who guided me through healing to become well.This time, however, diet and exercise on my own was not working as my body was too far gone. And, as a new Colorado resident, my previous practitioner was not an option. I needed help and fast. Then I found Eric and ChiroPlus.When I first saw Eric, I had not eaten solid food for five days, could not climb a single flight of stairs without catching my breath and having severe abdominal pain, and slept sitting up. I filled out the initial intake forms and Eric spent the first half hour listening to not only my physical symptoms, but also my emotional well-being, or lack thereof, and asking me what outcomes I wanted to devise a broad treatment plan for wellness. During my appointments, not only did he administer acupuncture, cupping, and gentle chiropractic care, but also advised me on diet, exercise, and incremental changes in lifestyle to lift me physically and emotionally on my path to wellness. After just two sessions I felt significantly better and knew I was on the correct path to healing. As I improved, we adjusted the treatment plan. I have regained my energy, I sleep wonderfully, and my physical activity is again pain free.This is the core of every appointment with Eric: he LISTENS to you before making assessments and adjusts treatment accordingly. In a caring and compassionate manner, he guides you to wellness. Not only does he explain fully what treatments he recommends, he also explains why. Eric welcomes all questions and answers them fully. This is a team effort that encourages your active participation. He wants you to heal and be WELL. He is serious about your well-being and interests, not his. If you are serious about healing and wellness, and even if you aren’t, go see Dr. Eric Choi at ChiroPlus.

Review №90

I was involved in a car accident in July of 2014 where my car was totaled. I had a lot of pain on the left side of my neck due to whiplash during the accident. My primary care physician recommended that I consult a Chiropractor. I heard about Dr Choi through a Christian radio station that I listen to, 89.7 Grace FM. Dr Choi carefully assessed my condition and then explained what had happened to my neck and upper-back muscles/ligaments during the accident and the process that he recommended for rehabilitation. He also explained that the rehabilitation process required that I also do some exercises on my own at home. I went for 2 Chiropractic sessions each week with Dr Choi where he exercised the neck/upper-back muscles using electric pulses, stretched the neck/upper-back muscles using his hands, and also applied laser technology to the affected muscles. I also had massage therapy once a week for the first month. Dr Choi treated me for 5 months by the end of which the pain on the left side of my neck was gone. I’m very happy with what Dr Choi did for me. Dr Choi is very knowledgeable, patient and compassionate and I highly recommend him.

Review №91

In March 1974 I started having muscle spasm in my neck. It started jerking to the right and in June of 1974 my neck locked to the right, I had no control of my neck. Doctors said they did not know what caused it or how to treat it. I was sent to a neurosurgion, he did a milo-gram and could not find any problem. I was sent to a psychiatrist to see if I had a mental problem since no medical reason was found. He found nothing wrong with me mentally. I was put in a hospital for 6 weeks for bio-feed back. After 6 weeks my neck was still locked to the right. They sent me to a physical therapist. After several months she was able to get my neck unlocked and I had some control of my neck. Over the last 40 years I have had constant spasm and jerking in my neck. I have gone to many doctors, chiropractors, neurosurgions with no help. My daughter told me about Dr. Choi so I went to him to see what he could do for me. After his first treatment I saw more improvement then the last 40 years. I went for a second treatment and got better results. I am willing to come up to Aurora Co. from Texas for more treatments. I feel like Dr. Choi has found the root of my problem and has given me hope that I will be able to stop most of my spasm and jerking in my neck.

Review №92

Many chiropractors have built a business that slowly erodes their ability to have personal relationships. I have been to clinics that want to help but have limited time with the doctor and you end up seeing assistants or a very short appointment with the doctor. Having said that, Dr. Choi is a hands on (pun intended) practitioner with a gift to understand the issue(s) and develop a plan to correct it. I dont have the feeling that I am being persuaded to make unnecessary appointments.My initial complaint was having vertigo many times a week. I have had numerous tests done by other doctors with no real results. The MRI showed nothing out of the ordinary. Dr. Choi was able to make adjustments and dry needling that has significantly reduced the episodes. I dont want to beat up the other chiropractors and doctors, but Dr. Choi has made progress where no one else has been able to.I highly recommend Dr. Choi. One other thing, Dr. Choi is a believer and understands that his ability comes from our God.

Review №93

I have had chronic neck, upper back and elbow pain for over a year and was seeing a chiropractor during this time. I was not getting any relief so I did some extensive research and found Dr. Choi. On the initial visit he did a thorough exam and took his time to do a complete medical work up as well as an adjustment. Within a couple days, I received in the mail a welcome package and a complete diagnosis of my medical condition. On my next visit, with his Graston Technique that he offers along with my adjustments, my pain started to dissipate and every visit since then my condition has improved. Dr. Choi is very professional and has a great bedside manner. I recommend Dr. Choi as your chiropractic doctor.

Review №94

I really enjoy going to see Dr. Choi for my chiropractor adjustments and decompressions on my neck and low back. I have been going to Dr. Choi since Nov 2012. He listens to my questions I have pertaining to any pain I am experiencing and concerns I have. He answers all of them very thoroughly. Dr. Choi is a very patient doctor and is always recommending and encouraging exercises for me to do which will strengthen my muscles. I highly recommend anyone to go to Dr. Choi at ChiroPlus Wellness Care if you have any chiropractor needs.

Review №95

Personal care and attention by office team and Dr. Choi!! Love our new chiropractor and highly recommend them to friends and family!

Review №96

I highly recommend Doctor Choi to anyone looking for Chiropractic care! He spends more time with his patients than any other chiropractor I have been to!

Review №97

Gifted in the healing arts.

Review №98

The best 👍

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