Atlee Gleaton Eye Care
227 Eastern Ave, Augusta, ME 04330, United States

Review №1

The waiting is the downside of going here. Plan to spend a long time waiting between exams. We waited a lot for eye exams for my kids and waited even more while trying to get fitted for contacts. Contact appointment took almost 2 hours.

Review №2

Wait time in the office was very long. My daughter and I waited in the waiting area for half an hour and were then ushered into a freezing cold exam room where we waited for another 15 minutes. But the worst part was the price. I have never spent so much money for my daughters eye exam and glasses anywhere and I will never go back to their practice.

Review №3

My glasses broke I had to wait for them to open due to shut down, fine I get it. Then made appointment up front told them I have a medical condition can not wear a mask. Was told this would not be an issue. This morning Friday June 5 had an appointment waited an HR past the time I was scheduled for which I understand also. But was told the Dr would not see me cause I cant wear a mask, I have a health issue that I cant wear one. They didnt care. Said I could get new glasses and lenses. How considering Im having eye issues cause its been over 2 yrs.I was up front about my health issue. They said no problem when it came down to it I missed a day of work and they didnt care about my underlined health issue. My glasses are broke and superglued together, also having eye issues considering time its been.DO NOT GO TO THSES PEOPLE THEY DONT CARE, Im pulling my whole family out you should too.

Review №4

I was recommended to Dr. Gleaton for a concern I had in regards to my daughter eyes. My daughter is 17. The doctor approached us and mostly myself in a condescending manner. When I went to talk to her about why we were then she swiveled her chair away from me and cut me off mid sentence... to talk to my daughter who really had no idea of what was happening. She also made personal opinions about the amount of medication my daughter was on despite it having nothing to do with why we were there. As a new patient she made no attempt to make things comfortable but rather made us feel we had no business being there and my concern as a parent wasIgnored.

Review №5

Doctors and assistants are friendly and helpful. Front office staff have on multiple occasions mishandled my account and seem to get overwhelmed frequently. I also have my doubts about the cleanliness for some of the equipment here.

Review №6

Picked up new lenses yesterday , due to a slight problem I had to go back and have some more testing. Dr.Janes took time to squeeze me in due to the fact my normal Dr smith was out. Dr Janes was absolutely outstanding and I appreciate the interest she showed me as well as covering for Dr. Smith. So a big thank you DrJanes, Dr. Smith as well as all the office staff. Dave Gomeau

Review №7

I was in and out relatively fast considering that I had more than vision testing. My Doc and technicians were very pleasant and professional. I am pleased with my experience.

Review №8

VERY professional and friendly staff. Dr Janes is very knowledgeable and takes her time listening to any concerns and goes out of her way thoroughly explain and answer. The receptionist are very friendly and the ladies who prep you before hand are also very caring friendly and thorough. Couldn’t ask for a better place for eye care!

Review №9

Efficiently managed with low wait times. Easy parking, friendly staff and excellent clinicians. Full service operation and can get contacts or glasses on site. If there is any better place to get eye care in this region, I am not aware....

Review №10

Top notch outfit at all levels. Been going there for years. Being supervisor in truck repair,eye accidents happen with the best of safety measures. Myself and crew ,the answer call Atlee. Got us in asap with the best of care. Little down time and the best results. Had rust drilled out of eye twice in 35 years and what a relief. For regular eye care, professional , great people to deal with. Highly recommended. Impressed.

Review №11

Superb! Dr. Gleaton has been an incredible ophthalmologist whom I have been privileged to see for my eye care for about 15 years or so. Several years ago she performed cataract surgery on both my eyes at different times and the results have been incredible. I could not say enough good things about Dr. Gleaton or praise her and her practice highly enough. I have full confidence in her practice.

Review №12

Recently was examined by Dr Janes & truly felt I received a thorough & professional examination. This was my first visit with her & I really felt she spent a lot of time with me, not rushed & she offered suggestions to me I wasn’t aware of. Great experience & glad to meet with her. Have been patient at Atlee & will recommend to others

Review №13

Atlee Gleaton eye care is an exceptional eye care facility ! The Optometrists are very thorough, caring professionals. Able to explain all issues their patients are having in a way the patient can fully understand. The staff is helpful caring and very thorough. Would highly recommend Atlee Gleaton Eye Care!

Review №14

I had been going to this practice for many years with no problems, but lately they have treated their patients like cattle. I got a new pair of glasses last year, which I absolutely could not wear. Made me dizzy and totally stressed out. They remade them grudgingly once with no improvement. I switched back to my old glasses, which were far from perfect but at least didnt make me feel sick. In desperation I saw a local smaller practice where I was treated like a valued client. They discovered that the glasses I had were not the right prescription, but the biggest problem was with the frames. They had sold me flexible frames as being the best thing since sliced bread. Turns out that for people with astigmatism (and mine is severe) they were a disaster. I am going to stick with my small town, friendly, and -- most important -- highly competent optometrist.

Review №15

Everyone is great at this office. From the receptionist to billing; assistants and doctors - you never feel like theyre rushing you through, and they genuinely seem to care. They are also willing to work with you if you cant pay all at once. Class act office - efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this practice to anyone be looking for Eyecare.

Review №16

I just switched over to Atlee Gleaton Eye Care and have been very happy with their services. I had an emergency eye issue and the doctor took great care of me and didnt hesitate to refer me to a Portland specialist for further care. I highly recommend them.

Review №17

Atlee Gleaton Eye Care go above and beyond to insure customer satisfaction, their attention to detail was well noted in my choice of eye wear, they are always concerned about eye health and how to better take care of my vision needs. Keep up the good work.

Review №18

I just want to say how impressed I was with the quickness of getting my contacts and glasses. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. I moved to Maine 3 years ago and have been nervous about seeing a new eye dr as I do have some issues but Dr Janes and the staff made me feel right at home. Im glad I chose Atlee as my eye care specialist. THANK YOU!

Review №19

Atlee Gleaton is a highly professional Eye Care practice. Dr. Gleaton is a knowledgeable, caring practitioner. The staff is smart, well trained and very friendly. I have been a patient for more 10 years and have been very happy with the service I have received

Review №20

A friendly and efficient business where every member of the staff is well trained in eye care. I feel as if I am in good hands trusting my eye care to Atlee-Gleaton.

Review №21

Dr. Gleaton is a top quality Opthamolgist who did a thourough exam, clearly explained the results, and answered all of my questions. The office staff were all pleasant and professional. Excellent experience.

Review №22

Atlee Gleaton is not only reliable--I have gone there for years for my eye care--but a good experience. I always enjoyed going in for my regular appointments: friendly people, fun waiting area, excellent and reliable service!Pat Onion

Review №23

I believe that Gleaton Eye Care provides the best eye care in the Augusta area. First of all, the providers are all MDs--not just optometrists, but ophthalmologists. I would trust my eyesight only to professionals who have the best training and the doctors at Gleaton Eye Care have exactly that! The personal care that I have received at their eye clinic is the best I have ever experienced.

Review №24

Always professional and prompt, this eye care practice is the best I have ever used. Dr. Gleaton performed cataract surgery to both of my eyes several years ago and I havent had a single problem. My entire family uses Atlee Gleaton eye care and I have recommended them to many others.

Review №25

Dr. Gleaton and her team continue to earn my full confidence that I am always receiving the best care available. Friendly, efficient, and caring are descriptive of the entire practice.

Review №26

The Doctor and staff took time with me, answering all my questions. They explained what they were going to do and why. Very professional and welcoming.

Review №27

Outstanding experience throughout my visit. Staff were thorough, compassionate, professional, and extremely helpful regarding my eye and overall health!

Review №28

Dr. Gleaton and her staff take their time and listen to your concerns. My family has been seeing Dr. Gleaton for many years and we would recommend her to anyone seeking excellent eye Care. She is thorough and caring and spends time listening to your concerns.

Review №29

If you receive any kind of assistance like I was at the time DO NOT go here. They will treat you like a second class citizen. One of the techs didnt want to answer a question because she had real patients with real jobs. I am back on track now but was totally humiliated at the time.

Review №30

Ive been going to Atlee Gleaton for more than ten years. Ive had cataract surgery and a few emergency appointments. The office is well run, the employees are pleasant and Dr Feero is terrific!

Review №31

Im writing this review for my mom, who is a patient at Atlee Gleatin. They are very pleasant and polite, and have helped my mom with her macular degeneration and questions associated with it. The eye glasses center within the Dr.s office have created better eye glasses for her with thinner lenses and are always very helpful.

Review №32

Excellent service and up to date eye care. I like that every step of the examination is explained and every question is answered.

Review №33

Always a friendly greeting. I am a chronic glaucoma patient, and have been going to this practice for at least forty years. Intraocular pressures good, visual field hasnt deteriorated. See you in six months. Thanks, Dr. Feero and staff. Please consider yourselves recipients of the polite embraces that are inappropriate in medical settings.

Review №34

I am very happy its the eye care I have received at Atlee Gleason. These medical providers are excellent diagnosticians, no nonsense, straightforward, patient friendly and considerate in their advice.

Review №35

Dr Feero is great! Competant, thorough and down to earth.

Review №36

Haven’t been to the eye dr in 2-3 years since I moved here from ky. I called they got me in within the week, the staff is amazing, super helpful. My glasses have been funky for a little while, Walmart couldn’t seem to fix them, the optical people here was awesome!

Review №37

My wife Terry and I had an excellent visit during our appointments yesterday

Review №38

Just want to let people know Ive always used Atlee Gleaton for my eye and that the quality of care is excellent.

Review №39

Atlee Gleason Eyecare is a sophisticated and professional office staff and doctoral set up that provides one with an exceptional quality of eye care and services.

Review №40

I have been a patient for many years, and I continue to receive quality care.

Review №41

Ive had good experiences on my visits, everyone has been very friendly.

Review №42

Have been Atlee-Gleaton patient for over 30 years, always satisfied with their service.

Review №43

You wont find a happier or more helpful group of people!

Review №44

Dr. Feero is good. I was fit for a scleral contact lens by Dr. Puiia and he just about killed me. He had to remove the fitting lens with forceps and I was in pain and had very cloudy vision for weeks. I will NEVER go back. They seem to practice with technology from the 1980s. They need to be informed about more recent treatments and LEARN THEIR JOB!

Review №45

Timely friendly professional folks with whom I feel extremely confident .

Review №46

Very professional office. They give an excellent, thorough eye exam.

Review №47

Very friendly and professional eye care center. They perform a wide variety of services as well. I go there on occassion to have my vision checked and eye glasses prescription updated but my mother goes there and gets treatment for diabetic complications(shots in the eyeball, ouch!). Gleatons seems to do it all. There is also a shop on site where you can buy frames and order lenses if you wish.

Review №48

Heard it was an awesome facility. Great customer service.

Review №49

From the moment I walk in the door, to when I leave, I am extremley well take care of by all of the staff. I am a satisfied customer.

Review №50

Great! Been with Atlee Gleaton for years and love them.

Review №51

The wait times are ridiculously long. I had to wait well over an hour at my last appointment. They are always running behind and I am planning to find a new eye doctor. Update: I had another appointment a few days later and I had no wait time at all.

Review №52

Excellent cataract surgery, excellent eye examinations

Review №53

Excellent professionalism from all, as usual.

Review №54

Well stocked, friendly and professional.

Review №55

My visit was friendly and professional From reception ,.to checking out.

Review №56

Great experience

Review №57

We travel a distance to be seen at Atlee Gleaton Eye Care. We have entrusted our care there for over 20 years.

Review №58

Prompt, efficient, appropriate, and compassionate care!

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Review №61

Very courteous and helpful staff

Review №62

Always pleasant and professional service.

Review №63

Promise of delivery of eyeglasses .10 days is now a month.not happy with service .keep telling me next return phone calls.

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